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Creator Fund - The First Ever BitClout Fund Nears Launch...

bitclout holdings
Following the successful launch of his first BitClout venture, BitClout Holdings, Mario Nawfal and his team have already set their sights on a new project, a fund focused solely on BitClout. No one can deny the incredible feat Mario and Co achieved with BitClout Holdings, which raised $1 million in less than 10 minutes and over $5 million in 36 hours, and became the 7th biggest coin on the platform. 
To avoid sell-offs when it reaches the top 10 position, the fund enforced anti-dumping features to ensure it remains there.
This project is also backed by NFT Technologies, an investment vehicle listed on a Canadian Stock Exchange, which will allow the fund to raise more capital and ensure its long-term sustainability.
Mario believes that BitClout is still in its infancy stage, and more fundamental services are needed for the platform to reach its full potential. BitClout Holdings was the first to provide these services, and The Creator Fund will be next in line.
The fund has three primary goals:
  1. To support creators on the platform
  2. To raise more capital than any other investor or Creator Coin
  3. To become the #1 coin on BitClout
The fund will support creators on the platform in several ways. First, the fund will find up-and-coming creators who are worth investing in. Once the creators are chosen, the fund will rely on a group of advisors, developers, and creators to make the investment decisions. This group has developed some of the most advanced proprietary technology, with a proven track record that speaks for itself. 
The fund will support the creators financially, which will allow them to invest in themselves and their business, as well as increase their coin’s value on the platform. The fund will also provide marketing support through its partnership with, the #1 growth hacking agency in the world, to help creators gain more exposure. Lastly, creators will also receive full continuous support and guidance along the way. 
The fund aims to raise more capital than any investor or Creator Coin for one simple reason: more capital means more support for the creators. Achieving this however, would require a multi-faceted approach. As mentioned, the fund will be launched in partnership with NFT technologies, a publicly-listed investment vehicle on a Canadian stock exchange. NFT technologies will provide more access to capital and will take the platform to a whole new level.
The fund will rely on a pre-sale to seed value in this exciting new project. The pre-sale is based on a transparent auction mechanism that encourages investors to outbid other investors for early access to the fund’s Creator Coins. Make sure to read the white paper for more details on that matter.
If BitClout Holdings has taught Mario and his team anything, it’s how to retain coin value. The fund’s strategy will focus on incentivizing long-term investors and warding off short-term scalpers. Moreover, there will be a vesting period, which means that the majority of coin holders will have to wait before withdrawing their investment. Finally, anyone who invests in the fund, either in the pre-sale or afterwards, will be paid in dividends down the line.
The fund’s goal to become the #1 coin on BitClout is not for vanity or bragging rights, but a necessary step for the fund to be able to support creators on the long term. When the fund’s coin tops the platform’s chart, it will capture significant market attention. As more people find out about the fund, more investments will pour in, and consequently, the capital raised will be invested in more creators.
A rising tide lifts all boats
Mario, his team, NFT technologies, and everyone involved in the creation and deployment of the Creator Fund are firm believers in BitClout’s potential. While many people share the same belief, the ones who are either doubtful or unaware of the platform are plenty as well.  Perhaps the fund’s biggest added value is bringing outside capital into the platform. Everyone involved in the Creator Fund is excited to help build the ecosystem of BitClout and contribute to the platform’s growth.

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Raido Network Launched...

Raido blockchain network

The Raido Foundation has launched the Raido Network blockchain network. We believe this network provides an ideal environment for quick, safe, and user-friendly cryptocurrency transactions (and, going forward, transaction-based smart contracts). Below we outline some of the key points about the project and tell you about how you can experience the network for yourself. We look forward to helping you towards your investment goals.

The Raido Network aims to provide the tools needed for a next-generation blockchain network. The project has been going from strength to strength for two years, and is now entering a new and exciting phase of its journey. Following the initial coin offering (ICO) in 2018 and the launch of a crypto exchange in March 2019, this year has seen the launch of the genesis block and the main functions of the core network.

The network uses Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), which is the most popular consensus model (it has been used successfully by Ethereum previously), and its accounting unit is RDO. Transactions are validated by master nodes, software that has exclusive rights and maintains the consensus throughout the network by using coins that project participants delegate to it. Meanwhile, coin holders receive a portion of the network commission.

The Raido Network aims to address the issues faced by modern blockchain architectures in six key areas:

Processing speed. The block is created after at least one signed transaction is received, meaning transactions are confirmed rapidly.

Participation in management. Coin holders participate directly by voting on changes to network parameters and the implementation of improvements.

Improvement opportunities. The network offers a voting mechanism and opportunities for improvement, allowing it to evolve and adapt.

Transaction costs. Transaction costs are fixed, allowing for predictable business-processes implementation based on work with the network, including escrow functions.

Scalability. Raido’s DPoS network principles prevent resource wastage when processing transactions, while still maintaining high system throughput.

Applicability. The next stage of the network’s development is to create a platform for high-performance smart contracts that connect secure external data and decentralized applications with escrow functionality.

We are looking forward to the launch of the consensus algorithm this autumn, followed by the escrow smart contracts next spring. The first version of the decentralized application platform due in spring 2023.

Support and development are overseen by the non-profit Raido Foundation. More details about the network’s operations and links to the Block Explorer wallet can be found on the foundation’s site (link below).

If you would like to experience our network for yourself, please see the details of the network and useful links to the wallet and block explorer on the foundation’s website:


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Lower Ethereum Trading and Transaction Fees On Uniswap - How To Get Lower Ethereum Gas Fee Prices When Trading....

 Lower ethereum gas uniswap transfer fees

Uniswap fees, and Ethereum fees in general are way too high, the most common complaint is how expensive it is to trade at Uniswap - it's out of control.

Unfortunately Uniswap is so popular it's leading to 24/7 high Ethereum network congestion - which means high gas fees, which is something you can do very little about.

But You Can Make Your Trade SMARTER, More Efficient - and That Lower Your Gas Fees...

This is where 1inch comes in.  It's a DEX (decentralized exchange) aggregator that draws liquidity from various exchanges and is able to split a trade between multiple exchanges. With the smart transaction technology, their aggregator allows users to optimize their trading.

Get lower ethereum gas fees on uniswap
When an aggressor shops multiple deals, the customer gets the best one.

1inch's Pathfinder, an API that includes a detection and routing algorithm, finds the best possible route for a token swap, splitting a swap across multiple exchanges or markets  on the same exchange. As a result, the exchange rate that a user receives is better than what they would have received in a single exchange.

Plus: Limit Orders on Uniswap?!

Basically, yes! 

Currently if you're day trading on Uniswap you can't afford to look away for more than a few minutes.

With 1inch limit orders you can set the price you want to buy or sell a coin at, what date you want that bid to expire, and walk away.

I Often Hear 'Can I trust 1inch? This is the first I've heard of it.'

I've noticed a surprising amount of people I mention 1inch to haven't heard of it yet - but yes it is legit, you'll find lots of the pro traders swearing by it, and their daily volume shows it - currently over $200 million USD per day!

Visit 1inch at

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle Newsdesk

How A Cryptocurreny Backed By Billions In Fine Art Could Create An Insanely POWERFUL Coin...

Artisa ARTZ Token

Crypto can be a wild ride - and when it comes to cryptocurrencies, we tend to look at Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other altcoins and ask the obvious question: “IF Coins or Utility Tokens are only backed by the will and acceptance of people who own and trade it - what would happen with one backed with assets valued at over $1 Billion PLUS?"

There is no question crypto fans and investors are looking ahead with curiosity to the new wave of Tokens getting ready to make history in the world of digital finance. 

