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A Cryptocurrency ICO Press Release
The LEADING press release distribution service - used by over 150+ companies in crypto/blockchain!
Why are we so popular? We allow you to skip the marketing firms, their fees, and their commissions - go directly to the publishers, editors and journalists!

Chart To Compare Cryptocurrency ICO & IEO Press Releases
Tired of getting ripped off? Notice how others only say how many places they will send your announcement/press release to? Well that means nothing, you need it published!

  • PROBLEM: They won't guarantee even 1 site will actually publish your announcement.
  • SOLUTION: We guarantee results that at least 50+ sites will - usually over 100!
Bypass The Marketing Firms: They pay much higher prices for access to the newswires and distribution networks.  As a news organization, we don't. ..W

We regularly get our clients on places like Bloomberg, Marketwatch, Google News, ABC News, Apple News, Crypto Press, NBC, Coinmarkets, CoinSpectator, ICOShock, CryptoQoins, CoinWhaleNews, Digital Journal, ICOMarkets, FOX - and so many more. Plus reddit/facebook/twitter, and our e-mail list.
Published To Crypto Press Association official feed.
Syndicated to Google News- Android Users.
Syndicated to Apple News - iPhone users.
Syndicated to Microsoft Bing - Windows users.
Cryptocurrency news sites.
Business, Investing, and Finance sites.
Mainstream news TV/Newspapers
Tech news sites.
E-Mailed Out To Our Newsletter
Shared On Our Social (18,000+ followers)
Posted to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Minds  (400,000+ users)..
For up to 70% less than marketing firms!

...All our options are under $1000!..
Don't waste another day or dime elsewhere...
Contact us at Team@GlobalCryptoPress.com and let us know how many press release/announcements you would like to order.....

.Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.
PayPal: You may qualify to use their Pay Later feature.
.All Major Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover.

 Contact us immediately to begin...
E-mail us Team@GlobalCryptoPress.com
We're ready to give your project the massive exposure it deserves!

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