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Coming to a feed near you: NFTs are now scheduled to enter social media platforms!

Mushe Token

Ever since its emergence dating back as early as 1997, social media has completely revolutionised the way that we communicate, interact and engage with each other. Social networking platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok are responsible for providing people with opportunities to create businesses, portray their best works, and freely express themselves online. But the fun of social media does not end there. 

NFTs future on social media:

Imagine a world where non-fungible tokens (NFTs) existed within social media platforms. Well, you do not do it any longer. On May 9, 2022, Instagram announced that they will be testing NFTs for the first time. This announcement came from Instagram’s CEO Adam Moressi, stating that the NFTs tests will begin as early as next week. Ever since, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, has also stated that Facebook will follow suit with NFT testing as well. 

Prominent social media platforms such as these will benefit significantly from having NFTs, as this would entice artists to want to use their platform because it provides another outlet where they can distribute their best works without restrictions. Not only that, but Instagram wants to introduce ‘digital collectables’, which are unique editions of virtual items. The plan is to allow users to share these collectables, where participants would be able to display public information, regarding what they have posted. For example, the post could convey the description of the NFT, providing consumers with more context. The NFT idea for Instagram stems back to the summer of last year when they commenced with examples that showcase and facilitates NFTs - an aspect that could lead to the expansion of the digital market.

The NFT Marketplace

The NFT Marketplace is one that is consistently and rapidly growing as blockchain technology is advancing. Particularly within the past few years, non-fungible tokens have virtually struck the Metaverse out of nowhere. It has transitioned from being an element that was almost in complete obscurity, to a fundamental contributor to the growth of cryptocurrencies. 

Crypto experts and financial market analysts have predicted that the NFT market will have a thriving future. According to research obtained by, the NFT market is estimated to increase by 35% into a $13.6 billion industry by 2027. Key factors to pushing the market forward currently include the development of the gaming community, notable influencers publicly expressing their opinions, and the strong demand for digital goods and services. Additionally, blockchain technology could help the growth of NFTs, through their initiatives and customisation opportunities. 

NFTs in Mushe Token (XMU) 

The Mushe Token (XMU) is a decentralized financial network, that is in its first phase and currently allowing users to register for their presale. It has the intention of migrating to Stellar’s open networks, allowing users to have low transaction costs and inclusion. In their litepaper, Mushe states how they plan to join “the fastest-growing ecosystem for NFTs and play to earn gaming”. If the Mushe Token (XMU) follows suit with its claim, incorporating NFTs and P2E in games they're involved in, could allow users to passively exchange and gain financially - giving people a firm incentive to get involved with this cryptocurrency. The blockchain's official launch is set to be on Independence Day (July 4), an intriguing gift not just for Americans, but for everyone to discover. 

More information about the Mushe Token (XMU):


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Creator Fund - The First Ever BitClout Fund Nears Launch...

bitclout holdings
Following the successful launch of his first BitClout venture, BitClout Holdings, Mario Nawfal and his team have already set their sights on a new project, a fund focused solely on BitClout. No one can deny the incredible feat Mario and Co achieved with BitClout Holdings, which raised $1 million in less than 10 minutes and over $5 million in 36 hours, and became the 7th biggest coin on the platform. 
To avoid sell-offs when it reaches the top 10 position, the fund enforced anti-dumping features to ensure it remains there.
This project is also backed by NFT Technologies, an investment vehicle listed on a Canadian Stock Exchange, which will allow the fund to raise more capital and ensure its long-term sustainability.
Mario believes that BitClout is still in its infancy stage, and more fundamental services are needed for the platform to reach its full potential. BitClout Holdings was the first to provide these services, and The Creator Fund will be next in line.
The fund has three primary goals:
  1. To support creators on the platform
  2. To raise more capital than any other investor or Creator Coin
  3. To become the #1 coin on BitClout
The fund will support creators on the platform in several ways. First, the fund will find up-and-coming creators who are worth investing in. Once the creators are chosen, the fund will rely on a group of advisors, developers, and creators to make the investment decisions. This group has developed some of the most advanced proprietary technology, with a proven track record that speaks for itself. 
The fund will support the creators financially, which will allow them to invest in themselves and their business, as well as increase their coin’s value on the platform. The fund will also provide marketing support through its partnership with, the #1 growth hacking agency in the world, to help creators gain more exposure. Lastly, creators will also receive full continuous support and guidance along the way. 
The fund aims to raise more capital than any investor or Creator Coin for one simple reason: more capital means more support for the creators. Achieving this however, would require a multi-faceted approach. As mentioned, the fund will be launched in partnership with NFT technologies, a publicly-listed investment vehicle on a Canadian stock exchange. NFT technologies will provide more access to capital and will take the platform to a whole new level.
The fund will rely on a pre-sale to seed value in this exciting new project. The pre-sale is based on a transparent auction mechanism that encourages investors to outbid other investors for early access to the fund’s Creator Coins. Make sure to read the white paper for more details on that matter.
If BitClout Holdings has taught Mario and his team anything, it’s how to retain coin value. The fund’s strategy will focus on incentivizing long-term investors and warding off short-term scalpers. Moreover, there will be a vesting period, which means that the majority of coin holders will have to wait before withdrawing their investment. Finally, anyone who invests in the fund, either in the pre-sale or afterwards, will be paid in dividends down the line.
The fund’s goal to become the #1 coin on BitClout is not for vanity or bragging rights, but a necessary step for the fund to be able to support creators on the long term. When the fund’s coin tops the platform’s chart, it will capture significant market attention. As more people find out about the fund, more investments will pour in, and consequently, the capital raised will be invested in more creators.
A rising tide lifts all boats
Mario, his team, NFT technologies, and everyone involved in the creation and deployment of the Creator Fund are firm believers in BitClout’s potential. While many people share the same belief, the ones who are either doubtful or unaware of the platform are plenty as well.  Perhaps the fund’s biggest added value is bringing outside capital into the platform. Everyone involved in the Creator Fund is excited to help build the ecosystem of BitClout and contribute to the platform’s growth.

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