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Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency: Test Nodes Are LIVE + More On The Libracoin Launch...

Facebook's Libra Coin Cryptocurrency
Being based in Silicon Valley, we've been able to benefit from multiple sources close or within Facebook allowing us to bring you Libra Coin updates as they happen. 

But in this case, i'll share the disclaimer my source gave me "Everything I know is pre-coronavirus, I haven't been in the office for months at this point, but i'll tell you where we left off."  This source is in a department at Facebook that is working closely with the developers of Libra, in the end they'll be closely integrated.

Covid19 vs Libracoin's Timeline...

According to our sources, Libra was running 'well ahead of schedule' so while Coronavirus likely took away this status, they are optimistic that now it is simply 'on schedule'.

"Some major moves were made right before coronavirus hit" they shared, this includes test masternodes going live.

The Libra blockchain will function under a "Proof Of Authority" protocol, which means miners are strictly invite only and must be granted permission to join the network.

Currently, only official Libra 'partners' have been given a glimpse into this process, and not even all of them.

5 Test Nodes Are Already Live...

We also learned that a total of 5 of those project 'partners' have test nodes up and running right now, but have only been able to identify one of them.

Anchorage Hold LLC, a licensed digital asset custodian company which is an offshoot of software development company Anchor Labs Inc, currently hosts one of these live nodes from an undisclosed location.

One More Thing...

The last bit of info we were able to gather - Libracoin will apparently trade under the symbol 'LBR'.

> Do you think Libra will be good or bad for crypto as a whole? Tweet us your thoughts @TheCryptoPress

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

Paul Tudor Jones Becomes The Latest Billionaire Investor To Say They Now Own Bitcoin...

Longtime hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones told CNBC on Monday that Wall Street could be witnessing the historic “birthing of a store of value” through popular cryptocurrency bitcoin.

“It’s a great speculation” Jones said on “Squawk Box.”

He said he has “just over 1% of my assets in bitcoin. Maybe it’s almost 2. That seems like the right number right now.”

“Every day that goes by that bitcoin survives, the trust in it will go up” he added.

Jones, founder and chief executive at Tudor Investment and largely considered one of the best macroeconomic traders ever, told investors in a recent letter that he’s betting on bitcoin as part of a far-larger strategy of maximizing profits.

For investors who have followed Jones’ success in predicting the path of economic events, including his prescient bets against the U.S. stock market in 1987, his foray into cryptocurrency may seem unusual. But Jones defended his new investment, especially versus other stores of value like U.S. dollars. 

Video Courtesy of CNBC

Elon Musk Says Bitcoin Looks 'Solid' Compared To 'Currency Issuance By Govt Central Banks'...

Elon Musk tweets about Bitcoin
Initiated by a Bitcoin account Tweeting a Harry Potter joke (which I honestly don't get, the movies were a long time ago, sorry).

That tweet got a response from the Harry Potter author, JK Rowling.

Her response then got a response from Elon Musk.  

Probably easier to just show you...

Musk has had positive things to say in the past as well, such as this tweet calling cryptocurrency brilliant where he also predicted the end of money as we know it. 

But it hasn't been all good, scammers posing as him doing fake Ethereum giveaways once got under his skin, but he directed his anger at Twitter for taking too long to ban the imposers.

While he's never had a bad thing to say about crypto, he still maintains that he does not own any.  Although I've heard many people say they're skeptical, finding it hard to believe because he seems to have done his research, sees it's potential, but hasn't bought at least a little.
Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

Game Changer: AurusGOLD Creates Token TRULY Tied To Gold - Making Gold Instantly Transmittable & Spendable!

There's never been such a powerful combination of trust backing an asset like this before: The 5000+ year history of gold and it's status as a globally traded high-value asset, and the unquestionable transaction records of a blockchain powered ledger.

But two challenges need to be resolved before anything 'backed by gold' could be considered a modern method of transferring value: On-demand liquidity giving the ability to transmit gold around the world to be used in fast-settling transactions, and the ability to use it in everyday life, instantly spendable like cash.

These challenges will soon be behind us, as Aurus prepares to launch the solutions...

First is the AWG token, blockchain powered and borderless, it can be sent anywhere. But what makes it revolutionary is that it will be accepted at gold vaults around the world - where 1 token will always be exchangeable for 1 gram of gold.

This also locks the token's price to the current market value of gold.

