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Bitcoin Miners STILL EARNING After Orders to SHUT DOWN During Texas Heatwave...

It's summer time and nobody is feeling it more than Bitcoin miners, specifically those in the US. Already known for the heat output caused by masses of GPU's, each mining rig has a dedicated fan there to draw heat away from expensive components. On top of that, every big mining operation has some additional method to cool it down. 

In areas with cheap power, air conditioning is often the second line of defense. Others add huge industrial fans to work with the hundreds of smaller ones. But the cheapest solution for the heat comes from miners in Siberia, where temperatures are often below zero and opening the windows is all it takes to cool down a warehouse full of mining rigs.

But for those who aren't willing to relocate to freezing remote corners of the earth to mine Bitcoin, there's the state of Texas in the US.  Many mining operations from other US states have relocated there, and it has become the top destination for miners leaving China following their ban on it last year.

When Texas Gets Hit With a Heat-Wave, Miners Go Offline - By Choice...

In a deal with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the companies setting up in the state have agreed to power down when energy usage spikes on hot days due to residents and businesses turning up their air conditioning. 

There isn't a hard choice to make here - if the miners didn't pause their activity for a few hours, the state would begin to experience blackouts as the grid becomes overwhelmed - so the miners end up offline either way. But working with the electricity providers to do this voluntary means the mining staff can at least wait it out in a nice air conditioned building.

We knew this much a couple months ago, when we covered the agreement for miners to power down - but that was just half the story.

Just Because They Aren't Mining, Doesn't mean they aren't earning...

Yes you read that correctly. 

That agreement with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas includes a special arrangement: every time a mining company is asked to shut down to save power, it will be structured the same as if these mining companies were producing and selling energy back to the grid.

Miners buy power contracts in advance at standard rates, but any time they are shutting down and 'selling' power back, they're selling it at higher peak-usage prices. Some estimate that earnings from powering down could come to 10% a miner’s yearly income.

Surprised and impressed at the deal miners were able to get from the state, I spoke with someone I met at an industry conference in 2019 who moved his mining business to Texas in 2021. Is there something we're missing here? Or is the deal really that good?

He explained, "LOL yeah, the deal really is that good. I'm not blowing smoke when I say TX is where it's at if you're on the mining end of the industry. If I had to come up with something negative, it would be how I can't help but wonder how long we can count on the state for this extra support. Everyone in crypto faces the risk of people electing tech-illiterate boomers who don't understand crypto thinking they need to re-write the rules for it. They'll say, 'These guys should be paying more, not making a profit' and we'll say 'goodbye' and relocate to Florida, which is currently the second best place to mine bitcoin."

So WHY would Texas give Miners such a good deal? 

The miners, as well as politicians who support incentivizing them to come to their state, point out that this is speeding up the expansion of wind, solar, and other renewable power capabilities - moving the state away from coal faster than they originally thought was possible.

Those who invest in and build renewable energy resources can just go ahead and build, knowing the energy they produce will be immediately sold, thanks to the miners.

An industry having a steady demand for energy is only beneficial if they can stop that demand when needed to share with the state - and crypto uniquely has this ability. Unlike a factory or oil refinery, crypto miners can cut their electricity usage in seconds, bringing instant relief to an overloaded grid.

A former operations manager for the state grid, Carrie Bivens says "a very special kind of demand; it can curtail very quickly."

In large part because of Texas's energy policies, the US holds the #1 position of all countries when it comes to Bitcoin mining, with approximately 38% of it occurring there. All other nations come in at 20% or under.

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk
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Secret Meetings Between Texas Oil Industry, and Crypto Miners - First Details On The Plans Of This GAME CHANGING Alliance...

Texas oil bitcoin mining

Afterhours inside an unexpected location, a car depot in Houston Texas, several secretive invite-only meetings have recently taken place.  To be invited you had to be from one of two industries - the Texas oil industry, or cryptocurrency mining.

The exact details of these clandestine meetings are still not open to the public, the deals made within protected by nondisclosure agreements.

But we managed to get some early details. 

What's becoming obvious is that Texas wasn't kidding when they said they want to become the crypto mining capitol - China banning miners set that plan into overdrive...

Texas is the home to a massive portion of the US oil industry, not just the black stuff, but natural gas too. Because oil is so valuable, natural gas goes to waste - only released because it escapes the earth when drilling for oil.

Currently, they just burn this natural gas away - as explained in the NYTimes article 'Despite Their Promises, Giant Energy Companies Burn Away Vast Amounts of Natural Gas' which explains: 

"When an energy company strikes oil and begins to pump, less-valuable natural gas comes up alongside the oil. That gas could be gathered into pipelines and sold.  'It’s just much cheaper for companies to get rid of it' said Artem Abramov, an industry analyst at Rystad Energy."

The article also claims that several oil companies have a policy of burning off 100% of the natural gas they encounter while drilling for oil.

With massive amounts of energy literally going up in smoke, the crypto mining industry spotted the obvious opportunity...

Natural gas is much less valuable than oil, so if companies can choose which one to fill their tanks with - it's going to be oil. 

So if they won't bother capturing the natural gas escaping from their oil drilling sites, the only way it would be put to use is if an industry wanted to use it right there, on location.

 "I couldn't take my eyes off this when I saw that so much money could be made on gas thanks to a Bitcoin miner who takes advantage of the gas that is usually released into the atmosphere to burn" says  Adam Ortolf, who runs a company named Upstream Data, which makes the equipment needed to run Bitcoin miners off excess natural gas.

So the plan is to have crypto mining can take advantage of the current situation, install mining operations in the vicinity of each well, then use that to power everything.

Our guess on how it'll all work would be to use trailers fitted to serve as portable crypto mining operations, which would relocate from one oil well onto the next, following the oil company doing the drilling.

A rare situation where everybody wins...

Oil companies currently making nothing off the natural gas their oil wells expel will now receive a small cut of the crypto mining profits, and the crypto miners get energy at a cost lower than ever before.

There's environmental benefits as well - now these crypto miners can unplug from the grid, reducing crypto mining's dependence traditional power plants. 

Lowering demand on the grid means these power plants can then produce less energy - the end result is less carbon emissions, and an overall smaller carbon footprint for crypto. 

Author: Ross Davis 
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco Newsroom / Breaking Crypto News

A Rare Look Inside America's Largest Bitcoin Mine...

Bitcoin hitting 1 trillion market cap this year inspired some bitcoin operations to expand. Plus, ban on mining in China has triggered a mass exodus, with some mining operations moving their facilities to the United States. The largest in the US currently can be found in Rockland Texas, and is operated by a company called Whinstone US.

Video courtesy of Wired