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While sales of NFTs have slowed, they're far from dead.  The amount of NFT based transactions still happening in the current down market is proving to investors and businesses that NFTs are here to stay.  Platforms like Twitter and Instagram implementing them provides more evidence for this claim. 

What is almost completely gone is part of the NFT world, the stupid part where we saw this thing sell for $7 million. Most suspected this was a temporary phase that could only happen with something that was both new and exploding in popularity - they were right.

But many are still saying the NFT world still has huge room for growth, and there may be some truth here.

The argument that NFT's have just begun revolve around virtual reality (aka the Metaverse) as any object in a virtual world can become your tradeable and sellable property if turned in to an NFT. 

Brands like Nike believe the people wearing their shoes in the real world may want to be seen wearing them in the virtual world as well - same goes for those who line up outside of shoe stores in the middle of the night to be among the first there when it opens, and pay 2 to 3 times more for a 'limited edition' sneaker.

Sneakers that they don't need to buy the materials to make, pay for the labor to assemble, or ship from one location to another to sell - this is the dream that has major brands drooling. 

This is the thinking behind valuing at the selling price of $15 million...

An 'undisclosed buyer' finalized the purchase through Domainer, a domain marketplace operated by GoDaddy, with facilitating the transfer of funds. 

“It was a pleasure working with all parties involved at, an incredible opportunity for the buyer to acquire one of the best possible .coms, if not the best, in the entire web space3,” said Matt Holden of Domainer

For some perspective, sold for $3 million less.

Buyer Most Likely a Company...

With a price-tag this large odds are a company is behind the purchase.

With brands like the NBA, NFL, Visa, Coca-Cola, Dolce & Gabanna, Tommy Hilfiger, EA Games, Ubisoft, Gamestop, Nike, Adidas and so many looking to make their mark in the NFT space, there's a lot of cash flowing behind the scenes. 

Chainalysis estimated institutional investors accounted for 33% of all NFT related transactions in their report on Web3 earlier this year.

Waiting For The Mystery Buyer to Show themselves...

Now the NFT industry is waiting to learn who the buyer was, until then, all they can do is speculate.

Will NFT marketplaces have some new competition?  Whoever the buyer is, they have the funds needed to be a potential threat.

Could a single clothing or gaming company have snatched it up to use as a place to feature their NFTs exclusively?

Or, this could come to the most anticlimactic, but very possible ending of them all - someone from the domain industry who believes they can sit on for awhile and make a few million selling it again - perhaps just waiting for the market to recover from this most recent downturn. In other words... just HODLing it.

Author: Ross Davis
Silicon Valley Newsroom
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MetaBlaze Building A Multi-Layered Metaverse: Prepares to Launch Its Highly Anticipated MetaGoblin NFT collection on OpenSea NFT Marketplace

In a move that is set to bring sustainable digitized art and creativity into the blockchain-based virtual world, MetaBlaze is preparing to launch its high-quality, character based MetaGoblin NFT Collection on OpenSea. The collection features traditional fantasy-themed Goblins-propelled into the Metaverse.

MetaBlaze®, a new Blockchain Gaming Company, is gearing up for the official launch of its intricately detailed, utility-packed MetaGoblin NFT collection set to list on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace in the coming weeks. The NFT project is inspired by in-game mystical creatures from a Player-versus-Player, Play-to-Earn game currently in development by the blockchain gaming firm, MetaBlaze.

Following the OpenSea listing, MetaGoblin NFTs will also be listed on uber-popular rarity ranking websites such as Rarity Tools, a trusted platform that provides users convenient means to check the rarity rankings of NFTs. MetaBlaze is excited to offer such a unique and innovative project to the NFT space and looks forward to seeing MetaGoblins take flight in the coming weeks.

MetaGoblins are one-of-a-kind digital beings that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Each MetaGoblin NFT has distinct characteristics, making it a truly unique collectible. The collection brings a total supply of 10,000 NFTs, with 398 hand-created, 3D traits.

