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Why would over 200 companies, and 6 of the top 10 industry conferences use the Crypto Press Association to spread the word?  Simple - the killer combo of getting more, and paying less.

WE'RE NOT A MARKETING COMPANY - We allow you to remove all middlemen, and go directly to the journalists, editors, publishers!

Many of our past clients are listed on the about us page. If you know any of our past clients - we encourage you to ask them about us!  

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We've heard all kinds of bad experiences people have had before coming to us, we listen and make sure our service solves these problems...

PROBLEM: Others only say how many publications they will "send your press release to" but won't guarantee that even 1 will actually publish it.

Your press release sitting in someone's inbox does nothing for you - you need it published! 

SOLUTION: We guarantee your project's announcement will be published on at least 50 sites! (We usually get clients over 100!) 

PROBLEM: Paying high prices for a 'top crypto news site' to publish your press release.

But then you learn it only shows up in a 'press release' section that's hard to find, and nobody reads.

SOLUTION: Your press release goes where actual readers are. Our homepage, Google News, Apple News, Bing News, Social Media and dozens of news sites!

Crypto and Blockchain PR Advertising Publishing Distribution

We regularly get our clients on places like Bloomberg, Marketwatch, Google News, ABC News, Apple News, Crypto Press, NBC, Coinmarkets, CoinSpectator, ICOShock, CryptoQoins, CoinWhaleNews, Digital Journal, ICOMarkets, FOX - and so many more.

● Published To Crypto Press Association official feed.
● Syndicated to Google News - Android Users.
● Syndicated to Apple News - iPhone users.
● Syndicated to Microsoft Bing - Windows users.
● Cryptocurrency news sites.
● Business, Investing, and Finance sites.
● Mainstream news TV/Newspapers
● Tech news sites.
● E-Mailed To Our Subscribers
● Posted to Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pintrest, Minds  (400,000+ users)..

Marketing/PR Firms Charge $3000 Or MORE, and give much less!
...But all of our options are UNDER $1000!

*Ask about discounts for first time clients, and discounts when you purchase a package of 3! Your company gets an entire year to use them! 

● All Popular Payment Methods Accepted:
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin.
PayPal: You may even qualify to use their "Pay Later" feature.
All Major Credit Cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover.

● To begin Drop us a line and tell us about your project!

Send us an e-mail now at Team@GlobalCryptoPress.com

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