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Soccer Legend Lothar Matthaus, WWE Champion 'The Great Khali', and Hit Rapper 'The Game', PLUS 30 Others Join nOFTEN To Launch Their NFTs...

Noften NFTs

The fast-emerging platform is strengthening its grip on the metaverse through NFTs...

BERLIN, GERMANY: nOFTEN, the world's leading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) marketplace for artists & celebrities, announced its association with WWE champion Khali, world-famous rapper Game and Lothar Matthaus- The FIFA world cup champion to sell exclusive NFT artwork after its great collaboration with FTV.

This association aims to get fans more connected to their favourite artist's unseen innovation and gives them an opportunity and a platform to buy, sell, trade, and bid for celebrity NFTs. It's not that often experienced and is driven by blockchain technologies that help monetize and safeguard their artworks. As a result, both Indian and International artists are becoming part of this unique community and taking it on a larger level.

In this hugely competitive market, digital platforms play a significant role in showcasing and sharing artists' talent with the world without limitations. nOFTEN understands the market and is a gold rush for artists & celebrities, churning out mind-boggling pay-outs for early adopters if used right. It inspires other sports leaders, dancers, actors, singers, and painters. More and more investors are investing in the crypto market because of the complete traceability of the ownership of unique digital assets.

Noften NFT

On the alliance, Constantin Clemens Aurin, nOFTEN, said, "It's overwhelming to see how NFT is becoming a favourite topic amongst artists and how they welcome the concept of direct connection with their fans. The opportunities that are present within the space are beyond space."

On this association, the world-famous rapper The Game said, “With this digital liberty, I can put forth my creative vision on display and show, not only the growth of my career but also the passion I have for other things."

Wrestler-champion Khali said, "I cannot be more excited for such an association wherein I get to interact with my fans on a personal level and showcase the art I have in me, which the world may not be much aware of. I don't think there can be any such platform better than this."

Footballer Lothar Matthaus said, "I always believe the digital platform can do wonders if you have talent. The greed to learn and achieve more will land you in a great place. And getting an apt platform to show your hidden talent is nothing but a way to fulfill your dreams smoother. I am extremely happy for this association and waiting to see what'snext in line."

It will get more exciting to see what nOFTEN has more in the bag as fans of all kinds are getting significant collections of their choice and receiving personal interaction opportunities with their loved artists.

About nOFTEN:

nOFTEN is the world's leading NFT Marketplace leveraging The celeb-Fan-centric theme, celebrating the free spirit of artists, turning it into valuable digital assets. Artists of every genre, offering discrete collections and personal interaction opportunities, are a part of nOFTEN. 

For more information:
Visit the official website at www.noften.com

Questions / Comments contact:
Clemens Aurin at connect@noften.com


Information Provided via Press Release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association
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For The First Time EVER - The Nation With The Most Bitcoin Mining Power Is The UNITED STATES!

USA Bitcoin Mining Dominatees

The Bitcoin mining pool 'Foundry USA' which is obviously based in the United States, came in first place among the pools with the greatest hash rates on the network. It's the first time a North American pool has outperformed China in this category.

AntPool and F2Pool, both from China, have traditionally topped the list of Bitcoin mining pools in terms of hash rate.

This changed when the Foundry USA Pool achieved 17% of the worldwide Bitcoin mining power.

How Did The US Do It?

Basically - all thanks to China.

Several Chinese mining operations selected the United States as one of their choices for continuing operations. Given the rise of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency sector, this was an excellent choice. As is customary, this means a large infusion of cash into the market and a general rise in the assets traded there.

It's vital to note that the Chinese government chose to reject the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency-related activities, forcing the miners to seek new bases of operation.

Not The First Time China Was De-Throned...

Only once before has the number one ranking shifted from China to another country. It wasn't a pool from the United States last time, but rather one from the Netherlands.

That was way back in 2014 - which gives you an idea of how dominate Chinese miners have been.

In 2014 it was only a matter of days before China reclaimed the top spot from the Netherlands - but China won't be making a comeback this time, as their mining hashrate continues to decline.

Trading volume from China is also rapidly dwindling, as the country becomes completely cut off from international crypto markets.

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk
Breaking Crypto News

It's A Good Day To BUY Cryptocurrency....

Bitcoin fell sharply alongside other assets on Friday, hitting a seven-week low and officially entering bear market territory.

The world’s biggest cryptocurrency sank nearly 8% in the last 24 hours according to Coin Metrics data. The slide brought bitcoin to its lowest level since early October.

Other cryptocurrencies took a hit as well - Ether, the second-biggest crypto, fell more than 10%, while XRP slumped 9.9% and returned to prices under the $1 level

The price drop is happening in tandem with other investments in resopnse to a new, heavily-mutated variant of the coronavirus.

..and it's circumstances like this which the pro's look at, and see a signal to BUY!

Video Courtesy Of CNBC

Bitwallet Partners with Baanx to Bridge the Gap Between Fiat and Cryptocurrency with Cutting Edge Technology...

 bitwallet baanx partnership

HOUSTON, TX (Global Crypto Press Association) - BitWallet has partnered with Baanx in an agreement that will bring additional services into the BitWallet app as well as broadening the range of cryptocurrency wallets available.

This  partnership will allow BitWallet users easy access to cryptocurrency services as well as future plans to release traditional fiat services such as deposits, withdrawals, and wires from the BitWallet app.

John T. Perrone, President & CEO of BitWallet said this week, "When you combine Baanx's financial technology, with the foundation that BitWallet has already built as a cryptocurrency wallet and exchange, you get a truly revolutionary product. BitWallet is the next generation – better than banking, combining fiat and crypto services all from one app."

BitWallet will be launching its own cards that will allow the spending of cryptocurrency globally. Users will be able to spend a number of cryptocurrencies offered through the BitWallet app at businesses all around the world.

BitWallet is currently available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

About BitWallet: Headquartered in Houston, Texas, BitWallet is a high-security cryptocurrency wallet and exchange for both individuals and businesses. With BitWallet you can send Bitcoin anywhere in the world, instantly, for free.

About Baanx: Headquartered in the UK, Baanx is Building the future of modular, API driven, Financial Services - debit cards, digital wallets, IBANs, remittance/FX, payment gateways and more.

For More Information:
Web: BitWallet.org
Twitter @BitWalletInc
Facebook @BitWalletInc
Instagram @BitWalletInc

For questions or to Learn About Investment Opportunities Contact:
John T. Perrone via e-mail at John@BitWallet.org 


Information Provided via Press Release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association
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Binance CEO 'CZ' On "The Showdown Over Crypto & Disruptive Technologies" At Bloomberg Economic Forum 2021...

Regulators from all around the world are pursuing the crypto business. China has deemed all cryptocurrency transactions unlawful and has forbidden cryptocurrency mining. The European Union is developing a framework for crypto issuers and service providers to be licensed. 

In the United States, SEC head Gary Gensler seeks authority over a sector he refers to as the "Wild West." All of this regulatory concern comes at a time when digital assets are becoming increasingly popular. Bitcoin has been widely accepted. The launch of the Bitcoin ETF in the United States is a watershed moment.

When Eric Adams, the recently elected mayor of New York, takes office in January, he plans to collect his first three paychecks in Bitcoin. Is a showdown is on the horizon?

Video courtesy of Bloomberg

AirBNB Gone INSANE? or is Their Plan GENIUS? Company Will IPO In Tourisms Worst Period Ever - Plus Major Revamp Involving Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Tech, And More...


AirBNB IPO Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

No other industry has had it as hard during the pandemic than the tourism industry, which came to a standstill practically overnight. 

Now, disappointing performance of the vaccine, with it neither preventing contracting or spreading COVID (but does reduce death rates and severity of cases) it's becoming questionable whether unrestricted travel will become possible again within the next year.

Rumors of an IPO have been around since 2017, and after all that waiting it's under these disaster conditions that AirBNB shocked us with the announcement - they're planning an IPO.

So - why would a company in an industry currently suffering, choose now to IPO? Well, AirBNB is so focused on 'the future' that what's happening now isn't relevant to their plan...

Airbnb is planning costly investments in the expansion and further development of the platform. 

With regard to crypto integration, it would be surprising if implementing Bitcoin payments were not part of this plan. Not to mention, they've openly said in a statement:

"Our future success will also depend on our ability to adapt to new technologies such as tokenization, cryptocurrencies, new authentication technologies such as biometrics, distributed ledger and blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and cloud technologies."

Yes, all those words were in 1 sentence: tokenization, cryptocurrencies, distributed ledger, blockchain technologies.

So far, responses from the public are mixed...

Are they making big moves at the absolute worst time?

Or is this aggressive, forward-looking strategy exactly how a company like AirBNB could emerge from the pandemic stronger than ever? 

Potentially, they could position themselves in a much more dominate position in their industry - which may easier right now, while their competition is hurting or hibernating. 

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle Newsdesk  / Breaking Crypto News

Stadium That's Home To LA Lakers, LA Clippers, and the Grammy Awards Becomes 'Crypto.com Arena' In 2022...

Crypto.com Arena Los Angeles

Home to the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers, as well as where the Grammy Awards ceremony takes place - the 'Staples Arena' becomes 'Crypto.com Arena' at the beginning of 2022!

Kris Marszalek, CEO of Crypto.com says "For years to come, people will remember this moment as the time when cryptocurrencies crossed the chasm into the mainstream."

Crypto.com acquired the rights to the Arena in a deal that reportedly cost $700 million...

The deal covers the entire 2022 season,  and includes an option to renew after that. 

The stadium is owned by AEG, whos CEO Dan Beckerman issued a statement saying "Crypto.com is looking for the most unique brand platform to make a statement and drive adoption and we are looking for an innovative and forward-thinking company to help us chart a course for the full future of sporting and entertainment events."

This won't be the only high profile placement of crypto in mainstream sports we'll be seeing next year - FTX (another crypto exchange) is set to be one of the main sponsors of the 2022 Superbowl.

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk
Breaking Crypto News

StandPoint Finance is Negotiating the Opening of Its Own Bitcoin Mining Farm...

standpoint finance bitcoin mining
Standpoint Finance, after due consideration of important market statistics, decides to harness the promising potentials of Bitcoin mining and has begun negotiations to own its mining farm.

Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Standpoint Finance (STF) announces its resolve to establish its Bitcoin mining farm, hinting that negotiation is ongoing. The farm will house high-powered computers that would solve complex computational math problems. According to Investopedia, a leading source of financial content on the internet, Bitcoin mining is the process of creating new bitcoin by solving those computational maths puzzles. Tom Wood, Standpoint Finance’s VP business development, stated in a statement on Friday that the company decided to join other companies that already own or are planning to own their Bitcoin mining farm. The decision comes after the company deliberated on a report submitted by the company’s team of crypto market analysts. The company’s analyst team had earlier been charged with a responsibility to investigate the prospect in the Bitcoin mining business. “After carefully examining the crypto ecosystem in general and specifically the bitcoin market, we can see long-term constant growth in the daily trading volumes as more and more general services, online e-commerce as well as a traditional offline business willing to accept crypto as a legal tender. We believe that this constant rise in demand will inevitably lead to a rise in price which we believe will send bitcoin beyond the 100,000 USD marks in 2-3 years,” Tom Wood said. From the report submitted, Bitcoin price is projected to continue to rise, as available market statistics show a long-term upward trajectory. STF market analyst team projects that Bitcoin price will surpass the 100,000 USD mark in the next three years. Owing to that projection, the group of analysts believes that Bitcoin mining would become a top-flying investment opportunity. STF intends to harness the opportunity by owning a Bitcoin mining farm. As part of the ongoing negotiation, the company is considering the possibility of a joint venture or independent initiative. Although it is unclear how STF will eventually proceed, the company has opened its doors to investors and other companies that would be interested in partnering to own a Bitcoin mining farm. One clear thing is that the company intends to replicate the success it has recorded so far in its brokerage business in this new venture. Tom Wood further stressed that the company would be employing the best hands to ensure the Bitcoin mining farm do not only come to fruition but be successful.


StandPoint Finance is a leading broker with a revolutionary customer-centred trading platform that allows newbie and established traders to trade smartly. Apart from having years of experience in the industry, the firm has hired the best hands for the job. Their well-trained analyst, account managers, and customer service professionals make trading seamless for users.

Website: https://www.standpointfinance.com/


Information Provided via Press Release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association

Apple "Looking At" Implementing Cryptocurrency In To Apple Pay, CEO Says He Owns Some Himself...

Apple CEO Tim Cook says that he owns cryptocurrency, has been interested in it "for awhile" and shared that implementing crypto into Apple Pay is something they're 'looking at'. 

What's amusing is how we never knew the CEO of the world's biggest tech company owns crypto... but only because nobody had asked him about it until now. 

Video Courtesy of The New York Times

Quentin Tarantino Creates 'Pulp Fiction' NFT's That Contain 'Secret' Never Before Seen Audio and Video...


Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction NFT

The NFTs contain "secrets" of the film that only Tarantino knows, which he has placed in the collectibles. According to the website of the non-fungible tokens, there are seven pieces in total that include scenes, fragments of the original scripts of the film, and audios with comments from Tarantino himself.

"I'm thrilled to be able to share these exclusive 'Pulp Fiction' scenes with fans." Secret Network and Secret NFTs open up a whole new world of possibilities for connecting fans and artists, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it." Tarantino says.

These multimedia files are built on the 'Secret Network' blockchain, which bills itself as "the first blockchain with data privacy by default." The platform says they prioritize privacy and grant access controls to NFT owners. Critics said they do this via being largely centralized.

The NFTs will be auctioned off on OpenSea, an Ethereum-powered collectibles market. A few days ago, Secret Network and the marketplace formed an alliance to commercialize the non-fungible tokens.

“Pulp Fiction” put Tarantino’s on the A-list of directors, made Samuel L. Jackson a star, and revived John Travolta's career.   It also was a turning point for the small 'Miramax' production company to become a major Hollywood player - the company was co-founded by brothers Bob Weinstein, and now-convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

The launch date of the non-fungible tokens was not disclosed.

Author: Mark Pippen
London Newsroom | Breaking Crypto News