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Get $40 in Crypto... for $20! - DimeFi Review...

Dimefi Review and Dimefi promo code invite

So far, we've been impressed with this new trading app with some real potential - so today we're going to do a basic overview and review of DimeFi

We should mention upfront - this is for US residents only, and so far they're able to operate in 43 states you can see listed here, and the Android version of the app hasn't launched yet - so you'll need an iPhone or iPad currently. 

It is fairly typical for a start-up in crypto found having to wait on some states with backed up or slow permitting processes. But it also shows you they're doing everything legit - they're already registered  with FinCEN of the US Treasury Department, and the Money Services Business (MSB).

As you can see, we're sharing this one VERY EARLY, the platform isn't even fully launched yet - if you do check it out you'll be among the first people to see it.  Not only giving our readers early access in this DimeFi review, but also a promo code invite link that will get you some free crypto.

Buy $20 Worth Of Any Of The Currently Supported Coins, Get ANOTHER $20 FREE!

You MUST signup via this link to get the $20 bonus!

If you signed up without using the special invite link above, you can contact support including the link, and tell them you mean to join via the invitation that includes the $20 bonus. 

Current coins to choose from are:

- Bitcoin

- Ethereum

- Litecoin

- Bitcoin Cash

- Solana

- Luna

- Avalanche


No Trading Fees, plus the first time we've seen CASH BACK earned on every trade you make!

DimeFi is connected to multiple exchanges around the world and finds and executes the best price available, all without charging any commission fees!

Then when the transaction completes (usually instantly) it will come with some cash back! Yes, you get paid to trade here!

- Earn 25x what Banks Are Paying in Interest, When you leave Stablecoins on DimeFi...

Daily payouts!

Earn 12% APR on USDC you store on DimeFi!

Every coin they support will earn you interest just for leaving it there, but USDC pays the highest. Only you can decide what to do with your funds - either actively trade cryptocurrencies, or swap any coin they support into USDC stablecoin and to earn highest interest rates.

Your finds are protected by multilayer security.

DimeFi VS Donut 

Another growing platform for earning interest on crypto is 'Donut' - but they max out their earnings at 8%.  So clearly DimeFi is the winner among new earning apps, beating them with their offer of 12%

The DimeFi team is the same engineering team that built Uber's in-house risk-detection system for its billion-dollar cash-flow business.

- Get paid daily and withdraw funds any time for free.

Interest is compounded and paid daily. You may withdraw your funds at any time, either to your bank or an external crypto wallet address. 

We're Not The Only Ones Impressed So Far - Check Out These Reviews for DimeFi....

It already has 4.7 out of 5 stars with little over 100 DimeFi reviews, this could be the next big crypto app!

Dimefi review 1Dimefi review 2Dimefi review 3

So check out DimeFi and deposit $20 to get ANOTHER $20 free, click here!

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle Newsdesk  / Breaking Crypto News / Dimefi Review


Across the metaverse

NEW YORK, NY - VIEWPARK X SOUNDPARK, the New York based global media company, announced a partnership with DeepMusic and DeepFilm to create Across the Metaverse, a music and film themed metaverse.

To launch Across the Metaverse VIEWPARK x SOUNDPARK will produce METAVERSE’S GOT GENIUS, the world’s first tv series created in the metaverse for global distribution. The series will be open to music talent worldwide whose avatars will compete for major prizes, including a label and talent promotion support deal with SOUNDPARK. SOUNDPARK’s President, Lord Joseph Clarke aka Capital LS, will participate in the curating of talent for the series and producing the winning songs.

Across the Metaverse will feature Deepex, an IP exchange for music and soundtracks, For the Love of Music Fund to finance the acquisition of music IP, and THIRTEEN Auction House for the auction of music related IP such as album covers, costumes from musicals, sets from shows or scores.

Musicians, filmmakers, and fans will have the opportunity to acquire land and participate in virtual concerts, operas, musicals, film screenings, master classes, festivals and work in film and music studios.

“We are honored to work with VIEWPARK and SOUNDPARK,” says DEEPMUSIC’s Founder and CEO Rick Li-Kei Tsing.  “Their formidable experience in the music and film industries add an incredible contribution to our metaverse and we are proud to be working with them both.”

Comments SOUNDPARK’s Joseph Clarke, “A metaverse dedicated to the music industry will be not only an incredible place to experience but we also see it as an amazing way for musicians globally to find a community, launch careers and participate in the upside of their music revenues and ownership. For too long we as musicians have lost control of our own music and career paths and have been less able to connect with and genuinely engage with our fans without some type of middleman. DeepMusic’s approach focuses on changing that in a meaningful way.”

VIEWPARK’s founder says, “After 30 years in the film and music industry we continue to look for creative ways to support and experience the arts. Web 3 is giving the world an opportunity to experience film and music in a whole new way and we are embracing the potential power of web 3 to reach more people, increase connectivity, drive more value for creators and allow more access to the fans.  Rick’s genius is to put all this under one umbrella and give creators and fans alike a modern, beautiful, and multi-dimensional approach for all things music and film”.

Deal was brokered by Vishwa Naik and Rohan Malhotra who will stay on with VIEWPARK and SOUNDPARK as their web 3 specialists and advisors.

ACROSS THE METAVERSE will begin to the first land sales on June 20, 2022.  METAVERSE GOT GENIUS will launch in first quarter 2023.

VIEWPARK GROUPis a media and technology investment company for a Web3 world. Its founder and CEO, Krysanne Katsoolis has led media ventures for more than 30 years curating and distributing content across all verticals.  Katsoolis’ experience includes building both private and public companies including spearheading a reverse merger onto NASDAQ.

SOUNDPARK is a VIEWPARK company which represents and produces soundtracks, theatrical scoring, music artists and events in the universe and for the metaverse. SOUNDPARK is headed by 90’s Hip-Hop artist Joseph “Capital L.S” Clarke formerly of the group Rumpletilskinz signed to RCA records in 1993.

DEEPMUSIC is a company that specializes in the development of Web3 ecosystems. It introduces a broad portfolio of projects including ACROSS the Metaverse and Metaverse Got GENIUS, to promote Music-Fi for a more inclusive music industry. DEEPMUSIC is founded by Rick Li-Kei Tsing and a team of blockchain technology experts; entertainment industry experts as well as financial experts.

For more information, contact: 

Joseph Clarke
President, SOUNDPARK
+1 929 383 8852

Krysanne Katsoolis
Founder and CEO, VIEWPARK

Rick Li-Kei Tsing
Founder and CEO, DEEPMUSIC


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LetsExchange Acquires Crypto Aggregator Alligat0r...


Launched in March 2021, has rapidly become one of the leading instant exchanges in the crypto sphere. As part of its expansion plans, LetsExchange has closed a deal to acquire Alligat0r, a startup company running a successful crypto aggregator. None of the parties disclosed the sum of the operation.

As a result, the services provided by Alligat0r will now be available on the LetsExchange platform. Alligat0r’s customers will be able to continue swapping cryptocurrencies on LetsExchange as they used to do on the former aggregator.

The number of monthly crypto swaps performed on the LetsExchange platform has increased by a 100x factor within one year. To keep up with the growing demand for crypto exchange services, LetsExchange has established strategic partnerships with major players in the crypto sphere, including the Trezor Suite, Trustee Wallet,, SwapZone, and SwapSpace.

The acquisition of Alligat0r is another strategic move to offer better services to its customers. Currently, users can enjoy the following benefits on this platform:

- No mandatory registration or KYC checks

- Intuitive and fully-automated exchange process

- More than 350 supported cryptocurrencies

- Fixed and floating rates

- No upper limits on the amount of each transaction

- SmartRate technology for the most competitive rates.

LetsExchange is committed to providing premium services to traders and investors, and it will continue expanding its services in the next few months.

Learn more:

Media Inquiries: Roger Santos

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MetaBlaze is The World’s First Blockchain-Gaming Metaverse Offering Lifetime Passive Yields...

Dover, USA - MetaBlaze is on a mission. A mission to become the first Blockchain-gaming Metaverse generating lifetime yields. A gaming Metaverse where gamers can come together and immerse themselves in a high-level, 3D, P2E (play-to-earn) RPG, (role-playing-game) encompassing exclusive content, superior graphics, and hyper engaging gameplay. A blockchain-based gaming world that offers robust rewards for playtime. A gaming world designed BY gamers, FOR gamers. 

In taking a strategic approach toward the development of its GameFi and DeFi ecosystem, MetaBlaze is building an extensive network of value-added utilities designed to work in tandem with one another to generate perpetual funding to its economy.

MetaBlaze is a GameFi x DeFi utility token designed for all aspects of web3 technology with a primary focus on its gaming Metaverse. 

GameFi and Play-to-Earn. What is it?

GameFi is a disruptive model that combines gaming, crypto, NFTs, and blockchain technology to create the newest gaming experience; P2E (play-to-earn). P2E games can range from simple strategy games and hyper-casual games all the way up to full-blown metaverse RPG experiences with diverse elements and a wide array of value-added utilities. 

Blockchain technology is forever changing the way we play games, and P2E is a new dominant gaming model. Instead of just winning, or losing, you're now able to get paid in crypto for engagement, fully own all your digital assets, and even trade them for other cryptocurrencies. This is all facilitated by blockchain technology which helps prove the authenticity and ownership of digital assets. P2E games are a financial gold mine for gamers. The traditional grind and hustle culture of video games is alive and well within these virtual gaming worlds.

Metaverse Needs Passive Rewards and MetaBlaze is Bringing It

MetaBlaze Token (MBLZ) will serve as the native currency within its blockchain-based game and provide a means to access its gaming Metaverse. With an innovative in-game economy, players can expect to buy, sell, and trade a wide variety of in-game digital assets and ecosystem-specific NFTs such as BlazeBox’s, BlazeCore’s, virtual lands, and more.

MetaBlaze’s ecosystem-specific NFTs enable players to boost their monetary reward earnings and provide opportunities to also achieve passive yields. These NFTs can be bought, sold, and traded on MetaBlaze’s NFT marketplace, accessible within the BlazedApp--(Decentralized Application).

The advent of Virtual Real Estate is considered a powerful source of earning for both gamers and non-gamers alike. By including property ownership as one element of its in-game strategy, MetaBlaze is taking on a vital role in the movement towards virtual real estate within its P2E game. With general growth and sales of virtual real estate reaching never-before-seen highs, all will be able to benefit from this new economic opportunity by owning land within this immersive gaming Metaverse.

From a player's point of view, the game is somewhat like “World of Warcraft” but far into the distant future. Classic mystical creatures and futuristic-themed mystical creatures, such as Goblins, Orcs, Dwarves, Gnomes, and more, engage in epic battles to take control of the different 3D worlds. As to the very nature of P2E players will be rewarded for playtime within this highly anticipated 3D Blockchain-based game. 

The various in-game character species are based on 10k NFT collections produced by MetaBlaze.

The first NFT collection introduced is the "MetaRoyal"; a highly limited collection of 200 passive income generating NFTs. MetaRoyal NFTs represent art in every way imaginable. These stunning pieces have undergone a rigorous creative process with each NFT being meticulously hand-sculpted to form a 3D rendering for the most life-like effects. They are then hand-painted to perfection, followed by the digital transformation, a required step before minting on the Blockchain. 

Owning a MetaRoyal NFT enables lifetime access to the gaming Metaverse, and owners receive a 10% portion of royalty earnings based on secondary + sales of ALL standard 10k NFT collections. Owners can expect royalties from up to 40,000 NFTs per year. This provides endless passive yields and uncapped earning potential. The following collection, MetaGoblin NFTs, will be introduced and available to purchase during the second phase of presale which is just around the corner.

The limited MetaRoyal NFTs are only accessible during the ongoing presale that's nearing a close as over $1,350,000.00 has been raised of the $1,500,000.00 hard cap. Click Here to Register for Presale. 

To learn more, visit the METABLAZE website or join the TELEGRAM and chat with the founding team. Important to note, MetaBlaze will be hosting its first AMA (Ask Me Anything) with a popular cryptocurrency community, Wednesday, 12pm EST. Join Here



A multi-chain GameFi utility token designed for the Blockchain-Gaming Metaverse. 

Official Website:

Media Contact: Mobeen Malik -

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Crypto Mining Made Easy For Everyone...

MARCH 13 2022 / Crypto mining has been developed as a way to mine cryptocurrency by using rented cloud computing power without having the need to install or directly run any related software or hardware. People can remotely participate in cryptocurrency mining by opening an account and paying a minimal cost. Thus, cloud mining firms have made mining more accessible and profitable for a larger group of people.

Traditionally, mining can be a tedious process that can be expensive and time-consuming for an individual, it is also a difficult area to break into for a novice or beginner without the correct how-know. Cloud mining firms that provide a server that is already set up make the process of cloud mining very easy and open to anyone who wants to become a miner.

