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The Global Crypto Press is based in Silicon Valley, with reporters and readers around the world!
Our content is syndicated across multiple platforms, reaching MILLIONS!

Our content is syndicated on multiple partner sites throughout the world, including an official publishing partnership with both Apple News, and Google News.

With teams in the US, Europe, and Asia, the Global Crypto Press Association plays a vital role in the cryptocurrency space both publicly and behind the scenes. Bringing the latest news, honest reporting, and acclaimed investigative reports. The site is available in English, Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, German, and Arabic.

For the mainstream media - we make our team of experts available to any journalist working on a story about our industry. Often, they do not usually cover cryptocurrency so we happily answer any questions they may have while conducting research.

For the crypto media - we allow other cryptocurrency news outlets to carry our reports. All we ask is that it includes a link to our site, and the author is properly credited.

For the industry - we offer a wide range of services to help startups succeed. From Press Release Distribution and publication, to SEO and Social Media marketing - we help bring the attention of the cryptocurrency community onto hot new projects.

As seen in:
Forbes, Marketwatch, RT, CBS News, Fox News and many more.

Media Partner With The Following Industry Events & Conferences:
Tech Crunch DISTRUPT (San Francisco)
Blockchain Expo (USA, London, Amsterdam)
Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference (Switzerland)
Crypto World Expo (San Francisco)
FutureTech Expo (Dallas),
CHAINERS Blockchain Week (South Korea)
World Blockchain Forum (New York City)
Decentralized (Athens, Greece)

Distributed / published announcements, or press releases for:

Arcona, ABBC, ADN Coin, AmaziX, BABB, Bakkt, Bankex, Binance, Bit Degree, Brave Browser, BitNation, BXB Exchange, CargoCoin, CDRX, Coinbase, Codex Protocol, CoinMetro, Coineal, CinTex, Cool Cousin, Countinghouse, ContentWorks, Crest Token, Current, Databroker DAO, Etoro, Fan Controlled Football League, FlipNPik Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange, Global REIT, IDAX, Makeafolio, Minedblock, Moolyacoin, FlipnPik, Fort Knoxster, Helbiz, Hiway, Iconq, IDAX, Level01, Loomia, Mobu, OnLive, Orvium, PumaPay, Raincheck, RepuX, Pozess, Plaak, PlayFuel, Quantamize, Smart Containers, Springrole, SyncFab, TuneTrade, TradePlace, TNC Coin, Voyager, WePower, WOWX, XYO Network, YouHodler, Zenza Capital, and MORE!

Staff Team:

Editor In Chief, Silicon Valley Team Lead:
Ross Davis

UK Team Lead:
Mark Pippen

Asia Team Lead:

Adam Lee

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