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It's Been A Big Week For All The Satoshi Nakamotos! As One Visits Believers Around the World, A Brand New One Surfaces...

There's a lot going on in the Satoahi Nakamoto cosplay world.

Yesterday, another surely mentally stable character stood up and claimed the title of bitcoin's creator - exciting because it's been awhile since we had some freshly baked Nakamoto! 

The big reveal began with 'teasers' starting a few weeks back, followed by 3 days of extra hype, ending with the name announcement...

It was none other than James Bilal Caan! Well, now it all makes sense!

Just kidding, I have no idea who he is either, but imagine our luck - he has something to promote!

"Satoshi Nakamoto Renaissance Holdings" is ready to provide 'industry-leading Blockchain products and services' which at first sounded extremely vague, then I thought... if anyone can do it all, it's Satoshi!

Before you go asking why a billionaire like Satoshi is now available to hire, you need to understand everyone makes mistakes, and on that note 'oops' - he lost the hard drive containing the keys needed to access the approximate 1 million BTC.

I really doubt we'll be hearing much from Caan in the future, by any standard this publicity stunt was a flop, it would be too sad to watch if they try to drag this on any longer.

To me, there is only ONE real fake Satoshi...

I don't even need to say the name - that's how official it is.

Imposers like Caan aren't even worth a second of his time, as he traveled around the world to meet some faithful believers in Colombia.

Check out this totally not-creepy video of the one and only, mingling with fans...

If at first you don't succeed, try a 3rd world country where about half the population doesn't have a high school education.

But seriously, here's what it comes down to...

I love this stuff, and god bless Craig, and even the new guy who's name I already forgot.  You can't put a price tag on entertainment like this.

But while some people make jokes, and other people argue the technical aspects of someone proving they're Satoshi, debating if Craig's best evidence is just forged backdated PGP keys, etc - I will forever be hung up on one simple factor...

How did Satoshi apparently go through the biggest personality transformation I've ever seen in a person?

Anyone can look back at the e-mails exchanged during Bitcoin's creation.  As the real Satoshi took on building such a complex system from scratch, which no doubt was full of frustrating moments - he remains calm, cool and collected.

There's so many examples of the real Satoshi's communications you can get a feel for how he conducts himself - he's never over-emotional, always rational,  not impulsive, or vulgar, or angry -even at high-stress moments most coders would be.

It's not surprising these unique traits created something equally unique.

So don't tell me it turns out this whole time he was really just another easily-triggered spotlight-loving attention whore, always ready to give a big "f*ck you" to anyone who disagrees with them.

I'll also add, to be fair - while i'm convinced Craig isn't Satoshi, he's also not a lot of the things his opponents say. Anyone saying Craig is 'stupid' or 'an idiot' is lying as well. 

Obnoxious? Yes. Stupid? No.

This isn't my first role in media, at one point I worked for the largest broadcasting company in the nation, I say this because I saw the same thing there, that we're seeing here.. often.

A dark side of human nature can drown out that voice inside saying 'you're taking it too far', suddenly a talented person who made real contributions to a project becomes overwhelmed with the desire to take full credit for it.

That's why, for me personally, until I see some transactions on the blockchain from a wallet belonging to the real Satoshi, i'll consider those claiming to be him 'for entertainment purposes only'.

Who do you believe is the real Satoshi? Do you hate that this is even being debated? Or, like me, do you appreciate the endless entertainment it's provided us?  Tweet us your thoughts @GlobalCryptoDev

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

US Crypto Traders - 
Claim Your $25 BTC...

TNC Group Announces Plans for Mergers & Acquisitions in Crypto Market - Over 2000 Companies Undergoing Research and Appraisal...

No question about it - TNC Group's 2019 has been all about progress and non-stop growth, as they expand both the services they offer, and the audience they're able to offer services to.

At the same time their in-house capabilities grew, their research arm was evaluating over 2,000 other companies in the blockchain & cryptocurrency sector, which they have now narrowed down to the top 500 among them.

But why? Today the Dubai based company announced the reason they've been giving their fellow blockchain companies a closer look.

TNC is launching the first mergers and acquisitions (M&A) program in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space!

Hitting the ground running, the company says "The M&A process is already underway, as the appraisal team have begun the process of reviewing the crypto companies and communicating with those they have found with great potential."