Minedollars is one such platform and it has launched a new campaign that rewards all users with a sign-up bonus of $10 that can be withdrawn immediately. The cloud mining platform also offers a referral program where you get a 3% commission for referring friends and family.

What is Minedollars?

Minedollars is a cloud mining platform that was created in 2020 and allows anyone to start crypto mining without the need for any technical skill or knowledge. The company has data centers in different parts of the world, including Asia, Europe, and America. The mining farms’ location is in regions with cheap electricity costs and allows Minedollars to offer low cloud mining fees.

Users on Minedollars earn profits daily and can start with a minimum deposit of $100. The average profitability starts from 121% and can go up to 156% depending upon the type of miners.

 Mining using Minedollars

The mining process is made easy using Minedollars, users just need to create an account and verify their identity. After this, they are ready to start renting a miner and make an investment.


Once this is done, users can earn a passive income on their investment and also monitor the statistics, they can also withdraw their earnings. The entire registration process is quick and users can rent a miner and start earning almost instantly. Users can also control their miners easily with their mobile phones or desktops.

 The $100 investment offers a reward of $6 within a contract period of 3 days. Minedollars offers other mining plans with different periods and rewards.Investing $420 offers a reward of $64 within a contract period of 7 days while Investing $1200 comes with a bonus of $380 within 14 days. At the end of the contract period, you can immediately withdraw your capital and profit or increase the capital for long-term investments. Minedollars offers full guarantee of principal and interests for each investment.

Security regulations

 Minedollars follows FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulation and also operates under CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) and ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission). The FCA regulates financial services, firms, and markets for the fair treatment of consumers.

 In conclusion, Minedollars is the perfect crypto mining platform for crypto enthusiasts that want to increase their earning opportunities. It offers full guarantee for all investments and has a team of qualified analysts and experts working daily to ensure consistent customer rewards. 

 For more information check out their website:

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Coinigy Expands its Supported Cryptocurrency Exchanges with the addition of FTX US...

Coinigy cryptocurrency exchange news

MORRISTOWN, USA - March 15 2022Coinigy, the leading provider of crypto trading solutions, today announced the addition of the FTX US crypto exchange to its trading platform.  

Coinigy subscribers can now access charts, check balances, and trade on FTX US. The Coinigy platform provides unparalleled market access with the ability to trade FTX US as well more than ten other cryptocurrency exchanges including such well-known names as Binance, Bitfinex, Coinbase Pro and more.  The Coinigy platform allows users to consolidate trades across exchanges. 

“We’re excited to add FTX US to our list of available crypto exchanges” said William Kehl, Senior Vice President.  “Coinigy was developed with the goal of giving traders a powerful trading platform that can access multiple cryptocurrency markets.   The addition of FTX US is a natural extension of achieving that goal.”

Coinigy is one of the most popular global trading platforms for active crypto currency traders with access to over 45 exchanges, 6,800 markets and 16,000 currencies from a single interface.  Over 750,000 traders have accessed the trade platform worldwide. Coinigy also provides extensive historical Crypto Trading Data.

About Coinigy

Coinigy is a cloud-based cryptocurrency trading platform that connects to more than 45 exchanges including, Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Huobi Pro, Kucoin, Kraken, and Poloniex and 6,800 markets and currency pairs. The platform offers multi exchange real-time pricing data, full-featured spot trading, data visualization, direct blockchain analysis, and portfolio management/aggregation tools through its subscription-based service.

For more information:

Dina Badia

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VIEWPARK GROUP launches an Off-Ramp Investment Program for Crypto Currency holders...

