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Crypto Scam Whistleblower's KIDNAPPING Caught On Video?!

The exchange was called Bitsonar, and was registered in Estonia, at least publicly. But once it shut down and seemingly disappeared with users funds - a whistleblower came out claiming Ukrainian government official Alexander Tovstenko was the actual owner.

In that interview with Russian crypto news site 'Forklog' he called out Tovstenko for committing an exit scam when earlier this month on Aug 6th users became unable to access their accounts.

He claims there was a total of 2.5 million in the exchanges wallets at the time, and then proceeded to doxx the supposed founder, releasing his email, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and cell phone number.

Originally the whistleblower used the alias 'Jan Novak' but then his real identity was exposed as Yaroslav Shtadchenko - an employee of Bitsonar.

Which confirms this was someone on the inside, and their information was likely true.
Then breaking tonight, a video was posted and media contacted anonymously saying the video shows whistleblower Shtadchenko being kidnapped at 11pm locally, as he was returning from work.

Video shows someone being forced into a van.

The whistleblower's allies warns the kidnappers that even before this, the FBI had been contacted as US investors are included among the victims.

They say if Shtadchenko is returned unharmed a peaceful resolution can still be met.

*This story is breaking and updates will be added here as they come in.*

Mark Pippen
London Newsroom / Global Crypto Press News