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EXCLUSIVE: Bakkt Developing New Ways To Spend & Accept Crypto - Will Launch Officially With Starbucks!

Bakkt app and retail services
There's always been a lot of hype around Bakkt, starting from the announcement that the company behind the New York Stock Exchange was teaming up with Starbucks and Microsoft to form a company completely revolving around crypto.

Since their launch they even managed to exceed expectations, but they also have a lot in the works being built away from the spotlight.

A source who would know (that's as descriptive as they're allowing me be) was able to give an update on some of what Bakkt has been working on behind closed doors.

They're attempting to tackle some of crypto's top issues - adoption, and real world use. 

They'll be doing it with products intended for both sides of a transaction, my source explained:

"For the everyday person there's going to be an app for iOS and Android, with this you can buy select cryptocurrencies, or use it as wallet and simply deposit cryptocurrency obtained elsewhere. But this wallet isn't going to be marketed as 'storage' like others - this wallet is where you put the crypto you want to spend."

So with the wallet for the customer, next comes the merchant...

"The other half of will be the merchant services. The goal here is for any business to be able to implement this without any learning curve.  Any business that currently takes Apple Pay or Samsung Pay - their employees already know everything they need to know." 

Others have attempted similar - so what's different about Bakkt's solution?

There's dozens of companies currently trying to be the one to bring crypto to the real world, but Bakkt believes they're the first who actually can.

That's because funds available in the app will be guaranteed by Bakkt, and they believe their promises carry clout that other startups simply do not.

As we've all experienced, sometimes transactions can take longer than we want, and WAY longer than you'd want to stand at the counter of a business awkwardly waiting for it to clear.

But any funds sent via the app will clear instantly, at least as far as the merchant and customer is concerned - even if the actual transaction on the blockchain lags behind.

"Bakkt basically pays for it, then gets reimbursed a couple minutes later when the crypto transfer is complete" my source explained.

Merchants will have the option to have the transaction deposited to them as USD, or keep it in crypto.  Which is another huge point as crypto's volatility can scare some businesses away from using it, but the ones using Bakkt's merchant solution can rest easy knowing they'll receive the exact amount they charged, in USD, even if the customer paid in crypto.

Launching With A Retail Powerhouse -  Starbucks!

Possibly Bakkt's biggest advantage - Starbucks will be giving these products a massive jump start as the first business you'll be able to pay with crypto at using the Bakkt wallet.

This isn't just a way to get a lot of people to download the wallet, it's a selling point that will convince a lot of merchants, as my source explained:

"Any merchant on the fence will be convinced when they hear Starbucks trusts this tech at their thousands of locations.  There's always one nearby, so we can encourage them to simply try it themselves. Once they try it themselves they will see, there's no good reason not to implement it."

Bakkt aims to have everything ready to go in the first half of 2020, followed by plans to roll out additional features like rewards that encourage continued usage and growth.

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

North Korea's 2nd Annual Crypto Conference is Almost Here... And You Better NOT Be There!

Editors Note: The UN has issued warnings against attending an upcoming cryptocurrency conference in North Korea, claiming that to do so would be in violation of sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom.

Last year, Ethereum Foundation developer Virgil Griffith found out just how serious these warnings should be taken.  He was charged with allegedly violating the International Emergency Economic Powers Act for attending the conference and giving an educational presentation on blockchain tech.

To be honest, the US government may be right here.  While we believe Virgil had nothing but good intentions, when you go to "teach blockchain and cryptocurrency" in a country where it's citizens are forbidden to use it - you're teaching the government and military.

We hope everything is taken into account, and the US government realizes Virgil was blinded by passion for the tech, excited to be able to spread the word anywhere, and simply didn't evaluate the circumstances as much as he should have.

This year's NK conference takes place Feb 22nd in Pyongyang.

Video courtesy of RT

DASH On A Mad Dash.... Towards The Moon!