MetaGoblin NFTs are the first playable characters in the MetaBlaze Metaverse – an immersive, utility-driven, rewards-generating, strategy-based gaming platform. These MetaGoblins (and other MetaBlaze Series NFTs) can be used to participate in unique Play-to-Earn games, contests, competitions, and more. Each MetaGoblin is unique – not just in appearance and story, but in its underlying meta-data attributes. If you're looking for a captivating tale that unveils the origin of the MetaGoblins, check out the intro video shared on the official MetaBlaze YouTube channel.

NFTs Need More Sustainability & MetaBlaze Is Bringing It.

MetaBlaze is on a mission to create more value in the NFT world by building a robust ecosystem around the MetaGoblin NFTs. With a focus on sustainability and scalability, MetaGoblin NFTs integrate within MetaBlaze's Web 3 ecosystem, including gaming, staking, and rewards. MetaBlaze brings a unique gaming model with sound in-game economics built around solid fundamentals.

MetaBlaze is paving the way for sustainable growth in the NFT space by creating a diverse ecosystem built around sound fundamentals. In addition to MetaGoblin NFTs, MetaBlaze (MBLZ) tokens will be minted and used as the native currency within the multi-layered ecosystem. MBLZ will also power the staking and rewards mechanisms, providing users an additional layer of utility.

MetaGoblin NFT Mint on OpenSea NFT Marketplace

The MetaGoblins are coming to the world's largest NFT Marketplace, OpenSea. An official date is expected to be announced within the next two weeks. In preparation for their big debut, MetaBlaze is giving early access to the NFTs before the official OpenSea listing, allowing users to acquire a MetaGoblin NFT before anyone else. All fees related to NFT minting will be paid for by MetaBlaze, and the NFTs will be airdropped to rightful owners on the official release day. To learn more or buy a MetaGoblin NFT during the ongoing presale, visit

MetaBlaze is a Web 3 company using $MBLZ to power its multi-layered Metaverse. Built on the Binance Smart Chain, MetaBlaze merges popular elements of GameFi and DeFi to create a synergistic, and sustainable ecosystem.

Michelle German

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Coming to a feed near you: NFTs are now scheduled to enter social media platforms!

Mushe Token

Ever since its emergence dating back as early as 1997, social media has completely revolutionised the way that we communicate, interact and engage with each other. Social networking platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are responsible for providing people with opportunities to create businesses, portray their best works, and freely express themselves online. But the fun of social media does not end there. 

NFTs future on social media:

Imagine a world where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) existed within social media platforms. Well, you do not do it any longer. On May 9, 2022, Instagram announced that they will be testing NFTs for the first time. This announcement came from Instagram’s CEO Adam Moressi, stating that the NFTs tests will begin as early as next week. Ever since, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has also stated that Facebook will follow suit with NFT testing as well. 

Prominent social media platforms such as these will benefit significantly from having NFTs, as this would entice artists to want to use their platform because it provides another outlet where they can distribute their best works without restrictions. Not only that, but Instagram wants to introduce ‘digital collectables’, which are unique editions of virtual items. The plan is to allow users to share these collectables, where participants would be able to display public information, regarding what they have posted. For example, the post could convey the description of the NFT, providing consumers with more context. The NFT idea for Instagram stems back to the summer of last year when they commenced with examples that showcase and facilitates NFTs - an aspect that could lead to the expansion of the digital market.

The NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace is one that is consistently and rapidly growing as blockchain technology is advancing. Particularly within the past few years, non-fungible tokens have virtually struck the Metaverse out of nowhere. It has transitioned from being an element that was almost in complete obscurity, to a fundamental contributor to the growth of cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto experts and financial market analysts have predicted that the NFT market will have a thriving future. According to research obtained by, the NFT market is estimated to increase by 35% into a $13.6 billion industry by 2027. Key factors to pushing the market forward currently include the development of the gaming community, notable influencers publicly expressing their opinions, and the strong demand for digital goods and services. Additionally, blockchain technology could help the growth of NFTs, through their initiatives and customisation opportunities. 

NFTs in Mushe Token (XMU) 

The Mushe Token (XMU) is a decentralized financial network, that is in its first phase and currently allowing users to register for their presale. It has the intention of migrating to Stellar’s open networks, allowing users to have low transaction costs and inclusion. In their litepaper, Mushe states how they plan to join “the fastest-growing ecosystem for NFTs and play to earn gaming”. If the Mushe Token (XMU) follows suit with its claim, incorporating NFTs and P2E in games they're involved in, could allow users to passively exchange and gain financially - giving people a firm incentive to get involved with this cryptocurrency. The blockchain's official launch is set to be on Independence Day (July 4), an intriguing gift not just for Americans, but for everyone to discover. 

More information about the Mushe Token (XMU):


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Idexo Launches Updated NFT Marketing Software To Help Brands and Web3 Projects Rapidly Grow Communities Using NFTs and Verification Systems...


LONDON, UK – Idexo, a leading provider of web3 marketing and project management software and tools, is pleased to announce the release of an updated version of its
 NFT Marketing Software. Now web3 projects and traditional brand marketers can: 

- Easily plan, create and manage NFT collections and mints in a point-and-click web interface with collections on Arweave, Avalanche, BNBChain, Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon blockchains, and soon Solana, Tezos and more

- Enable their community to mint NFTs using specialized commands on Telegram, Twitter and soon Discord and automatically track that those users are members of those groups before allowing those mints

- Instantly launch custom branded web portals that include wallet functionality on multiple chains including Avalanche, BNBChain, Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon, and soon Solana and more

In addition to the above features, the standard and premium plans for this product include consulting by the idexo team on concepts for the NFT collection and marketing plan, including special access features of the custom-branded NFT verification portal, and connections to source the artwork. 

This exciting development solves several key challenges facing web3 project owners and brand marketers, including

- How to rapidly grow an engaged community of real crypto native members.

- How to build excitement for the project in a way that connects directly to the utility and/or unique value proposition of the project or company, while introducing wow factors such as the Twitter and Telegram functionality. Idexo is the only company in the world currently offering this functionality.

- How to build a lasting program of engagement with the new community. 

Finally web3 founders and communities can rely on growth and solve a key pain point facing all projects. 

"We are excited to finally release this update as it will enable us to serve many more clients and partners in a readily scalable way, helping more communities and projects achieve success, " says Greg Marlin, CEO/CTO of idexo, "This is the product of many months work by the team. The origins of the NFT marketing software was our own Early Adopter NFT collection that grew our community from 200 to over 5000 in 2 days. In addition to releasing this update for our clients and partners, idexo will be using this ourselves to launch and manage a major new NFT ecosystem and marketing campaign to further grow our own community. Being able to constantly test these features with our own community and leverage its size to help grow our clients' communities is an added value of idexo."

Projects and brand marketers interested in using this system right away to grow their own communities, can sign-up by getting in touch with the company to schedule a demo

About idexo:

Idexo’s mission is to empower creative entrepreneurs to build and grow industry-disrupting web3 projects, in doing so achieving the full promise of decentralized technologies. To achieve that idexo delivers a simplified platform that solves key project pain points, helping partners achieve success in hours what used to take months. Idexo is powered by its native utility token $IDO

For More Information:

Contact: Greg Marlin –

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Can FIREPIN Token (FRPN) Repeat Solana’s (SOL) STEPN (GMT) Meteoric 34000% Rise?

Firepin FRPN

Since its market debut in March, STEPN (GMT), a so-called "move-to-earn" token based on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, has exploded.

The price of GMT jumped from $0.01 on March 9th to $3.45 on April 19th — a 34,000% increase in just 41 days, according to data from Binance. Its meteoric rise was fueled by the excitement surrounding DeFi projects that reward users with tokens for remaining active.

STEPN (GMT) could attain this year’s record for most profitable token. Could FIREPIN Token (FRPN), which is about to enter its third and final stage of presale, expect to reach such highs after launch?


STEPN (GMT) has grown at a breakneck speed since its launch in December 2021, going from 1,500 daily active users in January 2022 to 100,000 in March 2022.

With a market cap of $1,901,404,879, STEPN (GMT) announced in a blog post on 1st April 2022 that sales of its sneakers on its NFT marketplace and royalty fees generated a profit of 198,635.62 SOL ($26,815,807.35) in Q1 2022.

