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How Bitcoin Mines Were Airlifted From China to the US Following China's Ban On Crypto...

The Chinese government has been attempting to eradicate cryptocurrencies in the country for quite some time, with varied degrees of success.

In 2021, restrictions on mining eventually drove firms out of the country, relocating to nations such as Kazakhstan, who have more favorable policies toward cryptocurrency mining. A number of towns around the United States have welcomed them, with both support and condemnation coming from residents 

Video Courtesy of Motherboard / Cryptoland 

China MOCKED On Twitter For Announcing They're Banning Crypto... For The 7th Time Since 2013!

China Bans Crypto

Bitcoin was banned in China today - this followed the previous ban, which was enacted following the ban before that - which came after the first still-active ban.

Yes - the truth is that ridiculous.

To People New To Crypto "China Bans Crypto" Sounds Like An Important Story - But, It Isn't...

Every few months, China bans crypto. They've been doing it for years.

Not only is it a non-story because nothing changes fundamentally, but China has been announcing crypto bans for so long we have historical data to prove that Bitcoin's value passes every price-point they made these announcements at - a predicion we can believe will happen again, as it has been tested and re-tested several times over.

Actually, China does this so often, crypto-twitter waits on standby with memes ready for the occasion.  Let's let them sum up the situation...

China bitcoin meme

china bitcoin ban meme

china crypto meme

china bitcoin ban

Those were a few favorites, and on a day when you've watched a chunk of your portfolio's value disappear for such a ridiculous reason - all you can do is laugh and remember: it's always recovered!

Looking forward to seeing what memes people come up with next time - which unfortunately, we all know is coming. 

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

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