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Found In The Archives: Jon Stewart Praises Bitcoin, Rips Apart Traditional Finance On "The Daily Show" ...6 YEARS AGO!

In this 6 year old clip found by AltcoinDaily, Jon Stewart takes some of the fear-mongering around Bitcoin, and  instead of giving in, Stewart brings the raw truth - any fears around Bitcoin seem small in comparison to things that have actually happened in the traditional finance world.

The clip with Stephen Colbert that is mentioned in the video can be seen here.

Video courtesy of AltcoinDaily

Crypto Outlook January 2020: Your Crypto Snapshot of 2020...

Cryptocurrency and blockchain news
Welcome to the January 2020 Crypto Outlook with Contentworks, an agency specializing in content marketing for financial services, crypto and blockchain.

Bitcoin was one of the best-performing assets in 2019. The currency rose by more than 85%. This was higher than the 30% gain by the S&P 500. It was also higher than gains in gold and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. Bitcoin started 2019 from a point of weakness after its price dropped by more than 80% in the previous year.

cryptocurrency chart

Bitcoin started 2020 on a high note after rising by 30 basis points on the first day of the year. The outlook for the year remains uncertain. This is because the currency has declined significantly since peaking at almost $14,000 in 2019. The currency is 44% off its 2019 highs. Nonetheless, there is a ray of hope. The market is anticipating how the currency will perform ahead of the halving event that will happen in June this year. Halving happens when the size of the block reward is reduced by half. This leads to lower supply. Historically, currencies like BTC and LTC have risen ahead of halving. In addition, reports by Blockchain and Coin Dance confirmed that BTC’s hash rate started the year at an all-time high.

In January, the market will continue paying attention to Ripple. Ripple, the company that owns cryptocurrency XRP, will be watched after it raised a massive $200 million round in 2020. The round was led by Tetragon, SBI Holdings, and Route 66 Ventures. This round valued the company at more than $10 billion. The traded XRP currency is valued at more than $8.2 billion and is the third most-valuable crypto after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company sold more than 66 million XRP tokens in the third quarter.

Ethereum will also be in focus this month. The second-most valuable cryptocurrency has been a laggard in the past year, when its price declined by more than 8%. The currency will be in focus as it completed its second hard fork in less than 30 days. This happened after the mining of the 9,200,000 block in what is being called the Muir Glacier upgrade. This upgrade, which was proposed by EthHub’s Eric Conner, delays the so-called ‘difficulty bomb by 4 million blocks. This is expected to increase the block time slowly with the goal of pushing the network towards a proof-of-stake situation. Enthusiasts will be watching how this develop.

Bithumb, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, will be in the spotlight this month. This is after it emerged that South Korea’s National Tax service was planning to withhold tax worth more than $70 million from the company. Bithumb is the biggest crypto exchange in the country. This tax will be withheld mostly from foreign customers. This will be the first time the company has imposed tax on gains from cryptocurrencies.

Enthusiasts will also be paying attention to a number of events that are scheduled to take place in January. In Las Vegas, the Digital Money Forum will take place on January 7 to 10th. The forum is expected to welcome more than 1000 delegates from the United States and around the world.

In Washington, the Elite AI and Blockchain summit will take place on January 14 and 15.

The North American Bitcoin Conference will happen in Miami on January 15 to 17. Key speakers will be Bill Barhydt, the founder of Abra and Marco Santori, the president of The Crypto Finance Conference will happen in Switzerland, and will be headline by the Winklevoss brothers.

At Contentworks, our team of financial professionals closely follows market movements for FX, Crypto and other tradable instruments. We are proud to serve some of the biggest crypto and fintech companies in the world by delivering high-impact articles, videos, PRs and white papers.

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Crypto Thief Arrested in US After Stealing $1M+ From 75 Victims in 20 States...

Crypto news
While mainstream media reports are making this kid sound like a mastermind, the truth is, this trick takes virtually no skills whatsoever.

That's why it's so disturbing.

19 year old Yousef Selassie was arrested and charged with first-degree grand larceny and identity theft when authorities traced 75 victims back to him as he began to spend his earnings.

“He sought them out based on the industries they were involved in” said Brooklyn Assistant DA James Vinocur, explaining how Yousef targeted people in tech believing they were more likely to own high amounts of cryptocurrency.

A search of his residents found 9 phones, 3 flash drives, and 2 laptops - all containing evidence against him.  He plead not guilty.

Shockingly simple...

