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Crypto Traders Unveil Their Profitable Secret for the First Time...

Crypto traders secret
Everyone thinks that to be a successful crypto trader, one must have a large stash of capital to get started. That’s not the case. Every trader starts somewhere and more often than not, it has roots in borrowed funds. Loans are not just for people who need cash to pay the bills. They are a valuable trading tool used to access larger amounts of capital for less. Crypto traders have a unique strategy they’ve been using to make profitable deals and now, the will share it with the world.

Crypto traders playing a “game of loans” as a leveraging strategy...

As the crypto market and the industry surrounding it began to evolve, so did the strategies of crypto traders. With more tools available to them, they could now make similar deals compared to traders on the traditional stock market. For example, take leveraged loans.

Traders are playing a “game of loans” with this strategy that involves taking a loan, using that cash to buy more crypto, using that crypto as collateral for a 2nd loan, taking the cash from the 2nd loan to buy more crypto to use collateral for a 3rd loan and so on and so forth. In theory, they can repeat this process as many times as possible. The end result is having a large stash of crypto which they will own if they pay back the loan.

Then, if a bull market comes, the value of their newly acquired crypto will rise and offset the costs of the loan, leaving them to keep all the profits. Let’s see an example of this using a crypto lending platform.

Crypto traders using lending platforms to strengthen their portfolio...

Let’s say 1 BTC = $10,000 in this example. A crypto trader goes to a crypto loan platform with their 1 BTC and uses it collateral for a USD loan (90% LTV). Hence, they receive $9,000 in USD which they then use to buy more BTC and use as collateral for the second loan in the chain.

The process is repeated five times to look like this:
1st loan: 1 BTC
2nd loan: 0.864 BTC
3rd loan: 0.746496 BTC
4th loan: 0.644973 BTC
5th loan: 0.557257 BTC

By the end of the chain, the user has 3.812726 BTC even though they started with just 1 BTC. When it comes time to repay the loan, the total amount is 31, 701.23 USD (not including the 5015.31 USD the client has from the final loan in the chain). At the end of it all, the got 2.812726 additional BTC for 31,701.23 USD. Therefore, 1 BTC costs only 11270,64. That’s just +12.7 % of current value. Then imagine if BTC price grows +15%, which it has done many times in the past, then the trader essentially got 2.812726 than a much cheaper rate than on an exchange.

Crypto traders find a new automated tool for a chain of loans...

Yes, it is possible to do the aforementioned technique with a combination of crypto exchanges and crypto lending platforms. However, crypto traders found one platform that can do it all.

FinTech platform YouHodler has a unique feature called Turbocharge that helps you start a chain of loans in just one click.

Starting with the initial collateral the platforms automatically use borrowed funds from the first loan to buy more crypto and get another loan. This step is repeated from 3 to 10 times. Sometimes a bull run is too fast to take manual action. Once your collateral coin hits the Take Profit price, YouHodler automatically uses the collateral to repay the fees. You get the rest of the crypto back and benefit from the price's growth.

You can repay the full amount and get up to ×6.5 of your collateral for the initial price. Also, you can use collateral to repay the loan and take the rest of your crypto ("Close now "option). YouHodler makes leveraged loans accessible to anyone, everywhere. So if you’re looking to become serious about trading crypto, check them out today.

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Loans - Why You Need To Learn How To Get Them, and Where To Go When You Want One...

Bitcoin Loan With The Crypto Loan
There's no need to sell your coins when you need money - crypto loan interest rates are so low it shocks people! You get cash, but remain the owner of your coins.

Ask yourself - if the crypto loan's interest rates are LESS than 1% per month and you believe Bitcoin will go up by more than 1% - why would you EVER sell your crypto when lending platforms exist?

It honestly surprises me at this point when I hear someone deeply invested in crypto, and they've sold their coins instead of kept them by using them to get loans when they needed money.

The first Bitcoin loan I took out showed me what a lifesaver this is - it was a 6 month loan when Bitcoin was in the $5000's.  I took out $3000, but by the time my loan matured, the Bitcoin I initially gave the platform to hold as collateral had gone up so much in value I didn't owe anything I kept the cash too.

The Secret Advantages:

Multiplying Bitcoin: Using your Bitcoin to get loaned USD, using that USD to buy more Bitcoin. If the price goes up, you're holding more.  This can be repeated again and again, I covered how $500 was turned into $3000+ worth of Bitcoin in an article here.

It's Tax Free Cash: In Most countries, loan money isn't taxed!

