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We've Provided Distribution for 1500+ Crypto Press Releases
from 350+ Blockchain, Crypto and NFT Projects!

Since 2017 - The Crypto Industry's 'Secret Weapon' For PR Distribution:

The industry's choice for reliable and effective distribution of crypto press releases, to the right targeted audience, managed by the crypto press release publishing team.
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NOT a Marketing Agency or PR Firm...
Our press release publishing and distribution service operated by a seasoned team of journalists, editors, and publishers.

Why Does this Matter?
PR firms and marketing agencies inflate your expenses with salesperson commissions,  agency fees, and marketing costs. When our founder heard how much these firms were charging, he knew there was room for a better alternative. Leveraging our access as a news organization, we launched our service in 2017.

We take Pride in Our Reputation...
If you know a past client, ask them about us!


● Your Release Published on AT LEAST 50 Sites:
PR Firms warn they "cannot guarantee results" We're confident enough to guarantee at least 50 sites will publish your press release... because most end up on over 100! 

●  Top News Apps - Apple News, Google News, Bing News:
Though our partnership with Apple News and Google news, your PR will be found on the most popular news apps that come pre-installed on iPhones and Androids. 

Finance & Mainstream News Outlets:
Our clients PRs are regularly featured on Yahoo Finance,  Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Beginza and many more!

Crypto / Blockchain / Tech News:
Published on the Global Crypto Press homepage, plus other sites like Valley Times, Blockchained News, iCrypto, Tech News City, Crypto News Today UK, CoinGenius, BTCUpload, ECrypto, IT News, and many more!

Social Media:
Shared to Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook.

E-Mail Newsletter:
Included in emailer received by over 15,000 subscribers, all crypto traders/investors.

NEW: Translated and Published in 8 Languages:
MILLIONS of people you never would have reached can now discover your project. Now all press releases are published in English, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Chinese, Russian, German, Swedish, and Arabic, and submitted to relevant search engines.

Not Completely Ready? You can order early to reserve day/time (can change if needed).

► Order Single (1) Press Release:

  Order Package of Three (3) Press Releases:
Save $350 Compared To Buying Individually!




The package of 3 press releases comes with a fairly large discount of $350 (compared to buying 1 at a time)

You have a full year to use them, most projects do this easily.

 Suggested Strategy:

Leverage our package of 3 press releases and use 1 f    or each of the following:

● Introduce your project, team, and what you'll be doing next.

● Make your main announcement - your launch, token sale, event, etc.

● Recap or reminder - look back on highlights from your event, or remind people it's their 

Most people need to see something multiple times to remember it -- and releasing info with an intro, main event, and conclusion, so people follow your 'journey' is even easier to remember.  But every project is different, so your best strategy may be different

 Scheduling Your Release:

After ordering you'll be directed to a page to submit your press release, related images, and choose the date/time for publication, or just put 'ASAP'.

Please note, many news sites do not post press releases on Fri/Sat/Sun. If you request one of these days expect a lesser results.  Unless specifically requested, orders submitted these days will be published on Monday, unless specifically requested. 

We can usually publish within 24 hours of receiving the release.

You don't need to have your press release ready to place an ordoer. Yu can return at any time to submit your press release for publishing. 

Urgent/Rush Orders:

After submitting your PR, email to rush (at) with 'URGENT' in the subject line and your order info. We will do our best to expedite its publication.

All Other Questions / Comments:
E-Mail us at Team (at) 

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