However, which tokens are going to offer an exponential possibility of growth? Higher R.O.I.? Or a more well-thought and good-hearted project?

The Value Of Art Rises Continually...


The Sotheby’s Mei Moses Index tracks the value of art and it’s sales around the world and compiles a yearly report. 

That reporting shows a compound growth of 8.8% with 60+ years of data behind it! 

In addition to this, the data also shows recessions do not impact the fine art world like other industries.

A token backed by correctly executed art investments would become the most stable coin on the market... except for its movement upwards in value.


Artisia is a project born in 2019. Behind the company are businessmen who share a passion for art and philanthropy. They present us today with a token they consider “The Beautiful Caterpillar of the Crypto World.” ArtisiaToken is a payment token created with the goal of acquiring a valuable art collection, with the pure intention to give it back to society.

As is known, the art industry has been an arena for the Rich and Famous. ArtisiaToken is modifying the model the way we know it by the use of the blockchain. ArtisiaToken is giving access to EVERYONE who wants to be part of this intercultural exchange experience of art and cryptocurrencies to join the Largest Decentralized Group of Owners, participating with ZERO financial restrictions as anyone can acquire as little as 1 token that today can be traded for $35 USD.

Artisia is also building a digital and interactive art museum where the collection will be exhibited. There will be also included a tradable marketplace for artists and art collectors who will have the opportunity to sell and buy artworks using ARTZ and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. Their platform will also feature an online members-only auction house, a strong C.S.R. program, and much more, in a way linking art and cryptocurrency together.


The basic idea behind Artisia is to combine art and cryptocurrency in a way that allows one to strengthen the value of the other.

This concept makes it easier for art lovers to invest in art via cryptocurrency and help artists and related affiliates to focus on their work without being anxious about their monetary issues as they can directly invest with their art and make money as cryptocurrency.


The token is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain and has the ticker ARTZ. ARTZ fuels the entire operation of the ArtisiaToken system ranging from the purchase and sale of art products as well as the donation to social projects.


Everyone looking to diversify their portfolio into arts and the cryptocurrency industry now has the opportunity to do so with ease. For the first time, any art and crypto lover can be part of the global artistic and charitable movement with zero financial restrictions or commitments.

For those people looking for that diversification and opportunity in the crypto industry ArtisiaToken is certainly an option, therefore acquiring ARTZ shall be without a question a must in 2021!

Artisia YouTube 

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Distributed by Global Crypto Press Association Press Release Distribution for industry. Makes History - Launching First Crypto Casino On The Bitcoin LIGHTNING Network!

Betplay Bitcoin Lightning network Casino

San Jose, Costa Rica, December 21, 2020 -  Today launches a cryptocurrency online casino site that supports Bitcoin, and Tether USDT. Those using Bitcoin can take advantage of the Bitcoin Lightning network which enables near instant transactions and virtually zero fees - for deposits and withdraws!

"At we aim to have the best player experience on market and fast payments is an important part of this. Bitcoin and crypto in general is changing the whole world, including the online casino industry as well, but right now we are seeing Bitcoin transactions taking longer time to confirm and fees above $10. Therefore Bitcoin Lightning payments will be an absolute game changer by making deposits and withdrawals significantly both faster and cheaper for a player" a company representative said.

Launching With A Full-Blown Gaming Platform...

Beyond breaking ground with their integration of Lightning Network, players will be surprised at all the variety of gaming choices they have - starting from day one.

They already have a number of player favorite top tier games, thanks to's partnerships with some of the most prominent providers and game studios, including Quickspin, Nolimit City, Blueprint Gaming, Thunderkick, Red Tiger and more.

Next they launch LIVE real time casino games, first integrating and Ezugi, then Pragmatic Live and Evolution as well.

"We don't think having the best payment option for Bitcoin is enough, we also want to have the best games. That is why we have partnered up with top providers on the market with the goal of having the largest offering of games to the crypto community." says

Players can play now using Bitcoin sent using standard methods, Bitcoin sent via Lightning Network, or by transferring USDT (Tether).

About was started in 2020 by a group of seasoned gaming professionals for crypto currency casino enthusiasts. The goal is to create the best crypto casino on the market.


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Platform To Earn A Little Extra, or HUNDREDS Of Dollars In Crypto...

Whether you're in one of the cities that just began their 2nd round of pandemic lockdowns, or just looking for some extra income, this is definitely worth a look. Having chances to work from home has never been more important. 57 million Americans freelance in some sort of capacity, making up 35 percent of the workforce, according to the American Society of Journalists And Authors.

The Latium Freelancing platform is where users can work for crypto & or hire workers and pay them in crypto such as Bitcoin and Ethereum as and over a dozen other top coins. This is how to earn cryptocurrency in 2020 and 2021.

But what really impressed me is simply the huge amount of options here, anyone can find something that can earn them a little extra.

Latium review
SO MANY OPTIONS! This is just some of the tasks available now...

At the point projects are posted they are added into categories by the client who posted the task, as you can see there's many different skills in demand here.

These Categories Include:

Usability Testing: Usability projects are focused on hiring users to check new apps, platforms, games, etc so as to realize feedback on the usability of their product.

Marketing: Typically social media based actions like follow, share, like, etc. Some watch ads for crypto, watch videos for bitcoin.

Surveys & Opinions: Answer questions, get paid for it.

Digital Marketing: These projects are normally centered around social media follows, shares, reviews, earn crypto for signing up, etc. There are always a wide range of projects. 

App Reviewer: Install an app then rate and review them

Graphic & Image Design: Experienced designers will find many options here

Programming & Tech: These projects are trying to find Freelancers who have experience in Software Development.

Writing & Translation: These projects are trying to find Freelancers with experience in writing and/or editing, translating documents between multiple languages, and lots of other skills.

Video & Animation: These Employers are looking to seek out Freelancers to help in projects focused on Videos and Animations. If you've got experience in these fields this is often the place for you.

Audio & Music: Here you'll find projects looking to possess voiceovers, sound effects, music, and lots of other audio-centric contracts.

Other:  Everything else!

Like I said, something for everybody! It should be easy for anyone to find a gig that lets them earn a little extra income.

Do The Task, Collect Your Crypto...

To mark a task complete you want to complete all instructions from the employer and submit any required proof. Once that's all completed you merely select the “Submit For Review” button.

Latium Payment Proof Photo Earnings
Latium Earnings Payment

This will notify the Employer that you simply have completed the project and it's ready for them to review. Once they need reviewed they're going to release payment if they're proud of your project, or they'll send it back for more work.

It's Easy To Begin...

Once you sign up free, complete a biography to let employers and fellow freelancers get to know you a little better. After creating a bio, you will next be able to add some skills that you currently have. You must add at least one skill, but can add several as you see fit.

Then you're ready to browse and select jobs and get to work.

Register now to land your first gig in minutes!

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New Mode! Finxflo Launches The First Ever Hybrid (DeFi + CeFi) Liquidity...

Finxflo DeFi
Finxflo is the first-ever global DeFi-CeFi hybrid liquidity aggregator. The platform allows users to trade, lend, borrow, stake, farm, and yield farm their coins from a single one- stop solution, combining liquidity of more than 50 individual centralized and decentralized ecosystems. Moreover, Finxflo is always identifying the best rates and prices, enabling its users to utilize them for their benefit.

Since the beginning of 2020, the majority of cryptocurrency investors became highly aware of the DeFi potential. DeFi (Decentralized Finance) is, basically, a structured and interoperable financial sector based on decentralized platforms such as Ethereum. Currently, there is almost $7 billion of value locked in various DeFi projects and a total market capitalization of over $15 billion. Thus making DeFi a catalyst for growth in the cryptocurrency market, with just 1% of crypto investors involved. The market can only grow from here.

Despite all the DeFi enthusiasm, the majority of trading still transpires on highly centralized, mutually detached trading platforms. Therefore the liquidity is dispersed across the global market, losing a part of its potential. The fees in the DeFi market tend to also be rather high.

Furthermore, an average user still struggles to understand complex smart contract functions and navigating unfriendly interfaces. This is exactly why Finxflo is bypassing these challenges and creating a more efficient trading environment. With its innovative approach, Finxflo is becoming the go-to solution for digital asset management by creating both DeFi and CeFi aggregators.

How Does Finxflo Work?
Finxflo implements a unique set of smart order algorithms to always offer its users the best prices and rates. The system dubbed Hybrid Aggregation Engine combines DEX (decentralized exchanges) and CEX (centralized exchanges) liquidity, making Finxflo the ultimate single gateway to cryptocurrency trading and investing. DeFi contains broad liquidity and CeFi is more user friendly. Finxflo has combined the power of both. Crypto users can control and allocate their funds to more than 50 different DeFi and CeFi services from one single account.

Finxflo is also operational on mobile platforms via mobile app. With its One-Click mechanism, all users are able to automate all desired operations through customizable action plans. This ultimate user-friendliness is making Finxflo ideal for retail investors who need to manage their assets on the go. The platform is also highly appealing for institutions diversifying into crypto investments. This is because institutional investors are able to blend Finxflo with their existing infrastructures through API integrations. Thus retaining their workflow whilst adding this revolutionary technology to their business.

The whole Finxflo system is based on the FXF token which is generated by doing what investors do - trade and invest on the platform. Additionally, FXF will be distributed for farming and yield farming, which is the process where investors utilize their tokens to generate income.

Highly Flexible, Efficient, and Secure
Just like any other asset class, scalability is paramount. Finxflo is able to scale horizontally, in accordance with server workload fluctuations. By distributing data backups among individual nodes, the system neutralizes the possible damage of individual node failure. This is especially significant in the unlikely event of a platform downtime. Should this occur, all the data remains secure and most importantly, re-usable when the platform resumes operation.

Meanwhile, all users’ funds will be protected by SGX (Software Guard Extensions) and MPC (Multi-Party Computing), integrated onto the platform by Fireblocks. These security systems, the most guarded in the industry, neutralize the possibility of a hacker’s attack. Should a highly unlikely breach occur, Finxflo’s client funds are insured by a policy of up to $150 million. Finxflo processes all the incoming records instantly. Consequently, this accelerates the execution as the system does not accumulate micro-batches before processing them.

Moreover, FXF uses the latest and best tech achievements to be able to withstand thousands of operations per second, making the system congestion close to null. Meanwhile, the platform enforces risk monitoring and fraud detection in accordance with the highest industry practices and security standards.

When talking about legal security, it is important to emphasize that Finxflo was successfully granted an exemption by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) under the grandfathering provisions of the act, effectively permitting Finxflo to continue its operations whilst regulatory approvals are obtained.

Finxflo’s Team of Highly-Skilled Professionals
Co-founded by James Gillingham, Thomas Plaskocinski, and Liam Patrick Jones, Finxflo is led by experts with the likes of Royal Bank of Scotland, Société Générale, Simex, and UBS in their jobs portfolios. Furthermore, Mark Hammond, Stefano Virgilli, and Dr. Anthony O’Sullivan provide invaluable support for the team from their past work experience with giants like CitiBank, Merrill Lynch, any Lloyds Bank.

Looking at the whole package, Finxflo offers a revolutionary and highly disrupting ecosystem that is bridging the gap between a number of various, previously detached DeFi and CeFi products and services. Its DeFi and CeFi aggregator, along with a mobile-friendly platform solution represents a groundbreaking improvement in what used to be a newbie-unfriendly crypto environment. The full scale operation is to be released in phases across the remainder of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, with the global market expansion as the ultimate goal.

If you want to know more about the project, refer to the links below:

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Game Changer: AurusGOLD Creates Token TRULY Tied To Gold - Making Gold Instantly Transmittable & Spendable!

There's never been such a powerful combination of trust backing an asset like this before: The 5000+ year history of gold and it's status as a globally traded high-value asset, and the unquestionable transaction records of a blockchain powered ledger.

But two challenges need to be resolved before anything 'backed by gold' could be considered a modern method of transferring value: On-demand liquidity giving the ability to transmit gold around the world to be used in fast-settling transactions, and the ability to use it in everyday life, instantly spendable like cash.

These challenges will soon be behind us, as Aurus prepares to launch the solutions...

First is the AWG token, blockchain powered and borderless, it can be sent anywhere. But what makes it revolutionary is that it will be accepted at gold vaults around the world - where 1 token will always be exchangeable for 1 gram of gold.

This also locks the token's price to the current market value of gold.

Now with a real gold backed token, real world use becomes a reality as well - this means spending gold like cash, anywhere you can swipe a credit card. Soon this will be possible via the Aurus Gold Card!

Official Launch Details Announced...

CBX will partner with Aurus, for the launch of its gold-backed token AurusGOLD (AWG).

AurusGOLD (AWG) is a semi-decentralized gold-backed cryptocurrency that is independently minted by esteemed gold providers and traders from the traditional gold market.

Each AWG token is backed by 1 gram of 99.99% LBMA-approved gold, stored in professional, fully insured and audited vaulting facilities around the world. The platform employs a smart contract to audit the supply of gold and uses ERC-721 to track the gold bars, making each AWG token traceable to a single gold bar. AWG tokens represent 100% ownership and can be redeemed for physical gold at any time.

Aurus Technologies, the company behind AWG offers a tokenization solution to the traditional gold market. Aurus’ blockchain protocol interacts with a network of gold providers and vaults that work in synergy to autonomously tokenize physical gold bullions into AurusGOLD.

The system enables traditional gold-market participants across the globe to mint and distribute AWG independently, without Aurus ever having access to underlying gold reserves. AWG holders do not need to rely on a single source of gold or a centralized entity. Users don’t need to trust Aurus to trust AWG.

The vision of Aurus is to make gold as easy as money, and via AWG the firm is setting out to bring stability to volatile financial markets and ultimately, a sustainable/reliable alternative to mainstream payment methods. Guido Van Stijn, CEO of Aurus: “Launching with CBX which partners have a strong backing in the commodity industry made the most sense for Aurus. There's mutual knowledge on the product and the innovations we want to deliver to the industry.”

Meng Chan Shu, CEO of CBX: “After carefully evaluating different commodity-based tokens, we are delighted to partner with Aurus to launch AurusGOLD to the community! Now it will be as easy as ever for traders and users to have exposure to Gold without leaving the Blockchain ecosystem.”

AurusGOLD will proceed listing on Dubai-based exchange on the 25th of May 2020.

Listing details:
● AWG deposit & withdrawal will be available on 25th May at 06:00 (BST)
● AWG/USDT trading pair will be available on 25th May at 06:00 (BST)

Official Website:
Block Explorer:
White Paper / Documentation:
For further information please contact: or

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YouHodler Adds the Largest Decentralized Stablecoin to its Platform..

YouHodler Adds Dai
YouHodler, the rapidly evolving FinTech platform is pleased to announce that it has listed Dai, the world’s leading decentralized stablecoin. Built on the MakerDAO system, Dai lives completely on the blockchain, making it borderless and available to anyone, anywhere.

“We believe stablecoins and their attributes are essential for the positive development of the industry,” said YouHodler CEO Ilya Volkov. “Having the Dai stablecoin on the platform will introduce our communities to all the benefits that the largest decentralized stablecoin can bring. Users will also create an additional utility for Dai, using it for high-yield savings accounts and for loan repayments. Thus helping Dai expand to new sectors of the crypto community.”

