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Cardano Devlopers Want It To Be EASY To Discover QUALITY dApps - Like It Is On Android and iPhone...

Cardano dapp store

One of the companies behind the development of Cardano, IOHK, is planning to introduce a 'dApp Store'( decentralized application store) for apps powered by Cardano smart contracts. 

Beyond showing users the different applications available on the blockchain, IOHK also plans to create a certification program for dapps on the network so that users can have some level of quality assurance, and include user reviews for each dApp as well.

Current dApp Listing Platforms Are Littered With Low Quality Projects...

One of the largest issues with decentralized apps today is the general public’s inability to find them and easily determine their quality.

"Any new application ecosystem presents an enticing smorgasbord of exploration. Equally, an emergent ecosystem faces two key challenges at the beginning: discovery and quality assurance. Users need to be able to find the products they want to engage with, and do so with the reassurance of a certain baseline level of quality" the company said in an announcement on their site.

On the Cardano reddit the announcement initially sparked concerns of centralization -  so it's important to note that no one can control what smart contracts are deployed on Cardano, or any other open blockchain. No dApp developer will be required to list their app here either.

The dApp Store will simply be a listing of dApps that first had to qualify  with an application process to qualify, along with ratings and reviews from the community. 

Which is why a portal featuring only vetted and trustworthy dApps that meet some minimum quality requirements could be a success, as the current top platforms for dApps developers to list their project on also include 'high risk' investment apps, and all kinds of other poorly made ones.

Having one place where every app you see is safe to try could help speed up ADA's adoption once smart contracts go live and open for anyone to create their own. 

Author: Ross Davis 
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco Newsroom / Breaking Crypto News

China MOCKED On Twitter For Announcing They're Banning Crypto... For The 7th Time Since 2013!

China Bans Crypto

Bitcoin was banned in China today - this followed the previous ban, which was enacted following the ban before that - which came after the first still-active ban.

Yes - the truth is that ridiculous.

To People New To Crypto "China Bans Crypto" Sounds Like An Important Story - But, It Isn't...

Every few months, China bans crypto. They've been doing it for years.

Not only is it a non-story because nothing changes fundamentally, but China has been announcing crypto bans for so long we have historical data to prove that Bitcoin's value passes every price-point they made these announcements at - a predicion we can believe will happen again, as it has been tested and re-tested several times over.

Actually, China does this so often, crypto-twitter waits on standby with memes ready for the occasion.  Let's let them sum up the situation...

China bitcoin meme

china bitcoin ban meme

china crypto meme

china bitcoin ban

Those were a few favorites, and on a day when you've watched a chunk of your portfolio's value disappear for such a ridiculous reason - all you can do is laugh and remember: it's always recovered!

Looking forward to seeing what memes people come up with next time - which unfortunately, we all know is coming. 

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

New Short-Term Contracts Platform 'TurboXBT' Offers 90% Profits On A SINGLE Deal - So How Does It Work?

Turbo XBT

Investing in the digital currency ecosystem has been enmeshed with the potential for high and instant profits with the emergence of TurboXBT, a short-term exchange dedicated to the trading of synthetic assets. 

It is no longer a myth that a lot of money can be made in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, a reality made possible with the volatility of the nascent industry. Actually, this volatility is double faced and it can either make or mar a trader. Unless it is through defined, and less risky trading options such as that offered by the TurboXBT platform, the profitability of a trader may be subjected to chance or extreme uncertainties.

TurboXBT is a relatively new exchange but with the promise to be a formidable player, especially in the synthetic asset trading ecosystem. As one of the ways to boost the diversity that the broader digital currency industry embodies, the trading platform has integrated solutions to welcome a broad range of customers all over the world. The promise of the TurboXBT platform is simple, to offer profitability on single trades up to 90% with value additions to all users.

Irrespective of its newness, TurboXBT’s service is on track to lead the dive into crypto synthetic trading, taking on existing players in this challenging niche.

The Money Making Diversity: Highlighting the TurboXBT Advantage

Full fledged crypto investors are those whose profiles detailed active engagement in multiple offerings, whether currently, or at some points in their careers. While not coming off as a rule of thumb, some traders have actively participated in backing crypto projects through Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Initial Decentralized Offerings (IDOs) as we have it today, deposited money into liquidity pools, and the staking in a functional Proof-of-Stake (PoS) network.

