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Trump Says He's the "Crypto President" as Biden Administration Displays Alarming CONFUSION Over Basic Technical Aspects...

Trump on Bitcoin and Crypto

Former president Donald Trump continues to repeat his stance as the crypto-friendly candidate, and it's resulting in votes and donations from the tech world.

Trump has seen the light. 5 years ago the former President was saying crypto was “a disaster waiting to happen” but since then has made a number of pro-crypto statements. 

Trevor Traina, ambassador to Austria during the Trump Administration and current tech executive, tells Reuters that Trump said “he would be the crypto president” at a recent San Francisco fundraiser.

Unexpected Support in 'Liberal' Silicon Valley

As someone in Silicon Valley, I never expected to hear that Trump was in San Francisco, raising millions from the tech elite that were clearly against him in the previous two elections.

But just three days ago, Silicon Valley venture capitalists David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya hosted the former president at Sacks' mansion in the wealthy Pacific Heights neighborhood, where Trump gave a speech, followed by a dinner and reception. The tickets started at $50,000, and the event sold out, ending in $12 million being raised for the campaign.

Trump Arriving in San Francisco earlier this week.

Crypto is among a list of policies that have 'turned off' those now supporting Trump in a city that voted 85% for Biden.

All Happening While Biden's Administration Continues to Advocate Policies that Aren't Just Bad for Crypto - They Expose a Complete Lack of Understanding of How Crypto Works

For example, the first crypto-related proposals exposed that the Biden administration viewed wallet providers the same as banks, saying they should be required to verify the identities of all users. In reality, wallets are simply software that runs entirely on the user's end, different from a bank in every possible way.

The creator of a legitimate crypto wallet is both blind and powerless when it comes to who uses it and what those users are doing. They cannot help the government seize someone's crypto, even with a warrant, because they literally cannot access it. They also cannot prevent anyone from using the wallet they created - if the file to install it is accessible, anyone can use it.

In other words, it is both completely pointless to require wallet creators to demand information from users they have no authority over, and there is no reason for users to comply when ignoring these new requirements has the same end result - them being free to continue using whatever wallet they want.

No one can be surprised that the industry rightfully fears the end result of people writing new laws intended to regulate something they clearly do not understand.

As Trump Warmed Up To Crypto, His Campaign Made Sure to Show It

In 2022, the announcement that he would be running again came with the launch of Trump NFTs on the Ethereum-based platform OpenSea.

In 2023, his financial disclosure filed with the Office of Government Ethics included a crypto wallet with up to $500,000 worth of assets in it - this wallet's value recently broke $5 million in value. Since the wallet address became known, both random users and projects have gifted or airdropped coins to it.

Then last month, his campaign announced they will accept crypto donations for the 2024 election.

There are Legitimate Reasons Any US Leader Should Support Crypto

One major contributing factor to the US's global power is the strength of the US dollar, and one major reason the dollar is so strong is its status as the global 'reserve currency' as well as the official standard currency for purchasing oil from the world's largest supplier - OPEC in the Middle East.

When the global economy is in turmoil, as seen recently during the COVID pandemic, many nations converted their treasury to US dollars. The Federal Reserve was overwhelmed initially, having to scramble to fulfill other countries’ central banks' demands for what is seen as the world's most stable currency.

That word 'stable' is one crypto investors are familiar with - as the US dollar is finding yet another market where it has become the standard for investors looking for a stable currency to both cash out and re-enter trades from.

In fact, when it comes to cryptocurrencies tied to standard fiat money, the top 16 stablecoins are all based on the US dollar, with 'STASIS EURO' at #17 and less than $1 million in daily transactions. The top stablecoin USDT has done $39 billion in the same 24-hour time period.

While the crypto market trades digital versions, the two that account for the overwhelming majority of stablecoin transactions, USDT and USDC, are both publicly audited companies that verify they hold the money to back up the coin. This means as we've watched stablecoin usage skyrocket over the last few years, offline this created new real-world demand for US dollars.

You would think this would result in crypto having no effect on the election, as both sides would support its continued growth. Regardless of what your opinions may be on other issues - it's a fact that only one candidate seems to be getting this one right.

Author: Ross Davis
Silicon Valley Newsroom
GCP Breaking Crypto News

White House Executive Order On Crypto TODAY - But It's This LEAKED STATEMENT That Has Investors Putting $15 BILLION Back In Crypto Markets...

Biden cryptocurrency executive order regarding crypto

Markets have come back to life after a sluggish week following an accidental leak thanks to Treasury secretary Janet Yellen's web team, which accidently posted her statement too early.

For a brief period her site referenced what's planned for later today as already happening, and shared her reaction:

 "President Biden’s historic executive order calls for a coordinated and comprehensive approach to digital asset policy. This approach will support responsible innovation that could result in substantial benefits for the nation, consumers, and businesses."

The page now says "Access denied—You are not authorized to access this page."

Markets reacted to the positive tone and investors quickly added another $15 Billion to the total crypto marketcap following the leak.

That was enough to end fears that a crypto crackdown was coming...

We now know Biden's executive order simply instructs federal agencies to investigate the need for crypto-related regulatory changes, along with any national security and economic issues relating to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

While not based anywhere in reality - crypto is seen by most of the public as 'unregulated'...

Which many say is holding crypto back more than we realize.

For years now, many of Wall Street's biggest investors have pointed to a supposed 'lack of regulations' over crypto as their reason for not investing - which is why it has drawn so many people who generally like the idea of the government staying out until truly appropriate.

Ironically, you can make an argument that everything we need the government to do is already a law - it's illegal to lie to investors, it's illegal to hack, it's illegal to steal - that covers pretty much everything.

Notice how no arrests of scammers have ended with their court cases dismissed after they pointed out 'but we used crypto'? Because the laws already cover any theft or misleading of someone in a way that causes them to lose assets that have a monetary value, is a crime. 

Big Finance Weighs In...

The traditional finance world wants laws that cover crypto specifically - and it looks like their wish will be granted..

Some of the leading companies in the financial sector have made predictions on what could come following reasonable regulations that could give skeptical investors the confidence they need to finally dive in - with JPMorgan predicting $146,000 in Bitcoin's future and Bloomberg predicting it could hit $400,000.

Where This Leaves Us...

It's still important to remember that this is the beginning of a process -  Biden has requested Federal agencies to submit their analysis of what is needed for cryptocurrencies to function within our legal framework - and we have no idea what their answers will be.

Let's hope today is an indication of the tone this process will continue to have moving forward. 

Author: Ross Davis

Silicon Valley Newsroom

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