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Congressman Asks Difference Between 'Bitcoin, and a Sh*tcoin" - To Point Out Which One Facebook's Libra Sounds Like...

We're fans of Congressman Warren Davidson, as he's shown himself to be a leader among the alarmingly small group of lawmakers who actually understand what they're regulating when it comes to emerging tech, like cryptocurrencies. He's also the co-author of some smart, pro-economic growth cryptocurrency regulations.

Questioning CoinShares chief strategy officer Meltem Demirors he asked "A lot of people in this space will use a phrase that you may be familiar with: 'there's bitcoin, and then there's shitcoins - are you familiar with that phrase, and what people might mean by that?"

The reason for asking - to point out that Bitcoin, with no central authority, is less vulnerable to interference as no one can filter bitcoin transactions, or make unilateral decisions that would effect the entire market.

The opposite of Libra, so, I guess we know what that means.

Bitcoin/Crypto Loans Popular With Wealthy People... Who Don't Need Money. The 2 Reasons Why, That YOU Should Copy!

The financial tricks the wealthy have used and kept quiet about, have just gone very public.

From getting loans for personal or business use, to earning interest on the cryptocurrency you own, the cryptocurrency financial world has reached the point that they're able to provide almost any financial service we were once dependent on banks for.

This is what excited the team behind CryptocurrencyLoaning.com, a site dedicated to everything crypto, except cryptocurrency trading.  You won't find any recommendations on trades, or exchanges there - but you will find how to put your funds to use in this new emerging financial system.

"Forget everything you know, and start with a blank slate and no preconceptions.  People think 'I have no emergency need for funds' so a loan isn't for them" says co-founder & head of the Newsroom, Switzerland based Conrad Sirril.

He continues "Because of that people are missing all the other reasons to get one. When you hear the word 'Loan' you think of someone who desperately needs the money - that's not who is using these crypto services.  This is for smart people who want to maximize investment profits."

How these savvy investors are using crypto and bitcoin loans is quite impressive - but more importantly, these tricks can be used by anyone.

So, why would someone who doesn't need the money take out a crypto loan?

  • First - the money isn't taxed!  

That's right, in most countries (such as the US) money received via a loan is not taxable. So it's basically the smartest way to make a withdraw.  Interest rates will typically be less than half the tax rates!

  • Second - In a bull market, they use their crypto to get a loan, to buy more crypto!

Obviously, don't touch this method if you haven't had success investing in crypto already - but if you've watched your predictions come true thinking 'I wish I was able to buy more' - this is how you do it.

Now, they're holding their position on Bitcoin, and simply need to pay the interest to keep their original coins all while getting the funds to invest in something else at the same time.

The team there has had some success, Sirril shares "Basically we took out loans and bought as much BTC as we could around $4000, and rode the wave of green up to $7000" which is about as perfect as you can pull something like this off, their end result - "so we paid back the lender for all those $4000 Bitcoins, with the coins that were now worth $7000, and kept the difference". That's why many expect the future of Bitcoin loans to be huge.

  • Are Bitcoin & Crypto Loans Safe?

Really, if the worst happens you'll be glad you used your crypto to get cash while the price was high.

But if the value rises while your crypto loan is active, and you used your loan to buy even more - you're going to be a very happy investor.

  • Where do you get a loan using Bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency?)

This is the big question, and the entire reason they launched the Cryptocurrency Loan news portal!  In a short period of time literally, dozens of these sites have popped up, with mixed reviews.  The team there will sort through it all, and make clear recommendations.

Visit them now at http://www.CryptocurrencyLoaning.com

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Comparing US Treasury Secretary's Concerns Over Crypto, with Reality - And The Results are Disturbing...

Well, I sure feel silly.

I confess - I was thinking like a conspiracy theorist when I learned the final details around Libra, the upcoming cryptocurrency led by Facebook and backed by dozens of other major corporations.

Libra's entire model is so dependent on the US Dollar, that together with their plans to be used world wide - I thought "Surely this was planned WITH the US Government" or at least while consulting with them.

But I couldn't have been more wrong, as we learned this week that isn't the case, when US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin instead came out and expressed huge concern over the whole thing.

The fact is, and i'll explain why - this could only strengthen the USD if it succeeds, and have no effect on it if fails.  Hardly cause for huge concern.

