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Kevin O'Leary (Shark Tank) Shares His 2022 Investment Plan for Crypto and NFTs...

Founder of multiple companies, Author, and Shark Tank Co-host Kevin O'Leary shares how he plans to take on 2022.   He also makes an interesting point to those who have not yet invested in the crypto markets.

Video Courtesy Of Yahoo News

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Alleged Crypto-Ponzi Scammer and His 9 Bodyguards Taken Into Custody.... Then Suddenly Released...

Jonathan Yemelian Sifuentes - Accused Crypto Ponzi Scammer

Jonathan Yemelian Sifuentes, the suspected operator of a Mexico-based crypto ponzi called Xifras, was detained this week along with nine bodyguards - who were in possession of weapons, and hundreds of thousands of Mexican pesos in cash.

Then, Somehow - They Were All Set Free...

The accusations against all those involved include threatening law enforcement, and bribery. It appeared their days of scamming the public and scaring officials were over - then just as quickly as they were rounded up, they were set free.

Naturally, many are now wondering if the tactics of offering cash, or making threats to officials are how they successfully were able to get the charges dropped, and secure their release from custody. 

Officially, the reason for their release was that the "facts could not be verified" according to the judge who reviewed then dismissed the detainees.

A Unique Blend Of Some Of The World's Worst Things: A Ponzi Scheme + MLM + Crypto Scam in 1...

Does it get any worse than this?

Xifras, like your typical MLM, has an array of garbage products which ironically seems to be a list of the current top 3 things scammers sell, including: CBD oil, a 'male enhancer' and a weight loss product. 

Of course, if you want to work for the company selling their products, getting hired will cost you no less than $115, but one source claims they were offered packages that go up to $50,000 and include a large inventory of their products which they swear are in high demand. 

Paying for the right to help a company sell their products is the biggest red flag to look for - think of it as the equivalent to simply yelling 'we're a scam!'

Jonathan Sifuentes Video
A 'Motivational' Video From Jonathan Sifuentes, Where He Encourages Viewers To 'Find Out Who You Are', taken from his YouTube channel.

The Heat Is On...

While they may be feeling like they 'got away with it' - that may turn out to be a mistake.  While their local police and judicial system let them go, federal and even international law enforcement has been building their case, and haven't yet acted upon it. 

Sources confirm there is an active US based investigation open with the Arizona Corporation Commission, along with the Mexican Banking and Securities Commission - and the two organizations are sharing what they know with each other.

So, while this chapter may end with no one facing consequences for the list of offenses Sifuentes and others behind Xifras allegedly committed - this story probably has several more chapters to be written before 'the end'. 

Update: There appears to be a second operation, perhaps a backup plan to Xifras, operating under the name 'Your First Million' (Tu Primer Million in Spanish) at

Author: Fernando Perez
Latin America Newsdesk | Mexico City
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3 Major Signs We're Kicking Off 2022 With a BULLISH Outlook On Bitcoin...

Bitcoin Bullish 2022

It's a new year, and when the previous year saw record highs set for every major crypto asset, people naturally wonder if a bearish market is around the corner. 

Like every market, eventually it will be our turn, thankfully crypto has a history of fairly short bearish terms followed by a bullish market that exceeds the prior one. 

However, it doesn't look like we're there yet - these 3 indicators would absolutely look different if we were entering a bearish market:

Those Who Recently Sold Aren't Leaving...

Speculative traders who made large sales in December are now re-purchasing, according to analysis by Willy Woo. 

This includes a number of hedge funds who sold in December to take a profit, and are now redeploying their capital.

Long Term Hodlers Continue Accumulating...

We're seeing wallets that hold and do not trade Bitcoin taking advantage of the current price dip to accumulate more.  These are people who have bought Bitcoin and left it untouched for at least 6 months.

This category of trader currently holds the most Bitcoin.

We can logically assume they believe we have not yet seen Bitcoin's all time high, and that the profits possible are so great, they don't bother participating in short-term opportunities to profit by selling and re-buying price swings.

No Increased Inflow To Exchanges...

Bitcoin investors who hold a sizeable amount of coins typically move those coins out of exchange accounts after buying them, and into offline cold storage to keep their coins secure.

This means that before they can sell their coins, they need to first transfer them back to an exchange account for trading - and currently, this is not happening.  

We continue the 2021 trend of more tokens leaving exchanges than being moved back to them.

In Closing...

I am aware, as you should be as well, that things can change fast.  Sometimes triggered by totally irrational panic selling, other times by major real-world events.

The thing is - nobody can plan for things that may or may not come at any time. 

But you can be prepared - while I stand by this report I'd also like to include a reminder to be smart. Set stop-losses, have a plan to make sure if things take a sudden turn, you're walking away with most of what you earned. 


Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk 
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Bitcoin Has Been Above $15k Only 20 Days, EVER - Until Now! What Happened Last Time, and Why That Won't Happen Again...

Bitcoin 2020 price

That's right - in Bitcoin's entire lifespan it had only spent 20 days above $15,000 - until now.

Those days all fell between from Mid December 2017 and ended early January 2018  - a time period that includes Bitcoin's all time high when it briefly broke the $20,000 level.

But the market is VERY different now than it was back then. 

What We Are NOT Seeing Signs Of...

As we all know, that epic rise was followed by a massive decline that brought Bitcoin down to the $3000s by the end of that year.

But this time, there's billions in institutional investments justifying the price. We also know many of those institutions have publicly stated their hopes for Bitcoin go beyond $20,000.

While last time it hit $20k a large portion if the market was made up of young investors somewhat shocked at the amount of wealth they were sitting on. They held on as long as the price kept rising, and had no problem selling once things took a downturn. 

How Today's Market Would React...

I do not anticipate current investors feeling pressured to cash out if they see something like a dip from $20k to $19k- they're much more likely to hold believing it will recover and continue to soar to new highs. 

We've seen the volatility reach about $2000 in either directional, while a slow steady climb happens simultaneously inching up the base number. All signs show that continuing.

There's still one announcement after another regarding large investments, or moves that make crypto more accessible to the public. 

For example, today it was popular stock trading app Webull announcing the addition of crypto. 

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk