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Soon You'll Be Able To Receive Payments Sent To, as Ethereum Name Services (ENS) 2 Level Domain Support Goes Live...

Ethereum Name Services

Ethereum Name Services (ENS) has announced the implementation of smart contracts allowing integration of Internet the domain name system (DNS) is now being tested on Ethereum's Ropsten testnet.

The update will allow domain owners to use the .com domain instead of the .ETH point for use in the ENS system. This means that a user who owns [whatever].com an use it in the ENS system without making any changes.

Payments Sent Directly To A Dot Com...

Once registered in the ENS system, the domain will be able to receive payments - not just Ethereum but Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) as well!

This feature is an extension of what's already available with the names XYZ system inside of ENS, which allows to add addresses of other blockchains.

Note that the the system will not apply to third-level domains even if they function as 2LD's, such as ''.

The Wait Won't Be Long...

Sources say the new feature could go live 'in less than a month as long as testing continues to go smoothly'. 

Author: Adam Lee
Asia News Desk 

Ethereum ON FIRE - 200% Returns So Far This Year, As Price Now Passes $500! But Prepare For What's Next....

Ethereum 2.0 coming as price hits $500

Ethereum Has A 200% Return So Far This Year, And Just Hit $500+ For The First Time Since June 2018...

Ethereum's has managed a large rebound over summer and winter if 2020 , with it's market cap going from $13 Billion in Jan to $53 billion today  Likewise, the quantity of daily transactions has increased as well. In the last 24hrs Ether buying and selling in dollars totaled $3.5+ billion in volume.

Ethereum hasn't seen these prices since June 2018, when amid a bull market it struck its all-time high of $ 1,300. But it's fluctuated since then, and for awhile went surprisingly low, the worst being June of last year falling underneath $100.

Upgrades Are A Big Reason Why...

The increase in the price of ETH coincides with an increase in its hash rate (or computing power) of the network, which on Thursday reached a new historical high - exceeding 250 terahash per second (TH/s)!

But the big one is early next month, when the long awaited Ethereum 2.0 launches! Many expect this to come with strong rally behind it, saying they want to get in before the 2.0 rally truly gets going.

Will The Rise Continue? 

Which brings us to this interesting point - will everyone buy ahead of Ethereum 2.0's launch, making for a slow day when it actually arrives? Or will the lunch have enough hype behind it to fuel a rally of new investors following the experienced investors buying now? 

I'm leaning towards believing Ethereum will successfully have a double rally run-up.  The excitement around crypto is big, and Bitcoin's price (logically or not) scares some people off.  I think there's a lot of people who will take 'the next best thing' and if it's priced under $1000 they won't hesitate to make this their jump-in point!

Author: Ross Davis 
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco News Desk / Breaking Crypto News

Welcome Back Ethereum - Now Trading At Prices Last Seen in 2018!

Ethereum Price
Ethereum (ETH), managed to cross the psychological barrier of USD 400 this Thursday, after staying above USD 390 for most of the day. Since 16:34 (UTC-4) it exceeded by For the second time in the month at $ 400, Ethereum followed a rapid rise to a local high of $ 433, then fluctuated above $ 420.

The last time the price of ETH was above $ 430 was in early August 2018, amid the decline from its all-time high of $ 1,438, reached on January 13, 2018. At the time of writing In this article, the Ethereum coin registers a price of USD 427, which represents a 223% return since the beginning of the year, according to CoinMarketCap.

Also fueling the Ethereum hype - version 2.0 launch is right around the corner, with the ETH2.0 testnet just went live.

Bitcoin (BTC), which remains in the vicinity of $ 11,700, tried unsuccessfully yesterday to break the resistance at $ 12,000. It rallied to $ 11,845 and then fell back towards levels near $ 11,700.

Mark Pippen
London Newsroom