So is the word 'cryptocurrency' really just so confusing, that it can create reactions like this?

Let's compare these fears, with the simple truth.

If you're catching up, here's the basics:

Libra is a 'stable coin' so it will always be worth exactly $1, every 1 Libra = $1 USD.  So unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum and others - this won't be a coin you find people investing in for profit.  It's only use is transnational.

They will then hold USD reserves to back up each Libra coin in circulation.

Now let's look at the two categories the Treasury Department's concerns fall under.

1) Integrity of the US Dollar...

A Libra token represents literally nothing more than a US Dollar, no different from one in your bank.

This is the main reason i'm stunned by Secretary Mnuchin's reaction. 

One huge reason for the strength of the US Dollar, is that it is the global standard currency for buying oil.  There's a reason the US uses every trick in the book, and writes a few of their own to keep it this way.

On that note, the USD has likely already gotten a boost from being the dominate crypto-to-fiat pairing on exchanges with an international user base, it's commonly the only fiat currency someone can 'cash out' to, regardless of where they're located.

Now imagine if Libra is successfully adopted around the world. USD is suddenly involved in a lot of transactions it wouldn't have been in before.

For example, perhaps some retailers here in the UK begin accepting Libra.  At the same time, it begins to catch on with the public.

Like me, while in your home country you probably use your nation's currency. So here, 99% of my transactions are done using the Pound (£) along with those in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Now throw a USD backed coin like Libra into the mix.

Suddenly transactions that would have never involved the US Dollar, are completely dependent on it. Every purchase I make here, Libra will need to hold an equal amount in USD there.

2) Illegal Usage...
The other concerns expressed are the usual "Libra could be misused by money launderers and terrorist financiers” babble we've all heard before, typically about Bitcoin.

There is no honest way to disagree with the following point:  Cryptocurrencies are infinitely more traceable than fiat currency.

Another plus: funds can be tracked outside of US borders even when they enter a hostile nation.  This is thanks to a public ledger, there is no cooperation needed.

But paper cash is completely untraceable.

Even digitally - you can buy a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard with paper cash, giving someone totally anonymous electronic transfers.

This means the truth is, cryptocurrencies do not offer a single, real advantage for criminals that they cannot find elsewhere. 

In closing....

While I can't say i'm thrilled Facebook is making it's entry into the sector, I can say between them, and the other companies involved in Libra, they have the lobbying power to basically force members of the US Government to get educated on the topic.

Because hearing leaders standing in front of microphones, saying things so inaccurate they should be embarrassed to say them, is getting old.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

Blockchain in Chains: It's Time To Strip The SEC Of Authority Over Cryptocurrency - and Some SEC Officials Agree!

Before you think this is an extreme view - you should know that members of the US Congress from both political parties, and even some of the SEC's own leadership agree - the SEC, and the regulations for trading securities are both the wrong agency, and wrong laws, to oversee the emerging cryptocurrency space.

Let's look at how we got to where we are now, what's going wrong, and the path we can take to correct it.

The big boom, and the SEC's entry into crypto...

Back in 2017, there was a lot of money flying around, we had a flood of new people rush the market, each wanting their piece of the pie.  Unfortunately, with the masses comes those who target them.

The cryptocurreny world really was the perfect target, people felt they needed to get in quick, and a lot of people had no idea what they were buying.

As the media talked about how rich people who bought Bitcoin years ago are now, scammers were right behind them promising their new coin would be next to follow this path.  The lies went viral, I remember seeing conversations between people online, where literally not 1 person involved knew what they were talking about - it was the blind leading the blind on social networking, and many of the scams were spread from victim to victim because of this.

Then as these various scams began collapsing, the SEC appeared.  Issuing cease and deists, and in some cases pressing charges against company founders.

Things had gotten so bad, even people typically against government involvement could be found cheering on some of the SEC actions.  It's hard to feel bothered by one of these companies being taken down, and at the time the SEC seemed like the lesser of two evils.

But things have changed...

Since then, the crypto world didn't just 'wise up' to scammers - we've become downright paranoid.

Today practically every startup in crypto is considered a scam until they prove otherwise, guilty until proven innocent. This doesn't really bother me, legitimate projects will have no problem proving themselves.

But one thing I know for sure - the scams of 2017 would never get off the ground today.

So, what is the SEC up to now?

Well, you've likely heard the news this week, they're targeting a well known and established tech company, KIK. They have a messaging app under the same name, and in 2017 they launched their own cryptocurrency called "KIN".

The SEC is suing them for $100 million, the amount the company raised.

While the SEC has laid out the case of a company losing money turning to an ICO to stop the bleeding, which they summarized in court documents with:

Faced with a shrinking financial “runway,” Kik decided to “pivot” to an entirely different business and attempt what a board member called a “hail Mary pass”: Kik would offer and sell one trillion digital tokens in return for cash to fund company operations and a speculative new venture.

Well, that sure sounds shady.  That's why initially, I didn't have negative reaction to this news.

Then it hit me - that's total bullshit.

That happened when I read another headline a couple hours later, saying that since becoming a publicly traded company, UBER has just released their first earnings report - a loss of $1 BILLION!

Investing in companies losing money is actually extremely common, and as far as the actual numbers go - Kik is actually on the low end, with an estimated $3 million per month operating cost. Uber loses that in a few days. So does companies like Tesla, which lost nearly $500 million so far this year - and that's an improvement for them over 2018.

In the case of Kik, it's supporters were seen pushing Kik and implementing it into their app as a way to turn things around.  Another very common, thing for a company to do - seek new investors to fund an improvement, that could turn a company losing money into a profitable one.

So what did Kik really do? Sold an "unlicensed security" - and people over estimate how easy it is to earn that label.

If someone from the company leadership implies that their cryptocurrency could go up in value - that's it, you've crossed the line and turned your token into a 'security'.

The SEC is no longer taking down scams for our own good...

What we're really getting is the SEC yelling "leave America, or else" at every company that could be considering implementing tokenized assets.

And they are leaving the country - taking their jobs, and tax dollars with them.

America's loss has been other nation's gain. Governments that have embraced the cryptocurrency and blockchain explosion are reaping massive rewards. 

There's a whole area of Switzerland now being called 'crypto valley' - they found an easy way to give their economy a huge boost - just do what Silicon Valley should have been doing this whole time.

There's hope - if the US Congress would do their job...

Already introduced in Congress by Congressmen Warren Davidson (Republican) and Darren Soto (Democrat) - the Token Taxonomey Act would officially remove the 'security' label from many digital assets.

This does not mean the crypto market becomes the wild west.  Digital assets would be treated as a commodity (like gold or silver) and regulated by the CFTC.

Think of it this way - every scam ICO violated laws beyond being an unregistered security. Lying to investors is fraud, disappearing with their money is fraud and theft - these would still be illegal, and there would still be an agency in charge of preventing this, or punishing those who do it.

Even some of the SEC's own leadership are open to the idea...

In a surprising turn - in a speech from SEC commissioner Hester M. Peirce, he highlighted the Congressman's proposed solution, saying:

"Congress may resolve the ambiguities engendered by Howey by simply requiring that at least some digital assets be treated as a separate asset class. Congressmen Warren Davidson and Darren Soto recently introduced a bill in the House intended to amend the federal securities laws to do just that, provided that the token truly operated in a decentralized network."

So where do things stand? The last update on the bill was following it's official introduction into the Congress, this is typically followed by various committees evaluating it, proposing possible changes/amendments, then it goes up for a vote.

How long this process takes greatly varies, but it's becoming clear that this should be treated as an urgent matter.

What US lawmakers need to understand...
Artificial Intelligence and blockchain own the title of today's 'hottest' emerging technologies, and there's no way to put a number on the long term economic damage caused by one of these fleeing the United States to avoid SEC overreach.

It's years too early to even guess who will be the Apple or Microsoft of blockchain, and release that blockchain powered product that includes implementation of a native token  - but until things change we can be sure it won't be an American based company.

As the reporter who broke the story on the Token Taxonomy Act, I have been informed members of Congress have shared, and even used some of my arguments in it's favor internally.

We will make sure this reaches the offices of those we have contact with already, and with the utmost respect I would like to suggest - research Switzerland's Crypto Valley, and see the results of the government doing things right.

This is the model we should aim to replicate in the United States. 

*Details updated 7/19/19
Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

US Crypto Traders - Claim Your $25 BTC...

ABBC Proudly Unveils Buyaladdin in Rockefeller Center, New York!

ABBC foundation is proud to announce the Buyaladdin shopping platform. Buyaladdin is truly the next generation e-commerce app that will revolutionize mediums of exchange and prove to be a stepping stone in making cryptocurrency mainstream. We are honored with the privilege to make this innovational announcement in Rockefeller Center, New York on July 16, 2019.

Buyaladdin is the first and only online shopping platform to accept crypto as a payment method. ABBC foundation has worked hard to establish itself as the bridge to cryptocurrency and e-commerce with its projects. Aladdin Wallet has already been launched before the event and was a sneak preview of the disruption it would make in the crypto world, having the unique ability to send crypto through chat.

The Buyaladdin Launch event was hosted by its CTO, Stanley Park. Park talked of the changes that the shopping platform would make: ‘’A whole new world’.  Buyaladdin is announced to launch in October and is set to be used by over 100 million crypto users. Buyaladdin has already been registered with a list of shopping malls, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Rakuten, and AliExpress, to name a few. The platform has integrated over 50 big names globally.

One of the problems with cryptocurrency has also been the uses for it. Besides exchanging for other crypto there was never anything that it could actually purchase. A study by Chainalysis reveals that only 1.3% of Bitcoin transactions involve a merchant. Buyaladdin is looking to solve this, wherein during the event a product demonstrator for the app used Bitcoin to buy a pair of sneakers on the app — a pair of Vans to be specific. Buying cryptocurrency involves a lot of risk because values can be volatile, but ABBC foundation’s new shopping platform is poised to make investors confident.

TNC CEO Bruce Jeong spoke about the changes Buyaladdin would bring, saying ‘’It will be like a boom, like so different from the beginning.” TNC is a company that is set to merge with more than 500 blockchain companies this year.

The event closed with Liberland President Vit Jedlicka giving his final thoughts on Buyaladdin. Liberland is a free republic that has plans on being a crypto-state by running the country through a decentralized autonomous organization as per President Jedlicka’s vision.

A world with paperless payment seems more and more likely to happen as each innovation bests the next. ABBC has a lot more in store for the years to come and Buyaladdin is geared toward catapulting the crypto world into mainstream. On that note, we would like to thank our supporters of ABBC foundation, as well as the Rockefeller Center for having us.

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These Grandma's in One Remote, Frozen Corner of The World are Mining Crypto to Keep Warm, and Earn Coins...

Considered one of the remote corners of the world, these grannies living deep in Siberia are mining Bitcoin - and loving it! Power is cheap and typically much of it is used to simply cool down the mining rigs. But where the snow never melts - keeping miners from overheating isn't a problem. The cost of a mining rig is paid for after the first 8-9 months, then it's all profit for these crypto-seniors.

Video courtesy of the BBC.  

TNC Group’s Official Event Launch Unveiled Buyaladdin Shopping Mall...

TNC IT Solutions Group (TNC) is a global blockchain development firm based in Dubai, UAE. With the vision of uniting the cryptocurrency world, TNC has formally introduced the company’s major objectives, business strategies, and synergized ecosystem during the official event launch yesterday, July 16, at the Rockefeller Center in New York.

The opening keynote for the event was delivered by the Free Republic of Liberland’s Global Honorary Ambassador-at-Large Steven Melnik. He spoke about Liberland’s vision of becoming a crypto-and-blockchain powered society that runs within a decentralized government, collects voluntary taxes, and promotes personal and economic freedom to its citizens. In line with TNC’s goal, Liberland will benefit from TNC’s services on blockchain consulting, and will receive comprehensive assistance in integrating blockchain technology and finding global standard developers suitable for the micronation’s development.

Among the highlights of the event was the presentation done by TNC’s CEO Bruce Jeong. According to Bruce, TNC was established in October 2018. It currently has global branches around different parts of the world including the UK, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Russia, and India, among others. With its four main objectives being Token Development, Blockchain Solutions, Blockchain Academy, and Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), TNC has built business strategies in collaboration with many industry experts and corporate leaders.

Currently, TNC is in the process of appraisals and evaluation. With substantial resources, they have evaluated more than 1,700 companies listed on CoinMarketCap. After careful consideration, TNC will select 500 companies with the most potential to succeed within the crypto industry. Moreover, the TNC token that will be developed soon would be integrated as one of the payment methods on the Buyaladdin shopping mall platform. Having said that, Buyaladdin is on its way to gathering 100 million Aladdin Wallet app users through TNC’s M&A project.

