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Bitcoin Billionaire Leaps from Balcony to Avoid Robbery...

A Norwegian billionaire and owner of a cryptocurrency company, jumped from a second-floor balcony in Oslo, Norway, after an attempt at armed robbery, reports Norway's TV2.

Before the attempted robbery, the victim allegedly boasted of having "made a fortune by investing in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies" online.

The police report says the perpetrator knocked on the door of the victim's apartment, when the door was answered he was immediately held at gunpoint.

The incident is the latest in a series of cases involving criminals with a new target - a wealthy person's private keys.

In 2015, a New York City firefighter was stabbed by thieves who demanded that he hand over his private keys. Two years later, kidnappers in Ukraine got more than a million dollars , after successfully using a ransomware against a cryptocurrency analyst.

Earlier this year, three robbers disguised as police officers entered a victim's house in the Netherlands, and tortured a man with a drill in an attempt to gain access to his crypto. The one-hour torment took place in front of his four-year-old daughter, but in the end was unsuccessful.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

TNC CEO Bruce Jeong to Attend CC Forum London 2019…

TNC IT Solutions Group (TNC) is a global blockchain development firm that acts as an official partner for CC Forum London 2019. The company’s CEO Bruce Jeong is part of the event’s organizing committee and an invited speaker who will represent TNC in the annual event that will take place on October 14-16, 2019 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Center. Another TNC representative who will grace the said event is Jason Jang, the Executive Director of TNC. Mr. Jang with a six-year experience in blockchain, will also share his industry knowledge at the conference.

The CC Forum London is a significant event in the digital, blockchain, and AI industry. This year’s event will revolve around the theme “Investment in Blockchain and AI” and is expected to be attended by royal family members, policymakers, and prominent leaders, along with the brightest minds from promising tech start-ups. This year’s forum boasts a well-planned program that will ensure a perfect environment for networking opportunities that range from post-conference receptions, gala dinners, to private VIP retreats.

The CC Forum aims to open doors of opportunities for blockchain developers, innovators, and tech start-ups. The event’s ground would abound with financial companies and investors ready to fund and support promising technology projects. Furthermore, an exclusive Investor’s Hub will be put up during the event for Business and VIP pass holders. The hub will station 15 family office investment funds and Venture Capital (VC) firms that are open to invest in the development of emerging blockchain and AI technologies.

Along with investors and VIPs, there are British dignitaries from the House of Parliament, who will also be speakers at the event. Included in the list are the Lord Marland of Odstock, MP (Head of Commonwealth Committee); Lord Smith of Hindhead, MP (Gaming Committee); Lord Holmes of Richmond, MP (Democracy and Digital Committee); and Lord Waverley, MP (International Affairs). Prominent personalities from the investment and finance sector are also expected to attend the event. Some of these names are Nouriel Roubini, Tim Draper, Roger Ver, and Brock Pierce.

Mr. Jeong expresses his all-out support to the upcoming CC Forum London. He has prepared himself to warmly extend his hands in meeting with partners, blockchain developers, industry speakers, and enthusiasts from all over the world. This is a great opportunity to expand horizons and establish connections that might work in line with TNC’s vision of uniting the cryptocurrency world.

Find TNC Online at: 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tncitgroup/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tncitgroup
Telegram: https://t.me/tncitgroup
Homepage: https://tncitgroup.com/


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City in Argentina Supports Ethereum Blockchain Powered Voting...

The city of San Lorenzo, in the south of the province of Santa Fe, Argentina, announced that the results of the voting on projects that will be financed by the municipality have been registered in a blockchain based on Ethereum.

According to a press release , the integration of the Argentine Federal Blockchain (BFA) platform was carried out in the 2019 edition of the Participatory Budget of the city, in order to improve the transparency of the voting processes, since anyone can consult them.

Some operating details of this allowed, public and open source blockchain are found in the repository stored in GitLab. There it can be read that BFA works by means of the Consensus of Authority consensus protocol and that all transactions made in the network are free, since the gas necessary to carry them out is distributed to the nodes periodically through an intelligent contract called Distillery.

The implementation of the Argentine Federal Blockchain technology for registering the votes of the Budget is the first approach that the Municipality of San Lorenzo gives to cryptoactive technology. However, other regions of the country, such as the Province of Misiones and the Marcos Paz Municipality have experimented with this technology for waste management and to reward the timely payment of taxes and civic actions such as recycling.

Author: Enrique Gonzales
South America News Desk

Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency HACKED - Major Security Flaw Discovered in Early Version of Libra Code...

A security hole was discovered in Facebook's soon-to-launch cryptocurrency, the 'Libra'.

The vulnerability was discovered by OpenZeppelin, a firm that has conducted security audits for many of the major players in the cryptocurrency industry including Coinbase, the Ethereum Foundation, Brave, Bitgo, Shapeshift and more.

The exploit allowed for text that appeared to be harmless inline comments, to be executed as code. The firm provided some examples of how a bad actor could use this vulnerability, including:

  • A faucet that mints assets (Libra Coins or any other asset on the Libra network) in exchange for a fee can deploy a malicious module that takes a fee but never actually provide the possibility of minting such asset to the user.
  • A wallet that claims to keep deposits frozen and release them after a period of time may actually never release such funds.
  • A payment splitter module that appears to divide some asset and forward it to multiple parties may actually never send the corresponding part to some of them.
  • A module that takes sensitive data and applies some kind of cryptographic operation to obscure it (e.g. hashing or encrypting operations) may actually never apply such operation.

But this is hardly a complete list, when discussing a security hole that allows for someone to execute code, the possibilities are endless - it all depends on how creative, or malicious, the person writing that code is.

What's normal here, and what isn't...

Discovery of security holes while a project is in the development phase is beyond common - it's standard.

The only thing we found surprising - the large gap of time between when OpenZeppelin said they informed Facebook on Aug 6th, and the date Facebook had finally fixed the code, Sept 4th.

Even odder, changes were made to this section of code during this time, but those changes left the security hole open for another 3 weeks.

Facebook says security a top priority...

Speaking to one of my contacts inside Facebook, they said Libra "has and will continue to go through some of the most intense security auditing/testing imaginable" adding "we're letting a lot of hackers take a stab at Libra, and it won't be launched without consensus among the developers that it's fully secure, and ready for the masses".

In all fairness, while I can't say i'm convinced Facebook entering the crypto space is a good thing - it is good they're letting outsiders put Libra's security through rigorous testing.

Nothing is more dangerous than a group of developers so sure their code is flawless, they don't see the need to test that claim before releasing it to the public. That's how insecure software ends up opening security hole on thousands, or millions of computers.

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

Artist Turned Bitcoin Whale, As 19 Paintings Sell For 490 BTC!

UK Artist Lincoln Townley has been called "next Andy Warhol" and his paintings have sold to superstars like Al Pacino, Ronaldinho, and Sting.

He isn't new to Bitcoin either, he's actually the first (well known) artist to accept cryptocurrency for an expensive piece, recieving 40 BTC for 1 painting in 2017.

But his latest sale makes that one look small by comparison, selling a collection of 19 paintings for 490 BTC - worth nearly $5 million!

It's not just a gimmic either, he considers himself a member of the cryptocurrency community - and he's HODLing, sharing his belief in Bitcoin's long term growth, Townley says "I think there is a huge market for expansion, with it being something that is going to inflate in value."

See his work at https://www.lincolntownley.com

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

SEC Chair Says Crypto Industry Has "Made Progress" Addressing Issues Needed for Bitcoin ETF Approval...

Sec Chair Jay Cayton previously shared the concerns that were holding him back from approving a Bitcoin ETF. 

They including custody, and price manipulation - specifically the potential for foreign exchanges with little oversight being able to manipulate price.

Asked if the industry has made any progress addressing these concerns, he says - yes!

Crypto Exchanges Coinbase and Binance Help With Hurricane Relief Efforts - How Blockchain Could End Charity Fraud...

Hurricane Dorian donate crypto
Both Binance and Coinbase have announced they'll be accepting cryptocurrency donations for relief efforts related to hurricane Dorian.

After causing major damage in the Bahamas, Dorian traveled up the East Coast of the US - and at the time of publishing this article, left 'thousands' in Canada without power, it's final blow before heading to open ocean.

Unfortunately, disasters like this bring out both the best, and worst of humanity.

The FBI warns that following major disasters, scammers set up fake charities...

Following last years major hurricanes Harvey and Irma, law enforcement received over 400 reports of charity fraud.

"Charity scams are sadly common; after high-profile disasters, there are often reports of fraudulent charities seeking to take advantage of those who want to help" a spokesperson for the FBI said.

Blockchain means every dollar accounted for...

When the exchanges themselves are involved, there's little room for funds to end up in the wrong hands.

"All donations will be shown on the blockchain and will be accounted for" Binance said in a statement.

Now, instead of putting in a debit/credit card number online (but is this really the charity's website?) or sending via PayPal (but is it the correct charity's e-mail address?) - you can give an exchange permission to take your donation out of your balance - something only they could do. 

Afterwards, in some cases you would be able to track where those funds ended up, and at the very least see when they were spent - which is more information than donors had before.

In my opinion - this is literally the most secure, and accountable way to help - thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Donate via Binance here.
Donate via Coinbase here.

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk

"Nobody Even Knows What Blockchain is" - Rapper Akon Talks Cryptocurrency, As He Prepares To Launch His Own...

Rapper Akon's journey into crypto has had plenty of awkward moments, in the past he's said “I come with the concepts and let the geeks figure it out” and this week he elaborated on that by calling blockchain technology 'confusing'.

One of the radio show's co-hosts interrupts and says 'it sounds like a scam'.

Akon says the coin's purpose is to build a 'Real life Wakanda'.

Video Courtesy of Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 FM

Get Paid To Own A Crypto Visa Card - How To Get Yours Free, With a $50 Bonus...

After finally getting my card to go along with the Crypto App, after tweeting a photo I began getting flooded with people asking how to get theirs.

The card is free, no credit check is required, and you can earn crypto by using it - that answers the most common questions.

It's been about a year since I requested mine, I was on a waitlist and they just officially launched the Visa card service in the US a few weeks ago - but everyone who orders now will get theirs in about a week.

Unfortunately I ordered so early I missed my chance to do this, I only received a $25 XLM (Stellar) reward when I joined.   But here's how to get your card and their new $50 incentive.

Get paid to get your card, follow each step closely...

You must be a new user, and it needs to be done though an invite link.

- Their token is called MCO, and you need to be holding 50 before you can get your free card.

- Using bank account, debit, or credit card (will not work if you use crypto) buy 50 MCO tokens.

- Now you will see you've been credited an additional $50!

Order your card for free, and wait.

In about a week the card arrives...

Now the funds you put in to get the card, along with the $50 bonus, can be spent with the card! 

You'll even earn cash back (in crypto) when you do.

That's it - you just got paid to get a Crypto Visa card, click here and do it yourself!

Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk