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Cardano Devlopers Want It To Be EASY To Discover QUALITY dApps - Like It Is On Android and iPhone...

Cardano dapp store

One of the companies behind the development of Cardano, IOHK, is planning to introduce a 'dApp Store'( decentralized application store) for apps powered by Cardano smart contracts. 

Beyond showing users the different applications available on the blockchain, IOHK also plans to create a certification program for dapps on the network so that users can have some level of quality assurance, and include user reviews for each dApp as well.

Current dApp Listing Platforms Are Littered With Low Quality Projects...

One of the largest issues with decentralized apps today is the general public’s inability to find them and easily determine their quality.

"Any new application ecosystem presents an enticing smorgasbord of exploration. Equally, an emergent ecosystem faces two key challenges at the beginning: discovery and quality assurance. Users need to be able to find the products they want to engage with, and do so with the reassurance of a certain baseline level of quality" the company said in an announcement on their site.

On the Cardano reddit the announcement initially sparked concerns of centralization -  so it's important to note that no one can control what smart contracts are deployed on Cardano, or any other open blockchain. No dApp developer will be required to list their app here either.

The dApp Store will simply be a listing of dApps that first had to qualify  with an application process to qualify, along with ratings and reviews from the community. 

Which is why a portal featuring only vetted and trustworthy dApps that meet some minimum quality requirements could be a success, as the current top platforms for dApps developers to list their project on also include 'high risk' investment apps, and all kinds of other poorly made ones.

Having one place where every app you see is safe to try could help speed up ADA's adoption once smart contracts go live and open for anyone to create their own. 

Author: Ross Davis 
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM
San Francisco Newsroom / Breaking Crypto News