Dash Crypto News
At the time of publishing, DASH is up a whopping 50% for the last 24hrs, something we rarely see established cryptocurrencies do.

So what could be behind the spike?  There's a couple big things going on with Dash at the moment.

First, Venezuela and their national cryptocurrency the Petro are facing an array of problems lately, and today their President addressed the nation and vowed to 'revive' it - perhaps the citizens watching weren't so convinced.

But while the Petro's problems grew, Dash has exploded in popularity there - the public may be stocking up.

Secondly, the Dash Platform launch - which they claim is superior to existing Cloud platforms, even centralized ones like Firestore.  If Dash can take away a decent sized chunk of that market, they're set to bring in billions.

“The main benefits of using Dash Platform over Firestore are similar to the general advantages of decentralization: better security, ownership over data, reduced data silos, and enhanced transparency. Over time, Dash Platform intends to add more components to its stack so that developers can fully utilize the Dash network to facilitate trustless, disintermediated value exchange” says Dash Core Group Product Owner Dana Alibrandi.

But with every big bull run - it doesn't matter if it doesn't hold. 

No predictions from me there, but when long time HODLers see a price increase like this, it's not uncommon for them to take some of their reward and sell.

So while it's not a prediction, be prepared mentally, and with your portfolios to possibly lose half of what was gained today, at least that's where I stand.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

New Winner in 'Cash Back' App War: Earn From EVERY DAY Spending - Amazon, Uber, Groceries, Gas, Even Monthly Bills Like Phone + Netflix...

Fluz App Cash Back and Referral Program
I remembered their name from awhile ago, initially I couldn't remember why, but then I realized - these guys actually funded this with an ICO a couple years ago, and they sold out and hit their hard cap in just one week! 

Now, what was just a concept has been built, beta tested, and released to the public!

The App and company is Fluz, they're also the people behind the the token that trades under the FLUZ symbol.

You may have seen the explosion of various 'cash back' reward apps and sites lately, there's literally hundreds of them on the market today.

Now you may be thinking - to name 1 the 'winner' among them all, there better be a good reason - well, there's actually several!

So let's go over the things that really stand out, in this Fluz app review...

Earn From The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Expenses You ALREADY Have...

Lots of these apps are filled with some big name retailers, but when you think about it - how often do you really go to that big electronics store, or buy new shoes, etc? These are expenses the average person deals with maybe 2-5 times per year.

Now ask yourself - how often do you shop on Amazon? Buy Groceries? Fill up your gas tank? Grab a coffee at Starbucks? For me, I do all of these at least once a week.

Then there's monthly bills you already know are coming like Netflix, Spotify, cell phone.

That's the big difference - those daily, weekly, and monthly expenses are all on the list of supported places to earn cash back from Fluz, every time!

That's when things stack up, and speaking of stacking...

Another thing that caught my eye - you can add on discounts you find from other apps and programs.  I'm sure you've seen on every coupon or promo code "Not valid with any other offer" - Fluz beats the system!

The other apps work by earning a commission when you check out, a referral fee. Which is why those programs do not work in conjunction with each other, since only 1 can take the credit for bringing that customer.

Fluz on the other hand, works by right before checking out, converting your USD from any debit/credit card or Crypto, into a gift card, which is then spent seconds later. You won't actually have to deal with any gift cards, this is just the trick Fluz uses - you'll technically have a gift card on your phone for about 30 seconds for the exact amount it costs - the store will charge it, and you're done.

This is why it doesn't conflict with other programs offering discounts at the same retailer - so you can get both the discounts offered by the first program, plus by the cash back offered by Fluz.

Another great trick if you have a cash back credit card - use that inside of Fluz and you'll be getting cash back from 2 places every purchase!

How To Boost Your Cash Back Rate To 35%...

Typically the rates vary by store, but automatically by using this link, or by manually putting in referral code "CRYPTOVIP" at signup will add 3 'vouchers' to your account - think of these as boosts you can use 1 time each that allow you to raise the cash back amount up to a whopping 35%.