Viewpark Press Release
New York, March, 4, 2022. VIEWPARK’s New York based virtual global media company in partnership with Misc. Labs announced its new off-ramp investment program for holders of crypto currencies into a portfolio of entertainment projects. As the adoption and validation of the crypto and blockchain market widens and crypto currency holder’s profits increase exponentially many crypto investors are looking for opportunities to off-ramp their sizable profits back into fiat investments but up to now very few are catering to the particular needs of the crypto investor. VIEWPARK GROUP has addressed this issue with its new off-ramp program which offers investors a platform for expediting investments into high end and unique entertainment and real estate projects coupled with a program for tax relief for off-ramping their crypto currency holdings. VIEWPARK’s CEO, Krysanne Katsoolis, comments, “our unique model for off-ramping our crypto clients came out of our direct experience dealing with an insatiable appetite of the crypto community to be involved with our one off experiences and projects coupled with a hesitation to off-ramp their crypto fortunes. Helping this community navigate the off-ramp and bringing them as investors into our projects has become a great win-win for both us both.” “What I’m finding”, comments VIEWPARK GROUP’s President of SOUNDPARK, Joseph Clarke, “is that there is a new category of investor who has made so much money in the crypto world that they want only the best and are only too eager to want to invest in our projects; after all, who doesn’t want a private concert with Coldplay or Lil Nas X for instance. We can now provide these types of high-end opportunities to this category of investors with our off-ramp program.” Miscellaneous Labs has developed high level strategic partnerships with blockchain CEO’s and industry leaders as well as key academic institutions to stay up to date with the growing web3.0 market to capitalize on the limitless possibilities with this new technology. Comments Misc. Labs Founder, “The partnership with Krysanne and Joseph, who are at the top levels in their industries, has allowed us to expedite the immediate opportunities to off-ramp our investors into solid investment opportunities”. VIEWPARK GROUP is able to receive investments in all currencies and recently established residency in the Prospera SEZ zone on the island of Roatan, Honduras, where it will be able to operate in a crypto friendly environment. The Group’s real estate arm, Mr Clarke LLC, is already currently partnering with Prospera and Apolo construction to develop residential and hotel properties in the special economic zone. ABOUT VIEWPARK GROUP VIEWPARK GROUP is a media and technology investment company for a Web3 world. Its founder and CEO, Krysanne Katsoolis has led media ventures for more than 20 years curating and distributing content across all verticals. Katsoolis’ experience includes building both private and public companies including spearheading a reverse merger onto NASDAQ. Official Website: For more information, contact: Krysanne Katsoolis CEO, VIEWPARK Krysanne@VIEWPARK.CO +1917-379-7911
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Go MetaRail and Legends of Mitra Announce Strategic Partnership...

Go Metarail, Legends of Mitra Partnership

HOUSTON, USAGo MetaRail is thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Legends of Mitra, a multichain strategy defense game being built on the KlatynCronosAlgorandWax, and Binance chain.  LoM has recently closed a $1.45 million private funding round with the support of an impressive lineup of GameFi and blockchain investors, helping to ensure the successful rollout of this innovative and fully multichain strategy game.

Go MetaRail, the metaverse travel network and exchange, connects the many worlds of the metaverse by building gates to allow travel between virtual world platforms without breaking immersion. Cryptocurrency can also be exchanged between worlds without the need for gas fees. Currently in our own private funding round, Go MetaRail is poised to become a key player in facilitating interworld connection within the metaverse.

About Legends of Mitra

Legends of Mitra is a free-to-play-to-earn game that rewards players anywhere in the world with MITA tokens and NFTs depending on their engagement and skills in the game. “We are positioned to be one of the first free-to-play-to-earn NFT and metaverse games coming out of Africa,” says Kena, CEO of Gem Studios, the studio building the Legends of Mitra game. Gem Studios is one of Africa’s first gaming studios, and the creators of Angry Warlord and Dragon Fly

The mission of Legends of Mitra is to drive blockchain adoption and economic growth in Africa by making a straightforward platform that everyone from kids to the elderly can enjoy. They are building games for gamers, especially for those who are new to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Read their white paper here.

About Go MetaRail

The team at Go MetaRail believes that travel through the metaverse should be an enjoyable experience. “Right now, the metaverse is made up of hundreds of individual worlds. We feel it’s vitally important to connect them,” says Chris Augustine, CEO/founder of Go MetaRail. Our aim is to usher in the economic interchange between each virtual world that contains a Go MetaRail Kiosk. Go MetaRail is not a virtual world itself, but a digital go-between facilitating the interconnection of different metaverse platforms.

Additionally, each Go MetaRail Kiosk will provide a simple way to convert a traveler’s current cryptocurrency into the cryptocurrency needed at their destination. This will facilitate both the tourism flow between worlds and also the ease of entry from one platform to another. Read the White Paper here.

For More on Go MetaRail: Site:

For More on Legends of Mitra: Site:

Contact: Doe Augustine - Chief Research Officer --------------
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EverReflect (EVRF) Breaks Records First Week of Trading Rewarding Holders Over $1,310,000...

EverReflect Crypto

New York, NY - EverReflect (EVRF) has officially become the “utility token by holders for holders.” The token has shattered all records by rewarding its holders with over 1,000,000 in BUSD reflections within the first day of releasing.