Authorities say he used a "SIM swap" to pull it off, and when you hear how easily this is done, it will shock you.
  • Get a blank SIM card (available on Ebay and hundreds of other sites) 
  • Put it into a cellphone.
  • Call the target's cellphone provider.
  • Pretending to be the target or someone close to them, say you recently lost your phone, you ordered a new one, and need it activated.
  • They will ask for the SIM card's ID number.
  • If everything went correctly, your phone is now on the victims account, you control their phone number, you receive their calls and texts.
  • Using the 'I lost my password' feature everything from crypto exchanges to online banking has, have them text a code to reset it.
  • Since the text messages now go to you, you're now able to reset the passwords to whatever you wish.
  • That's it, you have full access to everything. 
Some tricks used to get the customer service rep from the cell phone company to comply include pretending to be someones personal assistant, which would explain why you may not be able to answer every question they ask you.

Or, pretend to be elderly, make every step take way longer than usual, make the customer service rep frustrated and by the time they figure out what you need them to do, they'll rush to get you off the line.

Who's to blame?
Absolutely, it's the cellphone providers.  In almost every case a rep from the company doesn't go through the process of verifying they are talking to the true account owner, or, as mentioned above when they believe they're speaking with someone's personal assistant, they will forgive not knowing things like the mothers maiden name.

The solution? This can be tough, because sometimes we forget what we chose as our passwords or pins. I've never had to do this process myself, and I have no idea what answers I gave to the security questions when I signed up... 8 years ago now.

But frankly, if I forgot, it's my fault.  So perhaps a foolproof system where the customer service reps cannot change SIM information without first entering information given by the customer is the way to go. 

If they forgot, a verification code will have to be mailed to the customer's home address. It could be sent overnight (for a fee) and people will have to accept this is being done in the name of protecting their data.

These days, so much of our lives are on our phones.  It's a change that happened without much thought behind it, but most people don't feel like losing their phone is the same as losing their wallet with their credit cards in it.  But really, it's exactly like that.

Could someone call a bank and get someone else's login information by saying they are their personal assistant? Would the bank reps forgive not knowing a few pieces of personal information? Hell no.

Now keep in mind, through someones cellphone you can access that same account! That's why cellphone providers need to operate with the same security standards as the bank. 

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

Why Bitcoin Could Recover After a 17% Decline - The December 2019 Outlook...

Welcome to the December 2019 Crypto Outlook with Contentworks, an agency specialising in content marketing for financial services, crypto and blockchain. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for many, but will the price of Bitcoin fill traders with festive cheer, or leave them out in the cold? Let’s find out.

Bitcoin had a rough month in November. Its price declined by 17%. In total, the currency has dropped by 21% over the past three months although it has gained by more than 90% year-to-date. This means that it has outperformed stocks and gold. The S&P 500 and the Dow have gained by 25% and 20% respectively while gold has gained by just 14%. The recent decline came as sentiment shifted from volatile assets like crypto and moved to stocks as the market continued to hope that a trade deal between the United States and China will be sealed. That has not happened, seven weeks after the two countries talked about the first phase of the deal.

The price of Bitcoin also dropped as China started to crackdown against unregulated cryptocurrencies in the country. This led to the closure of cryptocurrency exchanges. The crackdown was the biggest cleanup exercise after the one done in 2017 when the price of cryptocurrencies was surging. The latest crackdown is also important because of how important Asia is to the world of cryptocurrencies. According to Chainalysis, 20 of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges are located in Asia. In addition, 40% of all crypto transactions happen in Asia. Also, the market received reports that the CEO of a little-known exchange known as IDAX had gone missing. This means that its users had lost an unknown amount of money.

However, it is still incredibly difficult to ban cryptocurrencies as this could lead to a thriving underground industry. Instead, governments should put in place meaningful regulations. Therefore, the market will continue to pay close attention to China in December to see what happens.

The market will also focus on North Korea. In November, it was reported that the country was developing its own digital currency. Unlike the Chinese digital yuan, North Korean officials said that the currency will be more like Bitcoin. The digital yuan will be a normal currency but in digital format. It will be monitored and controlled by the PBOC. Meanwhile, North Korea’s currency will be a real cryptocurrency that will be mined by users from around the world. The country, which hosted a blockchain summit in April, hopes that its currency will help it get around the crippling sanctions placed by the United States. Talks between Kim and Trump appear to have been unsuccessful. In recent years, isolated countries like Iran and Venezuela have turned to crypto to do business.