Each of these investment options offers its own uniqueness, and pathway to profitability, sandwiched with obvious risks across each option. While many fraudulent projects are always launched on a daily basis to take advantage of the positive tilt towards ICO/IDOs, unsuspecting users may fall victim. 

The growth of crypto and its tilt towards decentralized finance has made liquidity provisions and staking a more prevalent alternative to growth capital in today’s digital world. Fundamentally, both involve locking up funds in smart contracts to aid the maintenance of these underlying protocols for which funds can be earned in return. Both Liquidity providers and stakers earn rewards in fees generated by the platform and the earnings are based on varying ROI which can be in the range of 3% to 20%. Despite these positive earning prospects, the learning curve for both options is steep, and the underlying modalities surrounding liquidity provision and staking can be very challenging for a new user to adapt to.

The emergence of TurboXBT short-term trading lends a different narrative to the money making options in the digital currency industry, through simplified, yet profitable trading options. Unlike liquidity provision and staking, TurboXBT offers a clear, simplified and fast path to put your capital to work for you. Trades are typically executed in a matter of minutes, and earnings can be as high as 90% per a single trade.

A Deeper Look into the TurboXBT Platform

Getting started on the TurboXBT platform is as easy as opening an account with your email address and password. The complexity in opening a trading account on most exchanges can be quite frustrating, and TurboXBT has considerably lowered the barriers that serve as a bottleneck to those looking to catch up with the trend. 

On TurboXBT, users can enter into short term contracts which can either be inline with price gains, UP contracts, or price falls dubbed DOWN contracts. These trades can be executed once an active account has been funded with the right funds, which can be any one of the supported deposit assets including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and the top two stablecoins, USDC, and USDT respectively.

This is how the synthetic short-term contracts work; the user selects the asset pair to trade, for example, the BTC/USD pair. Thereafter, the time frame comfortable with the trader is chosen. This can be any time from 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 15 minutes respectively. Following this, the trade is executed by clicking either the green UP button for the upward trend or the red DOWN button to bet on price falls. Trade winnings are dependent on whether the traded pair gained or lost in value within the set time limit. 

Users can get the worst and best case estimates of their profits in advance by multiplying the percentage payout rate quoted on the TurboXBT platform. Each of the 38 trading pairs across 17 synthetic assets have their own unique payout rate. The user needs to be familiar with this figure per time to calculate the potential worth of the risk being taken to trade on the platform.

Executing a contract trade on TurboXBT is further enhanced with the platform’s physical attributes including a unique user friendly design, and a bold interface that is appealing to all site visitors. There are no restrictions on deposits and withdrawals on the TurboXBT exchange, and the barriers to entry have further been lowered down with no need for Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification at the point of opening the account.

The Big Takeaway

Creating a new product in an ecosystem that is evolving at a very fast pace is commendable, but comes with risks. TurboXBT is not only willing to assume this risk, the exchange is doing so without transferring any burden on the customer. With no commission on deposits, withdrawals or trades executed on the platform, users can benefit from the platform’s superior technological offerings to maximize what earnings their capital can get them.

Above all, TurboXBT’s profitability comes with an assurance of data security and the safety of funds stored on the platform. All these features are bolstered by the platform’s speed, and 99.9% uptime, a feature that prevents loss of funds owing to unforeseen platform downtime.

For More Info:


Information Provided via Press Release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association
Breaking Crypto News

WHY Does Chinese Economic Issues Effect The Crypto Market? Well... It's OUR FAULT...

The definition of 'panic' says those feeling it have 'uncontrollable anxiety' often causing 'wildly unthinking behavior' - so when we look at incidents of 'panic selling' it's no surprise that when the panic is over and we look back, it often becomes clear that decisions made weren't made logically.

Selling crypto in response to anything happening in China is one of those illogical decisions. 

The ONLY Way Economic Turbulence In China Effects Crypto is if WE Allow it...

Did people forget China COMPLETELY cut ties with the cryptocurrency market?

China's authoritarian ban on cryptocurrency trading and mining (so, everything) means that news from China triggering crashes in crypto is caused entirely by people outside of China panic selling, and including crypto among the assets they're dumping. 

People based in China may decide to sell off US stocks, but they aren't dumping crypto they don't own.

Until the past year many would rightfully point out 'but many Chinese do own crypto, the government can't actually stop it'. But this isn't like before.

Yes, a couple years ago there was a thriving underground of Chinese crypto traders ignoring government warnings.  Today it's not worth the risk - people have been arrested, and financial service companies face harsh penalties for serving anyone suspected of profiting from crypto.

In other words, with both law enforcement and the banking industry in China actively enforcing the ban, successful trading would be followed by the nearly impossible task of getting those profits into the country. 

Profits made legitimately would need to go through a money laundering process - this is the point 99.9% of people call it quits. 

"China’s government is doing everything they can to ensure that bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies disappear from the Chinese financial systems and economy" said Fred Thiel, a member of the Bitcoin Mining Council.

The Final Nail in Coffin of Crypto in China was the Launch of their Own Digital Currency...

With the launch of their own digital currency, the digital Yuen, they see crypto as a competitor to their own digital coin. In a country where getting rid of competition is as easy as outlawing the competitor, the competition was over before it started. 

China May Have Wanted Bitcoin DEAD, Everywhere...

It's also worth noting that many suspect the move to ban crypto mining actually had much larger goals - to destroy bitcoin completely.

It's a bit disturbing to think about, but the idea of pulling half of all miners offline sounds like a good way bring chaos to the crypto market - and that's exactly what China did. 

Thankfully, the chaos never came. 

Instead of crashing, Bitcoin proved it's resiliency. Miners around the world were quick to pick up the slack, and there's rumors of Chinese miners fleeing the country with their equipment but preferring to keep their destination unknown for now. 

In Closing...

My point is simple - China made their stance clear, their economy is to have no ties to cryptocurrency, period. Currently, when Chinese investors sell assets in a panic sell-off, it won't include crypto. 

On weeks like this our disconnect from China is an advantage - so let's take advantage of it.  Crypto could be a 'safe haven from Chinese market volatility' because on a technical level that's true - investors just need to treat it that way.

Author: Ross Davis 
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco Newsroom / Breaking Crypto News

Bitcoin Is Being Transferred Off Of Exchanges At The FASTEST Rate Ever - What Will Happen When HODLers DOMINATE The Market?


Bitcoin 2021

Despite Bitcoin's slow recovery from the $52k to $45k plunge earlier in the month, analytic firm Glassnode recorded the transfer of $1.2 billion of bitcoin off major exchanges.

Bitcoin being taken off exchanges is a clear sign that the owner is storing it instead of keeping it on an exchange where they can easily sell it.

This confirms that bitcoin accumulation continued as the price fell.

How Many Are Truly HODLing? Here's the numbers...

Long-term holders (LTH) are those who have owned their BTC for more than 155 days, they purchased it before mid-April, while short-term holders ( STH ) bought after the historical high on April 14.

In total, short term holders have amassed 16.8% of bitcoin's supply in the last five months, or about 3.16 million bitcoins.

While long term holders now own 79.5% of bitcoin's supply.

Signs Of What's To Come...

In the graph below, you can see two things: long term holders are at a historical high, and the accumulation of Bitcoin off-exchanges creates a supply shortage that typically triggers a price increase.

"Accumulation highs precede a price high" the report states.

Bitcoin stats 2021

The amount of Bitcoin that moves from short to long term holders per month averages 421,000. This rate is expected to continue into the final quarter of the year, when true scarcity could drive bitcoin to record-breaking prices.

If FOMO kicks, it all may happen at a record-breaking speed as well.

So - be ready.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk / Breaking Crypto News

Google Jumps Into The NFT Game, Forming Partnership With One of It's Biggest Players...

Google NFT Partnership

The partnership is with Dapper Labs, a Canadian company that became famous for CryptoKitties, and followed that with another hit 'NBA Top Shot' - they're now focusing on what they call the 'Flow blockchain'. All this has earned Dapper Labs a market valuation of over than $7.5 billion dollars.

The partnership is with Google's Cloud division, but the company notes that Flow is and will remain a decentralized network, saying the involvement of the Google Cloud service will not mean they're moving towards centralization.

 According to Jannet Kennedy, vice president of the North American division of Google Cloud, the goal of the business alliance is to help Dapper Labs to have "rapid and sustainable growth."

Apparently, offering more tools for developers is the goal. Those responsible for writing the code of decentralized applications in Flow will be able to use direct integration between the decentralized network and Google Cloud services.

But The Market Seems Unsure What To Make Of The New Partnership...

The token behind the blockchain also is named 'Flow' and is surprisingly down following the news, trading at $21 and unable to even bring it back to it's highest price of the past month, $28.  Volume is down over 50% today as well.  Still, it's a top 100 coin by market cap and there's plenty of future potential.

The agreement was made official in a press release published Forbes, which you can read here.

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle Newsdesk

Secret Meetings Between Texas Oil Industry, and Crypto Miners - First Details On The Plans Of This GAME CHANGING Alliance...

Texas oil bitcoin mining

Afterhours inside an unexpected location, a car depot in Houston Texas, several secretive invite-only meetings have recently taken place.  To be invited you had to be from one of two industries - the Texas oil industry, or cryptocurrency mining.

The exact details of these clandestine meetings are still not open to the public, the deals made within protected by nondisclosure agreements.

But we managed to get some early details. 

What's becoming obvious is that Texas wasn't kidding when they said they want to become the crypto mining capitol - China banning miners set that plan into overdrive...

Texas is the home to a massive portion of the US oil industry, not just the black stuff, but natural gas too. Because oil is so valuable, natural gas goes to waste - only released because it escapes the earth when drilling for oil.

Currently, they just burn this natural gas away - as explained in the NYTimes article 'Despite Their Promises, Giant Energy Companies Burn Away Vast Amounts of Natural Gas' which explains: 

"When an energy company strikes oil and begins to pump, less-valuable natural gas comes up alongside the oil. That gas could be gathered into pipelines and sold.  'It’s just much cheaper for companies to get rid of it' said Artem Abramov, an industry analyst at Rystad Energy."

The article also claims that several oil companies have a policy of burning off 100% of the natural gas they encounter while drilling for oil.

With massive amounts of energy literally going up in smoke, the crypto mining industry spotted the obvious opportunity...

Natural gas is much less valuable than oil, so if companies can choose which one to fill their tanks with - it's going to be oil. 

So if they won't bother capturing the natural gas escaping from their oil drilling sites, the only way it would be put to use is if an industry wanted to use it right there, on location.

 "I couldn't take my eyes off this when I saw that so much money could be made on gas thanks to a Bitcoin miner who takes advantage of the gas that is usually released into the atmosphere to burn" says  Adam Ortolf, who runs a company named Upstream Data, which makes the equipment needed to run Bitcoin miners off excess natural gas.

So the plan is to have crypto mining can take advantage of the current situation, install mining operations in the vicinity of each well, then use that to power everything.

Our guess on how it'll all work would be to use trailers fitted to serve as portable crypto mining operations, which would relocate from one oil well onto the next, following the oil company doing the drilling.

A rare situation where everybody wins...

Oil companies currently making nothing off the natural gas their oil wells expel will now receive a small cut of the crypto mining profits, and the crypto miners get energy at a cost lower than ever before.

There's environmental benefits as well - now these crypto miners can unplug from the grid, reducing crypto mining's dependence traditional power plants. 

Lowering demand on the grid means these power plants can then produce less energy - the end result is less carbon emissions, and an overall smaller carbon footprint for crypto. 

Author: Ross Davis 
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco Newsroom / Breaking Crypto News

Beyond Oil™ and Spectre Exchange Form Partnership — Update...

Solar Oil Project

Following Hatchworks’ announcement earlier this year regarding Spectre Exchange, a project they advise with Solar Oil, a Beyond Oil™ initiative, a meeting took place between both teams in August 2021 to discuss in-depth the next stages of the project moving forward into 2022 and beyond.

Beyond Oil™ is on target to conclude Phase I private pre-sale of the initiative on in Q4 2021. During Phase I which began in December 2020, a $10m oil production portfolio was developed and offered in the pilot program to initial participants. At conclusion of this phase, Beyond Oil™ will move to the significantly more robust and open structure with the DART offering.

As part of the Beyond Oil™ initiative, the DART will be the first and only project that tokenizes energy assets production and will distribute commodity-backed token rewards to all DART holders. This represents a major real-world innovation that combines Internet of Things (IoT) and smart contract technology, setting a precedent for tokenizing other forms of energy assets, such as Solar, Hydropower, Crude Oil, or Natural Gas.

Spectre Exchange was an early investor in the Solar Oil Project, with the aim of establishing an energy-based-buyback-facility for SXDT on Spectre Exchange. From that, the DART initiative was conceived and will commence shortly as a token of the Beyond Oil™ team.

Solar oil project and spectre exchange

Different aspects of the collaboration were discussed in the meeting, including some major developments which are likely to prove beneficial for both parties. These include:

Launch of the DART initiative

The DART token is the world’s first true IOT driven production, and distribution token specifically for Energy and Commodity markets that is executed entirely via Smart contracts on the blockchain. The DART chain allows producers and operators of various energy projects (such as Crude oil and Natural gas producers) to connect and post audited production on to the DART platform. The margins (profits) from this production is then calculated and distributed to all DART holders via the built in Smart Contract.

Spectre Exchange — Level 1 LP

Spectre Exchange (SPX) will be the first regulated liquidity provider for primary and secondary market sales of DART. However, by offering DART on SPX, the tokens will be available both in a primary market and also secondary market (peer to peer only). The Beyond Oil™ team is delighted to partner with SPX on this process, and SPX will become the only provider of liquidity on an exclusive relationship.


Beyond Oil™ will be doing a significant marketing drive for DART, starting later this year and throughout next. This should also provide flow to SPX and natural growth from users who will learn about other listings on the exchange along with adding a new line of revenues from primary and secondary market sales of DART, for the group.Rewards Interface

A discussion on how the rewards interface will work for DART holders. Hatchworks will lend its technical expertise pertaining to rewards distribution, security and smart contracts to the DART team.


Discussion on the technology to be provided to the influencers for the Solar Oil Project.

Solar oil & spectre

Beyond Oil’s representatives said “the DART chain is the first and only application that tokenizes Energy Assets production (such as Crude Oil and Natural Gas) and distributes the profits generated via the Smart Contract on the blockchain to all DART holders. This represents a major real-world innovation that combines IoT and Smart Contract technologies to the benefit of DART holders.”

Hatchworks Director Zisis Skouloudis , who chaired the meeting, said it was “constructive and fruitful”, citing that the partnership will “In addition to generating a new revenue line for SPX, the DART initiative will also result in significant user and volume flow to the entire Spectre ecosystem of products.”

Beyond Oil™ & Team Hatchworks
Risk warning: Investments made by the wider group or any specific companies related to the group are made after careful consideration of risks and opportunities. Most investments, such as that made into SOP, are not for retail investors and it is strictly advised to seek the financial advice of a qualified investment advisor before investing in any risky asset. All products and services at Spectre.ai are closed to U.S citizens.

Elon Musk Backs Dogecoin Upgrade, Claiming It Could Outperform Other Coins 'Hands Down'...

Musk, apparently browsing Dogecoin chatter on Twitter saw one user say the upgrade "helps secure the network and lower the transaction fees" triggering a response from Musk, saying he sees this as "important".

The thread continued to outline how the dogecoin upgrade will improve the network, saying there's currently only 205 computers "running the newest update" and "more nodes need to upgrade."

In another recent reply to another tweet about Dogecoin getting an upgrade, Musk shared his view on what that upgrade would do "There is merit to doge maximizing base layer transaction rate and minimizing transaction cost with exchanges acting as the de facto secondary layer"

The tweet he was replying to stated that this "will position doge perfectly to become one of the most used currencies in the world."

The end result, according to Musk "Doge speeds up block time 10X, increases block size 10X & drops fee 100X. Then it wins hands down."

Considering Musk once polled the question 'Do you want Tesla to accept Doge?' - it's not out of the realm of possibilities that once a Dogecoin upgrade was complete, this is how he would show his approval.   

Remember, it was Tesla accepting Bitcoin that set off Bitcoin's biggest bull run of this year - what effect would this have on the world's biggest memecoin? 

There's a growing group of people set on turning a coin that started as a joke into a legitimate cryptocurrency - at what point does it cross over, and 'memecoin' is no longer an accurate label? 

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk
Breaking Crypto News