To celebrate its one-week anniversary, EverReflect (EVRF), has announced it will continue to burn its token, extinguishing 5T tokens from its circulating supply. The 5T burn is the equivalent of approximately 150,000 BUSD and will bring the total circulating supply to 490T.

“This is the first of many burns we have planned to diminish the token’s circulating supply to less than 400T.” says a developer on the EVRF team. The developer continues by stating, “we will continue to provide for our community, and continue to add value to our holders and future holders alike.”

In the first week of release the token has attracted over 4,000 holders and a steady market cap exceeding 15,000,000 BUSD. The contract has also rewarded a resounding 1,310,000 BUSD to its holders as it continues to be the most aggressive utility token on the market.

The token’s key utility will be a key driver in continuous and increasing volume. The token will continue to reward its holders with 15% BUSD and will also further decrease EVRF’s circulating supply.

Snoop Dogg has said that “NFT’s will replace all ticketing”, and this is the token’s attainable goal. Before starting EVRF, its development team has spent 20 years in the live music and entertainment space, so this concept and technology is nothing new for the team’s developers.

“We do not want to be the next Safemoon or the next EverGrow, we want for the next generation of tokens to aspire to be the next EverReflect.”

Solidifying its reputation for delivery and transparency, the EVRF team will host an “Ask Me Anything” on Feb 2nd, 2022 on its Telegram channel which will simultaneously be broadcast on its YouTube; see the links below.

Please note the contract address for Pancake Swap is: 0x3C2e501B08CF5C16061468c96b19b32bae451dA3

Contact: --------

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Retro Style NFTs That Will Take You Back In Time - Nostalgic Fun That Could Even Improve Your Mental Health!

Retrokudz NFT cryptocurrency news

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - January 17th 2022: RetroKydz brings you an interesting opportunity to re-live your childhood. It offers to recreate the peaceful experience of your infant years that were marked by freedom from all sorts of worries, grudges, and competition. It is rolling out 2000 exclusive, mintable, retro style 3D pixelated NFTs in the market that will enable the holders to become part of a mental health community on the blockchain technology.

These beautifully designed NFTs seem to be very promising because the fast-paced, competitive, and busy lifestyle of the modern era has deprived many of mental peace and genuine friendships. In fact, results from the 2014 Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey highlighted that 1 in 6 adults experience a common mental health problem such as anxiety or depression every week, and 1 in 5 adults have considered taking their own life at some point. The irony is that many such cases go undiagnosed and amongst those identified, many hesitate to seek professional help due to the stigma attached.

Under such circumstances, the RetroKydz NFTs will serve as badges that can be worn with pride because they do not signify that the holders have a problem, rather serve as a representation of the fact that the NFT owners stand for equality, peace, love, harmony, mental health, and above all, humanity. These NFTs will help develop virtual friendships and provide the members with a platform where they can vent out their emotions. In simple terms it can be said that they will serve as tokens of membership to a community of 2000 where people will have a chance to talk about their specific mental health issues and also their daily life struggles that leave them depressed or disturbed. By sharing their problems, the members will be able to seek help and advice from each other. Although connectivity appears to be a major challenge, RetroKydz has this sorted out as well. It plans to keep the members connected via regular Zoom calls so that healthy relations and bonds can be developed without any geographical barriers or mobility issues.

The utilities of these NFTs are numerous as the holders will be able to get early access to the upcoming projects and special offers. The best part is that the members will also have access to mental health professionals’ expert advice. These professionals will be making group calls on Discord from time to time to talk about important matters and provide counselling with regards to any significant event - if needed. Besides all this, the community members will have access to a dedicated channel where motivational quotes and encouraging words will be shared to boost up morale.

Given their usefulness, it is very likely that these NFTs will sell out soon so hurry up and make a purchase before it is too late. Each NFT costs 50 ADA and can be purchased on the Cardano blockchain. The process to go about it is pretty simple: Minting has already begun; you just need to send ADA equivalent to the number of NFTs you want to purchase on the address provided at Retrokydz’ website. In order to give everyone a fair chance, RetroKydz has kept a maximum purchase limit of 20 NFTs per transaction.

One thing to remember when making the transaction is that the ADA should be sent through a wallet that supports Cardano NFTs or else you will not receive your NFT token. In case the NFTs are sold out by the time your payment is received, or you accidentally end up paying more or less than the exact amount, your ADA will be returned so you can make the transaction without worrying about any loss or mishap.

For further details:
Email: Myles Sheldon

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