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AXEL® Brings Industry-leading Data Privacy and Security Capabilities to Theorem’s Innovative Legal Tech Marketplace with its Decentralized File-Sharing Application AXEL Go...

Axel Go

Las Vegas, Nevada, July 14, 2021 – AXEL, the software company focused on data custody, privacy and security solutions, is adding its AXEL Go secure file-sharing and storage application to Theorem, a groundbreaking legal technology marketplace that helps law firms and corporate legal departments around the world achieve workflow-driven tech adoption. Legal professionals on the Theorem platform can now use the AXEL Go application to add private and secure collaboration capabilities to their legal tech stack, during in-office, hybrid and remote work situations.


“Theorem is working toward the future of legal tech and we’re honored to join its ecosystem with our AXEL Go privacy and security solution,” says Ben Ow, President and CTO of AXEL. “In today’s changing work environment, law firms, in-house counsel and vendors need an affordable and effective way to protect their confidential and sensitive data.”


Theorem’s users can now access AXEL Go’s intuitive and innovative feature set when collecting, storing or sharing their files. The application’s blockchain technology, decentralized cloud and AES 256-bit encryption allows users to add barriers between sensitive files and unauthorized access. Like Theorem, AXEL Go can be used equally by law firms, corporate counsel and vendors, making it the most universal solution to store files securely or transfer confidential documents to colleagues, clients, as well as for personal use. There are no file size limits, which means that users have a scalable and convenient option to share any amount of data, safely and securely.  


"We are extremely excited to welcome AXEL to the Theorem network and enable greater access to next-generation technology focused on privacy and security," notes Joshua Maley, CEO and Co-Founder at Theorem. “Firms electing to use blockchain powered applications can show their commitment towards securing work product, while leveraging the most innovative solutions to better serve their clients."


Theorem brings law firms, in-house counsel and vendors together on its platform by providing access to new technologies and improved efficiencies. Advanced search mechanisms, enhanced profiling and comparison tools help firms to find the best software for their needs.


AXEL Go offers the best way to collect, store and share files securely. When files are shared, they are split into small “shards” and distributed to various servers closest to the recipient. This process, which uses the same encryption technology that government agencies and the military use to secure their most confidential files, significantly reduces the risk of a data breach. 



About AXEL

AXEL believes in a secure internet for everyone, and that private information is private property. That’s why AXEL will never sell your data to any third party. AXEL continues to expand its suite of affordable, patented technology solutions for businesses and individuals who want the benefits of the latest technology without sacrificing their data privacy and security. For more information, please visit AXEL and to sign up for a 14-day trial of AXEL Go Premium, please visit AXEL Go. Follow AXEL on DiscordTwitter, Telegram and LinkedIn.


About Theorem

Theorem LTS builds the legal tech platform that powers the adoption and integration of digital solutions for the legal industry. The Theorem platform combines an integrated marketplace for legal technology with a powerful workflow engine that serves up firm technology needs at the point of need, within their workflow–and helps law firms and legal departments discover, assess, adopt, track, connect and automate their legal technology stack. Theorem’s mission is to usher in a new era of legal solutions development and delivery using technology. To learn more, please visit Theorem.



John Svoboda


(702) 948-9970 ------

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Beyond Oil™ launches World's First Smart Contract Driven Eco-Friendly Oil Production...

Solar Oil Project Cryptocurrency

Beyond Oil™ has officially launched the Solar Oil Project - the blockchain powered platform that recycles abandoned wells to produce oil while eliminating a trillion dollar ecological nightmare.

What the Solar Oil Project does differently:

  • The project partners with local oil Operators and green equipment manufacturers.

  • Together, they identify old oil wells that typically produce less than 5 barrels of oil per day.

  • These wells often become serious ecological hazards when abandoned and leak toxins into the soil and water table. Current clean up costs for these wells is estimated to be over $500billion dollars in North America.

  • With this new technology, cost of production drops by as much as 50% and carbon footprint is reduced by over 90%.

  • Expected oil production from this method requires no new drilling, is solar powered, and vastly profitable with expected gross ROI of over 500% over its 10 year term.

The Triangle Operation

SOP is the initial Phase that is pioneered by The Beyond Oil Platform. The platform boosts and modernizes operational efficiencies in antiquated areas. As is with other industry players, SOP eliminates third-party interference allowing direct interaction between the Operators, Manufacturers, and installers. 

SOP connects Well owners, Consumers, and Equipment providers thereby forming a triangle form of partnership. It achieves this by incorporating the blockchain technology that operates on a peer-to-peer protocol. The good thing is that all participants are winners in that they all benefit.