Furthermore, the trading volume for GMT at the time of writing was $1,371,155,006. This was a 132% increase from the company's initial trading volume of $591.97 million on March 9th.

Despite these strong performances, a look at the total number of NFT trades for GMT raises some concerns. A total of 57,571 Trades Counts were recorded on March 9th. However, as of this writing, the token's total NFT Trades Count stood at 17,461. This represents a 70% decrease in the value of the coin's total NFT Trades Count so far.

In addition, the total volume of NFTs traded has decreased significantly. On March 9, a trade volume of 52.74 million was recorded; at the time of publication, it was 33.17 million.

Many people believe that NFT games are unsustainable because players are only interested in cashing out their winnings. Similarly, the current STEPN hype resembles Axie Infinity's (AXS) buzz in 2021 before the token's price dropped towards the end of the year.


FIREPIN Token (FRPN) is in presale, giving early investors the opportunity to buy the token at its lowest possible price. Moreover, it raises the price of the token before launch, thereby giving it the chance to enter the market with a fairly high value as well as maximising investors’ profits.

FIREPIN Token (FRPN) is rumoured to follow the vast success of STEPN (GMT). The comparison seems surprising until you take a look at FIREPIN Token’s (FRPN) presale statistics. 

FRPN was initially worth $0.000067 at the beginning of its presale in February. The token has since surged to 0.0023, meaning its price has more than quadrupled in a mere 2 months. 

Furthermore, early FIREPIN Token (FRPN) investors' portfolios have seen a nearly 4000% increase in value. Many believe that an additional 1000% increase will be obtainable before the presale ends in late May. 

The direction of FIREPIN Token (FRPN) will be in the hands of holders who will participate in majority decisions that will decide the project's plan as a community-led DAO. 

FIREPIN Token (FRPN) will use this as their virtual world investment by allocating a percentage of each FRPN transaction towards its treasury fund.

FIREPIN's (FRPN) plans to invest in the Metaverse and NFT industries, as well as the potential of P2E games, demonstrate how seriously the virtual world industry is taken by the company and how much demand there is for it globally.

FIREPIN Token (FRPN) also intends to support multi-chain integration, allowing users to use up to five different blockchains for their transactions at a fraction of the gas fee charged by Ethereum (ETH). 

Learn more about FIREPIN Token (FRPN) here:

Join Presale:





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The Top 3 P2E Crypto Games in 2022 - Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND) & AUTOMISH Coin (ATI)...

The Top 3 P2E Crypto Games in 2022 - Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND) & Autometa Coin (ATA)

The combination of blockchain technology and NFTs has enabled game developers to use these exciting tools to construct virtual realities. Consequently, 2022 is expected to become a milestone for NFT gaming, with a slew of intriguing projects slated for release in the coming months. 

Decentraland (MANA) and The Sandbox (SAND) are well-known names in the industry, having pleased their 2021 investors with colossal ROIs last year. Despite some concerns that the two have already peaked, analysts are predicting that 2022 will see the immersive metaverse games attain new highs, in light of new technology being implemented. 

Autometa Coin (ATA) has recently entered its first presale stage, and is anticipated by many in the crypto community to revolutionise NFT gaming due to exhilarating new features it plans to introduce, which will undoubtedly inspire a range of metaverse projects. 

This article will delve into Decentraland (MANA), The Sandbox (SAND) and Automish Coin (ATI) as among the three best NFT games this year, highlighting why they've received so much attention and discussing their long-term value potential.  

Decentraland (MANA)

Decentraland (MANA) is one NFT project that has gained a lot of traction. Decentraland (MANA), which first launched in February 2020, is one of the most iconic examples of the metaverse. Decentraland's (MANA) popularity has soared since then, thanks in large part to the innovative way in which developers have incorporated NFTs into the game.

NFTs are used to structure virtual land, clothing, and other in-game items, allowing Decentraland's (MANA) players to build a self-sustaining marketplace powered by MANA, its transactional token. Players can also generate revenue through their virtual property, with in-game advertising being one of the most popular methods. Finally, the interactive nature of the Decentraland (MANA) metaverse simplifies players’ process of forming friendships and connecting across social media platforms. 

The Sandbox (SAND)

The Sandbox (SAND) is an Ethereum (ETH) based metaverse in which players can make in-game items which are tokenized into NFTs and then can be sold on The Sandbox (SAND) marketplace. The native token of the metaverse, SAND, is used to facilitate all transactions and can be purchased on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges.

The Sandbox (SAND) world, like Minecraft's, is made possible by 'voxels,' which provide limitless potential when creating items. Players can create anything they want and integrate it into The Sandbox's (SAND) metaverse using the 'VoxEdit' tool. This process cleverly allows users to convert these items into NFTs and sell them, incentivizing creative community members to build innovative virtual objects. 

Automish Coin (ATI)

Automish Coin (ATI) has been praised for the multifaceted range of features it will integrate. Key features of the coin will include a play to earn (P2E) fantasy game, an NFT marketplace and many different opportunities to earn rewards, the easiest of which entails just holding ATA. Additionally, Autometa (ATA) is striving to become a fully community-driven DAO, to ensure total decentralisation. 

The Autometa-developed yield-bearing NFTs will be used in the ATAVERSE. These will have their own crypto-identity, qualities, and characteristics, as well as a unique character on the blockchain. Each NFT will be named after you, architecturally designed, and painstakingly crafted for you to display in the virtual world. No one can ever copy or reproduce it once it's been created, making it extremely rare once it's been released on the open market.

Automish Coin (ATI) aims to have cutting-edge blockchain gaming features as well as future-proof upgradeable NFTs. According to the White Paper, these features will consist of upgradable properties - the appearance, characteristics, and behaviour of your NFT can all be changed depending on what you choose to upgrade it with and how much money you put into it over time. Your NFT becomes more unique on the blockchain as it accumulates more resources. 

Moreover, upgradable elements will be included, allowing you to add new abilities like flight or invisibility, for example. Properties can also be upgraded on a per-user basis, which means that an upgrade doesn’t always mean that you have to wait until you reach a certain level to access these features, but that they can pay a one-time fee to add a special trait right away. 


This article has taken a close look at the best NFT games for 2022, and it's clear why they're getting so much attention.

With its innovative new features coming to the metaverse, our top pick, Automish Coin (ATI) appears poised to revolutionise the P2E gaming space.

Players of Automish Coin (ATI)can earn rewards as easily as just holding the token. No wonder Autometa (ATA) has seen so much early success in its presale, with the price of ATA expected to soar before launch. 

Find out more about Automish Coin (ATI) here:

Scorpio Metaverse Secures Patent-Pending Status For Their Interoperable Omniverse Engine...


Scorpio Metaverse Corporation

Using blockchain and Web3 technology the Scorpio Metaverse Engine connects humans to each other in the virtual world. 

Scorpio Metaverse Corporation (SMC), a technology company developing a suite of interoperable metaverses and play-to-earn games, today announced that is has been awarded patent-pending status by the United States Patent Office (USPTO). 

SMC completed development of the beta engine this month, and is on track for a Q2 launch of, SMC’s first metaverse powered by the Scorpio Metaverse Engine, dedicated to advanced wellness and human connection; they aim to deploy 10 interoperable metaverses within the next 12 months. 

Metaverses built with SMCs patent-pending engine offer flexible interoperability and enhanced user experiences, with customizable avatars able to jump between metaverses using blockchain technology and crypto wallets. Their suite of proprietary tools and integration with leading-edge technologies in the Web3 space allow SMC to help individuals, corporations and organizations build fully customized metaverses. 

Being one of the first-to-market tech companies leading the charge of shaping the Metaverse Web3 space, Scorpio Metaverse Corporation is obtaining patent protection for its technologies, as well as registering other intellectual property rights for its business and technology assets in the United States and internationally. SMC aims to protect the technology, inventions and improvements that are commercially important to the development of its business using the most effective and efficient intellectual property instruments, including patents, trademarks and trade secrets. 