Earn Interest: The same platforms that lend out crypto, will pay you interest if you let them lend out yours!  Banks are giving less than 2% but you can expect 5%+ in the crypto market!

No penalties: For paying a loan off early, or withdrawing if you've deposited your crypto to earn interest. 

We currently recommend:

If you're outside the US: YouHodler.

Inside the US: BlockFi.

Both have solid reputations, not only has our staff used both but they also have enough users that we were able to find countless reviews and mentions of them in various crypto communities. 

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk
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Earn Interest On Cryptocurrency: Relax and Collect Profits By Simply Depositing Coins Into A Crypto Interest Account...

Blockfi review of earning interest crypto
Earn Interest On Cyptocurrency - and it's nothing like the offers you've heard from the old traditional banking industry. 

At the time of publishing, according to Bankrate the best you'll do from a banker is 2.15% - seriously, that's the best the traditional finance world can do.

With that in mind - let's look at BlockFi's new interest earning cryptocurrency options.

Blockfi interest rates are up to 8.6%...

With support for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, USDC and GUSD. Just store your crypto at BlockFi and earn - paid out Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, USD Coin and Gemini Dollar every month.

What do they mean by 'every month'?

It means you can spend the interest you earned every month, even if you plan on leaving your coins in your crypto interest account for an entire year. 

No waiting until the end of that year to get your profit - you receive a monthly payment along with the option to add it to your balance at 
BlockFi - so you begin earning interest on your interest.

Compounding interest...

This is the way to maximize profits.  Imagine you put in $10,000 and from interest payments you now have $10,800.  Your next payment will be based on that $10,800.

So as your balance goes up, the amount you earn in interest goes up. 

The numbers just keep getting bigger!

Everyone qualifies! No minimum balance required!

You may have seen others offering something similar, but then saw they require a large minimum balance to be kept.

There's no minimum balance requirements at BlockFi!

Will my crypto stay accessible?

Yes!  Our team here uses it like a wallet, you earn on whatever is in there - but you can deposit and withdraw your crypto whenever you want.

Note that they say withdraws may take up to 7 days, so far we've always gotten ours within 24hrs.

The best way to find out more is to head over to BlockFi and sign up for free!  Deposit some crypto and you're happy with the results, grow that account as much as possible!

Oscar Wyland
UK News Desk
CryptocurrencyLoaningBlockFi Review

Free Privacy-Based Crypto Wallet 'Lumi Wallet' Launches 'WITHDRAW To Credit Card' Feature...

Lumi wallet withdraw crypto to credit card
Now it is possible to withdraw crypto to a credit or debit card in Lumi Wallet and the first transactions come with lowered fees!

There are a couple of crypto wallets that position themselves as all-in-one solutions for cryptocurrency operations. Lumi Wallet, after the latest update, is one of a few to actually withstand those claims, allowing both the purchase and withdrawal of crypto to a credit card.

Why does it matter?

Basically, wallets were developed to make interacting with your crypto assets easy. You hold your currencies, transfer them, exchange them, and that’s it. Such basic functionality is provided by any wallet on the market, but the game changes when fiat-to-crypto transactions come into play.

As more and more users want to easily buy and withdraw crypto to a credit or debit card, it becomes a challenge for wallet developers to provide such functionality:

Firstly, the wallet needs to be technologically developed enough to provide and sustain such functions.

Secondly, it has to receive the credentials and licenses needed to interact with banks and card issuers.

This presents a major obstacle for many wallets.

Fortunately, Lumi Wallet has passed the test of technology and institutional trust and now it is possible to not only buy crypto in-wallet, but also to withdraw it to a credit card in the currency of your choice.

How to exchange crypto to fiat in Lumi Wallet?

The process is quite simple:

First of all, install the iOS/Android app.

After opening an existing wallet or creating a new one, follow these instructions:

Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw.
Enter your email and check the inbox to verify it.
Fill in card details and confirm Your ID.
Wait for an email to confirm your withdrawal.

That’s it - your crypto is on the way!

The issue with anonymity

Some users might say “But Lumi positions itself as an anonymous wallet, how does it link with KYC verification?”. The answer is that during the process of withdrawing crypto to a credit card, you aren’t sharing any new information with the Lumi application - all the operations connected to the verification process are performed through Simplex externally.

Unfortunately, there is no legal way to avoid this procedure if you want to use your credit card, but partnering with a trusted verification provider, Lumi makes sure that it allows you to still have full comfort of using familiar payment methods without compromising your personal data in-wallet.
Good news for early birds!

And for those who will use the wallet to sell crypto right after the update, Lumi Wallet has prepared a nice offer: for the first couple of weeks there will be no fee from Lumi Wallet’s side, so if you want to make gains - there is no better time!

Stay tuned with Lumi

Lumi Wallet is an actively developing crypto wallet, so we recommend you subscribe to their twitter to never miss an update or giveaway. Also, Lumi’s team writes a lot of useful articles about crypto on their lively blog that is definitely worth checking out if you want to learn more about the crypto space.

Information Provided Via Press Release
Distributed By The Crypto Press Association
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News 2020

Canada's New Cheap Hydroelectric Power, And The Crypto Mining Start-Up That's Making It Accessible To The World...

Mintmine IEO
It's the difference between cryptocurrency mining being a hobby or a business - your power supply.  More importantly, what you pay for it.

In the vast majority of the world, mining crypto will end with a net loss because of the cost of electricity. While some argue they do it in hopes the coins earned will go up in value, it's still usually smarter to have spent the money they put towards power on simply buying the coins instead.

But there are a couple groups of people able to turn the tables and make mining crypto a profitable business - those tapped in to geothermal, or hydroelectric power supplies.

In fact, that's the entire reason behind both of today’s mining hot spots - China because of the availability of hydroelectric, and Iceland because of natural geothermal, which captures heat from underground volcanic activity.

Unfortunately, you likely missed out on your chance to get a piece of the mining operations we're referring to.

But a new door is opening in an unexpected location - Canada!

What if you could plug in to North America's largest, and cheapest hydroelectric power supply? 

Soon you can - and that's why people are excited about MintMine!

This crypto startup is building a mining facility which will be fully owned by them, powered by North America's largest hydroelectric power supply in Quebec Canada - which is actually now the fourth largest hydro-power producer in the entire world.

Since its launch in 2018, Candian citizens lucky enough to have their homes powered by the hydroelectric plant enjoy the lowest power rates in North America, yet somehow this new power source managed to stay under the radar for the last 2 years  - not deliberately though, Canada is actually trying to bring attention to it.
The government has officially decided to use their abundance of hydroelectric resources as an overall economic simulator, introducing a plan where industrial customers will actually pay a rate even lower than residential!

In other words - timing and circumstances couldn't be more perfect to setup shop in Canada and start mining!

Mintmine's game-plan at a glance: 

They haven't just chosen a smart location and called it a day, they've made several strategic moves to maximize potential.

This is slated to be a long term operation so they've made sure not to put themselves in a position where they'll be paying rent, or even worse, have to move everything a couple years down the line - they fully own their facility.

They will purchase a year worth of power upfront, along with a 3 year reserve. This means if Canada succeeds in attracting a lot of business to the area, Mintmine won't need to be concerned - their rate and supply are safe.

They're running Antminer S17 (53-56/THs) 2200W mining rigs, considered the industry's standard top performer.

How you can participate:

Investors can claim their piece of the operation by participating in the Mintmine IEO.  Profits from mining will then be distributed among token holders, allocated based on how many tokens you hold.

A total of 70% of the mined coins will be distributed monthly. Maintenance/upkeep and administration comes out of the 30% Mintmine keeps, your job will be to relax and collect.

Need I say more?

The Mintmine IEO begins on p2pb2b.io Feb 24th - and the first group of investors will receive a 40% bonus!

Read the whitepaper and sign up for their mailing list for all the latest news at https://mintmine.io/

Distributed By The Crypto Press Association
Cryptocurrency & Blockchain News 2020

"Golden Cross" Now Showing On Bitcoin Charts! Last Seen Nearly A Year Ago - Right Before Rally From $4800 to $9300...

GlobalCryptoPress.com Crypto News
Many technical analysts see the "goldren cross" as the ultimate bullish signal.

It occurs when you add lines that indicate the 200 day moving average, and another for the 50 day moving average. If the short term 50 day moving average line shoots up and crosses over the 200 day moving average, something big coming.

...Or so they say.  I've been impressed by some amazing predictions from the guys who spend all day dissecting the data - but there's also been times where all the tools they use were saying 'buy' and i'm glad I listened to my gut and didn't.

In the case of Bitcoin, the golden cross last appeared in April of 2019, and set Bitcoin on a bull run lasting 2 months and ending with gains of 190%.

So at least take this in to account along with whatever other factors you look at before deciding to buy or sale. 

Personally, I haven't put any additional funds in, but I am watching things extra-closely, HODLing what I currently have, and set some new price movement alerts in Blockfolio (great free app to track prices of any coin). If BTC is about to take off, i'll know with plenty of time to still reap most the rewards.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

Masternodes: Cryptocurrency Mining With NO EQUIPMENT or START-UP Costs...

Photo with cryptocurrency masternodes
It's 2020 and if you aren't staking any cryptocurrency, you aren't doing it right!  Depositing crypto into masternodes is hands down the easiest money i've ever earned.

Staking crypto and running masternodes are the next phase of blockchain functionality, to learn about the tech I would suggest this quick rundown that explains it well.

Today we're not discussing the technical aspects of staking a coin or what a masternode is, but you should at least have an overview of what exactly you're doing and where your profits are coming from.

What is a masternode in cryptocurrency?

Imagine if just depositing your coins into wallet connected to the internet was all you needed to do to start mining that coin.  The more coins you owned, the more you would mine each day.

Well, that's pretty much what you're doing.  Except that wallet is called a 'masternode'.

This method of confirming transactions (AKA the consensus algorithm for the blockchain) is called Proof Of Stake or POS.

Is Proof Of Stake really the next big thing in crypto? 

Well, Ethereum 2.0 launches later this year and the biggest change people are talking about is how it will soon use poof of stake and masternodes as well.

Masternodes typically cost hundreds, or thousands of dollars to start - but now we can bypass this completely!

Each coin will require a minimum amount owned to begin mining, but now there's a way around this!

Instead of you alone coming up with a $10,000 minimum to start, you can now pool coins together with other investors.

Here's how it would work using some example figures:

Lets say you invest $500 in Bitcoin One (BTCONE), at the time of publishing this that would buy  153,657 tokens.

  • You will need a free MyCointainer account to access the masternodes.
  • Here can also buy any of the coins listed at the bottom of this article using BTC.  Or, you can find the coins listed on any exchange where it trades, buy it there, then send it over to MyCointainer. 
  • Once you have it, deposit the BTCONE tokens into your shared masternode.  It doesn't matter where you get it, but it needs to end up on your MyCointainer account to begin earning income.
  • Every day, you will earn 1490 more tokens! You don't need to do anything to keep this going besides leaving your coins sitting there.
  • By the end of the year, that $500 investment will be worth $1750 if the coins stay the same value.
  • But if you pick the right coins, they will go up in value, and you'll have a lot more of them! This is how people can have some pretty impressive returns by investing in coins that they can stake on a masternode!
  • Because you mined coins the entire year, that original deposit of 153,657 is now 697,507‬ coins.
  • Now imagine it goes up in value by just 25% for the year.
Conclusion: Your $500 investment would be worth over $2800!

All these assets are available on shared masternodes with no required start-up amount:

This is a masternode coins list of supported stakeable crypto assets, in order of popularity based on current volume with traders.

Purchase these tokens on any exchange they trade on, then transfer them to your masternode to begin earning the "yearly return" amount.

Yearly return for all coins are paid out daily!

Energi - Self-funding cryptocurrency with a purpose to reach the masses.
▸ YEARLY RETURN 19.15 %     

Qtum - a Scalable smart contract platform with Proof of Stake.

Divi project focuses on introducing easy to use cryptocurrency to the masses.

Rapids Payments across social media via blockchain technology
▸ YEARLY RETURN 61.26 % 

Waves - blockchain platform and development toolset for Web 3.0 applications

PivX Digital online money that can be easily transferred all around the world in a blink of an eye.

Stratis Simple and affordable end-to-end solutions for development, testing and deployment of blockchain applications

Bitcoin One - making difference for the 3 billion unbanked people.

(XBC) Bitcoin Plus is a low-coincap Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Turbo Koin - community powered, PoS coin that values user's privacy.

BitGreen - a global solution for sustainable cryptocurrency.

CloakCoin One of the first concepts in the crypto market that offers true anonymity

ColossusXT is an open-source, community-driven, cryptocurrency that primarily focuses on privacy, decentralization, and real-world implementations.

(ECA) Electra - a Payment Coin You Can Spend Anywhere
▸ YEARLY RETURN 2,5 %     

ExclusiveCoin - easy to use coin that values user's privacy.

(MRX) Metrix - a secure digital asset for everyone.

Monetary Unit Aims to break away from the mould that cryptocurrency is only for tech-savvy people.
▸ YEARLY RETURN 40.65 % 

NavCoin Easy to use digital cryptocurrency

(NEBL) Neblio - fully open-source tools and services for enterprises to deploy dApps.

Particl Decentralized privacy platform build for global person to person and business to person eCommerce

Peercoin An experimental, decentralized digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world
▸ YEARLY RETURN 1 %     

Polis (POLIS) Polis - instant payments with open-source, community run network.