See how the Solar Oil Project works behind the scenes to make the vision of Beyond Oil™ a reality: 

The “SOAX” Token - The Key To The Solar Oil Platform

This is the Key utility token to access SOP. It is a stake-able token that is run on Smart Contract protocol. The wonder token grants the users unlimited viewership of the available Oil Properties on the platform. After viewing, the user can decide to stake the token (SOAX) on the available properties. This triggers several activities in the business world. The Well owners and operators can maximize the staked amount to improve on the infrastructure and installing the latest modern oil extraction equipment and tools. The Oil that is produced is afterward credited to the Token holders who staked on the project or property.

Using The SOAX Token

The token can be purchased on the platform’s website via multiple payment options including other cryptocurrencies, tokens, and fiat options. Being a non-speculative utility token, it has a fixed value of $0.10 and only functions as the mechanism to allow participation in the oil well rehabilitation and subsequent oil production. 

Oil produced from these sites is then tokenized and rewarded to users in proportion of their SOAX token holdings. Solar Oil Production Token (SOPX) represents the oil production from the staked properties. This is a token whose value is linked to the Crude Oil Prices Globally and set at 60% of the WTI Crude Oil Price. If WTI retails at $50, the price of SOPX is $30. However, this is based on the redemption price that is offered by SOP and not the price within various exchanges. A barrel that is extracted from the SOP contracted properties, is equated to 1 SOPX. Each day, the oil production BPD or Barrels Per Day is recorded in the Solar Oil Platform translating into the generation of more SOPX Tokens according to individual Staking.

The difference between the SOAX, and SOPX, is that whereas, SOAX can only be purchased from SOP, SOPX Token may eventually be offered or traded on various open exchanges thereby becoming the only open decentralized token that is backed by actual commodity production.

Where Smart Contracts Come In

The smart contract checks each portfolio daily to assess the amount produced. The proceeds are then fed to the SOP network for validation. The expected oil production is measured with a metric called ‘BPM’ or ‘Barrels per Million SOAX Tokens’. The project expects this value to range between 1.5 to 3.5 BPM. This means for every 1,000,000 SOAX staked in the platform, the project expects to produce 1.5 to 3.5 barrels of oil per day. However, the amount is not constant and fluctuates often depending on various factors. The good thing is that the entire process is automated and requires no human intervention. For each barrel, 1 SOPX is created and credited to the stakeholder's account in proportion to the individual staked amount.

A token holder can sell or hold SOPX Token at the prevailing price and receive BTC or ETH Equivalent. After being sold this way, the tokens are either destroyed or burned to beat market inflation, manipulation, and saturation. 

They will be traded at SOP initially, however, with time, they will be able to be traded or exchanged in various exchanges or markets as crypto assets. That is how SOP intends to solve the challenges related to oil extraction and production of oil by making sure that every participant gains.

For more Information about SOP, kindly get in touch via or

About Beyond Oil™

Beyond Oil, led by Chief Strategy Officer Hitesh Juneja, aims to transition the energy sector from fossil fuels to more sustainable green energy overtime in a manner that is practical, and does not cause the economic or ecological harm that sudden and forced changes might cause. 

Company Address

Beyond Oil

17918 Blueridge Shores Dr.

Cypress, TX 77433

United States

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BitClout sees influx of high-profile users backed by all-star team of investors...

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been making headlines recently with million dollar art auctions, digital trading card sales, and celebrity offerings. Many not only expect this trend to continue, but to also expand into social media and online content creation. All eyes are now on BitClout, a crypto social network where users can buy and sell unique tokens based on people’s reputations.

Capitalizing on first mover advantage, BitClout pre-launched in March, setting Twitter abuzz when a slew of celebrities and influencers suddenly began tweeting about the hitherto unrevealed project. Early adopter high-profile users include Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian, Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya, celebrity Pamela Anderson and internet personality and influencer James Charles.

In addition to attracting high-profile individuals, it also is backed by an impressive lineup of premier investors including Silicon Valley royalty Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz. Crypto focused investors include Coinbase Ventures, Winklevoss Capital, Arrington Capital, Polychain, Pantera, Digital Currency Group (CoinDesk’s parent company), and Huobi. A Bitcoin wallet connected to BitClout has received more than $165 million worth of Bitcoin, suggesting the depth of backing behind the burgeoning crypto social network.

Why is there so much excitement about BitClout? Well, BitClout is essentially focused on letting users invest in people like they would companies. It aims to allow celebrities, content creators, and influencers to directly monetize their online reputation. In the app, unique “creator coins” are assigned to high-profile individuals which can be bought or sold. The value of any given creator coin will rise and fall depending on the popularity of the corresponding individual. Just like if you had invested in Apple 30 years ago, if you believe in a budding celebrity/creator/influencer, you can invest in them early and earn returns as the individual becomes more famous and the coins become more valuable. 

BitClout is attracting rising crypto personalities, online content creators, influencers, and savvy celebrities that wish to leverage their popularity on their own terms. Mario Nawfal, a serial entrepreneur turned crypto leader and business influencer, is the ideal demographic. A self-made millionaire through several global brands, he followed the crypto space personally, finally entering professionally in 2017 by establishing International Blockchain Consulting (IBC). As an influencer, he founded “The Roundtable,” the biggest Clubhouse room for business with over 10,000 listeners daily and the biggest space on Twitter.

Mario sees a bright future for BitClout. “Once again crypto is evolving a legacy system that was clunky. Advertising, number of views, donations, subscriptions, endorsements, these are all ways high-profile individuals and their fans/supporters interacted financially. With BitClout none of that is going away, but it can supplement or replace those mechanisms when necessary. For example, aspiring users can frictionlessly leverage their reputation, giving them more time to create compelling content or focus on whatever makes them valuable.” Mario is even more excited for fans and supporters because, “now they have a direct way to show their support and share in the high-profile individual's success.” 

Mario is so confident in the future of BitClout, with it’s bevy of tier-1 backers, that he’s going “all in.” He’s carving time out of his schedule and utilizing his growth agency to develop his BitClout account. Mario also says that interest from celebrities and influencers has been increasing. “It’s amazing. I’m finding more and more questions about what BitClout is and how one can get in on it. Not only am I launching myself on the platform, I’m assisting an increasing number of celebrities and influencers too.” 

However, as with all things in life, many cynics have offered their criticisms and doubts about BitClout. For example, let’s look at how BitClout launched with 15,000 of the most popular Twitter profiles without owner consent. Critics are also concerned that currently funds can be deposited into the platform, but not withdrawn. Mario sees problems like these as normal growing pains of any explosive startup. “The consent problem sounds bad until you realize that it's to protect high-profile users and user-investors from scammers that might try to impersonate a celebrity or influencer.”

About the second problem, Mario laughs. “This is pure FUD. Look at the backers. How can anyone be worried about the ability to withdraw funds when two of the most prominent crypto exchanges, Coinbase and Gemini’s Winklevoss twins, are investors?”

Despite the misgivings of some, Mario is certain that with people like himself and his growing list of clients onboard, BitClout will continue its early momentum on the path to viral adoption, eventually reaching critical mass. This is clearly an exciting new space that many are finding valuable and it appears inevitable that NFTs will only continue to play an important role in the online world.

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Daily Income, Regardless Of What The Crypto Market is Doing! The Solar Oil Project - World’s Largest Green Commodities Production...

Solar Oil Project Cryptocurrency Token

The headlines have been everywhere lately - just within the last week major news outlets have published claims like 'Cryptocurrency [mining] consumes more electricity than the entire annual energy consumption of the Netherlands' and 'Bitcoin has a carbon footprint comparable to that of New Zealand'.

While these claims go back years, Elon Musk recently tweeting that Tesla will suspend accepting Bitcoin payments because of environmental concerns brought these claims to the forefront.

Excluded from these reports are the strong arguments saying these claims are unfounded. Oddly, none of the reports attempt to answer the only question that matters - how much *additional* energy was generated because of crypto mining? Instead, they treat excess energy generated by power plants and used by miners as energy created for the miners - even though that energy was already created, and would have been wasted otherwise.

Unfortunately, the public was presented only one side of the story, and now many see cryptocurrency as harmful to the environment. 

But The Solar Oil Project represents a step in the right direction for energy production, helping to lower emissions and reduce environmental hazards - and it's all powered by crypto...

Beyond Oil™ is excited to announce the launch of a revolutionary tokenization platform – The Solar Oil Project.  

The technology platform aims to be the largest tokenized commodity production and exchange mechanism in the world. The platform supports local oil well operators to deploy innovative technology solutions that dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of oil production while recycling old oil wells that are abandoned or underutilized. 

This ‘oil well recycling’ program accomplishes multiple goals from an economic and environmental perspective:

  • Reduce cost of production and maintenance by almost 60% 

  • Greatly reduce carbon intensity of production (as much as 90%!)

  • Eliminate need for new oil well drilling

  • Recycle and rehab old oil wells

  • Eliminate eco-hazard of chemical leaks from abandoned oil wells

The Project uses the Blockchain network to distribute tokenized oil production via ERC-20 token rewards to the users. It uses one of the latest oil extraction technologies, the “Air Lift Technology” (ALT). The Innovation eliminates soil pollution and makes the entire process eco friendly. 

Solar Oil Platform is Already LIVE and Fully Functional!

The Trillion Dollar Problem...

In the Southern US alone, more than 100,000 Low-Volume Oil Wells are either abandoned or underutilized. These wells can quickly become an ecological hazard and cost close to a Trillion Dollars in clean up across North America. The current estimate for just the cleanup in the US state of Texas alone comes in at over $117 Billion USD. 

What SOP Intends to do differently...

SOP supplies Operators and Owners with the technology and the expertise to replace the old equipment with solar-powered pumps that are economically viable, efficient, and automated. With this, the wells are given a fresh breath of life into profitable production. This is particularly effective for the well sites that are older and have minimal profit margins with traditional technologies.

How the Process Works...

After review by members of the Solar Oil team, selected oil well sites are equipped with eco-friendly pneumatic pumps, solar panels (where applicable), air compressors, and remote monitoring capabilities. The combination of these technologies results in a modern production mechanism that brings these abandoned wells back into active production. 

Anyone Can Participate, And Enjoy The Rewards...

Perhaps the most attractive part of the project is how it encourages participation of all interested users. Anyone can create a free account on Solar Oil Project’s website ( and purchase the Solar Oil Access Token (SOAX). This non speculative utility token then gives the user access to the platform where they can assign the access tokens towards the work on selected oil well sites. The revenue generated from the token sales is used to then update the wells in the selected portfolios.

Because of this, the token does not meet requirements to be classified as a security, meaning US investors who typically cannot participate in the launch of new crypto-based projects are able to invest in Solar Oil.

In return, users who participate in this manner receive a portion of the oil production achieved in the form of the SOPX token – The Solar Oil Production token. SOPX distribution is in proportion to how many Access tokens a user assigned to the oil portfolio. The SOPX rewards may then be traded on the Commodity Exchange for other commodities, currencies, or crypto assets. 

This elegant solution allows for equitable rewards distribution for any users that help protect the environment while resulting in profitable energy resource production.

About Beyond Oil™

Beyond Oil, led by Chief Strategy Officer Hitesh Juneja, aims to transition the energy sector from fossil fuels to more sustainable green energy overtime in a manner that is practical, and does not cause the economic or ecological harm that sudden and forced changes might cause. 

To make this happen in a practical manner, Beyond Oil is broken up into three phases with Phase 1, being the Solar Oil Project - a rare and revolutionary application of technology to address one of the major ecological challenges of our time while providing oil commodity backed token rewards!

The goal in this phase is to attract a large number of participants through an attractive, profitable business model.

On Phase 2 – The Open Commodity Exchange:

The oil production from the Solar Oil Project is issued to the stakeholders in the form of the ERC-20 token - SOPX (Solar Oil Production). 

The SOPX is pegged to the global WTi spot price and is immediately liquidable through the Solar Oil Commodity exchange to a host of other assets such as Gold, Silver, Natural Gas, as well as tens of equities and cryptocurrencies. This represents the first major blockchain development allowing for open exchange between true commodity-backed crypto-assets and other fiat-based assets.  

The goal of this phase is to establish a robust financial ecosystem that new disruptive technologies can be onboarded into. 

On Phase 3 – We are focusing on Emerging Disruptive Technologies:

  • Hemp-bioplastic replacement

  • Hydrogen based transport

  • Microbial Fuel cells

And additional emerging technologies that do not have established profitable business models will be guided to maturity during this phase. 

For more Information about SOP, kindly get in touch via or

Company Address

Beyond Oil

17918 Blueridge Shores Dr.

Cypress, TX 77433

United States ------
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Two Trading Methods to be Available in Asia Broadband’s Upcoming Proprietary Crypto Exchange...

AABB Cryptocurrency
LAS VEGAS, June 1, 2021 [Crypto Press Association] Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB) (“AABB”) is pleased to announce two unique trading methods that are expected to be launched in September 2021. Known as Quick Exchange and Advanced Exchange, these will be available in AABB’s proprietary cryptocurrency exchange.

Upon the launch of the digital exchange, the two trading methods will be available to users.

  • The Quick Exchange will allow for the rapid trade of one currency for another at the best offered price. 

  • Advanced Exchange will allow the user to manually set buy/sell orders at the price they are looking for.

To ensure the liquidity of the exchange, AABB is working to provide instant transactions within the platform. Fast transactions improve liquidity and make it possible to buy a token or coin at a desired price, without having to wait. A very illiquid market can allow one large entity, or a group of entities, to manipulate the price to their advantage. High liquidity, on the other hand, means low price manipulation and more accurate crypto prices. 

Special attention is being given to cryptocurrency regulations imposed by authorities in North America and Europe. To be in compliance with these regulations, and simplify the process for users, AABB is further optimizing the KYC/AML platform. The upgraded AABB Wallet will allow users to upload information in a more user-friendly manner. It will also automatically report information to the necessary authorities upon request or when a user goes against the local PCMLTFA guidelines. The blockchain foundation is also being enhanced to ensure faster transfers and transaction reports.

The AABB cryptocurrency exchange will also have at least 20 trading pairs; with the main trading currencies also being paired with AABB Gold (AABBG) token. With the rise of gold, and the slow descent of Bitcoin, AABBG has become a promising currency. As gold slowly increases in price, so does AABBG, making it ideal for storing investments and making sale or purchase-related transactions.

Further partnership between Core State Holdings, Corp. and Asia Broadband, Inc. will allow AABB to create a next-level modular Digital Assets Exchange. It will be capable of implementing various modules, including broker modules, functionality allowing for the issuance of crypto-secured loans, a credit/gift card module, and a module that connects retail chains.

In other company news, AABB will be releasing a progress update of the company’s proprietary cryptocurrency exchange version of the AABB Wallet. This has been under development with Core State Holdings, Corp. since the recent launch of the AABBG gold-backed token. After completion in the coming months, the exchange will allow AABB Wallet users to quickly exchange their AABB Gold tokens for major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. The proprietary exchange will also add to transaction fee revenues and allow for the price appreciation of AABBG, which is influenced by market demand and the limited supply of tokens released into circulation.

About Asia Broadband

Asia Broadband, Inc. (OTC: AABB) is a resource company focused on the production, supply, and sale of precious and base metals. Primarily working in Asian markets, the company utilizes its specific geographic expertise, experience, and extensive industry contacts to facilitate innovative distribution processes from the production and supply of precious and base metals in Mexico to client sales networks in Asia. 

This vertical-integration approach to sales transactions is the unique strength of AABB. This differentiates the company and creates distinctive value for shareholders. AABB has recently released its freshly-minted mine-to-token gold-backed cryptocurrency AABB Gold token (AABBG) and is working to become a worldwide standard of exchange, one that is secured and trusted with gold backing. This will be an outstanding quality relative to other cryptocurrencies.

Contact the Company at: General Email:
Token support:  Company Website:  Token Website:
Phone: 702-866-9054  ------
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SokuSwap selects BSCstarter to Host IDO of SOKU Tokens...

Game Changer DEX Launching IDO on BSCstarter on May 28

Soku Swap, a fully decentralized exchange, will be launching its IDO on BSCstarter on May 28, 2021, the first community-led fundraising platform. The launch will enable the DEX to unlock a new business model for its native token SOKU on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

Deployed on Ethereum and BSC networks, Soku Swap is a decentralized exchange that uses an automated market maker (AMM) to create liquidity pools of both BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens. In addition, its native SOKU token allows holders to vote on changes or upcoming upgrades within its ecosystem. The platform will shortly launch SOKU tokens through an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) on BSCstarter's launchpad.

BSCstarter is one of the most active community-oriented token presale platforms for Binance Smart Chain tokens. Therefore, it presents an ideal way to raise capital for projects without strict KYC/AML rules. Besides, the BSC-tied ecosystem of BSCstarter makes it a viable option since Binance Smart Chain is currently the most used network in the blockchain space. Furthermore, by choosing the BSCstarter for the IDO launch, Soku Swap intends to benefit its traders and investors with one of the most advanced launchpads available.

About Soku Swap

Soku Swap is a decentralized exchange and a fork of Uniswap and PancakeSwap that lives on Ethereum Network and the Binance Smart Chain. It allows direct peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions to take place online, securely, and without the need for an intermediary. The exchange focuses on education and customer support while also rewarding users who stake LP tokens on the farm and make at least three trades a week with SOKU tokens.

About BSCstarter

BSCstarter, the first community-driven launchpad for Binance Smart Chain (BSC), providing projects access to funding opportunities without the hassle of bureaucratic hurdles, complex KYC requirements, and a manual selection process. BSCstarter's solution allows the community to determine which projects to list using collective due diligence and DYOR skills. BSCstarter provides a decentralized fundraising platform as meant to be: community-driven, open, and free with equal opportunity for all, ultimately empowering investors to filter through the messy landscape where rug pulls overshadow the potential of BSC's growing ecosystem.


For more information about Soku Swap, please visit its website at or email Rafael Alcaraz, Ph.D., (Global CMO) at or Sammy Arora (Marketing Head) at

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