A look at the Bitcoin chart shows that it’s likely the price could recover in December. Firstly, the BTC/USD chart has reached a 61.8% Fibonacci Retracement level on the 52-week chart shown below. This is usually an indication that prices could recover. Secondly, the price of Bitcoin has historically risen in December. It reached an all-time high in December 2017 and this year’s rally started in December. Finally, the market is still thinking of halving, which will happen in April next year. This halving could lead to a significant rally. We saw that earlier this year with Litecoin.

The market will also be watching a number of events this month. The most important ones will be the World Blockchain Summit in Bangkok, Elev8Con in Las Vegas, and the Blockchain Innovation and Investment Summit in Dubai.

At Contentworks, our team of financial professionals closely follows market movements for FX, Crypto and other tradable instruments. We are proud to serve some of the biggest crypto and fintech companies in the world by delivering high-impact articles, videos, PR and white papers. 

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Roger Ver Tells CNBC Bitcoin Cash "Can Still Go Up 1000X" - Okay... One BIG PROBLEM With That...

Roger Ver, founder of, who's known as "Bitcoin Jesus," joins CNBC's "Power Lunch" team to talk about the cryptocurrency markets, the price of Bitcoin and more.

Crypto Press Association Editorial: 
Okay, i'm neither a Bitcoin Cash hater, or fanatic.  I hold some, and I hold some of the original (whatever you may call it) Bitcoin as well.

As someone who works in crypto full time, and regularly pays people or receives payments in crypto, I have also experienced the downsides of Bitcoin when the network is congested, and fees are high.  Which is why I tend to request payments of funds I intend to live off (and not HODL) in another coin. My landlord doesn't take crypto, so if i'm about to convert it to fiat currency upon receiving it so I can pay my insane San Francisco Bay Area rent - Ethereum or Litecoin is fine.

I just wanted to establish for the Bitcoin Cash die-hard believers - i'm not the enemy.

But I do have one issue, and the above video is a perfect example.

Roger claims that Bitcoin Cash needs to exist because of the previously mentioned issues with Bitcoin.  Summed up, these issues have rendered Bitcoin unusable as a replacement for cash, which is one of it's intended uses, as outlined by the ultimate authority on the subject - Satoshi himself, in the Bitcoin whitepaper.   So far so good, solid argument.

But then you guys say things like "it could still go up 1000X" and that's where you lose me completely. 

So i'm supposed to spend something that could increase in value by 1000X? Are you KIDDING ME? 

If the 1000x thing is even half true, we better not spend even a fraction of a Bitcoin Cash token - you'd have to be insane. 

No investment advisor would suggest selling a stock they believe would even 10X in value - yet Roger will go on TV to talk about how easy it is to give up (spend) an asset of yours that would have made you rich if you just held onto it?

So, we've established only an idiot would spend Bitcoin Cash.

But now that we're not spending it... who cares about the transaction times and fees? These don't matter now that you've just convinced me to HODL.

You're seriously saying I should think "thank god there's no $10 transaction fee" when the day comes and I finally sell my Bitcoin Cash... at $200,000 per coin!? Who cares!

So do we spend this thing like cash, or hold on because it's current price is nothing compare to whats coming?

Cash depreciates in value, literally the opposite of what you say Bitcoin Cash will do.  That's why we can't treat them the same.
Having it both ways is destroying the argument that it needs to exist at all.  Everyone agrees the original Bitcoin is fine as long as you're not trying to spend it. 

But then, if we're not spending it we can't make case that Bitcoin Cash needs to exist - bringing its entire value into question.   Its a messy value analysis when you take all of these claims into account.

So - which is it? Or how do you rationalize saying both "it's great because you can spend it" and "save it and you'll become rich" at the same time?

Share your thoughts with us on Twitter @TheCryptoPress

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

VOTE NOW: Can Bitcoin Still End 2019 Above $10,000?!

There's barely over a month left in 2019, can Bitcoin still break $10,000, as so many predicted?

Cast your vote in our poll on Twitter...
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Mike Novogratz On The Bad News Behind This Week's Slump - And The Good News That Will Pull Us Out Of It...

Michael Novogratz, Galaxy Digital CEO discusses Bitcoin's recent price movement, the challenges major tech companies like Facebook and Telegram are facing from regulators, and the big developments on the horizon that should renew excitement to the market following this week's slump.
Video Courtesy of CSPAN

Bitcoin Loans, And The Shocking Number Of Crypto Traders Who Don't Know How To Take Advantage Of Them...

It honestly surprises me at this point when I hear someone who's generally deeply involved and invested in the crypto world, and they've sold their coins instead of kept them by using them to get loans when they needed money.

