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US SEC Taking More 'Crypto-Friendly' Approach To Regulations, PLUS Exclusive Details on Industry and Politicians Private Washington DC Talks..

 US SEC Offices and Sign Logo

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) of the United States appears to be moving towards a more 'crypto friendly' approach when it comes to regulations. 

Since the first in 2013, SEC actions against cryptocurrency companies and startups had been on the rise. But according to recent statistics from economic research firm Cornerstone Research, 2021 marked the first year these actions decreased. 

The obvious question is - why? Perhaps simply Covid and a generally backed-up legal system, meaning while prosecutions may have been delayed, they had not deceased.

Others say the difference is Gary Gensler, who was appointed director in 2021 and his experience prior to joining the SEC - as a professor of bitcoin and blockchain at MIT...

Lawmakers and politicians with misconceptions about cryptocurrency, and often a general ignorance of technology in general remain the biggest threat.  But with the appointment of Gensler many of crypto's supporters are feeling a bit less worried, as it at least appears the SEC is now led by someone with a full understanding of what they're tasked with regulating. 

Since 2013, the SEC has taken action in 123 cases that focused on cryptocurrency...

From otherwise legitimate projects that lacked the proper licenses to operate, to full blown Ponzi-scheme style scams.

Since their first crypto based case in 2013 - the amount of actions taken by the SEC each year has only grown, with the amount of cases peaking in 2020 with a total of 35.  Last year, 2021, was the first decline in total cases with a total of 24.

Pressure on US Regulators and lawmakers continues to grow, as the industry increases political influence...

Particularly over the past 3 years the crypto industry has put a major focus on making sure their voices are heard by those who will eventually decide how their businesses will need to operate.

Getting to a position where they can be heard involves playing the game - political donations, charities, resources, speaking engagements. Cryptocurrency company founders and executives are being spotted in every corner of Washington DC these days. 

Inside the crypto industry, as they go inside Washington DC...

The US crypto industry has accepted that new regulations are eventually coming - so the sooner they know what they will be, the better. Over the years we've heard multiple large investors and investment firms say regulatory uncertainty is their main reason for still sitting on the sidelines. 

While acknowledging the urgency for clarity, they cannot push so hard that politicians feel pressure to just 'do something' - sacrificing the time needed to draft reasonable, productive, and positive guidelines.

"The end goal everyone wants is a stronger, more stable industry, with better protected and informed investors and traders - and we're positive this can be achieved" says a contact from one of the major US crypto companies involved in lobbying Washington DC, who asked to remain unnamed, and that we note they are speaking as an individual and not a spokesperson for any organization. 

But they also believe that completing their current goal must come before anything goes up for a vote, which my contact describes as 'educating lawmakers, because if there was a vote today I think about 10% of them would understand the impact of what they're voting on". 

Which isn't as simple as addressing Congress and the Senate with a '1 size fits all' speech, my contact explains "There's a huge range of experience among lawmakers when it comes to finance and tech. That's why it's about asking for just a few minutes to speak to them 1 on 1 - and then we don't just lecture them on crypto but also make them feel comfortable to ask questions and raise concerns". 

So, while the industry wants a resolution soon, a plan that aims for informed people making smart decisions comes with a speed limit. 

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk
Global Crypto Press Association / Breaking Crypto News

Kevin O'Leary (Shark Tank) Shares His 2022 Investment Plan for Crypto and NFTs...

Founder of multiple companies, Author, and Shark Tank Co-host Kevin O'Leary shares how he plans to take on 2022.   He also makes an interesting point to those who have not yet invested in the crypto markets.

Video Courtesy Of Yahoo News

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Tether LOSES #1 Stablecoin Ranking For The First Time EVER - As New Leader USDC Continues Massive Growth...

USDT and USDC Stablecoin Crypto News

If you've been watching the numbers, you knew this day was coming for awhile now. 

About a month ago my colleague from our New York News Desk published an end-of-the-year report on the overall increased usage of stablecoins, which is when I learned things had begun rapidly accelerating towards the end of 2021.

Things were looking worse for USDT than expected...

"...upon closer inspection you'll notice that the current top stablecoin, USDT (Tether) is actually declining in popularity - beginning the year holding about 75% of the entire stablecoin market, and ending it closer to 50%."

While USDC's growth was actually a bit shocking...