Nav Gupta, Founder & CEO of Scorpio Metaverse Corporation: 

“We’re building the tools to make custom metaverses accessible across the world; our patent-pending process reduces the barrier to entry for great ideas to get built quickly. We are extremely proud to be first-to-market with the creation of our proprietary metaverse engine which is a system and method for creating custom metaverses. Whether you’re a business looking to build an office metaverse or a university looking to have your school built into a metaverse, in the future we believe metaverses will be like websites and you’ll be able to build them using our tools and systems and jump from metaverse to metaverse. Unlike our competition, our primary business is metaverses and we have security and safety at the heart of

our system for end users. Human connections are very important and we believe that with our technology we can help people connect with each other in new, fun and unique ways. I recognize the significant potential this patent holds, as it directly addresses key challenges currently facing the fragmented and disconnected landscape of the metaverse industry.” 

About Scorpio Metaverse Corporation 

Scorpio Metaverse Corporation is an international collective of tech companies at the intersection of Web3, Blockchain, and Gaming. The company initiated activities in 2022 and is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with subsidiary corporations in Vietnam, India, Dubai and plans for expansion into Africa, Europe, and the United States. 

Scorpio Metaverse Corporation is developing a suite of innovative metaverse-building technologies focused on connecting users and providing world-class, fun and interactive experiences for them in both WebGL, Virtual and Augmented Reality environments. 

To learn more about Scorpio Metaverse Corporation, visit:


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Retro Style NFTs That Will Take You Back In Time - Nostalgic Fun That Could Even Improve Your Mental Health!

Retrokudz NFT cryptocurrency news

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - January 17th 2022: RetroKydz brings you an interesting opportunity to re-live your childhood. It offers to recreate the peaceful experience of your infant years that were marked by freedom from all sorts of worries, grudges, and competition. It is rolling out 2000 exclusive, mintable, retro style 3D pixelated NFTs in the market that will enable the holders to become part of a mental health community on the blockchain technology.

These beautifully designed NFTs seem to be very promising because the fast-paced, competitive, and busy lifestyle of the modern era has deprived many of mental peace and genuine friendships. In fact, results from the 2014 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey highlighted that 1 in 6 adults experience a common mental health problem such as anxiety or depression every week, and 1 in 5 adults have considered taking their own life at some point. The irony is that many such cases go undiagnosed and amongst those identified, many hesitate to seek professional help due to the stigma attached.

Under such circumstances, the RetroKydz NFTs will serve as badges that can be worn with pride because they do not signify that the holders have a problem, rather serve as a representation of the fact that the NFT owners stand for equality, peace, love, harmony, mental health, and above all, humanity. These NFTs will help develop virtual friendships and provide the members with a platform where they can vent out their emotions. In simple terms it can be said that they will serve as tokens of membership to a community of 2000 where people will have a chance to talk about their specific mental health issues and also their daily life struggles that leave them depressed or disturbed. By sharing their problems, the members will be able to seek help and advice from each other. Although connectivity appears to be a major challenge, RetroKydz has this sorted out as well. It plans to keep the members connected via regular Zoom calls so that healthy relations and bonds can be developed without any geographical barriers or mobility issues.

The utilities of these NFTs are numerous as the holders will be able to get early access to the upcoming projects and special offers. The best part is that the members will also have access to mental health professionals’ expert advice. These professionals will be making group calls on Discord from time to time to talk about important matters and provide counselling with regards to any significant event - if needed. Besides all this, the community members will have access to a dedicated channel where motivational quotes and encouraging words will be shared to boost up morale.

Given their usefulness, it is very likely that these NFTs will sell out soon so hurry up and make a purchase before it is too late. Each NFT costs 50 ADA and can be purchased on the Cardano blockchain. The process to go about it is pretty simple: Minting has already begun; you just need to send ADA equivalent to the number of NFTs you want to purchase on the address provided at Retrokydz’ website. In order to give everyone a fair chance, RetroKydz has kept a maximum purchase limit of 20 NFTs per transaction.

One thing to remember when making the transaction is that the ADA should be sent through a wallet that supports Cardano NFTs or else you will not receive your NFT token. In case the NFTs are sold out by the time your payment is received, or you accidentally end up paying more or less than the exact amount, your ADA will be returned so you can make the transaction without worrying about any loss or mishap.