A significant part of the TNC event launch was Buyaladdin’s public announcement and live demonstration. Buyaladdin aims to be a leading online shopping platform that provides an extraordinary e-shopping experience through cryptocurrencies. Resolving the issue of online transactions and high transaction fees, shoppers can conveniently shop online using crypto through Buyaladdin.

The Buyaladdin app will go live in October, and shopping enthusiasts, as well as crypto users can begin online shopping within major e-retailers integrated within the app. This global marketplace will include Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Rakuten, Lazada, and many more which will be added in the near future.

Alongside this business venture, TNC has also invested $5,000,000 to a newly-released digital wallet application — Aladdin Wallet. The funds will contribute to further developments within the app, ensuring fast and secure crypto transactions made possible through its built-in chat messaging function, and protection from security threats. Aladdin Wallet users will have the privilege to use the beta-version of the Buyaladdin app in September.

Reaching out to expert consultants from different sectors around the world, TNC will certainly pave its way to success in no time. Respected individuals like Bruce Porter, Hideo Ito, Clara Florey, Arben Kane, and Misha Hanin are among the mentioned trusted advisors who believe in TNC’s vision.

Indeed, with TNC’s event successfully launched in New York, more updates are expected to be heard about this company. Having ambitious projects and goals in mind, TNC will make a huge difference in the tech innovation industry — and everyone should be ready for it.

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Billionare Tim Draper - "Why I Believe in Bitcoin..."

Tim Draper is a pioneer of business ventures in the USA and a co-founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) Venture Company, which has a leading position in terms of venture investments in technological companies that are in the early stages of development.

Video Courtesy Of World Blockchain Summit Singapore.

Google to Force Ad Viewing in Chrome, Even w/ Ad Blocker! But For One Cryptocurrency - this May be GREAT News...

Google Chrome Sinking Ship
Companies will test their customer's loyalty if the upside is large enough, and on that note, Google's next set of plans for Chrome include some changes that I strongly believe will go down in history as a major misstep for the company.

The basic 'what you need to know' is - after a new version of Google's Chrome browser gets released, they begin plans on what comes next.  The plans for what will follow the current version of Chrome you may be using right now, are outlined in a document titled 'Manifest V3'.

Inside Manifest V3 Google addresses the issue of ad blocking, specifically ad blocker plug-ins for Chrome developed by 3rd parties but offered by Google in the Chrome webstore. Some inside of the company share a strong disagreement with the current structure of approving and offering browser extensions that once installed, block Google's own ads.  They see this as them costing themselves what is likely hundreds of millions in revenue each year.

They're not wrong about that - Google even fills a couple of the ad spots on our site, and as someone involved in various projects over the years that turned to Google to fill ad space, I can vouch the revenue earned has been on a steady decline, even if the total number of visitors is on the rise - webmasters around the world are in agreement on what to blame, ad blockers.

A site could be twice as popular as it was 5 years ago, but earning less than it was then.  Depending on how tech savvy a sites audience is, having 10,000 visitors in your traffic stats, but seeing only 2000 of them were served an ad is common now.

Ironically, sites that attract the older, less computer literate generations can still do quite well as they load up internet explorer, and every ad you send them.

The actual changes Google will make to accomplish this comes in 2 parts.

First, changing the rules for the 3rd party developers who make the ad blockers.  If they want their Chrome extension to be available in Google's webstore, they'll need to make sure their ad blocker doesn't interfere with Google's advertising services.

Second, for any developers who thought 'we'll just have people download it from our site instead' - changes to Chrome's API (this is how the developers code interfaces with Chrome's code) now the ad blocker won't be allowed to see an ad is coming to stop it from loading, it will see it the same time you do on screen.

Even developers on Google's message board are surprised there hasn't been an uproar from the public, with one saying "If anything, the current public response is quite mild. I would expect 1000 times more noise and outrage everywhere" and Google sees the lack of angry users as them getting the green light.

So I feel confident in saying - it's happening, don't expect a reversal on this, expect to see Google ads again soon.

There's 1 player in blockchain & cryptocurrency space positioned to benefit from Google going against their users...

Already well known in the cryptocurrency world is the Brave browser, the product backed by the BAT token.  You won't find many disagreeing with the statement that there's a lot of potential here, that's why they've already managed to get their token in the most desired position on the market - listed on both Binance and Coinbase.

But many don't realize - Brave is a modified version of Chrome!

Google decided to make Chrome open source, allowing anyone to access the source code for a stripped down version called "Chromium" making it possible for someone to build on the same framework Chrome is built on. 

Most Chrome extensions work on Brave currently, and most fully functional ad blockers will continue to even after this update.

This won't be the first time Brave has undone Google's wrongs...

Brave is already basically a less-creepy version of Chrome.  They've made the browser harder to track as you go from site to site, by removing it's fingerprint, a unique code only your computer will have, created by looking at it's unique combination of specifications, and configuration.

At the same time, people who WANT ads is starting to catch on...

But not how Google is proposing it.

There's several companies now promoting browsers or extensions where they show ads, but share the revenue with you.  Among those companies, once again is Brave can be found pursuing the emerging trend.  If someone's going to get paid from your web surfing, shouldn't it be you?

Make your plans because soon you'll wake up, see ads in places you've never seen them before.

Then you'll realize you're actually just seeing ones that were always there, they were just blocked.  Stay one step ahead, download Brave now rather than wait until you start seeing ads in Chrome again.

Honorable mention: Another alternative browser focused on user privacy and control, Dissenter.

How do YOU feel about the changes Google is making to Chrome?  Will you keep using it?  If not, what's your solution?

Tweet us @GlobalCryptoDev or E-Mail Newsroom@GlobalCryptoPress.com

*Edit (Additional Information Added) 7/16/19
Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

San Francisco News Desk

TNC IT Solutions Group to unite the world of cryptocurrency...

TNC IT Solution Group has been launched to provide blockchain development and security services to fast developing companies in the crypto space.

TNC brings together the skills and experience of a network of more than 500 experts with backgrounds in blockchain and cryptocurrency, information technology, finance technology, commerce and public relations.

Once a company joins TNC, it will benefit from comprehensive support and expert input, as well as a full range of efficiencies and economies. TNC will offer financial support and investment, first-rate developers, tried and tested blockchain strategies, legal services and technical support.

Dubai-based, TNC has already invested US$5m in ABBC Foundation’s BuyAladdin project. The investment will accelerate the app’s development, ensuring fast and secure crypto transactions and protection from possible security threats. TNC’s native cryptocurrency, the Tokenncoin, will also be used for payment in the Aladdin Shopping Mall, the world’s first cryptocurrency shopping mall.


“There has been renewed focus on the crypto space over the last few weeks with the recovery of some of the major coins coupled with major announcements from established tech players,” says Bruce Jeong, TNC CEO. “We want to create an environment where ideas can flourish without having to constantly reinvent the wheel. We are excited by the prospect of being able to support young companies with a diverse skill set that helps them focus on their ambitions.”

“Becoming part of the TNC helps us focus on our development without having to bring in untested skills in new areas,” says Stanley Park, BuyAladdin CTO. “It will mean that we can deliver the BuyAladdin app more quickly, which will help investors of all kinds make the most of the opportunities that crypto offers.”

TNC IT Solutions Group is a diversified company that is focused on helping develop companies in the crypto space. With a comprehensive network and a range of skills, the firm intends to grow through M&A, adding promising companies to its portfolio and helping them grow. TNC has been set up to provide a comprehensive blockchain service for our users covering a range of aspects including issuing, marketing, token listing and security.

Website: https://tncitgroup.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tokenncoin
Telegram: https://t.me/tokenncoin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tokenncoin-292650511677545/

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Switzerland, A Top Location for Blockchain/Crypto Companies, Has a Big, New Player Coming To Town - Facebook's Libra Association...

Switzerland is already a popular location to set up and launch a company in the blockchain/crypto sector, and is considered one of the more forward-thinking governments when it comes to understanding the tech and welcoming the industry.

So it's no surprise Facebook and the Libra Association chose Geneva Switzerland as their headquarters.

But can they expect a warm welcome from the dozens of companies, and crypto-professionals already there?

Video Courtesy of CNN Money Switzerland.