"USDC didn't just hold on to it's rank as 2nd most popular - while the total ecosystem grew by about 4X compare to last year, USDC saw growth of nearly 10X - from a $4 billion marketcap to $41 billion!"

So with USDT ending 2021 with 'closer to 50%' of the stablecoin market, still a majority - it only took a couple weeks of continuing decline until we arrive here.

On the Ethereum a Blockchain Tether's $39.8 Billion Market Cap Not Enough To Hold #1 Spot, USDC's $40.1 Billion Takes Over...

Making USDC the most used stablecoin on the most used protocol (ether).  While USDT still has a larger cap when looking at totals across all chains, the stats show the same reversal is coming to every protocol.

Which actually makes this a truly historic day in crypto. 

USDT is the original stablecoin, going all the way back to 2014 where it first launched as 'Realcoin'. 

After a couple years where people generally assumed things were as they seem, we began to see what would grow in to a 'movement' starting on Twitter, made up of people that found it suspicious Tether wouldn't say what banks held the reserve funds needed to back up their 1:1 value with the US Dollar.

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Then Things Got Crazy... 

Tether and their supporters initially claimed they did have the funds, sitting in bank accounts around the world in order to spread the risk.

That alone isn't suspicious - remember this is 2017-2018, crypto is exploding but it's still the wild west on steroids.  This is the days when if you heard the word 'Bitcoin' come out of your TV is was likely a news report on how people buy illegal drugs and guns online. 

The general public having a major misconception of crypto made it a realistic concern that any government could suddenly freeze an account that's holding millions of dollars if learned the money was somehow connected to crypto. 

Even Binance CEO CZ came out to say he believes Tether's reasoning for the secrecy, saying;

"I think the reason they cannot release their bank account details is because if they release whichever bank they’re using, then the bank account gets shut down” 

Ironically, even though Tether had a legitimate reason to not publicly share where the funds are located (in my opinion), it would turn out they were also lying about how much they had.

The next couple years were basically chaos - in 2018 I reported on Tether being accused of faking a hack in order to explain $31 million in missing funds.

In 2019 the New York Attorney General began investigating Tether, also suspicious if they held enough reserve cash in banks to back the all of the crypto-coins in circulation. After recieving documents from Tether, but not what they asked for, the Attorney General said the results were inconclusive. 

That's when the CFTC took over, Tether eventually admitted they do not hold $1 USD for every 1 USDT - however they then claim some of the reserves is in other types of assets and investments, and the total value covers the coins minted.

If you don't find that comforting, neither did the US Government - Tether was ordered to pay a $41 million fine to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in 2021. 

With All That In Mind - It's No Surprise The Crypto World Accepted USDC's Offer Of a Fresh Start for Stablecoins, Minted From An  An Always Open Platform...

USDC Coins are minted via a consortium called Centre, where USD needs to be transferred from a bank before any additional USDC is created.  Behind Centre are well known, generally trusted companies like Coinbase, Circle and Bitmain. 

USDC also undergoes a monthly review from accounting firm Grant Thornton, whos reports are publicly posted.

In Closing...

Why Tether chose to operate the way they did will always be a mystery - nothing is stranger than stories where a company would make more money by being honest.

All stablecoins do the same thing, so it's hard a one coin that's always worth $1 to convince people to use theirs instead of another that does the exact same thing.

So with a monopoly on the market, Tether decided to give people a reason to choose an alternative - which they clearly have done. 

Author: Ross Davis

Silicon Valley Newsroom

MetaGold Rewards Grows By 13,119% in First 15 Days...

Metagold Rewards Token Crypto News

Recently launched cryptocurrency celebrated what they call a 'meteoric' launch. Had you invested o$1,000 in MetaGold on its launch 15 days ago, it would now be worth over, $133,000. 

MetaGold Rewards is a new crypto currency that pays its holders daily dividends in USDT just for owning it. The coin is the highest paying rewards token, earning holders up to 15% per month in dividends alone. The daily rewards are made possible because of the taxes paid every time someone buys and sells the coin, which are then distributed to all the holders. 

After having several negative experiences investing online, the founding team at MetaGold wanted to create a better kind of crypto currency. They set out to make a rewards coin with a long-term strategy where people could feel safe to invest their money and know they would receive a robust return.

Within one day of being listed on Coin Market Cap (CMC), the largest crypto currency exchange, MetaGold climbed to the #11th spot on CMC’s Top Gainers List.

Of MetaGold’s bullish start, Michael Bolduc, CEO, said, “We are ecstatic how quickly the market cap and trading volume for the coin increased, but it’s still early and investors can easily 100x their money as we continue our journey to a $100 Million Market Cap. People are hungry to invest in projects they believe are safe and provide a great return on their investment.”

To achieve the successful launch, the international team of 28 people at MetaGold executed the following strategy:

  • Created a coin that paid the highest dividends in the crypto space. 

  • Launched a marketing strategy built on decades of business experience.

  • Hired 6 full-time staff to manage customer service and marketing support.

  • Engage a lively, and positive community on Telegram.

  • Twice weekly, host live Investor updates to keep the community informed.

For more information about MetaGold you can visit their website or find them on most crypto currency marketplace listings under MetaGold Rewards (METAGOLD). More Info: Website:
Youtube channel:
Contact: Michael Bolduc

Information Provided via Press Release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association
Breaking Crypto News

Alleged Crypto-Ponzi Scammer and His 9 Bodyguards Taken Into Custody.... Then Suddenly Released...

Jonathan Yemelian Sifuentes - Accused Crypto Ponzi Scammer

Jonathan Yemelian Sifuentes, the suspected operator of a Mexico-based crypto ponzi called Xifras, was detained this week along with nine bodyguards - who were in possession of weapons, and hundreds of thousands of Mexican pesos in cash.

Then, Somehow - They Were All Set Free...

The accusations against all those involved include threatening law enforcement, and bribery. It appeared their days of scamming the public and scaring officials were over - then just as quickly as they were rounded up, they were set free.

Naturally, many are now wondering if the tactics of offering cash, or making threats to officials are how they successfully were able to get the charges dropped, and secure their release from custody. 

Officially, the reason for their release was that the "facts could not be verified" according to the judge who reviewed then dismissed the detainees.

A Unique Blend Of Some Of The World's Worst Things: A Ponzi Scheme + MLM + Crypto Scam in 1...

Does it get any worse than this?

Xifras, like your typical MLM, has an array of garbage products which ironically seems to be a list of the current top 3 things scammers sell, including: CBD oil, a 'male enhancer' and a weight loss product. 

Of course, if you want to work for the company selling their products, getting hired will cost you no less than $115, but one source claims they were offered packages that go up to $50,000 and include a large inventory of their products which they swear are in high demand. 

Paying for the right to help a company sell their products is the biggest red flag to look for - think of it as the equivalent to simply yelling 'we're a scam!'

Jonathan Sifuentes Video
A 'Motivational' Video From Jonathan Sifuentes, Where He Encourages Viewers To 'Find Out Who You Are', taken from his YouTube channel.

The Heat Is On...

While they may be feeling like they 'got away with it' - that may turn out to be a mistake.  While their local police and judicial system let them go, federal and even international law enforcement has been building their case, and haven't yet acted upon it. 

Sources confirm there is an active US based investigation open with the Arizona Corporation Commission, along with the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission - and the two organizations are sharing what they know with each other.

So, while this chapter may end with no one facing consequences for the list of offenses Sifuentes and others behind Xifras allegedly committed - this story probably has several more chapters to be written before 'the end'. 

Update: There appears to be a second operation, perhaps a backup plan to Xifras, operating under the name 'Your First Million' (Tu Primer Million in Spanish) at

Author: Fernando Perez
Latin America Newsdesk | Mexico City
Breaking Crypto News

3 Major Signs We're Kicking Off 2022 With a BULLISH Outlook On Bitcoin...

Bitcoin Bullish 2022

It's a new year, and when the previous year saw record highs set for every major crypto asset, people naturally wonder if a bearish market is around the corner. 

Like every market, eventually it will be our turn, thankfully crypto has a history of fairly short bearish terms followed by a bullish market that exceeds the prior one. 

However, it doesn't look like we're there yet - these 3 indicators would absolutely look different if we were entering a bearish market:

Those Who Recently Sold Aren't Leaving...

Speculative traders who made large sales in December are now re-purchasing, according to analysis by Willy Woo. 

This includes a number of hedge funds who sold in December to take a profit, and are now redeploying their capital.

Long Term Hodlers Continue Accumulating...

We're seeing wallets that hold and do not trade Bitcoin taking advantage of the current price dip to accumulate more.  These are people who have bought Bitcoin and left it untouched for at least 6 months.

This category of trader currently holds the most Bitcoin.

We can logically assume they believe we have not yet seen Bitcoin's all time high, and that the profits possible are so great, they don't bother participating in short-term opportunities to profit by selling and re-buying price swings.

No Increased Inflow To Exchanges...

Bitcoin investors who hold a sizeable amount of coins typically move those coins out of exchange accounts after buying them, and into offline cold storage to keep their coins secure.

This means that before they can sell their coins, they need to first transfer them back to an exchange account for trading - and currently, this is not happening.  

We continue the 2021 trend of more tokens leaving exchanges than being moved back to them.

In Closing...

I am aware, as you should be as well, that things can change fast.  Sometimes triggered by totally irrational panic selling, other times by major real-world events.

The thing is - nobody can plan for things that may or may not come at any time. 

But you can be prepared - while I stand by this report I'd also like to include a reminder to be smart. Set stop-losses, have a plan to make sure if things take a sudden turn, you're walking away with most of what you earned. 


Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk 
Breaking Crypto News

SONIC Token Presale Announcement...

Sonic Bytes

New York City, NY - Have you ever been to a cryptocurrency presale event? Well, this is the right time to do so. SONIC Bytes token is extending out its whitelist presale opportunity where you can buy the Sonic Bytes token and get a lot of advantages.

Wondering what a whitelist presale is? Let’s find out.

In order to participate in Sonic Bytes’ whitelist presale, the buyer must be on the whitelist. So, signup as soon as you can, and get on the list of lucky individuals who will get the SONIC Bytes tokens, as well as several other rewards.

There is a limited number of seats to be on the whitelist, so the sooner you do it, the better!

Presale Details

Limited seats on the whitelist

There is a limited number of seats – and that too is filling super-fast. Almost 50% of the seats have been reserved. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now!


There are only 300 seats. These seated are secure seats in terms of competition. Come first and lock in your position within the 300 seats!


The minimum defined and specified limit for the collection of funds for the SONIC Bytes token is 35 BNB. This is the minimum goal to be raised in the presale.


The maximum amount of money that Sonic Bytes token can raise through its presale or initial coin offering is 70 BNB. The minimum defined and specified limit for the collection of funds for the SONIC Bytes token is 35 BNB. This is the maximum goal to be raised in the presale before moving on to Pancakeswap. Hence, you are in good hands with the SONIC Bytes token.


The minimum to maximum contribution allowed on Sonic bytes token is 0.1 BNB to 4 BNB.

If you feel interested and want to enter the Whitelist, click on this link to reserve your seat.

Moondrop Project

Sonic Bytes feels pride in announcing a new reward token under the name of the Moondrop project. It offers a lot of generous incentives and rewards for the holders. It works on the basic principle of holding. The longer and larger you hold, the greater and bigger you earn! Isn’t it great?

There are a lot of other advantages and ways to win with this new project. Hook on to know more!

  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

  • Burn 50%

  • Taxation 10%

  • 5% rewards on SONIC BYTES

  • 3% liquidity

  • 2% will be a real burn to the burn wallet

Advantages of SONIC Bytes Token

Blocked Reflection

There are smart contracts that permit reflections in their liquidity pool. As a result of this, their coin’s liquidity becomes uneven, resulting in a decline in its value.

SONIC’s Advanced Smart Contract prevents reflections in the liquidity pool. This contributes to the stability of the value of your SONIC Bytes tokens. As a result of this strategy, the holders will receive the maximum number of reflections.

Clean Burning Issues

In other smart contracts the reflections are absorbed in large part by other Burn addresses. This results in the token holders losing a considerable portion of the overall reflection.

However, SONIC Bytes Tokens have avoided reflections on SONIC’s burn address by incorporating a clean burn idea into their transaction cost structure.

This raises the number of available reflections for holders, and each transaction automatically burns a percentage of SONIC Bytes Tokens, reducing the total supply of SONIC Bytes Tokens.

 There will be no pooling of liquid assets

In some smart contracts, the percentage of the liquidity pool is shared with other wallets. However, in the case of SONIC Bytes Tokens, 3% of the liquidity pool is dedicated to the liquidity pool and is not shared with any other wallet.

Containment of Smart Contracts

Certain smart contracts relinquish ownership after a specified amount of time. As a result, they have nothing and are unable to modify or upgrade their liquidity pool routers.

As a result of this mistake, SONIC Tokens has assumed complete control of the smart contract and will not permit its revocation.

Application to All SONIC Apps

The platform will earn revenue through digital marketing and the issuance of coins, tokens, and NFTs, while also rewarding its users and owners. The SONIC Bytes Token will be accepted to purchase things and make payments for transactions across all of their apps.

Do you want to be part of the new SONIC BYTES experience? Join SONIC BYTES now! Don’t miss this opportunity to make your wallet go to the moon.




Information Provided via Press Release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association
Breaking Crypto News

Stablecoin Usage EXPLODED Last Year - Why Every Trader Should Pay Attention...

Cryptocurrency News - Stablecoins

Stablecoins - if you're like me, without much thought you went from not using them at all, to using them occasionally, to using them a LOT.  So while it's no surprise to hear their usage is at an all time high, I was surprised to find out just the last 1 year accounts for nearly a 400% increase.

That increase brought the total amount if stablecoins in the crypto ecosystem from just $29 billion to a whopping $150 billion.

Their growth is still in overdrive right now - 30 days ago that total was $135 billion, meaning  $15 billion more stablecoins were minted in just the last month.

Total stablecoin usage chart

The chart above (via TheBlock) shows steady growth in 2020 with a sudden spike upwards early 2021 - a trend that hasn't slowed down at all.

Major Shake-Ups Within The Stablecoin Ecosystem...

In order of popularity the main stablecoins are (USDT) Tether, USD Coin (USDC), DAI (DAI), USDP (USDP) and Binance USD (BUSD).

But upon closer inspection you'll notice that the current top stablecoin, USDT (Tether) is actually declining in popularity - beginning the year holding about 75% of the entire stablecoin market, and ending it closer to 50%.

USDC didn't just hold on to it's rank as 2nd most popular - while the total ecosystem grew by about 4X compare to last year, USDC saw growth of nearly 10X - from a $4 billion marketcap to $41 billion! 

Stablecoin of the top crypto exchange Binance, BUSD was the 2nd fastest growing and 3rd most popular - they saw growth from $1 billion to $14.

Why Should Traders Pay Attention To The Stablecoin Supply?

Stablecoins are generally used to reduce transactional volatility. As a result, they become helpful tools to use on exchanges.

So the fact that additional funds are being allocated to stablecoins suggests that a large amount of capital is going into the crypto markets. The investor may not have decided which assets to invest in, but they have put their money in a position where they quickly can, when they deem the time is right.

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk
Breaking Crypto News

ECOSAC is Taking BTC Mining to 100% Carbonless Emission...

2 Companies are participating at the same time in a DUO SACRIFICE PHASE. Sacrifice to show your voice  that the World needs ecofriendly BTC mining going forward. By 2024 BTC mining will use as much electricity as the country of Australia, according to some reports.

Change can happen but only if voiced together through a Sacrifice. Once the sacrifice phase is over, the total sacrifice points for each sacrifice’s address's points are totaled up. This creates a list of Sacrificees ranked by total points from largest to smallest. 

Minimum Sacrifice set to 100 points for which every Sacrificees receives the following products and services as long as the minimum Sacrificed amount is $4million USD or more: 

- Company A points (1 for 1)
- Company B points (1 for 1)
- Bonus Coin points (1/4 to 1)
- Frega points (5% of Sac amount 1 for 1)
- Potential Gifting Pooling Participation Program

In addition to the 100 points for 250 – 499 Sacrifice points includes:

- EcoSac Dryfit long sleeve Shirt
- Safepal S1 Hardwallet with leather case

In addition to the 100 & 250 points for 500 - 999 Sacrifice points includes:

- 500 2D LE NFT for Sacrificees 501 to 999 on Day 1
- All other Day 1 Sacrificees will receive a # 2D NFT
- For day 2-14 non-LE 2D NFT sequenced # largest to smallest by sac amount
- Crypto tax software for 1 year

In addition to the 100, 250, & 500 points for 1,000 or more Sacrifice points or more includes:

- 500 3D NFT LE for the 1st 500 Sacrificees on Day 1
- EcoSac watch or flash drive subject to availability
- Five random wallet addresses will be chosen via an aggregate to be awarded:
- Tesla Model 3 Long Range (Tax liabilities will be covered by the Sacrificee or wallet holder)

Those who cant afford the tax liability will have the option to have STM auction the vehicle to the highest  Sacrificee and receive the amount in BTC in lieu of the vehicle.

Five random wallet addresses for Full Bridge Implant Giveaway that includes: 

1. All extractions as needed.
2. All bone grafts except sinus lifts.
3. Premium Neodent Aqua implants which offer one of the fastest healing times for implants in the world.
4. Zirconia Pro - Upper/lower zirconia teeth featuring Prettau 2 Dispersive Zirconia from Zirkonzahn one of the world’s most stunning aesthetics
5. Available in BL1 shade
6. Unconditional 5 year warranty. No exclusions. No deductibles.
7. Performed by or potentially at a location  closest to you

This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime! 

*All Sacrificees whom are wanting the procedure will need to be a candidate of which ONLY the Doctor can make that  determination as STM or those involved with the Sacrifice cannot give any medical opinions nor will do so at any time. 

**All candidates will need to have xrays taken at their expense for the initial consult in order to be considered  for the procedure 

***subject to change at any time 

Leaderboard Bonuses: 

-  In addition to the 100, 250, & 500, & 1,000 points for the Top 14 (less the top 6) Sacrifice point totals includes: ecofriendly Bicycle or Scooter (when available by Company B) 

-  In addition to the 100, 250, 500, & 1,000 points for the Top 5 (less the Top 1) in Sacrifice points will receive 1  Whale pass (if available otherwise an additional ticket) + 1 ticket to BTC 2022 in Miami 

-  In addition to the 100, 250, 500, & 1000 points for the Top Sacrificee will receive an all-expense paid trip to  include Hotel and Air plus transfers from their home area to London for London2049 in Oct 2022 or a Bitcoin  conference of their choice. 

Everyone’s points supply increases with the amount sacrificed. The sacrifice will create 1 free dual point per  sacrifice point. Meaning, 1 sacrifice point earns 1 point in Company A and 1 point in Company B plus 25% of a  point in the Bonus Coin, plus 5% of every sacrifice into Frega points, and a depending on the Sac amounts  additional products or services can be obtained such as a Hard wallet, NFT either 2D or 3D, Tesla, London  conference, passes to Bitcoin 2022 in Miami, etc. The USD value of sacrifice's are estimated using 60-minute  time weighted average prices as needed. At some future date in 2022 Company A, B, and Bonus point totals be  exchanged for three different coins whereas the coins when launched on various exchanges will start at zero  value. 

Point Bonus 

Those with the largest voice and sacrifice the largest points will be in the front. The next largest follows and so  forth all the way to the minimum of 100 points sacrificed. Upon sacrificing, a volume bonus will now be added  to the point total from the largest receiving 3X and every bonus thereafter being slightly less until it reaches just  a bit above 1x. The difference between each point bonus is minimum but it’s a difference.  

At the end, all the sacrifice addresses are taken with point totals plus the bonus added from largest to smallest in  order. The first address at 3x bonus to the last slightly above 1x. Now everyone has received their bonus that is  well deserved for speaking out on ecofriendly electricity usage. This now can be seen on a linear bonding curve  from 1x+ to 3x. 

The largest point total is in the beginning. The next highest Sacrificees point total is next, and so forth. Days 1  and 2 will have the max bonus allowed starting at 3x; day 3 will start at 2.5x; and days 12-14 have a flat bonus  of 1.25x. 

Dual Company Goals:

- Decrease BTC Mining Electricity Usage worldwide
- Using total off grid power sources.
- See you in Miami for BTC 2022
- Using other renewable power sources
- Wind, solar, hydro, wave, and flare capping gases to reduce the environmental impact of BTC mining.
- Environment voice campaigning to maintain it for generations to come.
- Reduce Emissions
- 100% carbonless emission via MPGS (magnetic power generating system)
-  Be a Voice for Eco Friendly BTC!

Time to Sacrifice!

BIG Disruption Looming Ahead with Ground Breaking All-In One Decentralized Technology that is Launching Q1 2022

Soft Launch 12/14/21 12am UTC 

Hard Launch 1/4/22 12am UTC  

For More Info:

Information Provided via Press Release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association
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Jack Dorsey's First Move As Ex-CEO Of Twitter, and Full-Time CEO Of Block: Cash App Users Can Now Give Bitcoin Or Stocks as a Gift...

It's been a little over a week since Jack Dorsey stepped down from Twitter to focus entirely on 'Block' - which is the new name of the company that includes Square, Cash App, and a soon-to-launch DeFi focused Bitcoin exchange. 

The first announcement from Block since Dorsey made the move: A new Cash App feature that allows users send stocks and bitcoin to other users.

Video courtesy of CNBC...

The Days of OnlyFans Are Over - ONLYCAM is Here to Tackle The Issues Faced by Adult Content Creators...

OnlyCam Blockchain Cryptocurrency

OnlyCam is the new adult entertainment online platform, who make their content creators the top priority. Content creators are at the forefront of the OnlyCam vision, and their services ensure creators do not face adversities while working online.

KINGSTOWN, SAINT VINCENT / Dec 14th 2021 / OnlyCam is breaking down barriers in the online adult entertainment industry by making content more accessible, reliable, and more fun for both creators and consumers. In recent times, NSFW content creators have faced a myriad of issues including censorship, lack of copyright laws, cultural and regulatory challenges, intermediaries, and lack of payment platforms. OnlyCam provides accessible and straightforward solutions to all these issues for its creators and aims to provide a new and exciting online experience for both creators and consumers.

Here’s how OnlyCam will take each of these issues:


 Adult content creators are subject to many censorships that mainstream actors do not encounter. Many social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram prohibit sexually explicit content, which puts a limit on the earning of creators by blocking their access to these revenue streams. Censorship can result in creators being banned from platforms sits altogether and being unable to work. Not only this, but it also creates instability for content creators. By announcing they would exit the industry and no longer allow explicit content, OnlyFans caused many content creators to be out of work. OnlyFans have also censored content they may not agree with, for no reason other than personal preference. OnlyCam gives its performers a safe and reliable platform where creative freedom is encouraged. Performers can work without the worry of censorship through working with an inclusive, non-discriminatory platform, where content is never censored.

 Copyright Ownership

 Adult creators and performers are always denied copyright to their work. This prevents them from selling their work by themselves and prevents the adult content producers and actors from receiving royalties from others using it.

 Our NFT solution provides the copyright to the creator for their adult content and ensures the content belongs to the adult content creator or performer. Since the content will belong to the content creators and performers, they will also receive royalties for every usage and every sale of the content. The creator is provided with more autonomy as they can directly sell/mint/repurpose their content.

Intermediaries & Lack of Payment Platforms 

The biggest issue facing adult performers is its unfair pay, where larger production companies take most of the revenue, and only a small percentage goes to the performers. There is also a lack of payment platforms available on most large NSFW content sites, meaning performers do not have freedom in how to access their earnings. OnlyCam provides solutions to both issues by introducing their $ONLY payment token. By using the $ONLY token, there is little gas fee. OnlyCam will offer a gateway through that will allow creators and customers to exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB and other stable coins as well as fiat for $ONLY. This means more money goes directly to the creators by using a straightforward transaction method. It also ensures creators access their earnings in a new and unique way which allows them to take control of their finances.

 About OnlyCam: OnlyCam is an online NFSW entertainment ecosystem that is revolutionising the way content is consumed. OnlyCam aims to tackle the big issues faced by the adult industry by providing sustainable, and profitable solutions, for both content creators and consumers.

Find out more about the project:

Join the community:

Only Cam
PO Box 1574
VC0100 - SVG

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CIA Involvement In Crypto Goes Back Further, and Runs Deeper Than Previously Known...

CIA cryptocurrency and bitcoin

Well, the headline may not be true if you're among those who believe the CIA created crypto to begin with.

After all, the encryption Bitcoin uses was created by US Intelligence - that's a fact... one that sounds big until you learn it's standard for a variety of secure applications aside from blockchains, and used by thousands of companies and coders. 

Where these theories get a bit... intense, are claims that clues are hidden in the name Satoshi Nokomoto which they believe is basically an 'Easter egg' or hidden message created by government programmers - if this sounds interesting (and some really is!) you can go down that rabbit hole here.

But Today Is About New Public Statements We're Sure Came From The CIA...

During a Q&A portion of his appearance an audience member at a Wall Street Journal event with CIA Director Williams Burns asked him if the agency will be looking into cryptocurrency in light of the recent ransomware incidents.

We discover from Burns' response that the CIA is more involved than previously supposed, and has been for some time:

"My predecessor had started this, but had set in motion a number of different projects focused on cryptocurrency and trying to look at second - and third-order consequences as well and helping with our colleagues in other parts of the United States government to provide solid intelligence on what we're seeing as well.”

Until now, it was assumed that the FBI was responsible for the overwhelming majority of intelligence agency activity within the crypto markets, and that they generally acted alone.

But it appears the CIA can often be found assisting the FBI by providing them with what they call 'strong intelligence on cryptocurrency space'.

Also worth noting - the CIA didn't limit their 'assisting' role to just with the FBI - it sounds like they're available to any government agency that needs them.

Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies Currently Share The Same Target - Ransomware Criminals...

Over the last two years ransomware attacks have disrupted local and state government offices, hospitals, oil pipelines, and other key organizations - the attack locks down computers until a stated amount of cryptocurrency is given to the hackers to unlock them.

Many companies are simply paying the ransom, they claim the losses they incur as a result of being locked out of their systems actually makes paying the cheapest option.

This has been met with anger by some within the government, who say every time a ransom is paid, they both reward and motivate criminals to continue, and expand their operations.

Frustration Is Building As Ransomware Attacks Show No Sign Of Slowing Down...

This frustration has led one Congressman to propose a way to force the money flow to stop.

Patrick McHenry has filed a measure that would ban payments over $100,000 to ransomware criminals - making it criminal to pay criminals.

Another viewpoint is seen often in online crypto communities - those who believe that the ransomware attackers are awful people, but their victims usually end up in that position through recklessness.  It's the government's role to arrest those behind it - not find new ways to punish the victims even.

With so much still unresolved I'd typically end this by saying something about how we'll be covering any new developments, so keep an eye out - but when the CIA is involved, we may never hear more than what we already know.

Author: Ross Davis
Silicon Valley Newsroom
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Soccer Legend Lothar Matthaus, WWE Champion 'The Great Khali', and Hit Rapper 'The Game', PLUS 30 Others Join nOFTEN To Launch Their NFTs...

Noften NFTs

The fast-emerging platform is strengthening its grip on the metaverse through NFTs...

BERLIN, GERMANY: nOFTEN, the world's leading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) marketplace for artists & celebrities, announced its association with WWE champion Khali, world-famous rapper Game and Lothar Matthaus- The FIFA world cup champion to sell exclusive NFT artwork after its great collaboration with FTV.

This association aims to get fans more connected to their favourite artist's unseen innovation and gives them an opportunity and a platform to buy, sell, trade, and bid for celebrity NFTs. It's not that often experienced and is driven by blockchain technologies that help monetize and safeguard their artworks. As a result, both Indian and International artists are becoming part of this unique community and taking it on a larger level.

In this hugely competitive market, digital platforms play a significant role in showcasing and sharing artists' talent with the world without limitations. nOFTEN understands the market and is a gold rush for artists & celebrities, churning out mind-boggling pay-outs for early adopters if used right. It inspires other sports leaders, dancers, actors, singers, and painters. More and more investors are investing in the crypto market because of the complete traceability of the ownership of unique digital assets.

Noften NFT

On the alliance, Constantin Clemens Aurin, nOFTEN, said, "It's overwhelming to see how NFT is becoming a favourite topic amongst artists and how they welcome the concept of direct connection with their fans. The opportunities that are present within the space are beyond space."

On this association, the world-famous rapper The Game said, “With this digital liberty, I can put forth my creative vision on display and show, not only the growth of my career but also the passion I have for other things."

Wrestler-champion Khali said, "I cannot be more excited for such an association wherein I get to interact with my fans on a personal level and showcase the art I have in me, which the world may not be much aware of. I don't think there can be any such platform better than this."

Footballer Lothar Matthaus said, "I always believe the digital platform can do wonders if you have talent. The greed to learn and achieve more will land you in a great place. And getting an apt platform to show your hidden talent is nothing but a way to fulfill your dreams smoother. I am extremely happy for this association and waiting to see what'snext in line."

It will get more exciting to see what nOFTEN has more in the bag as fans of all kinds are getting significant collections of their choice and receiving personal interaction opportunities with their loved artists.

About nOFTEN:

nOFTEN is the world's leading NFT Marketplace leveraging The celeb-Fan-centric theme, celebrating the free spirit of artists, turning it into valuable digital assets. Artists of every genre, offering discrete collections and personal interaction opportunities, are a part of nOFTEN. 

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Visit the official website at

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