For some perspective, on a 6 month loan you would have taken it out with Bitcoin in the $5000's.  Depending on how much cash you took out and spent, Bitcoin trading in the mid $8500's today means if you took out $3000 USD, your loan could already be fully paid off just by the increase in bitcoin's value - now your loan is paid back, AND you get all your crypto back.
Oh, and I should probably mention - it's all tax free!  A loan is not considered income in the vast majority of countries.

Someone please explain to me - why isn't everyone doing this?

Curious, I browsed several crypto themed online communities trying to gather what some misconceptions may be.  I spotted many people seeking a bitcoin loan shark, or try to get a bitcoin loan without collateral.   Well, that won't happen, there's no anonymous bitcoin loan or way to get an instant bitcoin loan from someone offering one when you have no collateral.

There is instant bitcoin loan verification however - moving into 2020 the number lenders to choose from is growing fast. 

Also growing in popularity - people getting a loan to buy bitcoin, with bitcoin!  It's a trick those who use generally keep quiet about.

While you'll never find crypto loans without collateral, there's so many quality crypto lending platforms you don't need to worry about putting the collateral up.   Because of smart contracts and blockchain, there's no such thing as an 'unsecured crypto loan'.

However, the thing that shocks people who have taken out loans, or earned interest on funds they lent out - the flexibility in the crypto loan world.

No penalties for paying a loan off early, and in most cases if you're doing an interest earning program - the profits become available every month!  No waiting for an investment to 'mature' - you get paid as you go.

As for where to start, we currently recommend:

If you're outside the US: YouHodler.

Inside the US: BlockFi.

Both have solid reputations, and enough past/present users that we've heard a lot of feedback 

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk - A Partner Site of The Global Crypto Press

Is Wall Street Finally Learning Not To Panic Over Crypto Market Volatility? Recent Price Dip Has Bloomberg saying "Buy!"...

We're still getting used to Wall Street becoming crypto fans - until recently, a week with a $2000+ dip in Bitcoin's price would only be mentioned as an example of why they avoid the crypto market.

But now, it earns Bitcoin the title of this week's "Hot Trade" - with Bloomberg advising investors that it may be an optimal time to take a long position.

In other words - buy the dip, then HODL!

Kim Dotcom Is On The Verge Of Launching His Crypto-Powered, Censorship-Free, Decentralized Platform That Monetizes Your Content...

Called "KIM" and found at the easy to remember address, the project is headed by Kim Dotom - the man who became a target of large entertainment companies and governments with accusations of countless copyright violations.

However, he never uploaded any pirated content - users of his site "MegaUpload" did. But those who wanted the site taken down insisted simply owning the massively popular file sharing website made him liable.

For perspective; none of today's social networks would be able to function if held to these standards - they likely host millions of copyright-violating files between video, images, and music.

Bitcoin Billionaire Leaps from Balcony to Avoid Robbery...

A Norwegian billionaire and owner of a cryptocurrency company, jumped from a second-floor balcony in Oslo, Norway, after an attempt at armed robbery, reports Norway's TV2.

Before the attempted robbery, the victim allegedly boasted of having "made a fortune by investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies" online.

The police report says the perpetrator knocked on the door of the victim's apartment, when the door was answered he was immediately held at gunpoint.

The incident is the latest in a series of cases involving criminals with a new target - a wealthy person's private keys.

In 2015, a New York City firefighter was stabbed by thieves who demanded that he hand over his private keys. Two years later, kidnappers in Ukraine got more than a million dollars , after successfully using a ransomware against a cryptocurrency analyst.

Earlier this year, three robbers disguised as police officers entered a victim's house in the Netherlands, and tortured a man with a drill in an attempt to gain access to his crypto. The one-hour torment took place in front of his four-year-old daughter, but in the end was unsuccessful.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

Artist Turned Bitcoin Whale, As 19 Paintings Sell For 490 BTC!

UK Artist Lincoln Townley has been called "next Andy Warhol" and his paintings have sold to superstars like Al Pacino, Ronaldinho, and Sting.

He isn't new to Bitcoin either, he's actually the first (well known) artist to accept cryptocurrency for an expensive piece, recieving 40 BTC for 1 painting in 2017.

But his latest sale makes that one look small by comparison, selling a collection of 19 paintings for 490 BTC - worth nearly $5 million!

It's not just a gimmic either, he considers himself a member of the cryptocurrency community - and he's HODLing, sharing his belief in Bitcoin's long term growth, Townley says "I think there is a huge market for expansion, with it being something that is going to inflate in value."

See his work at

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk