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Cryptocurrency Press Release Distribution the Official Press Association Service - Immediately submit your ICO press release...

Submit your press release, article or announcement for your project or company for global publication - our team of writers can even help create it!  Along with our other services all built around helping people discover your company. 

We've helped over 100+ cryptocurrency startups raise over $1.4 Billion!  Check out who we've worked with on our about us page.

We live to help the cryptocurrency world grow, and having the right people discover you! We do it all at rates that fit any budget - because we want you to be a client for life!

We are able to offer our clients deals that would cost them thousands, for up to 90% off.

We guarantee placement in the mainstream news - you'll be able to add "as seen on" logos to your website for outlets like CBS, FOX and NBC!

Service includes:
● Published on the GlobalCryptoPress front page main news feed.
● Syndicated to Google News!
● Guaranteed 5 to 15 crypto news sites pick up your story!
● We guarantee your project will be on over 50+ news sites.
● Shared to our official social media (12,000+ crypto traders)

Plus vital markets many make the mistake of missing:

● JAPAN is the #2 ranked buyer of crypto! We translate to Japanese (by hand) publish, share on social media, and submit to Japanese search engines.

● DUBAI is a wealthy Middle Eastern country where crypto is exploding currently. We translate to Arabic (by hand) publish in Dubai's AzadNews, and submit to Arabic language search engines.

● PUBLISHED IN GERMANY - The 4th biggest global economy also loves crypto. We translate to German (by hand) publish in Germany's Neunundfuenfzig and DevDir and submit to German language search engines.

Valued at over $5000 if you were to do on your own, as fellow members of the press we have built relationships  that allow us to offer you rates no one else can come even close to.

For discounted options we are able to do just crypto news outlets and translated outlets for $500,  English-language crypto outlets only for $400.

Do multiple releases and save:
$250 to add 1 more post.
$400 to add 2 more posts.

We highly recommend doing a 3 post package for serious projects, it's marketing basics - people become more likely to respond to if they see your company several times. 

When complete you will receive a full report with all links included!


● Instagram Automated Outreach:
Target only serious crypto traders/investors on Instagram! We've coded a custom bot that tracks down people who have attended the top crypto conferences. E-Mail us to discuss connecting your project's profile to it.

● SEO Boost - Basic.
Our web team submits your site to top-50 search engines & directories.
Cost: $25

● SEO Boost - Advanced.
Includes the SEO Basic service, plus 200+ high quality backlinks pointing to your site from HIGH RANKING domains only (DA/PA/TF 99 to 65!) to boost your search results!
Cost: $100

● YouTube Video Boost.
If you're promoting your project via YouTube, we'll use current and fully allowed (no bots!) methods we will increase the ranking of your video within YouTube's internal search by causing it to show up 'recommended' to people watching other popular videos on the blockchain/cryptocurrency topic.
Cost: $100


Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.

Pay Later: Buy it now and pay within 6 months with 0% interest (Provided by PayPal)

All Major Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover.


Don't waste another day, e-mail us to begin

Even if you're not ready to to start, but know when you will be - please e-mail us! We limit the amount of promotional content and occasionally must turn some down.  With advanced notice we can make sure this doesn't happen to you.