The long term goal for TNC is - whatever vital blockchain services they do not develop internally will still become part of TNC's wheelhouse, by acquiring a company that already has it mastered, thus making TNC the "one-stop-shop for every blockchain need, of every company".

Lots of win/win deals ready to be made.

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry is exploding with growth, and while there's a lot of investor funding pouring in, many underestimate how many companies are fighting over those limited funds.

That means there's some powerful tech being developed that may never see the light of day - unless a company like TNC comes along.

I've worked in Silicon Valley for over a decade now, and I've seen it too many times to count - the downfall of a company you once thought really had a chance.

But without even realizing it's happening, startups can find themselves sucked into the pitfalls of the business.  One day they're a brand new company with fresh ideas and a motivated team ready to execute them, then they realize doing something revolutionary is insanely expensive.

Next thing you know, it's been months since the first thing on the meeting agenda was the product they're building - now focus is on raising more capital, to remain operational long enough to raise more capital.

For these companies, being acquired by, or merging with a company that can provide the stability they need to return to developing whatever it is they set out to make, can be a lifesaver! And in the blockchain and crypto sector, there's an abundance of them.

Led by CEO Bruce Jeong, in addition to their M&A launch, TNC Group's other noteworthy projects include their native cryptocurrency, and blockchain powered eCommerce platform Buyaladdin. 

You can find TNC IT Group online at https://tncitgroup.com

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

Addition Of DOGE, BAT, and ZRX Bring the Total to 24 Coins, On the No-Fee Trading Platform 'Voyager'...

The new trading platform Voyager, created by former execs of E-Trade, Uber, and other giants, has announced another batch of new tokens added to the platform.

DOGE, BAT, and ZRX, bringing the total to 24 crypto assets available.

Claim $25 worth of any them for free...

If you haven't tried it out yet, you can still claim the $25 welcome credit, which comes in BTC but can instantly be traded for any of the coins the platform supports.

But what's really drawing people in - no trading fees!

They do this by searching multiple exchanges instantly and grabbing the best price, so confident their app will find you a price below the market average, their fee comes from splitting the savings with you!

If Voyager can't find a below-market price deal, they take the loss and still give it to you without fees.

They claim to successfully find customers a lower price on 90% of orders.

3 New Assets...

With the addition of DOGE, BAT, and ZRX, Voyager now offers access to 24 crypto assets with USD.

BAT, Blockchain-Based Digital Advertising

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a blockchain-based digital advertising and rewards token from Brave Software. The Basic Attention Token is an Ethereum-based ERC20 token that enables advertisers, publishers, content creators, and developers to reward each other for their services.

DOGE, Peer-to-Peer Digital Currency

Dogecoin (DOGE) started from an internet meme as a joke but its passionate community helped grow the cryptocurrency to a $341 million market cap. DOGE is similar to Bitcoin but it's much easier to mine (or "dig' as its referred to in the DOGE protocol). Unlike Bitcoin, DOGE has an unlimited supply and more than 120 million coins have already been mined.

ZRX, Open Protocol Powering Decentralized Exchanges

Ox (ZRX) is an open protocol that enables the peer-to-peer exchange of assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Ox is creating an infrastructure to enable decentralized exchanges and applications to build on top of its blockchain.

Voyager is worth a look, and worth the time to do it when you claim $25 and open your free account here.

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk

New Zealand Regulators Rule Businesses Can Offer Employee Paychecks in Crypto Starting Sept 1st...

New Zealand's financial regulators at the IRD released a ruling telling employers how they can legally pay their staff in cryptocurrencies.  While there were no laws banning it before, it was considered a grey area until now.

Now with clear guidelines, starting Sept 1st - it's absolutely allowed! If the employer offers it, and the employee chooses it over a regular fiat paycheck.

Employers will have to pay their staff in fixed regular amounts, the payment must be able to be converted directly into a government issued currency.

One part we weren't able to make sense of - the taxes may not be the same for each coin.  No reasons for this, or examples were given.

Video Courtesy of 1 News

BAT and LINK Token Holders Can Now Claim 8% Interest Payments - Allowing Investors to Profit By Simply Owning Them!

The Crypto App team announced the addition of BAT & LINK to "Crypto Earn" - allowing users to earn 8% interest on the tokens they already own!

Also still going for a limited time: Hold 50 MCO tokens (the official token of the platform) and get an instant $50 credit.

Then, since you own 50 of their tokens you'll immediately be able to claim your Crypto Visa Card and begin earning "crypto back" on every purchase you make.

They'll even pay your Netflix and Spotify bill every month!
Between this and cash back, they're giving users some serious incentive to use the card. So obviously, you'll need to bill Netflix and Spotify your Crypto Visa card, and they'll reimburse you.

To claim these bonuses before joining, register for them by submitting your e-mail address here first.

But the big news today is the addition of BAT and LINK to their interest earning program.
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT) aims to improve the efficiency of digital advertising. BAT is a utility token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users on the Brave platform, which leverages blockchain to provide digital advertising and services. The token also powers the Brave web browser, a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software Inc.
  • Chainlink (LINK) provides a secure, decentralized “blockchain middleware”, while also providing a way to access the multiple inputs and outputs needed by a complex smart contract. By simplifying how smart contracts can securely access key off-chain resources, Chainlink aims to accelerate the development of increasingly useful smart contracts.
That brings the list of tokens they're paying interest on to 11 total, including BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BNB, TUSD, PAX, USDC, MCO with the addition of BAT and LINK.

Interest is paid out weekly, and you can choose to have your coins locked up for as little as 1 month at a time.

If you own any qualifying tokens and want to learn more, begin by claiming the bonuses here first.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

YouHodler Six Month Review: More Coins, Better Features and New Ways to Profit...

The last six months were highly eventful for YouHodler and the crypto market on the whole. This roller coaster of emotions we all have experienced may distract us from the true progress that was actually made. For that reason, we here at YouHodler decided to compile a six-month review of everything our team, and our interactive community members have accomplished. So as the sun sets on yet another great summer, let’s look at the progress of the past and see how it can help shape our immediate future.

March: YouHodler goes "full cycle" with crypto conversions and credit card payments

Following the announcement of XLM listing in March, the YouHodler development team was hard at work to complete the platform’s long-awaited conversion tool. This allows users to convert any crypto on the platform (BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP) to USD or EUR. From there, YouHodler allows users to withdraw their fiat holdings directly into their credit/debit card quickly if they choose to do so.

We believe this adds a new utility for all coins on our platform since it allows users to effectively deposit their crypto directly to their traditional bank accounts (through the process of conversion). This new addition marks the beginning of our transformation from a simple crypto lending platform to a crypto/fiat FinTech platform that includes crypto wallets, crypto lending, blockchain integrations and more.

April: New coins, diverse options, and more utility

Due to popular demand from community members, YouHodler added DASH and EOS to their growing list of coins that includes, BTC, BCH, BSV, ETH, XRP, XLM, LTC, and more. YouHodler users can choose any of these options to use as collateral for a crypto backed line of credit. Furthermore, they can convert any of these crypto options to other cryptos on the platform in addition to stablecoins (USDT) and to fiat (USD or EUR).

Also joining the family is Augur (REP), the first token included on the platform. Just like all other cryptocurrencies on the platform, REP holders can now utilize the value of their REP assets in the real world without having to sell off their investments. In the near future, REP HODLers can also convert to any listed coin on YouHodler.

May: Crypto spring bull run and new creative ways to profit

All HODLers benefited from the May bull run but some of our more creative clients found new ways to maximize their earnings. We shared one unique way to use our high LTV (90%) in cooperation with our “crypto for fiat” feature to essentially buy crypto for 10% of its value.

After releasing this feature, we noticed a high number of clients using it to margin trade and leverage (e.g. customer buys XRP with USD on YouHodler, takes a loan using XRP as collateral, uses those fiat funds to buy more XRP, takes another loan, buy more XRP, etc).

This is a risky maneuver but one that can provide high profits if one times the market correctly. May was a great month for this strategy and many YouHodler users had high profits as a result.

June: Turbo loans, LTV increase revolutionize crypto loan

LTV increase and Turbo Loans were the most prominent releases for YouHodler in June. In May, we noticed a need for a feature that lets users increase the loan to value ratio (LTV) on an existing loan if they choose. With this method, HODLers can get more fiat for their opened loans without having to increase their collateral amount.

At any moment, the crypto market can experience a bull run. While many other lending platforms lock your assets, YouHodler now allows you to increase LTV on existing loans to get more cash to maximize profits on a bull run without having to close a loan.

Read full “Increase LTV” article here.

Following up on this release, YouHodler recently announced Turbo Loans. After noticing a pattern where our clients are using a “chain of loans” to leverage and multiply their assets, YouHoder customized a new tool that automates the entire process.  In one click, users can start with an amount (i.e. 1 BTC) as collateral, and theoretically “Turbocharcharge” this amount to more than three times its original value. (market conditions apply). It’s a simple, efficient way to use a series of loans that multiply your crypto holdings.

Click here to see how to get more crypto for less using Turbo Loans.

New landing page and calculator attract new audiences

Perhaps the most obvious change to our platform in June was the physical redesign of the website. Thanks to our highly talented team of designers and developers, YouHodler.com is now more user-friendly, attractive and informative. If you haven’t already, go there now to see the fresh look, and engaging content. Also worth noticing are the newly added loan and conversion calculators, seen on the landing page for your convenience.

July: Manage your crypto/fiat wallets and loans on the go with YouHodler mobile app

The end of July saw YouHodler release it’s first version of a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app is a streamlined, user-friendly interface that lets users simply deposit and withdraw funds into secure wallets, manage loans, view account activity history and more. All crypto/token wallets (BTC, ETH, XRP, XLM, LTC, BCH, BSV, DASH, EOS, BAT), fiat wallets (USD, EUR) and stablecoin wallets (USDT) are available.

August: USDT Savings Account Gives Users 12% Annual Profit with 0% Effort

YouHodler is happy to announce the release of its USDT savings account, an entirely new feature designed for “HODLers” who will earn up to 12% profit per year with no risk involved. Available for all YouHodler clients, USDT savings account lets users deposit USDT into a wallet on the platform which YouHodler states will grow up to 12% per year.

With the second half of the year upon us, YouHodler has many big plans in store. We can’t give too much away but all new features aim to give users more control and flexibility over their crypto assets. We’re excited to share this with you all as well as hear what innovative ideas you have to offer.

Feel free to send us a message on Telegram, Twitter (@Youhodler) or via emai (support@youhodler.com). All ideas and questions are welcome! Thanks for your support thus far.

Information provided via press release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association Press Release Distribution for industry.

Cryptocurrency is Changing The Face of Divorces, and Most People - Including Lawyers, Don't Even Realize It...

To start, the usual legal jargon: I am not your lawyer; nothing in this article is legal advice; I most likely do not practice law in your jurisdiction; and I strongly suggest you speak to a lawyer about your specific situation.

Now, a few answers and comments on cryptocurrency and how it impacts divorces, including how not to go broke.

Are People Hiding Their Cryptocurrency Assets when Divorcing? 

If you were to ask me if I think people are using cryptocurrency to hide assets during a divorce, I would say it is a statistical certainty that people are. In the jurisdiction that I practice law there are zero cases that cite the words ‘cryptocurrency’ or ‘bitcoin’ (yes I know there are other coins) and the relevant Divorce Act. I repeat, zero cases!

Given that it is estimated that at least 5% of individuals hold cryptocurrency assets, that is an impossible statistic. This means people are getting divorced and not disclosing their cryptocurrency. Please note, I cannot stress enough that there are exceedingly large risks and consequences for not disclosing assets during a divorce.

How Can I Find Out If My Spouse is Hiding Cryptocurrency?

If you suspect your spouse is hiding assets, you should look into retaining a forensic accountant, preferably one with cryptocurrency experience. One of the more obvious signs is that your spouse’s transfers out of their bank accounts may show that they are buying cryptocurrency. However, individuals who are knowledgeable about cryptocurrency will be difficult to catch.

Imagine someone trading cash for cryptocurrency during an in-person transaction, this would be nearly impossible to trace.

Disclosure Risk and Public Divorce Documents: How Not to Have Your Cryptocurrency Stolen...

Now, when you are a good law abiding spouse and are disclosing your cryptocurrency assets during a separation, be sure not to have them stolen! Court cases are public information, so anyone can go down to the local courthouse and look at your family law file.

That means that if your cryptocurrency information is attached to a court document someone could steal your assets. In my jurisdiction the court has ruled in at least one case that when providing cryptocurrency documents you can partially redact any necessary information to ensure your assets are protected. So remember, disclose your assets but make sure they are protected as well!

Don’t Go Broke: The Issue with Cryptocurrency’s Large Fluctuations of Value...

Imagine the following scenario:

1. You’re happily married in 2015

2. You buy bitcoin in 2016 for $5,000 per coin. You’re a believer so you bought $100,000 worth!

3. In 2017 bitcoin hits $20,000 per coin, you’re rich! However, the new-found wealth impacts the marriage and you separate that day.

4. Your divorce is contentious and your divorce goes to court. Your divorce case is not decided until 2018. Now bitcoin is worth only $4,000 per coin.

5. In my jurisdiction the relevant dates for calculating net family property are date of marriage and date of separation. According to that, all things else being equal, you owe your spouse half of $400,000 of your bitcoin assets with a per coin cost of $20,000.

I’m sure you can see the massive problem you are now facing. You owe $200,000 to your spouse on an asset that is now only worth a total of $80,000. A strict approach to calculating Net Family Property will leave you destitute and suffering. Thankfully, there are legal arguments to make that you should pay your spouse based on the actual value of the cryptocurrency, not the value of it at the date of separation. These arguments are not guaranteed though, your spouse may not agree with them, and the court may not order it.

So what are some ways to protect yourself if you hold a large amount of cryptocurrency assets? To start a marriage contract, also known as prenuptial agreement, can set out how cryptocurrency assetswill be dealt with in the event of a separation or divorce. Please note, many couples enter into marriage contracts even after they are married so just because you are already married doesn’t mean you can’t protect yourself.

There are an almost unlimited amount of creative and sound ways you can protect yourself and your cryptocurrency assets before and during a divorce. The best option for you will largely depend on your specific fact scenarios and the relevant laws of your jurisdiction. Every country, state, or province is unique in at least one aspect. I highly suggest you speak with a qualified family law lawyer if you have cryptocurrency assets. Most jurisdictions will have a free helpline that will let you speak with a lawyer for up to 30 minutes for free. The best way to find them are to contact your local bar association or regulating body.

Ronan Blake is a family law lawyer practicing in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
Author: Ronan Blake
Contributor - Canada

Rarely Mentioned Trick of Wealthy Investors - "Stacking" Crypto Loans to Increase Holdings QUICK - But Now YOU Can Too!

From Our Partner Site Covering Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Lending News, CryptocurrencyLoaning.com | We've mentioned countless times how surprised most people are to hear that it's overwhelmingly wealthy people getting cryptocurrency and bitcoin loans, and here you're about to see why.

I even remember bringing this up in a telegram channel, and having someone say "This sounds like Bitconnect" (a notorious scam). That's how unknown this is to the typical crypto investor!

So to be clear - this works with any of the 25+ totally legitimate, established crypto lenders out there!

The one we're featuring today simply created a tool that turns what would have been an hour of opening new loans on top of eachother into the push of a button.

This is a process being used by savvy investors every day - what's new is that anyone can do in the push of a button and not have to worry if they did everything correctly, it'll automatically optimize all the numbers for you to end up with as much as possible.

We should mention - these funds are tax free in most countries!

It's actually a bit crazy to think about, while the general public seems to associate someone taking out a loan as someone down on their luck and short on cash, the wealthy have played the system to their advantage, they hear 'loan' and think 'maximum profits'.

We're going to use 0.050 BTC as an example since it's an most everyday investors have (about $500) and turn it into almost $2000 in a matter of seconds!

First, login to the YouHodler members area - make a free account if you don't have one.

Click on "Turbocharge Crypto" which will bring you to the screen below, here you can see the starting and ending numbers...

Lets take a closer look at how they got you there:

The YouHodler team explains it "Our platform automatically uses the fiat that was lent to buy more crypto without any fee (limited offer) to use as the collateral for the next loan in chain. Furthermore, the interest rate on each loan reduces with every additional step added" it's a pretty simple process with some big results.

If you'd like to try it out signup for a free account, and get your crypto working for you!