The listing sees YouHodler offering a Dai wallet for secure storage, Dai exchange between fourteen coins, five stablecoins, and four fiat currencies on the platform, Dai as a payment method for YouHodler’s crypto-backed loans and a Dai Savings Account where users can earn 12% APR with weekly payouts.

“Integrating Dai to YouHodler creates more opportunity for people around the world to explore the benefits of DeFi and Dai,” said Gustav Arentoft, Head of Business Development for Europe for the Maker Foundation.

Unlike centralized and fiat-backed stablecoins on the market, Dai is backed by cryptocurrency and decentralized. With over 550 live Dai integrations, the Dai stablecoin is one of the most popular and recognized in the industry and its numbers continue to grow. The first iteration of Dai (currently now Sai) was launched in December 2017. Two years later in November 2019, the current Dai system came to be which includes a variety of new features such as the Multi-Collateral Dai (MCD) and the DSR features which allow Dai users to power their financial activities more efficiently.

MakerDAO has a good reputation in the crypto community as it received investments from the industry’s top funds like Andreessen Horowitz, Polychain, and Dragonfly Capital. MakerDAO joins the company of other top projects like Huobi, Paxos, and ChainLink that were added to YouHodler in the past month.

About YouHodler
YouHodler FinTech platform is focused on crypto-backed lending with fiat (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP), crypto (BTC), and stablecoin loans (USDT, USDC, TUSD, PAX, PAXG, Dai), crypto/fiat and crypto/crypto conversions, as well as high-yield saving accounts. YouHodler supports BTC, BCH, BNB, ETH, LTC, XLM, XRP, DASH, REP, and other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens.YouHodler is an active member of the Blockchain Association of Financial Commission and the Crypto Valley Association. Customers are protected by the independent Financial Commission’s efficient dispute resolution process.

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Rapper Akon's Cryptocurrency Plans Are Sounding... A Little Less Crazy?

akon's akoin cryptocurrency
Akon, the Senglian-American musician is the latest name to join the cryptocurrency industry, focusing on Africa.

I'll admit, we laughed when Akon announced his cryptocurrency then did interviews with memorable quotes like "Nobody even knows what blockchain is".

But what was a rough idea at the start now has some industry experts involved, and an actual place to for the crypto-powered city to exist, as the President of Senegal hands over 2000 acres of land to build it on.

There is now both a company, and a foundation called Akoin, and he'll be working with Bancor's Galia Benartzi to issue the African-focused cryptocurrency. In addition to the residential city will be a industrial tech park in Kenya, "Mwale Medical and Technology City".

"Akoin will be the essential payment platform within the city for a wide range of city-related things, such as utilities. Eventually, they will compensate staff working the hospitals and markets Akoin. The legislature has asked that people move forward and not use physical cash across the country"  says Akoin co-founder and Southern California based music producer Jon Karas.

Based on the Stellar blockchain, within just a few months Akoin will aim to raise $6.75 million, selling the first 10% of the total token supply. There will be another 10% going to the founders and management, and another 5% set aside for consultants.

Lynn Liss, another Akoin co-founder cited the use of Dash in Venezuela as an example of what they aim to do with Akoin in Africa. 

However, some of criticized Dash's push into poverty stricken nations, claiming they're targeting the vulnerable and making promises they may not be able to fulfill long term.

However, there's signs at least for now, crypto is helping a lot of people living in countries with governments that cannot be trusted to be financially responsible. As national fiat currency becomes worthless due to inflation, OTC crypto markets like Paxful and LocalBitcoins in Latin America more than doubled in size over the past year to reach $44 million in volume.

It is not yet clear which cryptocurrencies will emerge as 'standard' in the 3rd world, which incorporates a variety of areas with a unique needs.

Where the Akion and Dash teams do agree - there's a huge opportunity in Africa, and both they and the population there could benefit.

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

TNC Coin Enters the Market with Massive Bullish Price Movement...

TNC Coin
TNC Coin (TNC) joined the cryptocurrency market with a blast. TNC initially listed on Hotbit, one of the leading exchanges in the industry and is now experiencing bullish price movement. After listing in Hotbit on April 2 8-29, 2020, TNC Coin experienced a massive price increase of more than 7500% for the TNC/BTC pair and more than 5000% for the TNC/ETH pair. TNC was featured in Hotbit’s Top Rising section because of this increase.

For typical listing events, crypto projects experience a drop in price as token holders sell their assets as soon as the listing commences. This may be because of the ICO and IEO listing process that crypto projects employ. As a result, massive price drops happen right after their project lists. However, as seen on Hotbit, this is not the case with TNC Coin. Instead of a price drop, the market showed a very promising bullish movement.

The TNC listing process is different from normal listing strategies based on ICOs or IEOs. This new way of listing is an integral part of the crypto merger system formulated by TNC IT Group where they merge companies through the world’s first massive Crypto M&A.

According to the TNC Coin team, this is only the beginning. TNC Coin is expected to list in 20 more top global crypto exchanges on May 1, 2020. The token is expected to have the same value in the next exchanges as the initial listing price in Hotbit. The TNC Coin team expects more bullish movements as the coin becomes available for trading in more exchanges and more users come in to trade TNC Coins.

TNC Coin dubs itself on its official website as “The Ultimate Blockchain for the Game Industry.” It was first advertised as a blockchain dedicated to the needs of game developers where they can create their own game currency with real crypto value. This way, users can earn crypto as they play. While this was the initial plan, the TNC vision is much greater. According to the TNC Coin CEO Mr. Jason Jang, the mainnet that the TNC team will develop is “beyond what is currently available in the blockchain and crypto market as of now.” The mainnet will be scalable and ready for expansion into other industries such as finance, logistics, real estate, and more industries. As the Crypto M&A project goes further, the mainnet will be targeting different industries based on the needs of merger companies.

To celebrate TNC’s success, the TNC Coin team is also giving away 10,000,000 TNC Coins to users who want to participate in their airdrop event. The team published this airdrop event through the token project’s official website:
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Amfeix Crypto Fund - GONE MISSING? ...What Now!?

Amfeix Review Photographed

We're hearing reports of Amfeix going MIA on people, not responding to e-mails, or users in their telegram support channel.

Like thousands of others, their 3+ year track record with 0 people saying they had problems withdrawing their Bitcoin, made it sound like a safe deal.  Their returns actually weren't insanely large, a good trader can actually make much more and assumed they had some running the fund.

Of course, not knowing the founders/employees names was always a bit of a red flag - at the same time, there's a huge list of advantages to not giving away that information. Not motivated to hide from user, but governments.

At the same time, we've been doing a deep dive in to an alternative where none of this issues are at play.

Unlike Amfeix - their company is completely in the open, we know their identities.

They're called 'Ember Fund' and they even filed with the SEC, and we verified it - see on the official .gov website here.

Calling themselves a 'cryptocurrency hedge fund' they have apps for both iPhone and Adroid you can use to track your account.

Most Importantly...

I think these 3 factors caught my attention most:

  • Their performance has been just as impressive as Amfeix, so even if everything turns out okay over there, i'd suggest switching for peace of mind.
  • They couldn't steal your funds if they wanted to - it's non-custodial.
  • Unlike the typical hedge fund limited to accredited investors (people earning over $1,000,000 per year) you can start with just $100.  (This is just 10% of what Amfeix cost to start) 

Click here and take a look at Ember Fund!

We're working on a more in-depth review, I wrote this up quickly for those starting to lose faith in Amfeix wondering where to go next.

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk | Amfeix Review