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Crypto Consultant / Blockchain Project Consultant Ross Davis
Now available as consultant to blockchain and crypto projects: 
Ross Davis

Founder, Global Crypto Press Association.

Ross Davis, Founder of the Global Crypto Press Association, is now available as a consultant for blockchain and crypto projects. With a vast experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, Ross offers invaluable expertise and insights to guide your project toward success.

In 2016, Ross embarked on a solo journey as a crypto trader and began blogging his thoughts on the market. A few months later,  crypto hit the mainstream, and the number of people searching for crypto related content exploded. With a heavy focus on exposing some of the first big crypto scams, content often went viral as readers shared it. Suddenly the blog he started for fun was getting serious traffic. Companies were contacting him to review their projects, marketing firms wanted to buy ads, and Ross saw the potential in front of him.

From a Lone Blogger, to an International News Publication...

Set on seizing the opportunity, in 2017 he set out to build a team of international crypto journalists who shared his ethics and vision for the future of crypto. But how? Back then there were maybe a dozen people in the entire world considered 'crypto journalists' - and they were already employed or running their own publications.

Active in several online crypto communities (forums, social media groups) Ross noticed they all had a few members that stood out, people who would post in-depth analysis, well-thought opinions, or breaking news. 
These people were posting exactly what a 'crypto journalist's should be covering and publishing as articles.

So he gave several of them a simple proposition: make some slight changes to the format of your posts, publish the same information as an article, and officially become a freelance journalist. 

It worked - and today The Global Crypto Press team features journalists across the United States, Europe, and Asia, all who report to Ross in his role as Editor in Chief.

Ensuring easy access to GCP's content for the public has always been a top priority. You can find their news on the official website at, as well as through partnerships with Apple News and Google News, the default news applications for both iPhone and Android.

Behind the scenes, Ross has collaborated with numerous projects in their pre-launch phases...

GCP is renowned as one of the top press release distribution services in the crypto industry, having published over 1,500 press releases for more than 350 different projects on platforms like Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Yahoo Finance, and many more.

This unique combination of overseeing news coverage and PR services gives Ross a valuable perspective of the industry's evolution.  Combine this with with experience, and one gains the ability to spot emerging and changing trends at their earliest stages.

Ross is the exactly who projects should seek input from...

With respect for both your time and his, Ross only delivers realistic actionable suggestions. This includes ways to improve the project overall, public messaging, marketing and PR guidance, as well as evaluating additional opportunities and partnerships that may have been overlooked.

Over the past six years, Ross has cultivated an extensive contact network of key players and influencers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. His reputation as a thoughtful commentator means that when he reaches out to someone, they typically respond - which can have a larger impact than you think.

Whether you're launching a token, developing a decentralized app, or building any kind of business using blockchain, Ross has the experience, reputation, and expertise to position your project for success.

To discuss the possibility of Ross joining your project as a consultant, please contact us at Consulting (at)

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