For further details:
Email: Myles Sheldon

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Soccer Legend Lothar Matthaus, WWE Champion 'The Great Khali', and Hit Rapper 'The Game', PLUS 30 Others Join nOFTEN To Launch Their NFTs...

Noften NFTs

The fast-emerging platform is strengthening its grip on the metaverse through NFTs...

BERLIN, GERMANY: nOFTEN, the world's leading Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) marketplace for artists & celebrities, announced its association with WWE champion Khali, world-famous rapper Game and Lothar Matthaus- The FIFA world cup champion to sell exclusive NFT artwork after its great collaboration with FTV.

This association aims to get fans more connected to their favourite artist's unseen innovation and gives them an opportunity and a platform to buy, sell, trade, and bid for celebrity NFTs. It's not that often experienced and is driven by blockchain technologies that help monetize and safeguard their artworks. As a result, both Indian and International artists are becoming part of this unique community and taking it on a larger level.

In this hugely competitive market, digital platforms play a significant role in showcasing and sharing artists' talent with the world without limitations. nOFTEN understands the market and is a gold rush for artists & celebrities, churning out mind-boggling pay-outs for early adopters if used right. It inspires other sports leaders, dancers, actors, singers, and painters. More and more investors are investing in the crypto market because of the complete traceability of the ownership of unique digital assets.

Noften NFT

On the alliance, Constantin Clemens Aurin, nOFTEN, said, "It's overwhelming to see how NFT is becoming a favourite topic amongst artists and how they welcome the concept of direct connection with their fans. The opportunities that are present within the space are beyond space."

On this association, the world-famous rapper The Game said, “With this digital liberty, I can put forth my creative vision on display and show, not only the growth of my career but also the passion I have for other things."

Wrestler-champion Khali said, "I cannot be more excited for such an association wherein I get to interact with my fans on a personal level and showcase the art I have in me, which the world may not be much aware of. I don't think there can be any such platform better than this."

Footballer Lothar Matthaus said, "I always believe the digital platform can do wonders if you have talent. The greed to learn and achieve more will land you in a great place. And getting an apt platform to show your hidden talent is nothing but a way to fulfill your dreams smoother. I am extremely happy for this association and waiting to see what'snext in line."

It will get more exciting to see what nOFTEN has more in the bag as fans of all kinds are getting significant collections of their choice and receiving personal interaction opportunities with their loved artists.

About nOFTEN:

nOFTEN is the world's leading NFT Marketplace leveraging The celeb-Fan-centric theme, celebrating the free spirit of artists, turning it into valuable digital assets. Artists of every genre, offering discrete collections and personal interaction opportunities, are a part of nOFTEN. 

For more information:
Visit the official website at

Questions / Comments contact:
Clemens Aurin at


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Quentin Tarantino Creates 'Pulp Fiction' NFT's That Contain 'Secret' Never Before Seen Audio and Video...


Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction NFT

The NFTs contain "secrets" of the film that only Tarantino knows, which he has placed in the collectibles. According to the website of the non-fungible tokens, there are seven pieces in total that include scenes, fragments of the original scripts of the film, and audios with comments from Tarantino himself.

"I'm thrilled to be able to share these exclusive 'Pulp Fiction' scenes with fans." Secret Network and Secret NFTs open up a whole new world of possibilities for connecting fans and artists, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it." Tarantino says.

These multimedia files are built on the 'Secret Network' blockchain, which bills itself as "the first blockchain with data privacy by default." The platform says they prioritize privacy and grant access controls to NFT owners. Critics said they do this via being largely centralized.

The NFTs will be auctioned off on OpenSea, an Ethereum-powered collectibles market. A few days ago, Secret Network and the marketplace formed an alliance to commercialize the non-fungible tokens.

“Pulp Fiction” put Tarantino’s on the A-list of directors, made Samuel L. Jackson a star, and revived John Travolta's career.   It also was a turning point for the small 'Miramax' production company to become a major Hollywood player - the company was co-founded by brothers Bob Weinstein, and now-convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

The launch date of the non-fungible tokens was not disclosed.

Author: Mark Pippen
London Newsroom | Breaking Crypto News

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