How To Speed Up Or Accelerate Bitcoin Transactions, Even Bump One That's Completely Stuck - 3 FREE Options!

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There's a few paid services out there that will unfreeze a stuck Bitcoin transaction, or speed up one you've already sent.  But today we're just focusing on places you can use for free to give your transaction the nudge it needs.

Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators are off-chain tools that can be used when you've sent a transaction and notice it lagging.  The problem usually is that you didn't set the miner fees high enough, and they choose the most valuable transactions first.  These tools will add some staoshi's to hopefully attract some miners to process your transaction.

For all of these you'll need your transaction ID, all wallets and exchanges will show you this after you've hit send and it looks something like:
(May also be labeled 'TXID' for short)

Free bitcoin accelerator that also promises to respect user privacy, stating "we do not collect data".  Just don't use more than once every 6 hours or you may find yourself banned.

Go to:

360 Bitcoin Accelerator
Speed up your transaction with no fees, and no registration needed.They ask that you use this on transactions that have not been processed after waiting 60 minutes.

Go to:

This bitcoin transaction accelerator has both a free and paid version, they do 100 free ones per hour so there's a chance it will say the free service is unavailable.  In tha case, use one of the others listed.

Go to:

Author: Adam Lee 
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