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Bitcoin And Ethereum's Value Tops $1 TRILLION - 75% Of The Entire Market! Leaving Hundreds Of Altcoins To Share Remaining 25%...

The cryptocurrency market is growing at an incredible pace. Currently, with Bitcoin at around $48,000 and Ethereum above $1,700, their total market capitalization is over $  trillion dollars. 

That's $1,000,000,000,000 USD between the two currencies.

Bitcoin is among the 10 most valuable assets in the world, already beating the total value of companies like Tesla, Facebook, Visa, Paypal and MasterCard. 

Ethereum is also starting to sneak up on the world's financial powers. Currently the 53rd most valueble asset in the world, its combined value exceeds AT&T, Pfizer and Pepsi. 

Is It Ever REALLY Alt Season?

Understanding just how big the two giants of crypto are really puts things into perspective. They're 'bigger' a LOT.

Currently, Bitcoin and Ethereum together account for 75% of the total value of the entire cryptocurrency market. 

Leaving only 25% of the market's net worth to be divided among countless of other coins. 

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle Newsdesk 

Director of Amazon-Owned Top Streaming Platform 'Twitch' Puts 25% Of His Wealth In Bitcoin - Site Gives 10% Discounts To Users Who Pay In Crypto...

Shaan Puri is the director of Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch, and he just tweeted "I have moved 25% into bitcoin."

He shared some details behind his decision, saying "Bitcoin is the only asset where you can go irresponsibly long – and then everyone tells you it’s not enough. And they’re probably right." 

"I think people think this time it hits $20k is ‘just like last time’ but it’s not for many reasons." referring to the influx of established investment firms jumping onto the Bitcoin bandwagon, and thinks this is a wave that will continue for 2 more years.

Puri did not share how much Bitcoin his 25% bought him.

Earlier this year Twitch began offering 10% discounts to users who registered and paid with crypto.

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle Newsdesk

French Government Surprises Companies and Citizens With Proposal Of STRICT New Requirements For Crypto Traders...

French crypto regulations

Seemingly out of the blue, France, through the Ministry of Finance, has surprised it's citizens by proposing new regulations for any operation carried out with cryptocurrency. They are preparing guidelines that will apply to all firms in the crypto ecosystem and to transactions using crypto assets.

The provisions include new KYC (Know Your Customer) measures for companies that support sending or trading cryptocurrency and would establish greater oversight of transactions between cryptoassets, according to statements by Simon Polrot, president of the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (ADAM).

The regulation will include a requirement that users show two official identity documents issued by the government.

It's not official yet, but they have already set off the alarms of companies that fear that users will abandon them and simply look for alternatives outside the country.

Since the new guidelines are considered a 'State decree' they will not require parliamentary discussion . That is, their application would take effect whenever the government decides to make it official. Both fiat, crypto, and custodial services will need to apply for new licenses before Dec 18th.

It is unclear whether foreign exchanges must also comply with the new regulations to continue offering services to French citizens.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk
Global Crypto Press // Breaking Crypto News

Forbes Editor Repeats Outdated 'Bitcoin Can Never Beat Gold' Talking Points...

Editor-in-Chief of Forbes business magazine and former Presidental candidate Steve Forbes focuses on Bitcoin in this episode of his bi-weekly 'What’s Ahead' piece.

Since this is a perfect example of outdated thought - his main talking points (which were true once upon a time) have now expired.

First - why bother talking about national currencies backed by gold being stable, when the US dollar hasn't been since 1973, and never will be again? There are no proposals to return to the gold standard. So this is simply some 'back in my day' nonsense.

Secondly, gold being 'rare' won't last much longer. Billionaires are literally already in the process of figuring out how to mine asteroids.  Sounds far fetched? There's over 17,000 within reach, and Elon Musk is among those who say it can be done.  Think of how fast both rocket and robotic tech is moving, space drones that mine gold and diamonds from asteroids doesn't feel that far into the future. See our article 'When Private Space Industry Begins Mining Asteroids, Gold Prices Will CRASH! But Bitcoin's Limited Supply Remains The Same'.

Global Crypto Press // Breaking Crypto News

Analyst Predicts $200,000 Bitcoin In The Next Year - To My Surprise, It's ACTUALLY Possible....

If you're like me you still cringe a little when you read a headline like this, I think I'm still traumatized by Tom Lee, Mike Novagratz, and John McAfee's 2017 appearances on CNBC where they seemingly pulled (ridiculously high) numbers out of a hat and read them on-air as their 'expert prediction' - they repeated this weekly for almost an entire year... then the entire market crashed.

So still take this with a grain of salt - but so far, analyst Willy Woo has correctly predicted the bull run we're in right now, and if his predictions remain true for the next year all Bitcoin owners are going to be very happy.

In the first week of October he stated "In my last update the latest impulse was still forming with an expectation that it would be a bullish buying impulse based on early signs of hidden accumulation being seen on exchanges. This has correctly played out.

We are now coasting upwards with no new changes in the short term on-chain structure. I remain bullish and am awaiting any new changes.

Keen observers will notice there is a bullish supporting trend-line in coin movements forming, which I’ll highlight below."
Woo also stated "The next 3 months: Coin supply has dried up while demand dominates."

This was in October - so that 3rd month is right now, and his description of today's market is accurate.

Looking Ahead: Bitcoin at $200,000 by The Beginning Of 2022...

Today's market is strong and could act as the solid launching pad we need to take us to the moon.

The current average price a Bitcoin holder paid is $7,456, which is the average of the different lots of BTC, valued at the price they had the last time they were moved "you're all geniuses" he says, pointing out that the average investor has already doubled their investment.

One Big Reason: A 19% Decline In Bitcoin Being Held On Exchanges...

Investors are taking their Bitcoin off of the exchanges, which means they don't plan on selling anytime soon.

So this really is just the simple law of supply and demand, the supply is getting lower as demand rises, and that always makes prices rise.

This is why he says he's never had bullish sentiment towards bitcoin like today. "It has never been so bullish for 2021. This re-accumulation phase coincides with the decline in BTC's spot inventory, about twice as long and deep as in the last cycle."

The Icing On The Cake:

Woo's BTC price model (if the final numbers and timing are correct) has Bitcoin breaking $80,000 in the next 3 months! 

He also calls the prediction we'll be seeing $200,000 trades for 1 BTC on block explorers soon 'conservative' saying "$300,000 is not out of the question".   

Read Woo's full thread on Twitter here.

Author: Ross Davis 
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco Newsroom / Breaking Crypto News