That referral code is required to get them, if you forget to use it your account will not come with any. You've been warned - so don't forget!

People are earning a full-time income from this...

The app is free, always, so that's why I had to make sure I heard that correctly when I was told this, but after looking into it I can verify - it can actually be done.

Fluz's "tell a friend" referral program will pay you a percentage of every transaction your friends make!  Then if they tell their friends, you get a cut of that too!

So if you tell 5 people, and they all tell an average of 5 people - you're now getting paid any time those 30 people shop!

If you're someone with an audience and you're able to really push it, they'll add a $2000 bonus per 100 users you bring to the app.

Don't leave money that should be yours behind...

Sign up for Fluz, it's always free, with no membership fees ever - you literally can only make money!

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

High Savings Account Interest on Crypto Platforms: A New Way to Profit...

Best savings account interest rate
Finding the best bank interest rates in today’s financial climate is a comparison of comically low-interest rates between 0-5%. Some cases in Europe are even negative for interest rates. Yet, a few savvy crypto traders are using these record-low rates to their advantage thanks to the rising popularity of high savings account interest rates on cryptocurrency platforms.

Savings account interest: How to make the “crypto carry trade” work for you...

The carry trade is a relatively well-known concept in traditional finance. It involves borrowing once currency at a low-interest rate then converting it to another country’s currency with high-interest rates and investing that in the highest rate bonds of the country. This was popularized with the “yen carry trade” a few years ago where traders borrowed yen at nearly zero interest rates, converted it to U.S. dollars and invested the dollars into U.S. Treasuries with the best bank interest rates. This same behavior can be replicated with traditional banks and crypto platforms.

How to use the best savings account interest rates to your advantage...

The first step of the crypto carry trade is to find the best bank interest rates. In this case, this means finding the lowest rates possible. Then, request a loan in a fiat current (e.g. USD or EUR) and use that fiat to buy a stable cryptocurrency such as Tether (USDT).  Now that you have a stablecoin, it’s time to find a crypto platform with high savings account interest.

FinTech platform YouHodler has the highest savings account interest rates at 12% meaning you can deposit your USDT (and other cryptocurrencies) on the platform and earn 12% on that deposit every year with interest paid out monthly.

Maximize your savings account interest rates even more...

To add an additional but optional step to the crypto carry trade is to reinvest the interest earned into another asset. For example, after earning the 12% on your USDT savings, then one could put that 12% towards a Bitcoin (BTC) investment and capitalize on its growth that way. These are all creative ways to capitalize on the best bank interest rates found in traditional finance while simultaneously benefiting from the innovation of the new digital economy.

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk

Found In The Archives: Jon Stewart Praises Bitcoin, Rips Apart Traditional Finance On "The Daily Show" ...6 YEARS AGO!

In this 6 year old clip found by AltcoinDaily, Jon Stewart takes some of the fear-mongering around Bitcoin, and  instead of giving in, Stewart brings the raw truth - any fears around Bitcoin seem small in comparison to things that have actually happened in the traditional finance world.

The clip with Stephen Colbert that is mentioned in the video can be seen here.

Video courtesy of AltcoinDaily

Crypto24Radio.com Doubles Listeners within Last Six Months...

Crypto24 Radio
Launched in July of 2018, Crypto24Radio.com, an internet-based radio station covering all aspects of blockchain technology, has doubled its listeners in the last six months to now over 30,000 listeners a month.

Crypto24Radio.com streams 24/7 with listeners from all over the globe, covering the latest fintech, crypto, and blockchain news focusing on projects, scams, exchanges, cryptocurrencies, and emerging technologies including AI and Quantum technologies. With breaking news pieces, interviews with the world's top entrepreneurs and trending podcasts, the broadcasted programs address what is really going on in the cryptosphere and introduce people to new innovations and noteworthy projects.

Aviva Õunap, CEO of Savii Digital Marketing Agency, the owner of Crypto24Radio.com, stated, “We started Crypto24Radio as we believe that people don’t trust blockchain technology because of their lack of knowledge in this space. Blockchain technology has proven to have a positive, large-scale impact on a number of applications and industries, and cryptocurrency transactions are one of the most known applications of blockchain technology. There is always a learning curve when it comes to mass adoption of anything, especially when it related to money, and we wanted to educate people immediately on these topics. Trust and education go hand in hand, as the more you understand, the more you will appreciate your options.”

In addition to Crypto24Radio, Savii Digital has other free educational resources, including CryptoandBlockchainTalk.com, a top-rated podcast, and cryptofinance24.com, an aggregated news website with educational pieces and videos.

Savii Digital also owns Savii Publishing, who have created a series of books that are being used in schools and libraries across the world, including titles such as Crypto and Blockchain for Beginners and Meet Bob the Blocktrain. Their latest book, The Students’ Guide to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is out in Spring 2020.

Õunap continued, “I do hope that Crypto24Radio continues to grow and that we continue to educate people on all forms of emerging technologies".

Tune in by visiting www.crypto24radio.com

Questions? Comments? Reach the team directly at education@saviidigital.com

Information Provided via Press Release
Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association Press Release Distribution for industry.

NUCLEAR Powered Cryptocurrency Miners?! Russian Power Company Opens First Of 4 Sites That Will Rent Out Space On-Site...

Nuclear powered bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining
Russian based Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation spotted a market in need of what they sell - power!

But there's one major difference between them and some of the other hydroelectric, wind, of geothermal based power companies around the world that have embraced electricity-hungry cryptocurrency miners- they're NUCLEAR.

Sergei Nemchenkov, director of the information says the company does not plan to mine, but will "take advantage of the opportunity to sell additional energy to heavy users and rent space for their equipment".

It won't be a huge leap for the power company, they already rent out similar space for businesses with web servers/data centers.

The company says the first location, their power plant in Udomlya (about 200 miles outside of Moscow) is ready to go, and claims they spent 4.8 million building the on-site facilities for miners to rent out.

This is the first of 4 nuclear powered locations they aim to launch this year.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

Facebook's 'Libra' Cryptocurrency Scared Chinese Government Into Developing Similar - Now Libra Is Stalled, And China Keeps Moving...

The process of understanding digital currencies began in China all the way back in 2014, when the Chinese Central Bank conducted basic, preliminary 'studies' - just so they would know what they were dealing with.

But lately, China has made it clear they're done learning.  The student may soon become the teacher.  That is, China is on a path to lead the world as the first country with true digital national currency.

While Venesuala's Petro is technically issued by the government, that nation's political issues stopped the Petro from being a functional  currency used in the global market. Because the nations rejecting it would still be rejecting it whether it was a cryptocurrency or not, so we can't consider the Petro an example of how a national cryptocurrency would function.

One of my sources, an analyst within a well known firm in the blockchain space has had the Chinese government as a client for awhile now, but only lately have they stepped things up, he explained: "Actions accelerated last October when they wanted to know every possible outcome of replacing the renminbi with a cryptocurrency.  Their goal being to reduce the costs inherent to issuance of paper money." 

He continued, touching on their general sentiment currently "They seem convinced of the advantages of crypto, and still debating potential disadvantages.  We're one of a few outlets providing a neutral 3rd party opinion.' 

Looking in to what was happening publicly around this time in October, we saw the approval of a new law for the use of cryptography, and President Xi Jinping offered statements in favor of considering some blockchains central technologies for "important and innovative advances".

Why the sudden acceleration? China's Fear Of Facebook.

Everyone I spoke to that I consider an expert on China said the same thing - they looked at Facebook's plans for Libra, and went into panic mode. 

Facebook and China have consistently clashed - they're very aware that Facebook is outside of their sphere of control.

"To them, the plans for Libra could have been presented by a US Government official and it would have been received the same - that's how they view Facebook. An American company, that tried to bring their platform to China but still wanted to follow US rules - not conform to China's" a contact who works inside a Hong Kong based crypto exchange told me.

There's a disaster coming if things don't change...

While Libra may have lit the fire that put China into overdrive, Facebook's fire here has been snuffed out by the US Government.

I'm no fan of Facebook, but I also never viewed Libra as a threat to other cryptocurrencies, if anything, it would serve as an easy first step into the cryptocurrency world, where people could get their feet wet.  Libra users would soon wander deeper into the waters, having gotten over the initial fear of using cypto for the first time.

American politicians actions against Libra may end with a global coin that isn't bound to USD, but the Yuen instead.

The clips I've seen of elderly US politicians who clearly lack any basic knowledge of how cryptocurrencies work, grandstanding and flexing their authority to Zuckerberg on TV seem dead set on hauling Libra.

Meaning China could end up first to market with a big global cryptocurreny, while the US is at a complete stand-still.

Like it or not, the combination of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and the ability to aggressively push the users of these apps to try Libra, is a shortcut to 'mass adoption' no one else can mimic.

I get not liking Facebook, but I don't get stopping them just to allow China to do it instead.

Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk

Marketing Blockchain Projects & Crypto Advertising in 2020 - This Should Be Part Of Any Successful Campaign...

Crypto Advertising and Marketing in 2020
The New Year is upon us, and  Global Crypto Press Association has just announced an array of new services for companies needing blockchain and crypto advertising for their projects.  From SEO, to crypto traffic, and of course, press release distribution.

The public knows the Crypto Press Association (GlobalCryptoPress.com) as a news organization, with over a dozen reporters around the globe.

With teams in the US, Europe, and Asia, you can expect more big stories to break, and scams to come crashing down on their homepage in 2020 and beyond.

But Over 200+ blockchain and crypto companies also rely on them to get the word out...

The most popular of these services is their crypto press release distribution - where they are the only ones able to promise at least 50 publications will publish their clients announcement.

You can find GCP's Blockchain Press Releases on: Crypto news sites, Apple News, Google News, Bloomberg, Marketwatch, and even TV networks like NBC, CBS, and  ABC.

Now when they're distributing a press release for a cryptocurrency or blockchain related project,  they'll be able to get the company's announcement on an increased number of mainstream, popular news platforms.

They're so confident - they're promising at least 50 sites will publish that company's press release.

That's a big deal!  Generally speaking, when someone pays a PR firm for 'Press Release Distribution' that simply means they will send out that press release to reporters, and they won't promise that even 1 will publish it.

But it's the rate that will convince you -  Other services, (that don't even have the 50 site guarantee) can run upwards of $3000, while the Global Crypto Press costs less than $1000!

How did they get the price so low? 

As an news organization, other news organizations give them a deal they won't give a marketing or PR firm.

One client called this the "Killer combo'  when learning that switching to GCP to handle his companies press releases and other crypto marketing would both save him money, and get him more.

3 New Services in 2020...

Now expanding beyond press releases, clients can get even more from a source they already trust.

First off, their crypto SEO service, which improves someones search engine ranking.  It's had huge success so far getting their clients on the first page of Google results for some highly competitive keywords.

Secondly - YouTube marketing!  It's like SEO but for YouTube, making someones video get more views, rank higher in YouTube's search, and cause YouTube to recommend their video to other viewers automatically.  The end result is a boom in a channels viewership and subscriber count.

Lastly, crypto traffic!  They've arranged a deal to purchase excess web traffic, strictly from platforms which require users to have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency.  These sites reward their users with cryptocurrency, so its an audience made up 100% of people who at least know enough to do that.

Wishing everyone in the industry a successful 2020!

You can find full details and order these services at http://IndustryTools.GlobalCryptoPress.com

Stephen Braile
New York News Desk
GCP Press Release 

"The State Of Ethereum" - What Happened in 2019, What We Hope Will Happen In 2020...

Matthew Tan and Wee Chuan Tan from Etherscan.io present the "State Of Ethereum" at Devcon.

They look at Ethereum's growth (and no one is in a better position to monitor this than Etherscan), as well as overall changes in the user demographics as Ethereum and crypto have gone mainsteam.

Then they discuss some of the challenges Ethereum has overcome, the new challenges ahead - and how they hope to overcome those as well.

Video courtesy of Ethereum Foundation.

Crypto Outlook January 2020: Your Crypto Snapshot of 2020...

Cryptocurrency and blockchain news
Welcome to the January 2020 Crypto Outlook with Contentworks, an agency specializing in content marketing for financial services, crypto and blockchain.

Bitcoin was one of the best-performing assets in 2019. The currency rose by more than 85%. This was higher than the 30% gain by the S&P 500. It was also higher than gains in gold and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin. Bitcoin started 2019 from a point of weakness after its price dropped by more than 80% in the previous year.

cryptocurrency chart

Bitcoin started 2020 on a high note after rising by 30 basis points on the first day of the year. The outlook for the year remains uncertain. This is because the currency has declined significantly since peaking at almost $14,000 in 2019. The currency is 44% off its 2019 highs. Nonetheless, there is a ray of hope. The market is anticipating how the currency will perform ahead of the halving event that will happen in June this year. Halving happens when the size of the block reward is reduced by half. This leads to lower supply. Historically, currencies like BTC and LTC have risen ahead of halving. In addition, reports by Blockchain and Coin Dance confirmed that BTC’s hash rate started the year at an all-time high.

In January, the market will continue paying attention to Ripple. Ripple, the company that owns cryptocurrency XRP, will be watched after it raised a massive $200 million round in 2020. The round was led by Tetragon, SBI Holdings, and Route 66 Ventures. This round valued the company at more than $10 billion. The traded XRP currency is valued at more than $8.2 billion and is the third most-valuable crypto after Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company sold more than 66 million XRP tokens in the third quarter.

Ethereum will also be in focus this month. The second-most valuable cryptocurrency has been a laggard in the past year, when its price declined by more than 8%. The currency will be in focus as it completed its second hard fork in less than 30 days. This happened after the mining of the 9,200,000 block in what is being called the Muir Glacier upgrade. This upgrade, which was proposed by EthHub’s Eric Conner, delays the so-called ‘difficulty bomb by 4 million blocks. This is expected to increase the block time slowly with the goal of pushing the network towards a proof-of-stake situation. Enthusiasts will be watching how this develop.

Bithumb, one of the biggest exchanges in the world, will be in the spotlight this month. This is after it emerged that South Korea’s National Tax service was planning to withhold tax worth more than $70 million from the company. Bithumb is the biggest crypto exchange in the country. This tax will be withheld mostly from foreign customers. This will be the first time the company has imposed tax on gains from cryptocurrencies.

Enthusiasts will also be paying attention to a number of events that are scheduled to take place in January. In Las Vegas, the Digital Money Forum will take place on January 7 to 10th. The forum is expected to welcome more than 1000 delegates from the United States and around the world.

In Washington, the Elite AI and Blockchain summit will take place on January 14 and 15.

The North American Bitcoin Conference will happen in Miami on January 15 to 17. Key speakers will be Bill Barhydt, the founder of Abra and Marco Santori, the president of Blockchain.com. The Crypto Finance Conference will happen in Switzerland, and will be headline by the Winklevoss brothers.

At Contentworks, our team of financial professionals closely follows market movements for FX, Crypto and other tradable instruments. We are proud to serve some of the biggest crypto and fintech companies in the world by delivering high-impact articles, videos, PRs and white papers.

Visit Contentworks at http://www.contentworks.agency

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