Now with a real gold backed token, real world use becomes a reality as well - this means spending gold like cash, anywhere you can swipe a credit card. Soon this will be possible via the Aurus Gold Card!

Official Launch Details Announced...

CBX will partner with Aurus, for the launch of its gold-backed token AurusGOLD (AWG).

AurusGOLD (AWG) is a semi-decentralized gold-backed cryptocurrency that is independently minted by esteemed gold providers and traders from the traditional gold market.

Each AWG token is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA-approved gold, stored in professional, fully insured and audited vaulting facilities around the world. The platform employs a smart contract to audit the supply of gold and uses ERC-721 to track the gold bars, making each AWG token traceable to a single gold bar. AWG tokens represent 100% ownership and can be redeemed for physical gold at any time.

Aurus Technologies, the company behind AWG offers a tokenization solution to the traditional gold market. Aurus’ blockchain protocol interacts with a network of gold providers and vaults that work in synergy to autonomously tokenize physical gold bullions into AurusGOLD.

The system enables traditional gold-market participants across the globe to mint and distribute AWG independently, without Aurus ever having access to underlying gold reserves. AWG holders do not need to rely on a single source of gold or a centralized entity. Users don’t need to trust Aurus to trust AWG.

The vision of Aurus is to make gold as easy as money, and via AWG the firm is setting out to bring stability to volatile financial markets and ultimately, a sustainable/reliable alternative to mainstream payment methods. Guido Van Stijn, CEO of Aurus: “Launching with CBX which partners have a strong backing in the commodity industry made the most sense for Aurus. There's mutual knowledge on the product and the innovations we want to deliver to the industry.”

Meng Chan Shu, CEO of CBX: “After carefully evaluating different commodity-based tokens, we are delighted to partner with Aurus to launch AurusGOLD to the community! Now it will be as easy as ever for traders and users to have exposure to Gold without leaving the Blockchain ecosystem.”

AurusGOLD will proceed listing on Dubai-based exchange CBX.one on the 25th of May 2020.

Listing details:
● AWG deposit & withdrawal will be available on 25th May at 06:00 (BST)
● AWG/USDT trading pair will be available on 25th May at 06:00 (BST)

Official Website: Aurus.io
Block Explorer: https://etherscan.io/token/0x32310f5cf83ba8ebb45cae9454e072a08850e057
White Paper / Documentation: https://aurus.io/Aurus_Whitepaper_V3.1.pdf
For further information please contact: info@cbx.one or team@aurus.io

Information Provided via Press Release
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Crypto Bot Maker Will COVER YOUR LOSSES, You Still Keep The Profits - If You Try It This Month...

pionex bot review
It's been awhile since there was something in crypto I could honestly say 'you're a fool if you don't at least try' - but this is definitely one of those things.

So, we covered the platform doing this a few weeks back we did our initial review of the new "exchange with bots built in" called Pionex.

For those who have never traded with a bot, typically you first join an exchange, then choose a bot made by a 3rd party, and put the two together yourself. 

With Pionex, bots are just another trading option - do you want to buy, sell, or have a bot take these funds and let it trade them for awhile?

You can see  our Pionex review here that we did a few weeks ago.

If you're familiar with everything already and just want to get the 'we cover your losses' deal, scroll down to the bottom.

For everyone else, here's just a quick rundown of everything so far including the results since we last talked about this.

Note: The ''Profit Yours, Loss Ours' promotion is for this month only and ends May 31st!

Their Big Claims Caught Our Attention...

We saw something of theirs, I can't remember where, but I do remember it showed some of the profits they claimed their users were getting, so based on experience, initially we were expecting to be disappointed

...But we've actually been using the platform ever since we first tried it out, and still going strong!

Using their Grid Trading Bot on Trading pair ETH/USDT I've earned a 14.55% return in 11 days, which is a 499.49% Annualized Return.

Just yesterday I launched a BTC/USDT Grid Trading Bot and it's earned 4.58% in 22 hours, on track for a 1784.6% Annualized Return.

Before We Go Further...

You need to understand what your bot will be doing, so if you're not familiar with grid trading'  this video is barely over 1 minute long and will give you the basics.

As you can see, it's a method that works perfectly with cryptocurrency's volatility.

Okay - It's Time To Get Trading! 

Pay attention here because it's important you follow these steps exactly and n this order.

  • Make Your (free) account here - Important to use this link to get this promotion.  Use your web browser to sign up.
  • Feel free to look around the site, you can do pretty much everything through a web browser - but their 'profit yours, loss ours' campaign only applies to trades made via the new app. If you prefer the web version, use it to make your choice, but the app to execute the trade.
  • Download the Android or iPhone app.
  • Once installed, follow these instructions to unlock the promotion inside the app...

Follow these steps in the Pionex app.
"We'll make sure that you won’t suffer any losses while using the bot." says Mario Liu from Pionex.

They've taken out a 1,000,000 USDT insurance fund so anyone curious can try it out risk free. So if you haven’t used the trading bots on Pionex before - now is the time!

If you need any help along the way, once you sign up and make your free account you'll find links to their telegram channel where you can ask questions.
Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk - Pionex Review

Inside Crypto's Biggest SCAMS - Ross Davis On The Cryptonized Podcast...

Global Crypto Press Association Editor In Chief and investigative journalist Ross Davis is the guest on this episode of the Cryptonized Podcast!

With Host Mark Fidelman, Ross discusses some of the scams he's helped expose, confront, and take down.  Plus, some big ones on the horizon we should all be concerned with... 

Play the YouTube verion above or access the show on any of these:


TODAY is Bitcoin Halving Day... And I've Never Been So Bored.

bitcoin halving today
Just a quick notice for everyone, today is the day!  The block that triggers the halving is fast approaching and it's starting to appear there was a lot of hype over nothing.

If you don't know what it is, Google it, or just go on with your day really, it doesn't look like you're missing much.

We had a feeling, which is why we're not one of the sites that over-hyped this thing to the absurd level it reached.

People Will Be Disappointed... If Things Go RIGHT!?

Halving isn't supposed to have an huge effect on the price. 

Really, it's something everyone except the miners should feel completely unaffected by.

Ironically - today has some of the smallest price movement we've seen all year.

Total Price Change Over Last 24hrs: 0.90% Gain.

Less than most random, meaningless days.

So, at least so far,  this 'big day' is panning out to be uneventful.
Author: Vincent Russo
Los Angeles News Desk

YouHodler Adds the Largest Decentralized Stablecoin to its Platform..

YouHodler Adds Dai
YouHodler, the rapidly evolving FinTech platform is pleased to announce that it has listed Dai, the world’s leading decentralized stablecoin. Built on the MakerDAO system, Dai lives completely on the blockchain, making it borderless and available to anyone, anywhere.

“We believe stablecoins and their attributes are essential for the positive development of the industry,” said YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov. “Having the Dai stablecoin on the platform will introduce our communities to all the benefits that the largest decentralized stablecoin can bring. Users will also create an additional utility for Dai, using it for high-yield savings accounts and for loan repayments. Thus helping Dai expand to new sectors of the crypto community.”

The listing sees YouHodler offering a Dai wallet for secure storage, Dai exchange between fourteen coins, five stablecoins, and four fiat currencies on the platform, Dai as a payment method for YouHodler’s crypto-backed loans and a Dai Savings Account where users can earn 12% APR with weekly payouts.

“Integrating Dai to YouHodler creates more opportunity for people around the world to explore the benefits of DeFi and Dai,” said Gustav Arentoft, Head of Business Development for Europe for the Maker Foundation.

Unlike centralized and fiat-backed stablecoins on the market, Dai is backed by cryptocurrency and decentralized. With over 550 live Dai integrations, the Dai stablecoin is one of the most popular and recognized in the industry and its numbers continue to grow. The first iteration of Dai (currently now Sai) was launched in December 2017. Two years later in November 2019, the current Dai system came to be which includes a variety of new features such as the Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) and the DSR features which allow Dai users to power their financial activities more efficiently.

MakerDAO has a good reputation in the crypto community as it received investments from the industry’s top funds like Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain, and Dragonfly Capital. MakerDAO joins the company of other top projects like Huobi, Paxos, and ChainLink that were added to YouHodler in the past month.

About YouHodler
YouHodler FinTech platform is focused on crypto-backed lending with fiat (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP), crypto (BTC), and stablecoin loans (USDT, USDC, TUSD, PAX, PAXG, Dai), crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto conversions, as well as high-yield saving accounts. YouHodler supports BTC, BCH, BNB, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, DASH, REP, and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens.YouHodler is an active member of the Blockchain Association of Financial Commission and the Crypto Valley Association. Customers are protected by the independent Financial Commission’s efficient dispute resolution process.

