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We've Distributed OVER 1500 Press Releases for OVER 350 Projects in Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT's!

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The choice of over 300+ crypto companies to publish and distribute their blockchain press release! Everything from established tokens, ICO's, NFT's, IEO's, Exchanges, Wallets, and the world's biggest blockchain conferences and events use us for their PR publishing!

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You get a full year to use them - which is easy for most projects!
This is also our biggest discount - saving you $100 on each one! 

We also recommend using 3 for optimal results if launching a new coin/platform:  
- The first one introduces your project, your team, and the date it launches.
- The second one is your main announcement - the official launch, ICO / token sale, event, etc.
- The Third one recaps everything - remind readers why NOW is the best time to invest/join/buy what you're offering.
...or, just order 1 to start out with - it's all up to you!

When will we publish your PR?
We can publish in less than 24 hours in most cases.

After ordering you'll be sent to a page for you to submit everything and tell us when you want it published.

Fri/Sat/Sun are lower traffic days for news sites, if submitted one of these days we will schedule it for the following Monday, unless specifically request it be published on one of these days. 

URGENT/RUSH ORDERS: after submitting email to with 'URGENT' in the subject and your order info.  We will try our best to get it out as quickly as possible.

We'll Make Sure You're Ready:
Once you order we'll send you to the page to submit your PR, this contains sample press releases for you to look at, as well as a checklist of requirements - so you know when your PR is ready to submit. 

*Note:  Press release distribution on the wide global scale we provide involves multiple partners, newswires and publishers. Because we need to distribute your payment to multiple entities BEFORE publishing your press release, all sales are final - no refunds. 


Questions? Contact us...
Include the basics about your project and your timeline (even if it's a rough guess). 
Urgent? Need your press release sent yesterday? We've worked miracles!

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