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk

Stocks Down, Crypto Up?

Bitcoin has proven this theory over a dozen times already in 2019 when a rough day for the traditional markets were met by bull runs of some of the top cryptocurrencies. 

But with an asset as new and unpredictable as Bitcoin, this will need to stay true for bit longer to really convince traditional investors that this is a reliable hedging method, like it is with gold.

Gold which has skyrocketed even in the worst, long term economic recessions, while cypto has only proven itself as something to turn to for relief on a bad day.

However, one advantage over gold is emerging - when stocks go up, Bitcoin appears to be unaffected, while gold typically declines in value when the rest of the economy is doing well.

While crypto is looking like the perfect hedge for short term investments, the big question remains - would people really turn to crypto in a serious economic downturn, one lasting months or longer? Or, is what we're seeing only because the bad days on Wall Street really aren't that bad?

Still, even if investors wouldn't turn to crypto to get through a bad year, if it continues to help them get though bad days, we can expect a lot more to begin implementing this strategy! 

Video courtesy of CNBC

ABBC Releases Major Platform Update, Steps Closer to Crypto eCommerce Vision...

Dubai, UAE, August 9th, 2019 - The ABBC Foundation, in partnership with New York-based custom blockchain development firm, DeepDive.Tech, is proud to announce the production release of ABBC’s new blockchain and multi-platform/multi-crypto wallet.

ABBC Foundation, the company behind Buyaladdin, has just announced the release of a major platform update to the ABBC ecosystem. This update includes a multitude of features that make ABBC a “world class transactional blockchain overnight” according to their CEO, Mr. Jason Daniel Paul Philip.

Aside from the Buyaladdin platform which is slated to launch in October, Mr. Philip shared something that ABBC supporters can get excited about — a whole new blockchain ecosystem and wallet overhaul.

Additionally, the ABBC Team will be releasing an updated ABBC whitepaper soon, but prior to that, the team announced a few sneak peeks for their users. With the new mainnet now in place, ABBC customers will experience transactions speeds that are an order of magnitude faster than the previous mainnet, a hassle-free migration between the old and new ABBC blockchain, as well as benefit from a globally distributed, highly availability and responsive enterprise-grade network, just to name a few.

Major Wallet Upgrades

The new ABBC mobile wallet has been completely re-designed by DeepDive.tech from the ground up and offers many new capabilities which have been developed with the “everyday” end-user in mind.

With the newly designed ABBC wallet, users will now be able to easily transact with not just their ABBC coins, but with a significant amount of existing tokens, all while using the ABBC wallet on any of the supported major operating system platforms (Android, iOS and desktop). The new ABBC wallet also offers full support for other major cryptocurrencies, and currently supports all ERC-20 tokens (1,600 tokens to be exact), with additional token types to be supported in the near future.

Simply put, the ABBC wallet platform enables users to transact across multiple wallet addresses supporting multiple accounts and cryptocurrencies, all from the end user computing platform of your choice.

With upgrades come the topic of migration, and typically migrating is a big hassle for users, but not with this update. According to the DeepDive.tech, the development partner of ABBC, the upgraded wallet only requires users to click twice to migrate from the former ABBC MC Wallet or Aladdin Wallet to the new Gen 2 ABBC wallet and blockchain. The wallet migration process is so simple and straightforward that users simply need to enter the email address that was used when configuring their previous wallet, and then click on a one-time use link which will confirm ownership of their email address. From there, the wallet and funds migration process will happen instantly.

From Hybrid to DPoS: Faster and More Secure

In addition to the deployment of the new ABBC mainnet and wallet, the ABBC blockchain has updated their consensus algorithm from a hybrid combination of Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of- Stake (PoS) to Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) which delivers enhanced network security, integrity, scalability, and speed.

According to the ABBC Development Team, the new ABBC mainnet already supports 5,000 transactions per second, making the blockchain arguably one of the top performers in the industry today. Tad Einstein, CTO of development partner DeepDive.tech, mentioned that “5,000 transactions per second is just the start and you can expect to see these numbers increase significantly over time. What makes BBC’s next-gen blockchain ecosystem unique is that we have implemented several disruptive blockchain technologies within the mainnet which will ensure the project’s current and future performance requirements are met.” Boris Heismann, CIO of DeepDive.tech, also stated that “The new ABBC ecosystem has been created with special features which make it the most efficient blockchain for broad FinTech adoption. Implementing these design considerations were instrumental when you consider Buyaladdin’s global 10 -million customer user base.” Another item that came up in conversation was that each block is being generated every half a second, providing a seamless user experience when transacting.

Distributed Global Infrastructure

The mainnet has been architected to be highly available and globally distributed to ensure a predictable quality of experience for end-users. The global infrastructure supporting the mainnet leverages a hybrid deployment model, with ABBC nodes being strategically distributed across Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and privately-owned data centers. This deployment model affords the ABBC blockchain with enterprise grade reliability and resiliency while delivering a low latency transactional experience for consumers.

More info: http://www.abbccoin.com

Information provided via press release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association Press Release For Blockchain Industry Service.

The Fastest, Easiest $50 Worth of Crypto You'll Ever Earn...

Recently I researched the Crypto App for a story on how they're paying interest on Binance's BNB token for people who store it with them.  That's when another offer caught my eye, and today I got around to giving it a shot.

Get $100 worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum ...for $50!

You must be a new user, and it needs to be done though an invite link (this is one).

Their token is called MCO, and when you buy $50 you get $50 - which you can immediately sell for $100 in Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Meaning they're basically selling $100 worth of Bitcoin for $50!

From there - you can transfer it all to any wallet you want.

But I actually do suggest checking out some of the other things they're up to...

I'm actually not here to encourage pulling a 'fast one' on them, this company has some pretty cool stuff going on. 

What I did is got my first $50 back, and left $50 there - this means i'm allowed to request their "crypto back" Visa Card. 

It's free, and when it gets here i'll be able to earn 1% back on any purchase I make with it, and that 1% comes in the form of more of their tokens!

Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk

YouHodler: USDT Savings Account Gives Users 12% Annual Profit with 0% Effort...

YouHodler, a FinTech platform that specializes in innovative crypto lending solutions and crypto/fiat conversion today released a USDT savings account, an entirely new feature designed for “HODLers” who will earn up to 12% profit per year with no risk involved. Available for all YouHodler clients, USDT Savings lets users deposit USDT into a wallet on the platform which YouHodler states will grow up to 12% per year.

YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov states “We’re happy to follow our valuable customer's demand and make this additional step in order to build a “one-stop-shop” for all HODLer’s needs and a fully functional “crypto-fiat” Fin-tech platform. We’re always looking for innovative ways to improve and deliver creative crypto-fiat solutions. Client-inspired product development is such a key to the YouHodler story and we’d love to hear your ideas. So please reach out to us and share your thoughts!”

How to profit from a USDT deposit on YouHodler:

After logging in, users will see a new “savings” option in their personal wallets page. To deposit USDT into this account and start earning interest, the user will click “add funds.” After USDT is successfully deposited, the user will start earning interest on their deposit once the settlement period begins. Users can check how much interest they earn each day by navigating to the “Earned” section of their savings account.

After the settlement period ends, the interest earned will be deposited into the user’s savings account. Alternatively, users are free to keep their funds in the savings account for as long as they link to earn more profit.

For now, USDT Savings is in private mode (goes public Monday, August 19th). So until then, we have a Limited Offer. Please contact YouHodler customer support (support@youhodler.com) to request USDT savings and get your own, personal offer today.

Disclaimer: If the user will release funds from the savings account before the settlement period, the user will lose all interest earned during the uncompleted settlement period. (see Terms and conditions linked below).

YouHodler continues the productive streak with new releases:

The release of USDT Savings follows a month of productivity for the young startup featuring:
  • A newly announced mobile app for iOS and Android
  • An automated “Turbo Loan” process that lets users take up to 5 loans in one click
  • More tools that let users extend their price down limit, close an open loan on command and increase their loan to value ratio on an open loan.
A YouHodler debit card that’s compatible with the platform is also scheduled for release later this year.

About YouHodler:

YouHodler is a FinTech platform focused on crypto-backed lending with fiat (USD and EUR) and stablecoin loans, crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto conversions. YouHodler supports BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, DASH, REP and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens.

Link to T&C: https://app.youhodler.com/dock/naumard_ltd_saving_account

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