Information Provided via Press Release
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Rapper Akon's Cryptocurrency Plans Are Sounding... A Little Less Crazy?

akon's akoin cryptocurrency
Akon, the Senglian-American musician is the latest name to join the cryptocurrency industry, focusing on Africa.

I'll admit, we laughed when Akon announced his cryptocurrency then did interviews with memorable quotes like "Nobody even knows what blockchain is".

But what was a rough idea at the start now has some industry experts involved, and an actual place to for the crypto-powered city to exist, as the President of Senegal hands over 2000 acres of land to build it on.

There is now both a company, and a foundation called Akoin, and he'll be working with Bancor's Galia Benartzi to issue the African-focused cryptocurrency. In addition to the residential city will be a industrial tech park in Kenya, "Mwale Medical and Technology City".

"Akoin will be the essential payment platform within the city for a wide range of city-related things, such as utilities. Eventually, they will compensate staff working the hospitals and markets Akoin. The legislature has asked that people move forward and not use physical cash across the country"  says Akoin co-founder and Southern California based music producer Jon Karas.

Based on the Stellar blockchain, within just a few months Akoin will aim to raise $6.75 million, selling the first 10% of the total token supply. There will be another 10% going to the founders and management, and another 5% set aside for consultants.

Lynn Liss, another Akoin co-founder cited the use of Dash in Venezuela as an example of what they aim to do with Akoin in Africa. 

However, some of criticized Dash's push into poverty stricken nations, claiming they're targeting the vulnerable and making promises they may not be able to fulfill long term.

However, there's signs at least for now, crypto is helping a lot of people living in countries with governments that cannot be trusted to be financially responsible. As national fiat currency becomes worthless due to inflation, OTC crypto markets like Paxful and LocalBitcoins in Latin America more than doubled in size over the past year to reach $44 million in volume.

It is not yet clear which cryptocurrencies will emerge as 'standard' in the 3rd world, which incorporates a variety of areas with a unique needs.

Where the Akion and Dash teams do agree - there's a huge opportunity in Africa, and both they and the population there could benefit.

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

Binance Futures DETHRONES Competitors: New Tricks To Increase Profits, Hedge Trades, and Lower Fees...

Photo of Binance Futures with Trading...
Binance futures has exploded recently, quickly taking the #1 position from Bitmex which has been bleeding market share and losing more every, and Binance Future's growth makes it clear where the traders are going.

Vice president Aaron Gong told Finance Magnates “We always wanted to be number one, however, I was expecting us to reach this goal in 12 or 16 months, but we made it in seven months”.

As of April 20th 2020, the title of #1 is officially theirs, as they set a new record with $295 million traded in a 24hr period.

So, why are people coming over to the platform in droves?

Leveraged Trading = Trade With Borrowed Funds...

Most crypto traders and investors have yet to dabble in the world of futures trading, but for those of you unfamiliar it's worth explaining the appeal and why lately, futures vs margin has left futures the winning trading method.

Exchanges offer 'leverage' which basically means, they'll loan you funds to trade with.  In the case of Binance Futures you can get up to 125x what you actually own, so if you have $50 USD, they'll turn that into $6250 in tradeable funds, you'll pay a small interest fee.

Then imagine if every time Bitcoin gained $1 in value, you were earning $10 in profit. Leverage means even small price changes can be profitable, simply because of the amount you're trading with.

You'll basically just bet if the price of Bitcoin will go up (long) or down (short). If it goes your way, you're going to love it.  But with borrowing all that money comes risk of liquidation.  Let's say Bitcoin is trading at 8500, you put your funds on it going up (long)... but you were wrong, and the price starts to drop. You'll only be able to watch it drop to about 8450 until you're liquidated, which means you lost it all. The more leverage you use, the less room for error you get.

More conservative traders argue against the idea of trading with borrowed funds, and cite the risks that comes when someone feels the rush of a big win, and then loses it everything trying to make it happen again.

Increase Your Odds: Hedge Mode Released...

"You asked for it, and we had nothing else to do during quarantine" said Binance CEO 'CZ' as he announced the new 'hedge mode' feature on Binance Futures.

The new feature means users are now able to go long and short at the same time, both in the web version and Binance futures app.

So imagine, Bitcoin is trading at 9000 - you can go long with a stop loss of 8950 and short with a stop loss 9050 - so whichever one loses $50 first gets thrown out, hopefully leaving you with the one going in the right direction. Plus, at this point you've already broken even.

It's a chance to let the market decide if you're going short or long by doing both and keeping only the winner. A Binance Futures trick worth trying!

Reduce Your Fees, Increase Your Profits...

Unlock a 10% lifetime discount on all fees for your account, sign up via this VIP Binance Futures referral linkOr if using the mobile app, use referral code TradeVIP when joining.

This works even if you already have a normal Binance trading account!

Those Inside The United States: US citizens are unable to use Binance Futures.  However, some non-US citizens simply visiting the United States will find themselves blocked even though they are allowed to use it. This is because of your IP address.  In these situations, using a free VPN like this Chrome extension allows it to be used while you're visiting the US.
Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk | Binance Futures Review

Global Crypto Outlook May 2020: Focus shifts to ETH 2.0 After Halving...

Welcome to the May 2020 Crypto Outlook with Contentworks, an agency specialising in content marketing for financial services, crypto and blockchain.

Cryptocurrencies had a great April. ETH price rose by 50% while Bitcoin, Ripple, and Litecoin rose by more than 20%. In contrast, the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and gold rose by 12%, 10%, and 8% during the month.

Cryptocurrencies gained in April...

There are four main reasons why the price of cryptocurrencies rose in April. First, the overall mood in the market was positive as evidenced by the rising in stocks. Second, there was no major bad news in the industry such as hacking or regulations. Third, crypto enthusiasts are excited about the upcoming bitcoin halving and Ethereum 2.0 protocol that will be launched in the coming months. Finally, the low interest rates and unconventional monetary policy has made more people move to digital currencies.

The biggest crypto-related news in May will be about halving. Halving is a process built within the bitcoin network that reduces the number of bitcoins awarded to miners. When it happens, the blocks that miners are awarded are cut into half. As a result, the supply of the digital currency is reduced, which in theory should help raise prices. The past two halving events took place in 2012 and 2016 while the upcoming one will take place on May 12.

In the past, the price of Bitcoin tends to rally ahead of halving. The same is also true for other currencies like Litecoin and bitcoin cash that have halving in their system. As bitcoin price rallies, other digital currencies rise as well.

However, this action tends to fizzle after halving happens as market participants sell the news. Therefore, while bitcoin price may continue rallying, and possibly test $10,000, it is also likely that the price will start weakening after halving happens.

More digital currencies...
The coronavirus pandemic has led to significant changes in the way people operate. Most countries have encouraged their citizens to use digital platforms for payments. The goal is to prevent the transmission of the disease through physical cash. At the same time, more central banks are now starting to increase their focus on creating digital cash. In China, the PBoC has been creating the digital yuan since early 2019. While the project has had several delays, there is a likelihood that it will make an announcement about it in May. Meanwhile, in Sweden, the Riksbank has said that it is developing an e-krona, which will be the digital version of the current currency. Other central banks could announce these measures as countries start to reopen.

ETH 2.0 countdown...
After Bitcoin halving happens, enthusiasts will be focusing on ETH 2.0, which is a new release that will happen in July. The goal of this release will be to remove some of the biggest problems that exist in the Ethereum network especially on speed and scalability. This new release will help solve these problems by introducing a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and sharding. The proof-of-stake mechanism will help reduce the need for mining equipment while sharding will help boost speed of transactions. According to Vitarik Buterin;

“Imagine that Ethereum has been split into thousands of islands. Each island can do its own thing. Each of the islands has its own unique features and everyone belonging on that island, i.e. the accounts, can interact with each other and they can freely indulge in all its features. If they want to contact with other islands, they will have to use some sort of protocol.”

In May, most physical crypto-related events will not take place because of the coronavirus pandemic. Still, there will be several virtual events during the month. The biggest one will be the annual Consensus event that is held by Coindesk. The virtual event will happen on May 11 to May 15. Some of the key speakers will be Akon, Changpeng Zao of Binance, and Sheila Warren of the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Another event will be the Crypto Asia Summit that will happen online between May 18 to 23. The key speakers will be Roger Ver, Da Hong Fei of NEO, and Zac Prince of BlockFi.

At Contentworks, our team of financial professionals closely follows market movements for FX, Crypto and other tradable instruments. We are proud to serve some of the biggest crypto and fintech companies in the world by delivering high-impact articles, videos, PRs and white papers.

Visit www.contentworks.agency

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