The Global Crypto Press is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, with reporters and readers around the world - reaching over a half-million readers each month.

With divisions in the US, Europe, and Asia, the Global Crypto Press Association features stories from esteemed professional journalists.  Reporters meet strict requirements of understanding journalistic practices and investigative reporting methods.

After meeting those requirements, they must also demonstrate a deep expertise in blockchain technology and the cryptocurrency sector.

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Proud media partners with:
Tech Crunch DISTRUPT (San Francisco)
Blockchain Expo (USA, London, Amsterdam)
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference (Switzerland)
FutureTech Expo (Dallas),
CHAINERS Blockchain Week (South Korea)
World Blockchain Forum (New York City)
Decentralized (Athens, Greece)

We've published and/or distributed press releases for:
Arcona, AmaziX, BABB, Bakkt, Bankex, Binance, Bit Degree, BitNation, CargoCoin, CDRX, Coinbase, Codex Protocol, CoinMetro, Coineal, CinTex, Cool Cousin, Countinghouse, ContentWorks, Crest Token, Current, Databroker DAO, Fan Controlled Football League, FlipNPik Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, Global REIT, Makeafolio, Minedblock, Moolyacoin, FlipnPik, Fort Knoxster, Helbiz, Iconq, Loomia, Mobu, OnLive, Orvium, PumaPay, Raincheck, RepuX, Pozess, Plaak, Quantamize, Smart Containers, Springrole, SyncFab, TuneTrade, TradePlace,Voyager, WePower, XYO Network and MORE!

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