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If You've Ever Wanted To Try Leveraged Trading - Get First Deposit Doubled, then Trade at 100X Value...

One of the newer exchanges offering leveraged trading, Delta Exchange is currently matching people's first deposits, up to 0.01 BTC.

There's been some huge growth lately in the popularity of exchanges which offer leveraged trading, which basically you're given a loan for up to 100X the amount you actually have in your wallet.

Here, you're basically betting if the price of a coin will go up, or down.

Throw in leverage up to 100X - and $5 can control $500 worth of assets!

This is how you turn small trades that otherwise would have had small profits, into some pretty large payouts.

Of course you're asking, what's the catch? 

Honestly, there really isn't one.  What happens is the more leverage you have, the less you're allowed to be wrong.  If you bet Bitcoin is going to go up by $100, and it ends up going down by 100, you could lose everything you put up.  The more leverage you have, the smaller that number gets.  Too much leverage, and Bitcoin goes down by 50 instead of going up, could cause you a loss for example.

But you can never lose more than what you've deposited!  So there's not too much to worry about, as you should never be investing more than you can lose in ANY circimstance.

So this is a good time to take full advantage of Delta's deposit match, if you've been curious about using leverage deposit $25 and let Delta turn it into $50 for your to experiment with.

Yes it's a referral link, but it's required to get the deposit match - visit Delta Exchange here!

Note for my American friends, you won't be able to sign up without using a VPN.  The simple way would be to download the Brave Browser, a free VPN one is built in.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

"A is for Altcoin, B is for Bitcoin, C is for consensus..." Reads the Author of the first Crypto Book For Toddlers...

"I started writing B is for Bitcoin after becoming completely obsessed. At the time, I wasn't sure how I could contribute to the Bitcoin world I loved so much. I didn't know how to code, and I wasn't ready to start my first company. I figured the best way to contribute would be to make a children's book..." says author Graeme Moore.

Note: while this video was recently published, it appears Vice filmed it a couple months ago - Bitcoin's price has more than doubled since.


Now Home To 800+ Companies, Switzerland Dominates Blockchain. They're so Ahead, the Only Competition is Between Their Own Cities...

You've probably heard of Crypto Valley, a region in Switzerland that runs a 20 mile stretch from the cities of Zurich to Zug, that blockchain based companies have flooded into.

Thanks to a government that's chosen to stay educated on emerging tech, rather than fear it - companies feel supported, instead of targeted by regulators.  Basically everything the US government should have done to keep tech in Silicon Valley, is actually being done in Switzerland.

However - Crypto Valley finally has a rival... and it's another area of Switzerland.


All-in-One Cryptocurrency Resource: Cryptolinks...

The Global Crypto Press is excited to be among the resources featured at Cryptolinks! We asked them to introduce themselves to our readers, and share what they're building with you!

Knowledge is power. To navigate the cryptocurrency market, information and knowledge are key. Access to the best information is critical to make the best use of this emerging financial system and to make the best investment decisions.

Markets revolve around information. 

A rumour or leak of information can cause cryptocurrency prices to move massively. Being able to identify a valuable asset before others do also requires you to know the right information. But this information can be hard to compile together, with many different sources and websites. More and more individuals and businesses are entering the cryptocurrency, making it more difficult over time to keep up.

To help you stay on top of the latest developments, we will present a review of the Cryptolinks website, an all-in-one cryptocurrency resource that provides you with all of the information you need to know.

Introducing Cryptolinks

Cryptolinks acts as a hub for information on everything cryptocurrency. To help you steer through the cryptocurrency market, cryptolinks provides resources on everything a cryptocurrency enthusiast would need. Cryptolinks is a portal to access the latest news, the best cryptocurrency websites, exchanges, and wallets, as well as other information you need to buy, sell and use cryptocurrency.

By putting everything in one place, Cryptolinks makes it easier for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, newbies and veterans alike. Every question you can think of is most likely covered by Cryptolinks’ resources. One of the great things about cryptolinks is that it is free of any advertisements. That means you can be sure that the website is not promoting cryptocurrency services that have paid for good exposure. Instead, the website relies on donations in various cryptocurrencies. Most adverts related to cryptocurrency try to entice people into scams and can cause reputational damage. For example, some of the major cryptocurrency news sites have been criticised for accepting money from scams such as BitConnect and allowing these types of projects to advertise on their websites. With Cryptolinks, however, you can be certain that they are unbiased and have no hidden agenda.

Another advantage of cryptolinks is that it is freely accessible. Think of it as a directory for cryptocurrency services, covering all of the essential areas of the cryptocurrency industry so
that someone new to the scene can easily find the best and most popular services they need. Different services are categorised by lists, with one for cryptocurrency exchanges, one for news sites, one for wallets, one for social media channels, and much more.

Want to Buy or Sell Crypto? Cryptolinks Has Got You Covered

One of the first things people want to know is how to buy and sell cryptocurrency. The Cryptocurrency Exchange list on Cryptolinks points people to the most popular exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase and BitMEX.

There is also another portal that directs people to peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchanges, such as LocalBitcoins, which is vital if you want to retain some of your privacy. Another relevant list for those looking to buy cryptocurrency is ‘Cryptocurrency Charts’, which details all of the websites where you can chart the prices of cryptocurrency and use technical analysis to make trades or investments.

Get the Latest Headlines on Crypto through Cryptolinks

As a fast-changing and ever evolving market, it is imperative to keep on top of the latest developments, whether that be the latest exchange hack, a new cryptocurrency project, or a long-anticipated upgrade for Bitcoin. Cryptolinks provides links to all of the reputable cryptocurrency news sites.

There are five portals of interest in this category; firstly, there is the ‘Cryptocurrency News’, which lays out all of the best news websites and are ordered by popularity. Secondly, there is ‘Cryptocurrency Magazines’, which are media websites that provide a mix of cryptocurrency fun and education, such as Bitcoin Magazine.

Thirdly, there is ‘Crypto News Aggregators’ which details the websites that compile news stories and commentaries from different sources in one place. Fourth, the cryptocurrency calendar list provides some resources that highlight important events for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. For example, CoinMarketCal provides a calendar of all of the important events and updates for different cryptocurrencies, with examples such as bitcoin’s block reward halving, the launch of an initial coin offering or events where projects will make an announcement.

Resources for Crypto Investors

Even for the most seasoned crypto investors, Cryptolinks offers value. For example, there is a list that details all of the cryptocurrency statistics sites, which are invaluable for research. The ‘coin tracking’ portal helps investors to track their portfolio more efficiently, while the ‘Upcoming ICOs’ list outlines all of the best websites to keep on top of initial coin offerings so that they can have an outlook for new cryptocurrency projects that are looking for funding. Furthermore, another relevant list to investors is the ‘Bitcoin Futures’ portal showing you the best platforms to trade bitcoin derivatives, such as eToro. With resources on crypto exchange data, crypto trading bots, and altcoin exchanges, crypto investors and traders have a comprehensive resource at their fingertips.

Where to Store and Spend my Bitcoins?

Alright, so you’ve bought some bitcoins or you’ve started trading and made some money. The next question on your mind is “Where can I spend/store my bitcoins?”. Well, with Cryptolinks, you can find the most reliable way to store your cryptocurrency as well as merchants to spend your bits with.

For instance, the ‘Buy with Bitcoin’ register outlines the top merchants where you can spend bitcoin, including CheapAir.com, which allows you to book flights with cryptocurrency, Purse - a company that allows you to use crypto to buy things off Amazon, and Bitrefill, which allows you to buy mobile credit, gift cards and much more with bitcoin. There is even a ‘bitcoin charity’ list which allows you to quickly find the good causes you can donate to with cryptocurrency.

There is also ‘Cryptocurrency Debit Cards’ which shows you ways to use your bitcoin to make purchases with debit cards. With regards to storing your bitcoin or altcoins, Cryptolinks also educates users on different wallets you can use. For instance, there are several portals that outline hardware wallets such as Trezor, web wallets, desktop wallets, paper wallets and wallets for particular operating systems, like Android or iOS.

Get Connected with the Cryptocurrency Community

Cryptolinks makes it easy to find the best content on social media relating to cryptocurrency and material from thought leaders and experts in the space. There are separate registers for each social media platform, i.e., one for Reddit, one for Twitter, one for YouTube and so on. There is also a catalogue of bitcoin podcasts, forums, documentaries, books and Ted Talks. If you want to go out and meet people, you can use ‘Blockchain Events’ to see where the next event is taking place near you.

For anyone who wants to take a deep dive into cryptocurrency and learn something new, there is plenty on offer at Cryptolinks. Trying to find all of these resources on your own would be a big task and the convenience of having them all in one place is what makes Cryptolinks so great.


Whether you are a newbie or veteran in the cryptocurrency scene, Cryptolinks offers something for everyone. Overall, it is structured in a decent way and contains a lot of detailed information on different aspects of crypto. Cryptolinks can be said to be something like the Yellow Pages of the cryptocurrency industry, allowing you to find any service that is remotely related to cryptocurrency and saving you a lot of time in the process.

Visit https://cryptolinks.com

Nate Urbas

The 5 Factors Fueling Bitcoin's Takeoff - and The Questions That Will Determine What Happens Next...

I've gotten pretty annoyed with people who spent the last year making bold Bitcoin price predictions in the media, just to end up wrong every time.  We can all name a couple of them who regularly appear on CNBC.

But exactly 1 month ago today, in my article covering the bull run that brought us from the 4000's to 7000's I made an exception, and explained why I think we may actually keep what we gained .

In a rare exception to my no predictions rule, I shared why I thought "a dip/correction may NOT be coming" explaining "...after over a year stuck in a cycle of losing any gains shortly after getting them - this may be the bull run where we end up keeping most of it. Because this time, we're not wondering why it went up in the first place."

My point isn't to say 'I was right' - I bring this up to say my point still stands. Today we are seeing more real gains, and valid reasons for them.

This bull run has absolutely nothing in common with 2017, and that's a very good thing.  That was entirely FOMO fueled, this time we're looking at very real moves by some very big players.

|Here's the projects approaching fast on the horizon...

According to insiders, we're weeks, maybe even just days away from an official launch. There's no way to downplay a company that oversees over $7 trillion in customer assets, employs over 40,000 people, and has nearly 200 offices in the US. Cryptocurrency will soon be among the assets they offer clients, beginning with Bitcoin.

The venture involving the New York Stock Exchange, Starbucks, and Microsoft may have just fast-tracked their government licencing process by purchasing a company that already has them.

Which is also Visa & Mastercard's official entry into crypto, this project has been covered in every major media outlet which has an effect on the overall buzz around cryptocurrency.  This level of media coverage surely has resulted in thousands deciding they've held out long enough - if big companies like this are getting in, maybe they should too.

Don't take this as an endorsement of Facebook's coin. Honestly I can imagine this turning out to be good or bad, and can't even guess which it will be.

However, when I say it could turn out good it's only because i'm picturing people using it as a stepping stool, like 'crypto for beginners' - which they eventually ditch for the real thing.

Usability in the real world...
Quietly, there’s beta testing happening which allows people to use crypto in places like Starbucks, Whole Foods, Petco, Nordstroms.

Crypto Finance...
The tools we associate with traditional finance that once required a bank can now be done with cryptocurrency.  After some initial skepticism, these services have managed to establish themselves as reliable and here to stay.

You can get a Bitcoin loan by showing you own cryptocurrency, instead of a credit check.  During bull runs, people are using their crypto to get loaned more crypto... to buy more crypto!

You can earn interest on crypto that you're holding, creating a way to generate profits without having to get into trading.

|Where we go from here...

I think it would be accurate to label the cause of the last couple bull runs 'anticipation'.  Different from FOMO because there's very little speculation involved - all these things we know are coming, for certain.

What we don't know is if these soon-to-launch projects will be a success. 

Watch closely for the answers to these questions - the next big market movements will hinge entirely on the answers: 

Will people use Facebook's coin? If so, will the result be people wanting to learn about and use other cryptocurrencies? Or, will they say they have no need since they already have one that seems to work fine?

Will Fidelity customers want crypto in their portfolio/retirement accounts?  How aggressively will Fidelity push the idea to their large existing customer base?

Has Bakkt lost too much momentum, and gained too much competition since their initial announcement?

If all or most of these turn out to be a success, brace yourself for a bull run that makes 2017 prices seem low.

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

Facebook Has a Cryptocurrency, And It Doesn't Matter...

Everything is going to be just fine...

Over the last 24hrs, I've seen way too many people making way too much out of this.  We need to talk.

Here at the Gloabl Crypto Press Association, we've been on top of this story from day one.

Actually... before day one, seriously.

Being based in Silicon Valley, just among our own staff there's people who worked for/with Facebook in various capacities. In my case, I was born and raised here, and if you're from my generation you're going to have friends from high school or college who ended up at Facebook.

That creates an atmosphere where if Facebook (or Zuckerberg specifically) mentions blockchain or cryptocurrency, somebody is going to bring it up to someone here.

For us, it started with Zuckerberg's sister entering the cryptocurrency industry last year - now you have to wonder if perhaps this is who first planted the idea in Mark's mind.

Then, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned blockchain himself. This was at the peak of Facebook being under fire for privacy issues, I admit we didn't take it seriously and thought he was just using the buzzword.

The big story then came in April of this year, we published "Facebook's Secret Plan For Crypto" and actually pretty much had the whole story then, saying to expect a stable coin with lots of corporate partners.

With a couple insignificant updates since then, I think we remained fair, and when appropriate, critical of Facebook's plans as we learned more and reported on it.

Now, finally, after all those articles where we had to use phrases like 'according to sources...' and 'there's a rumor that...' Facebook made it official with a post from Zuckerberg.

While those deeper in the crypto world have been following the story for awhile, there was still a fairly intense reaction today in every online crypto community I checked - Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and Discord, and of course Facebook itself - a good number of angry people convinced this is going to ruin crypto for all of us.

So let's address some of the main concerns we've seen so far.

Adoption VS Usage...

Yes, Facebook's coin is likely going to kick off and almost immediately see heavy usage.

This is because Facebook, with it's partners will be inserting themselves into transactions, presenting the option to them - this is not adoption.

In tech 'adoption' means people looking for a solution feel they have discovered the best one. But Facebook is going to be saying "use our coin" to people who were never asking 'which cryptocurrency should I use?'

They'll provide some incentives to do so, so people will.  This is still just usage, not adoption - and with usage there's no loyalty.

The effect that will have...

With Facebook providing incentives for people to use Libra, people will take that big first step of making their first ever transaction using cryptocurrency.

Once they do, human nature kicks in.  Suddenly people who have heard about Bitcoin, or other cryptocurrencies, see them as a lot less intimidating.

Unfortunately for Facebook... they're Facebook...

I believe they can convince someone to try cryptocurrency, I don't think they can convince someone to trust them.

"This is great, I should find an alternative that isn't from Facebook" is going to be a common response.  There's just no way around it.

Regardless of what Facebook promises, people have concerns in the back of their mind any time Facebook is involved.

Many who try and like Libra will go looking for a Facebook-free alternative.

There won't be a cult following for this coin...

Look at the communities behind the top coins.  Each have people who hate it, like it, love it, and LIVE FOR IT.   Sometimes they even go to war with each other.

I don't see Libra having anything except people who hate it, and like it.

Let's be honest, the excitement of owning a stablecoin is greatly limited...

The excitement that comes with price volatility is what sucked us in and got us hooked, and typically a cult following is made up of people who love a coin that made them a nice profit.

During days of heavy market activity, up or down, how often do you check prices?  All of this is gone with a stablecoin.

The retailers...

This one is huge, because with the help of the credit card companies involved in to Libra, they will be recruiting lots of retailers to accept their first cryptocurrency.

Retailers that may have been 20 years away from accepting cryptocurrency will hear that Visa and Mastercard are involved, and it's a way to bring in revenue - and that's all they need to say 'yes' at a time they would say no to someone offering them a way to accept Bitcoin or other top coins.

Now, the retailer is in a very different position, because 'you should add Bitcoin to the types of cryptocurreny you accept' is a totally different pitch, and now a much smaller step for them to take.

So, relax...

There's countless ways Facebook's cryptocurrency can serve as a pathway, leading people and businesses in to the general cryptocurrency market and economy. While at the same time, limited in the influence it has over what we've built so far.

In other words, I think this is a one way street - and it's sending people in our direction.

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

Facebook's Cryptocurrency Could Quickly Become More Popular Than Bitcoin, Analyst Claims...

Global Crypto Press Association Editors Note:  After watching the video above, I would like to you to consider a few things.  Mainly - does this even matter?

We've remained fair, and when appropriate, critical of Facebook's plans as we've learned more, and so far it doesn't seem as exciting as some in the media have made it out to be, or has threatening as some in the crypto world have made it out to be. 

This isn't criticism, but simple fact - the word 'adoption' is being used very loosely here. What we will see is more along the lines of Facebook 'inserting itself' into transactions, rather than 'adoption' which in tech typically implies people looking for a solution, and deciding upon the best one. 

Another important factor that people are passing over with too little consideration - this is a stablecoin, automatically making it a very different animal than Bitcoin. The excitement that comes with trading and price volatility is what sucked us all into our current crypto-obsessions, all this is gone when it comes to Facebook's coin.

Even if successful, it could be a coin with millions of users and no 'community' tied to it. While millions use it, I've never seen a message board where thousands of PayPal fans get together, at least for anything beyond user to user tech support.  I would expect the same if Facebook's cryptocurrency  is successful. 

That's because using it won't be any more exciting than selecting Visa, Mastercard, or Paypal at checkout, it's just another option for straightforward payment. 

For these reasons, I think framing Facebook's coin as a rival to Bitcoin is a faulty concept at it's core.

Facebook's coin will do nothing beyond proving that cryptocurrency works as an easy and secure payment method.

With that new confidence in the tech, success of Facebook's coin could actually spark a lot of people's curiosity in cryptocurrency, and end up sending waves of people c over to the cryptocurrency world we know.

-Ross Davis, Editor In Chef
Share your thoughts @GlobalCryptoDev

Redeeming ICOs: Understanding the New DApp System as Explained by ADN’s Einstein...

Recent news broke about the publishing of ADN’s official press releases on cryptocurrency news outlets like CoinTelegraph, The Global Crypto Press, CCN, and BitcoinMagazine. This was soon followed by announcements revealing the successful listing of ADN Coin on premier cryptocurrency exchanges like BitForex and Coinbene.

Final preparations are underway, and many in the ICO community are anticipating the launching of ADN’s mainnet. To satisfy our curiosity, we contacted Tad Einstein, CIO of ADN. He is working alongside ADN’s CTO in developing the ADN mainnet.

In a Nutshell

The primary purpose of the ADN platform, according to an exclusive interview with Tad, is to ”re-instill” investor confidence in ICOs by providing a secure investment and transaction platform.

According to a study by ICO advisory firm Statis Group, more than 80% of all ICOs conducted in 2017 were identified as scams. In terms of money, over $1.34 billion were given away to those people who conducted the scammy ICOs. Now, ICO has such a negative connotation that many people have already attached the words scam and dirty to it.

This was what Tad was referring to. He believes that through ADN, ICOs will reclaim its title as the legitimate and vintage way for promising tech startups and small-and-medium (SME) enterprises to receive funding from the crypto community.

Revolutionizing ICOs

ADN has a lot of features which are unique to its platform. While it remains in the same league with other blockchain ecosystems like Ethereum, EOS, and TRON, it boasts investor security features that will safeguard the investments of ICO participants, at the same time it provides proactive support to ICO holding companies to garner trust and funding from investors.

Tad said:

“The technical components of the platform consist of a main network which supports smart contracts and advanced business logic, the ADN cryptocurrency which encapsulates all underlying ICO assets into a robust, secure, and flexible unit of trade, and an ICO Wallet in which funds cannot be accessed by ICO-holding companies except those approved by the ICO participants."

When asked to elaborate, Tad said that the ICO Wallet is one of their biggest innovations as of now and that they have already filed a patent for it. While he expressed so much enthusiasm in mentioning the innovation, he opted to keep mum until ADN gets the award for the patent.

Entirely From the Ground Up

Tad believes that ADN is not like any other DApp-creation platform, simply because they designed it to introduce new standards and levels of excellence surrounding the ICO process and marketplace. He also admitted that they created ADN out of the dire “need” to restore the ICO practice back to its regal state.

“ADN is a new ecosystem built entirely from the ground up to introduce a better way to fund, run, and transact with blockchain technologies,” Tad said. ”ADN’s platform will bring in a new degree of trust and transparency to blockchain-based projects.”

According to the ADN roadmap, the ADN mainnet will go live in September 2019, so it’s safe to say that all technical details regarding ADN’s breakthrough ecosystem will be disclosed at this time.

ADN’s Einstein

Toward the end of our conversation with Tad, we asked him if he was, in any way, related to Albert Einstein, the 20th-century genius celebrated for his revolutionary Theory of Relativity and many more. He laughed, inadvertently revealing that he had been asked that question far too many times. Then he admitted that he indeed is a descendant of the esteemed luminary. He even jokingly said that he had no choice in the process.

Nevertheless, he admitted that he feels honored to carry the family name, and in his own way, he is helping the world improve technologically, all in the name of humanity.

Alongside working to develop ADN’s mainnet, Tad is currently the CTO of DeepDive Technology, an international tech company that assists companies through enterprise architecture consulting, user experience design, enterprise app engineering and development, active software maintenance, software testing, and production operations support. DeepDive Technology is also one of the chief partners of ADN.


ADN plans its coin to be listed on 30 cryptocurrency exchanges beginning June 2019, and so far, two major exchanges have opened their doors, namely BitForex and Coinbene. To celebrate the recent listing, BitForex is holding a trading event wherein the top 100 ADN traders will share a pool of 10 million ADN and $10,000 as rewards. A total of 1 million ADN Coin will also be distributed evenly to all participants who will be able to trade at least 50,000 ADN Coin during the event period.

The event runs from June 10 at 5:00 p.m (GMT +8) until June 24 5:00 p.m (GMT +8). Fur further information regarding the event, you may visit here.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to join ADN’s official channels to be updated with the latest news about the platform.

Website: https://www.adncoin.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/adncoinofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/adncoinofficial/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/adncoinofficial/
Twitter https://twitter.com/adncoinofficial
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/adncoinofficial/about/

Information provided via press release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association Press Release Distribution Service for industry.

Global Crypto Press @ Blockchain Expo Europe This Week!

 The Global Crypto Press is a media partner with Blockchain Expo Europe, now for 3 years! Europe’s largest Blockchain Conference and Exhibition focuses on the future of enterprise technology, with two days of top-level content from leading brands, embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies.

Returning to RAI Amsterdam on June 19-20, the Blockchain event is co-located with the IoT Tech Expo, AI & Big Data Expo and Cyber Security & Cloud Expo so you can explore the convergence of these technologies in one place.

The Blockchain conference agenda will present a series of expert keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies. All exploring the key industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including; legal sectors, retail, financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and more.

Blockchain tracks include: Blockchain for Enterprise, Blockchain Platforms and Strategies, Cryptocurrency and Financial Services, Developing Blockchain Applications, Blockchain for Business, Blockchain Technologies, Blockchain Workshops and Innovation & Investors Zone.

For more information visit: https://blockchain-expo.com/europe/

The Global Crypto Press Association is a media partner with Blockchain Expo events.

This 'Provably Fair' Crypto Casino Just paid Out $100k to One Lucky Player...

This crypto casino’s unique jackpot slot has just paid out its highest win yet. Player LETTERMAN43 was the lucky winner of $100,100 in a single spin, a sum that has to date broken his own win record as well as CryptoSlots’.

The game Jackpot Trigger is a unique feature of this successful online casino, which was launched last year by well-established game provider Slotland Entertainment. The 100k win is second only to the – as yet unconquered – one million dollar jackpot. The aim when playing is to match colors and numbers across 3x3 reels with the aid of a hold feature. The million win is hit when the same symbol matches across all reels.

“With CryptoSlots we always wanted to do things a little differently. Tying the jackpot in with a Provably Fair slot was a way to make it accessible to all players.” said casino manager Michael Hilary.

What does Provably Fair mean?

Provably Fair is a mechanism by which players can prove games as fair. It is a relatively new concept but one that is on the rise. As a Blockchain method, Provably Fair is tied in closely with cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies makes payments transparent – Provably Fair makes the gameplay itself transparent.

A set of game outcomes are randomly created before the spin of any slot, or the shuffle of any card deck in video poker. After the player makes their play they can check the previously hashed outcomes to match their end result with one of the set potentials. It sounds more complicated than it is. At CryptoSlots a player only has to click on the Provably Fair section in the game menu to easily display the process. Although many online casinos are now adopting the practice of Provably Fair, CryptoSlots is one of the first to make all their games Provably Fair. Every single game result can be guaranteed as random, including on the Jackpot Trigger.

The Crypto Effect on Online Casinos

CryptoSlots is one of a crop of crypto-only casinos. Astute online gamblers now know the virtues of using cryptocurrencies to play. Payment processor issues are eradicated, with transactions that are safer and faster. The global online gambling market is on track to reach $94 billion in value within the next 5 years, and crypto is estimated to play a huge part in this increase.

Play now at CryptoSlots.com

Information provided via press release