Radium - Advanced Blockchain Utility.
▸ YEARLY RETURN 22.5 %  

(SINS) SafeInsure - decentralized insurance for the Blockchain Era.

SmartCash is a community governance, cooperation & growth focused blockchain based currency & a decentralized economy.

(SEND) Social Send - cryptocurrency made easy
▸ YEARLY RETURN 59,34 %   

(XLR) Solaris - Security. Privacy. Liberty.

(XST) Stealth - proof-of stake combined with anonymity.

Syscoin - puts your business on the blockchain.

(VITAE) Vitae - growing global prosperity

Wagerr A decentralized sportsbook that has been designed to make betting trustworthy and reliable  ▸ YEARLY RETURN 3.79 % 

Bean Cash Cryptocurrency for digital payments - faster than a bean of light

BitBay Aims to create the future of free markets

BlackCoin Pure proof of stake coin since 2014

DeviantCoin Aims to build privacy based Decentralized Exchange Network

Experience Points Earn XP tokens as you complete real life goals

KYDCoin - Bridging trust between community and developer.

Luxcore Solutions and services ecosystem that focuses on designing and building enterprise ready security and privacy products

MMOCoin is a cryptocurrency created to simplify online trading between gamers.

OkCash Open source digital currency for fast transactions

Phore Delivering blockchain technology to the real world
▸ YEARLY RETURN 37.01 % 

PinkCoin Donation & fundraising platform for social impact
▸ YEARLY RETURN 1 %     

Shard - Decentralized freedom of your money.

Rupaya Built for South Asia digital crypto coin accessible to ordinary users and merchants

There's no reason to wait another day, get your masternode and start earning in your sleep!

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk
Contributor From Our Sister Site CryptocurrencyLoaning.com

Bitcoin is Best Performing Asset, Period. Beating All Stocks, Gold, Silver....and Everything Else!

Outperforming any stock, gold, silver - and everything else! Bitcoin is the official top performing asset. 

A few reasons include: Miners selling less as they prepare to earn less (aka the halvening), institutional investor money pouring in to the crypto market, and growth as indicated by the amount of newly created wallets.

Video courtesy of CNBC

Don’t Sell Bitcoin (Yet): BTC Bull Run Fueled by “Phantom Money?”

Crypto loans with youhodler
With Bitcoin’s recent price rally to $10,000, cryptocurrency enthusiasts everywhere are buzzing with excitement, looking for a potential repeat of the legendary 2017 bull run. However, an influential crypto whale is saying it’s not time to sell bitcoin just yet as “phantom money” may be the driving force behind this new rally. In the meantime, let’s see how Bitcoin lending platforms can help you reap the benefits of the price jump while protecting your assets for the future. 

Crypto whale “Joe007” says it’s not the right time to sell bitcoin

One of the most well-known cryptocurrency whales in the community goes by the name of Joe007. Regarding the recent Bitcoin price action, Joe008 stated that “you can push the price only so long with fantom money. At some point, people would want to cash out their mad gainz only to find no one on the other side of the market.”

So is it time to sell Bitcoin? Not just yet. At the moment, there is a lack of fiat flowing into crypto markets and that, is a worrisome statistic. Furthermore, looking at the market cap of stablecoin, one will see it’s not the right time to exit the market. 

Don’t sell Bitcoin; look at the stablecoin charts

If we use Tether (USDT) as an example, one will see that a growing USDT market usually signifies an influx of cash entering the market. This is because traders are exiting the market, and putting their Bitcoin into stablecoin to avoid losses from volatility. While there is some amount of fiat flowing into the crypto market, it may not be enough to signify there is substance behind this bull run. That being said, there is still a way to capitalize on this event using crypto lending platforms. 

Don’t sell bitcoin; use it as collateral for crypto loans

For Bitcoin HODLers, they have a growing asset on their hand. It’s tempting to sell bitcoin now and enjoy the new influx of cash but there is another way to do that without having to say “goodbye” to BTC forever. Crypto lending platforms let you use Bitcoin as collateral in exchange for a loan in fiat. That way, HODLers can get cash when they need it but also protect their assets for later use.

Platforms like YouHodler for example offer crypto loans with 90% loan to value (LTV) ratio and fiat options like EUR, USD, and GBP. This Bitcoin lending strategy is a terrific way to get the best of both worlds during a crypto market.

So if you have your finger on the “sell” button right now, perhaps it’s better to wait a minute and see how the market plays out. 

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk