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Michael Saylor steps down as CEO of MicroStrategy...

There's a shakeup at MicroStrategy as major Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor steps down.

His investments into Bitcoin are still likely to pay off big down the road, but he's being blamed for the losses on paper now.  Is this a sign those who will take his place don't understand this?

Will the person who takes his spot make the huge mistake of selling off their crypto?

Video courtesy of Yahoo News

And...Another Wall Street Firm Says They're Preparing a $100 MILLION+ Entry Into Bitcoin...

Soon to join MicroStrategy, Galaxy Digital Holdings, and Square in the $100 million and above club - Greenpro Capital (GRNQ on NASDAQ) says they're about to buy a lot of Bitcoin!

As they prepare to enter, they'll learn the big players already here did not simply buy and hold - they're buying more.

MicroStrategy clearly in the lead, their most recent purchase of another $650 million in Bitcoin last month, plus the price increase from the most recent rally puts their total at about $2.3 billion! 

All have one thing in common: believing Bitcoin still has a long rise ahead...

Remember these companies have so much money because they invested wisely in the past, so with a history of smart choices behind them, they choose Bitcoin looking ahead.

No one risks $100+ million hoping to withdraw $110 million in a couple years, and Greenpro Capital's announcement shows they (like many) believe the process of 'mass adoption' has just begun.

But what is a realistic goal? The truth is nobody knows, and those who have publicly shared their opinions have given a wide range of answers. 

So what's YOUR guess? Tweet us at @TheCryptoPress with a number and your reasoning, we won't hold it against you if you're wrong!

Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk