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At launch, BitLeague takes the lead - offering highest paying interest rates for Bitcoin owners - earn up to 9% annually!

Designed to be the ‘one stop’ crypto financial services platform, BitlLeague was founded by people who know how to make that a reality - veterans of the financial world’s top companies including Goldman, Citi, and Franklin Templeton.  The end goal - new and better ways for crypto investors to make the most of their digital assets.

Their first product is set to exceed expectations, and truly shake up the market - Bitcoin Term Deposits (BTD) which will introduce a new profit potential for cryptocurrency investors by unlocking new, higher levels of interest earnings.

With the option of depositing bitcoin for as little as 3 months, to longer 36 month terms, users can earn as high as 9% annual interest, which will also be paid in bitcoin. That 9% return makes BitLeague the highest payer in the market, and dwarfs commercial bank’s 12 month Certificates of Deposit (CDs) which only pay around 2.25%.

"Bitcoin Term Deposit (BTD) is our first product, following which, we will offer a ZERO commission trading service, allowing our clients to buy/sell bitcoin free of charge. We are partnered with top cryptocurrency trading firms such as Circle, Galaxy Digital, Genesis Trading, and we intend to tap the institutional borrowing market. Our mission is to bring an integrated, one-stop crypto financial service to our clients,” said A. Gilani, former Goldman Sachs banker and President, BitLeague.

Bitcoin Term Deposit products are available to global investors. BitLeague is a FINCEN registered entity with offices in California, New Jersey; and follows strict industry standards in AML/KYC. Prime Trust, a leading trust company specializing in cryptocurrency services, is the custodian of client assets. The BitLeague technology team has over 20 years of experience developing trading and banking systems on Wall Street.

"Our mission is to disrupt the current banking system, and pass on these benefits to our clients” adds A. Gilani, "Bitcoin gives us the opportunity to bring better, more streamlined financial services. This is why we decided to offer high interest rate Bitcoin Term Deposit products first. The advantage of BTD is investors can LOCK the high interest rate for a long period immediately, while some competitors can LOWER their interest rate anytime after clients invest in their accounts. Currently we are at the INVITE ONLY stage and selected users will receive an access code allowing them to purchase our Bitcoin Term Deposit products after registering through email.”

About BitLeague

BitLeague LLC is registered in Delaware, with offices in Palo Alto and New Jersey, offering one-stop crypto financial services globally. The company has partnered with Galaxy Digital, Prime Trust, Genesis Trading, and other industry veterans and is dedicated to providing clients with seamless services including Bitcoin Term Deposits, ZERO commission bitcoin trading services and low-cost bitcoin collateral loan services.

Learn more at www.bitleague.com


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Verasity’s VRA token increases 300% because of its Product and Sales Strategy...

There are millions of publishers competing with YouTube and Facebook for views. Since most can’t compete, they add the YouTube player on their site and hope for the best. The best is not much. YouTube and Facebook provide a pittance of revenue in exchange for those views and therefore publishers are dying like flies.

Simply building a video sharing platform is not a solution because no matter how good the platform, who is going to bother to move off YouTube to watch a bit of content when they have a whole world of content on YouTube. Do any kids under 18 watch anything other than YouTube? Only their favorites like Walking Dead and Game of Thrones if they can’t torrent it.

What is a publisher to do in a face off against these monopolies?

Reward users to watch content they already like on the publisher site. Once a publisher can control its own content and views, its revenues and engagement increase 4x. (IAB stats) Salvation for publishers is via rewarded content. But the problem with rewarded content today is that rewards are all over the place and not in one place. Some publishers reward in newspapers, others for contests, points and digital tokens. Viewers rarely know what publishers are rewarding and where.

How did we solve this problem?

Verasity provides the tools for publishers to take on YouTube and Facebook. The VeraWallet is built into the video player (go to: verawallet.tv) and can provide any kind or rewards as long as the default reward is VRA. Viewers can then find all their loyalty programs, points, redemptions in one place in their video player which they open every day to watch videos.

Is this solution unique?

It is patent pending and unique and as far as we know there are no platforms providing a similar technology and solution.

How does this help VRA?

Publishers buy VRA at market price to reward users to watch content, subscribe at a discount, and drive any number of actions. The purchase of VRA by publishers drives the economy and increases the pool of VRA users.

VRA Ecosystem

Payment, loyalty and rewards enable transactions between publishers, content owners, brands, advertisers and viewers. They interact directly with one another and all transactions are powered by VRA so there is no need for intermediaries such as YouTube or Facebook.

How does it work?

Viewers watch videos and ads on a website using Verasity technology and are rewarded with VRA. They are also rewarded more VRA for referring more users.

Publishers buy VRA to reward users and build valuable audiences which they monetize through ads, ecommerce or subscriptions.

To reach and engage potential customers viewing videos, advertisers buy VRA to reward viewers watching their ads. This releases the true value of each view.

Users can stake their VRA and receive daily rewards for doing so. The VRA Staking program incentivizes the economy to hold VRA. For full information about VRA staking, read our post here.

Verasity targets a wide range of publishers and users who will be implementing an easy conversion method to allow users to buy and exchange their VRA.

How does Verasity disseminate its Video Player technology to millions of publishers?

When you watch your favorite content on a website, it is likely that it will be powered by one of the 10 video player platforms that dominate video streaming. These include Vimeo, JW Player, Brightcove, Video.js, Kaltura and others. Most of these platforms are business to business and therefore you may not have heard of them, but the largest broadcasters in the world like Discovery, Eurosport, Fox, Sky, BBC, Viacom, Lamborghini (yes, the Lambo site) utilize third party video platforms to power the video streaming of the content you love to watch.

By Verasity integrating its technology module into all these video player platforms, Verasity rewarded video will be ubiquitous and available to every publisher which means potentially billions of viewers can be rewarded in VRA.
A key goal for Verasity in 2019 is getting video publishers onboard. To facilitate this, we are developing integrations with many industry-leading tools like Vimeo, JW Player, Brightcove and others to allow publishers to quickly and easily start using Verasity technology and therefore increase demand for VRA.  By not interrupting the current work flow of publishers, we have made it simple for any publisher to provide its viewers with VRA rewarded video. Our unique player technology is already available to 280,000 video publishers with 240 million users and 50 billion monthly views.


The Verasity video player ,VeraWallet and future Verasity products will be branded ‘Powered by Verasity’ so that viewers will see that the technology is Verasity. Further by rewarding viewers with VRA and providing referrals, VRA and Verasity as a name will be disseminated throughout the online video world. VRA will be synonymous with rewarded video!

About Verasity
Verasity.io is a leading video player providing unique Rewarded Video Player Technology to major video publishers across the globe.

The patent-pending Video Player enables VRA rewards, monetization and loyalty schemes within the video player wallet. Our unique player technology is already available to 280,000 video publishers with 240 million users and 50 billion monthly views. This brings engagement, audiences, and revenues back to video publisher sites from YouTube. Our attention-based model creates a thriving VRA token economy between viewers, video publishers and advertisers.

Verasity is the future of online video.
Verasity Products include: Genesis Player: genesisplayer.com, VeraWallet: verawallet.tv

VRA (ticker) is trading on HitBTC: https://hitbtc.com/exchange/VRA-to-BTC, https://hitbtc.com/exchange/VRA-to-eth.
DCoin: https://www.dcoin.com/currencyTrading/VRA_ETH

VRA can be staked for 36% annual interest at https://verawallet.tv

Check the price of VRA token at CoinCodex and CryptoCompare.  Join our telegram chat at https://t.me/verasitychat

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Over $600 million in cash and nearly another $600 million in Bitcoin is about to be distributed to a group of cryptocurrency traders - their next move will effect us all...

The biggest move in the Mt.Gox saga since members had their money stolen in 2014 - some of it is finally about to be returned!

The victims, who formed a group known as 'Mt. Gox Legal' say they've agreed to terms of settlement.

At the same time, the trustee who holds all of Mt.Gox's assets says he's ready to pay them - and he's holding over $600 million in cash, and nearly another $600 million worth of Bitcoin.

We learned last month where that cash came from, when a site named "GoxDox" leaked documents they claimed to exposed internal discussions of selling off BTC on BitPoint, an exchange - even though it was promised this would be done offline so the markets wouldn't crash from a flood of tokens for sale.  It all happened right around the crash of late 2017, giving people a new person to blame for the bear market.

Now some official documents have been shared, which states:

 "Rehabilitation Trustee hasestablished the trust as the measure to secure the interests of bankruptcy creditors and entrusted the amount of JPY 15,894,588,396 (including an amount expected to be appropriated for various expenses of the trust) in the trust" reads the portion regarding cash holdings "The amount of BTC held by the Rehabilitation Debtor as of March 18, 2019 is 141,686.35371099 BTC. The Rehabilitation Trustee has been still investigating the existence of additional BTC held by the Rehabilitation Debtor. If any BTC is found, the Rehabilitation Trustee will move them to the address managed. Further, the amount of BCH held by the Rehabilitation Debtor as of March 18, 2019 is 142,846.35166254 BCH" reads the portion regarding crypto holdings. 

So here's how everyone is hoping this plays out: The BTC is distributed, and those receiving it just HODL that.   Then at the same time, over $600 million in cash will be distributed to them as well - and they'll decide re-invest in cryptocurrency.

The question is - how many of these people are still into crypto?  While you may think having your tokens stolen and not getting any of them back for 5 years would leave you pretty angry, you're right.

But let's also factor in that all of their stolen Bitcoin was originally purchased for under $1000 - actually, most of it was purchased for way less as there was only a 4 month period in late 2013 where Bitcoin even went above $300, Mt.Gox collapsed right after it shot up to around $1000 towards the end of the year.

Another perspective - the group receiving this $600 million in cash and nearly $600 million in Bitcoin is made up of about 1000 people.  While some are getting a lot more than others, there's enough to give 1000 people $1 million each.

Some of those who were left jaded on crypto at the time, are about to become crypto-millionares.  Personally, i'd be surprised if they still hold a grudge,

Speaking to one of the settlement group members, they explained it this way 'I'm expecting a good amount, and i'll absolutely be purchasing more Bitcoin, and Ethereum, and a couple others" he says "but I stayed into crypto the whole time and took it as a lesson to never leave funds sitting on an exchange.  There's some among the group who never touched crypto after this, and spent 2017 struggling financially when they should have been multi-millionaires.   I don't see them coming back". 

So will they keep the Bitcoin and buy more? Sending the markets shooting back up.

Or sell the Bitcoin and keep the cash?  Causing yet another Mt.Gox related dip?

Based on my own interactions in various cryptocurrency communities online, I think the majority of Mt.Gox victims are still in the game, and ready to buy more.   I can't imagine a situation worse than 50/50, meaning those selling are balanced out by those spending the cash portion of their settlement on more.

But that's just a guess, and we'll soon have the answer. No date for the payments to be distributed is set yet, but things have been moving fast lately - expect it to happen soon.
Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk

The next big SCAM? New site giving daily payouts 4X higher than Bitconnect, and growing fast - here we go again...

This has been a hard one to get a grasp on, mainly because I first became aware of it through someone i've known for years, who is indeed receiving daily payouts - but I can't help but go back to the rule 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is' - this is no exception.  The claims are impossible to be true.

The company is called Doubly and where things get a bit blurry are how they've blended elements you may recognize from previous crypto scams, with practices typically associated with legitimate businesses.

It's that classic 'trading bot' scheme, the claim that they've developed artificial intelligence in the form of a bot that takes your investment, and it invests it better than you ever could, for quick huge returns.

SEO metric analysis shows people seem to be willing to take the risk, but just because everyone is getting paid currently is not evidence they are legitimate! Bitconnect came crashing down in a single day. Before that, they had thousands of members who would all tell you 'they've always paid me, with no problems'.

Just like Bitconnect we are looking at an unsustainable business model in the long term.  The profits they're guaranteeing are literally impossible for anything but a ponzi scheme.  They've posted this profit calculator on their website, take a look these numbers:

Showing an investment just shy of $12,000 will pay $657 per day, for 57 days until someone has been paid $36,000 - that's a $24,000 profit in less than 2 months.

It's easy to spot the things they're doing which are intended to make the case that they're different from all the other 'trading bot' scams of the past.

They show the name of the supposed founder - past scams always had anonymous owners.

They're registered as a company in the UK (but so was Bitconnect).

They show outgoing payments on their website, so they're paying .

...but remember NONE of these things are proof they have created a trading bot capable of 400% returns.

One of the other journalists here at the Global Crypto Press Association, Ross Davis, has covered some of the companies that have been using AI trading on Wall Street for years, because for the last year or so they have been trying to apply their technology to the cryptocurreny markets. When asked him about this he says:

"Even the Wall Street firms say the crypto markets are harder to predict than stocks, there so much less historical data.  They also mentioned that the best AI is hitting about 60% accuracy over a year long period - so if anyone's offering 400% returns in a couple months, it just isn't real." 

I knew 3 friends who participated in Bitconnect knowing what it was, with the idea of making a profit while it was still running.  One of those people is the person who showed me this, he calls it the "playing with fire investment strategy" where he invests $12k, gets $36 back, then invests $12k of that again "if I make it through that first round, I never lose and the worst I can do at that point is a $22,000 profit".

The problem is, he's the only 1 of my 3 friends who escaped Bitconnect with a profit, these companies rely on human nature.  "Why just invest $12k back when you could invest more, and get more?" people think.

After paying out for a few months, people feel comfortable leaving more and more in their hands.

Until the big day - when they decide to disappear.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

Conspiracy theory, or solid logic? Why i'm watching some corporation's plans closer than the charts - and why today's big story may be much BIGGER...

I'm no conspiracy theorist, at least not usually. But I am one among many in the cryptocurrency world who believe there were several forces at play when the bear market we're in today was triggered, some more suspicious than others.

Silicon Valley reporter Ross Davis summed it up well in a tweet:

"I hope everyone truly appreciates just how strange it is.

80%+ crash, and financial services industry responded with “WE WANT IN!”

...Just coincidence the newbies get scared off, while corporations position themselves as middlemen. Right. " 

You probably remember how it felt at the time of the 2017 peak, it shocked many that all this as happening without the blessings, or really any involvement from the usual players you find almost every time billions of dollars are changing hands.

It's like they found a way to press rewind, get a 'do over' that they sure as hell haven't wasted. One after another, the major financial institutions are setting up their cypto trading operations, developing new custody solutions, and made certain that the next time cryptocurrency explodes - they're guaranteed a piece of the pie.

I promise you - they didn't do this thinking there's just a 'small chance' of a crypto comeback.

If you're with me so far, you'll likely also agree this means the first signs the market is about to turn bullish won't be seen in the charts - our first hints will be based on what the institutional heavyweights have on the horizon - in regards to corporate planning.

What products are they putting more resources into next quarter? What are they beginning to phase out?  I believe this is the type of movement you want to watching for signals.

While there are also some standard market fundamentals pointing to a bullish market on the horizon, such as a spike in new addresses and an upturn in sentiment, something else caught my attention - CBOE announcing they'll be wrapping up Bitcoin futures trading, and the market responding positively with growth as Bitcoin breaks above $4000.

I want you to realize, CBOE's Bitcoin futures market was like training wheels for Wall Street.  They could watch Bitcoin's price movement and profit from correctly predicting it, all without ever owning any cryptocurrency tokens.

The demand for futures has dropped, while at the same time - indicators of increased interest in real Bitcoin ownership has gone up.

Those training wheels are coming off, investors who dabbled in Bitcoin futures because it was the only Bitcoin related investment offer from firms they trust, soon will have those firms offering them real Bitcoin ownership.

So OF COURSE popularity of futures trading will decline when companies like Fidelity, or Bakkt by Nasdaq, Starbucks and Microsoft will be offering people the real thing.

With CBOE's announcement, followed by price movement upward, plus in CBOE themselves making it clear they 'aren't closing the door on crypto' and hinting at another product coming - we're seeing the shift begin.

Be alert for institutional investor focused firms wrapping up the old, as they prepare to launch what's new?  While this example isn't the one that has me yelling "it's happening right now!" it is the perfect example of what to look for in these coming few months. Small steps before the running of the bulls!
Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle News Desk

New token, new upgraded lifestyle! Introducing Elitium - the cryptocurrency bringing you the world of luxury living...

“A lifestyle, once seen as inaccessible to most, is now just a few clicks away for all.”

We’re all guilty. Having caught ourselves peering into the lives of the indulged, we’ve wrongfully assumed ‘that could never be me.’

They travel on private jets.

They hit the road in limousines.

They drive a Lamborghini.

They take to the sea on luxury yachts. 

They party at exclusive events. 

They wear designer labels.

The thought repeats, “how could that ever be me? All these luxury things from all corners of the globe – how do you even find to them?”

A fair question, perhaps – until now.

As now all you need, is Elitium.


The services you use to book your Hawaiian adventure have no way to help you with your European business trip. What’s missing is a platform that brings luxury experiences together – a service that presents them all in one place.

Step forward, Elitium. 

Through a global network of luxury providers, Elitium will make it as simple to arrange a romantic meal ten miles away as it is to book a luxury getaway on another continent.

The platform will transform the world of luxury. Even Personal Assistants cannot wait: no more managing multiple accounts to arrange travels, keeping track of constant currency fluctuations – a single platform to organize them all.


Elitium will earn the attention of the luxury market. The first platform dedicated to the luxury lifestyle, unbounded by borders. Elitium will be the only app that jet-setters need on their travels, then for the experiences that ensue afterwards.

Forget the stress of currency conversions in your head – with partners of Elitium, all you’ll need to know is the value of the EUM coin. 

Use EUM in any country. Even to arrange travel to another – to book accommodation.

Then repeat the process, ad infinitum.


Elitium realizes we are on the cusp of mass adoption of cryptocurrency – but for anyone to expect Elitium members to have already adopted the technology is simply not realistic.

Not yet.

Yes, use of the cryptocurrency will always be encouraged. However, people will still have the option to pay in the payment method of choice – ensuring anyone who joins the platform can enjoy it immediately.

While behind every purchase – whether on credit card or in crypto – Elitium will process the transaction on the blockchain with the guaranteed security of Elitium native cryptocurrency, EUM.

The result? 

A well-used token that remains in-demand - two critical factors for a token to increase and retain its value. 

At the outset, the platform will put the luxury lifestyle within reach of all – just a smartphone screen away. Then, through emerging technologies, Elitium will reimagine the future of luxury – a future in which members won’t even have to reach for their phone.

Artificial intelligence will present the very real possibility of a virtual executive robot assistant, VERA, to act as your on-call, 24/7 personal concierge – encoded with the mission to unlock your luxury lifestyle.

An Executive Assistant who will learn what you like, suggest exclusive experiences and await your every command.


Why wait for the future?

The coin of the Elitium Network is just a few clicks away

You can buy EUM from one of two exchanges – the choice is yours.

Click here to unlock your luxury lifestyle.


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Group tricked Bitcoin ATM's in Canada to give cash for unverified transactions, now over 100 times! But forgot ATM's have camera on them...

A group of at least 3 people in Canada have discovered a way to trick Bitcoin ATMs into releasing cash by stopping the transfer of BTC before it's gone through all authorizations, but after all the money has been dispensed.

A clever trick, but they weren't smart enough to realize - they're on camera. Canadian law enforcement posts photos of all of them on their website.

Arrests are expected soon. 

New ‘crypto bank’ offering 15% interest rates on your tokens, with anonymity - introducing Alendoo...

There are many crypto related loan platforms on the market, but none offering what Alendoo does!

Alendoo platform is an innovative platform offering anonymous crypto backed loans and crypto rewarded lending. What is more, Alendoo wallet provides saving interests in the value of 5% per year. Why keep your coins on any other wallet whilst you can get passive income by simply keeping your coins on the Alendoo website?
Created to ensure anonymity
Alendoo is committed to protecting the customer’s funds from the public and our team takes the necessary measures to protect our customers and promote anonymity. While you can see who the Alendoo team members are - we will never ask who you are! At Alendoo, our motto is:

“Your anonymity is our priority.”

There are six supported cryptocurrencies on Alendoo at launch, and half of them are known as privacy coins. Using them provides additional anonymity as the transactions on their blockchain are untraceable. These coins are Dash (DASH), Monero (XMR), and Zcash (ZEC). For customer’s convenience, we have also added Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Tether (USDT). There are plans to add more privacy coins to the platform in the near future.
Three services
Alendoo services can be likened to a cryptocurrency bank. That is why there are three types of accounts:
Main account - operates like a cryptocurrency wallet with one massive difference - customers who hold coins here are rewarded with 5% APR interest which is added to the account balance once a month. This means every customer who deposits their crypto into the ‘Main account’ will receive monthly interest for just holding their assets on the platform.

Loan account - this account is dedicated to the main product offered on the Alendoo platform - Loans. Customers who use this account can secure crypto backed loans that are paid out in Tether/USDT. They can choose from 20-70% LTV (loan to value) which then determines the interest rates from 10-22% per year. Customers are always given 365 days to repay the loan and they can do it as a lump sum or as instalments.

Lending account - this account has the highest earning potential can be regarded as a form of saving with interest in the ordinary bank. The customers agree to lock their crypto for 60 days and in return, they receive interests that are set on 15% per year.

The Alendoo advantage becomes clear when you compare the other options on the market today:

Lloyds TSB
Bank of America
Account (APR)
up to 1.5%
Loans (minimum APR)
Savings (minimum APR)
up to 2.25%
*additional fees not included

Alendoo ICO

Alendoo’s main mission is to keep their customers anonymity, to do so they’ve had to ‘think outside the box’ to fulfil its existing promises to customers and find a way to extend their offering by adding loans paid out in FIATs. An innovative solution has been selected for this issue. Alendoo decided to design an NFC mobile application that will be loaded with cryptocurrencies and without the need to register a debit or credit card.

The design of an NFC application and creating the right infrastructure for the entire process will require large funding. Alendoo cannot handle this project independently, which is why this investment opportunity is now available.  

The company has made plans to launch an Initial Coin Offering for their token - the Alendoo coin (XAL). XAL will serve essential complex purposes due to its properties as utility coin.

There are 85,000,000 XAL tokens available to sale for $0.1 each. Additionally, there are discounts available and in the presale, purchasers can get the Alendoo Coin for just $0.07.
The presale starts on Monday, 18th of March and the main sale starts on Monday, 1st of April.
The company sets the soft cap at $3,000,000 and that is the minimum that must be raised to start the development. If the soft cap is not reached, all collected money will be returned to the customers.

The XAL token has functionality beyond the fundraising, it will also serve as a utility coin at Alendoo platform and enable token holders to participate in:
  • Discounted Loan interests - the collateral made in XAL will be presented with a 50% discount to APR.
  • Revenue shareing - 20% of the revenue generated by Alendoo will be shared among all users holding XAL on the Alendoo platform.
  • Increased Lending interests - every Lending made in XAL will be rewarded with a 10% bonus to the standard interests.
  • Extras - Alendoo has established a cooperative agreement with many crypto related companies, and there is a plan to offer extras to their customers, for example, a discount to some products, etc.

Join the Alendoo platform today and make your crypto start working for you!
About Alendoo: Alendoo is an advanced cryptocurrency platform that offers crypto backed Loans and Lending for which crypto is used as interest. One of the most important values in Alendoo is anonymity. Alendoo is linked to being a “crypto bank” due to similar services offered.

Information provided via press releaseDistributed using The Global Crypto Press Association Press Release Distribution Service for industry.

No, the New Zealand mass shooter was NOT involved in cryptocurrency - but he was part of a crypto-themed Ponzi scheme...

First, let me explain my intentions here - I hate when media coverage focuses on irrelevant background information of these mentally deranged mass shooters. Digging into their lives like what they did made them so interesting that suddenly their life story is newsworthy.

It's about as unproductive as approaching a crazy person on the street corner yelling at the sky and asking 'why are you doing that?' - you're never going to uncover a valid reason, one does not exist. If you need further proof, see every time you've done this in the past and note how still today we don't have any answers.

I'm writing this because the media is getting it wrong. One of the roles of The Global Crypto Press Association is to serve as a link between the mainstream media, the cryptocurrency industry, and community as a whole. My professional background includes on air and producer positions at two of the largest broadcasting companies in America, a similar background to several other reporters on our staff.

We do understand the challenges faced by journalists covering a variety of topics with a new focus every few days. It is both unrealistic to expect a journalist to know everything instantly, and unacceptable to let the current mistakes continue without addressing them.

The shooter's manifesto only says:

"...making some money investing in Bitconnect, then used the money from the investment to travel". 

But the media is saying:

"He quit his job, invested in cryptocurrency and began traveling the world using his inheritance and money from bitcoin investments" says Fox News.

"He worked for a short time before making some money from Bitconnect, a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, then used the money to fund his travels." says ABC.

"He financed his trips with money he made from Bitconnet and cryptocurrency like bitcoin" says NY Post.

"He funded his travels by making money from BitConnect, a cryptocurrency similar to bitcoin. Organized white supremacists, some of whom are banned from using PayPal and other major digital pay systems, often trade advice online about using cryptocurrencies that promise complete anonymity in transactions. Some of the extremists avoid using banks because they believe florid conspiracy theories in which Jews control international banking." The Washington Post says in a full-on disgusting attempt at implying cryptocurrency is the payment method of choice for all the worst people. 

Ironically, the reality is almost the complete opposite - one of the most debated and controversial topics in cryptocurrency revolves around exchanges banning the same people PayPal has, not just racists, but organizations like Wikileaks as well.

Let's correct the record.

He was not involved in cryptocurrency, or anything similar to Bitcoin:

What he was involved in was a scam called Bitconnect that used the word 'cryptocurrency'. 99% of people who say they are 'into cryptocurrency' are in a completely separate world where someone promoting or sharing a link to Bitconnect would earn them an instant ban from the forum or chat room they were in.

Bitconnect was immediately mocked by the legitimate side of the cryptocurrency world since it's inception.

The only place 'cryptocurrency' comes into the picture isn't even real:

Bitconnect claimed the profits came from a trading bot they created. Using artificial intelligence this software would take the money invested and make profitable trades on the cryptocurrency markets, earning income even when things were in a slump.

This never existed.

I'm sitting here thinking 'this explanation is too short' - but it really is this simple.

There is a story here, and the media is missing it:

Implying the shooter was involved in cryptocurrency isn't just incorrect - they're missing some real insight into his mind. You have to be unintelligent, gullible, and desperate to hand your money over to a website that was promising the things Bitconnect was.

The offer he thought was legitimate: daily 1% compound interest that would turn a $10,000 investment into $500 million within 3 years. "Risk free" too, a statement the Securities Commission cited as one of the reasons they issued a cease and desist.

Bitconnect would only end up lasting months, some estimate they held up to $900 million when they disappeared.

To this day the true masterminds behind Bitconnect are still at large. There have been some arrests, but those were misunderstood by the media too. The biggest arrest was someone who just signed up a lot of people under him in the ponzi scheme, not one of Bitconnect's creators.  I covered that when it happened here if anyone is curious.

Bitconnect and I go way back, let me tell you about their members:

I am the only journalist to have confronted Bitconnect in person.

In a video that received nearly 500,000 views, I attempted to confront a representative of Bitconnect at a cryptocurrency conference with the math mentioned above, asking to explain how they plan to pay thousands of people millions of dollars each. Of course, the Bitconnect rep had no answer other than to say my math was wrong, they have ways to 'make it work' and I wasn't owed any further details.

The death threats and angry comments rolled in, and it was clear - I was speaking with some of the stupidest people I have ever encountered, and none of them were from the cryptocurrency world.

No one who had given Bitconnect their money could explain how the investment worked, but they sure did stand by it... whatever it did.

Bitconnect supporters eventually filed enough false reports to get the video removed, but a report from that day can be here.

...Just a couple months later it was all over, and Bitconnect stole everyone's money and disappeared. (That story here)

Following the collapse I contacted the guy I had confronted and learned this 'representative' was simply another victim of the scam. Just as the company was starting to garner a lot of attention, they reached out to their members, carefully selecting true believers,  and offered them pay to show up to industry conferences representing Bitconnect. A final attempt at fixing their public image of a shadowy, nameless, faceless scam.

In closing:

The correct story is of someone so lost in life, he handed his money over to shady online Ponzi scheme promising magic. He seems to have been one of the lucky few who pulled his investment out before it all came crashing down. No skill, just luck.

Journalists - equating this to being involved in cryptocurrency is like someone holding up the worst trashy tabloid magazine, with a cover story saying 'Melana Trump pregnant with alien baby' and saying that you are in the same business as whoever wrote that.

So please, stop.

To the crypto community - if you spot any incorrect claims about the shooter being involved in cryptocurrency - tweet the author a link to this.

Other publications, bloggers, anyone really - you have our permission to re-publish this article on your platforms.

Author: Ross Davis
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