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OVER 200+ Blockchain/Crypto Companies Have Discovered The SMARTER Way To Spread The Word...
Unfortunately, many of our clients come to us after a bad experience elsewhere, after being over-charged just to have them under-perform.

But we believe it's better to deliver quality, honest work, and have you come back to us over and over - whenever you have a big announcement. That's exactly what our clients do!

You can see some of the companies we've worked with, and top blockchain events we're partners with on our about us page.

Blockchain press release distribution comparison chart

● We are NOT a marketing firm - we allow you to bypass them (and paying them) completely!
As an accredited news organization, we have access to the same distribution channels marketing companies pay thousands to access.  When we remove the middleman, your company's announcement goes directly to the news outlets!

● Tired of getting ripped off?
Others promise how many publications they'll "send your press release to".  But we promise they'll publish it!

PROBLEM: Others won't guarantee even 1 site will publish your announcement.

SOLUTION: We guarantee -  at least 50 will! (We usually get clients over 100!)

PROBLEM: Paying high rates for a 'top crypto news site' to publish your press release - then you realize it only gets published in a 'press release' section nobody reads.

SOLUTION: Your press release goes where actual readers are. Our homepage, Google News, Apple News, Social Media!

We regularly get our clients on places like Bloomberg, Marketwatch, Google News, ABC News, Apple News, Crypto Press, NBC, Coinmarkets, CoinSpectator, ICOShock, CryptoQoins, CoinWhaleNews, Digital Journal, ICOMarkets, FOX - and so many more.

Plus: Social Media Blast Included.

● Published To Crypto Press Association official feed.
● Syndicated to Google News- Android Users.
● Syndicated to Apple News - iPhone users.
● Syndicated to Microsoft Bing - Windows users.
● Cryptocurrency news sites.
● Business, Investing, and Finance sites.
● Mainstream news TV/Newspapers
● Tech news sites.
● E-Mailed To Our Subscribers
● Shared On Our Social (18,000+ followers)
● Posted to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Minds  (400,000+ users)..

Others offer less, and charge up to $5000...
But all of our options are under $1000!

*Ask about discounts for first time clients, and our 3 post packages!

● Crypto or fiat payment options:
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.
PayPal: You may qualify to use their Pay Later feature.
All Major Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover.

● To begin, Drop us a line now!

Send us an e-mail now at Team@GlobalCryptoPress.com

Tell us about your project, and any important target dates - we'll respond right away!

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