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Amfeix: The Crypto Fund That NEVER Loses, Profits Through EVERY Crash for YEARS - Reviewed...

Amfeix Review Photographed
Our Amfeix review is finally here, and as promised - we're spilling the beans.

Today we're going to share where the pro's have been keeping their crypto for the last couple years.   It's a fully managed fund call Amfeix, where the best traders have pooled together to bring in profits month after month, managing to avoid taking a loss in every market condition.

The Proof Is On The Record...

This is real 'smart trading' in action, not just using that term as a marketing ploy.

So, is Amfeix legit? Reviewing performance for the entire previous year, we can see for all of 2019 Amfeix never had a losing month...

Jan +29.56%
Feb +29.59%
Mar +18.02%
Apr +19.53%
May +13.73%
Jun +20.34%
Jul +10.95%
Aug +10.21%
Sep +9.80%
Oct +13.74%
Nov +8.80%
Dec +5.14%

For a year end total of 189.41% gains for everyone!

This year so far...

Yep, they're keeping it up in 2020 - the 'worst' month so far this year was +7.6% which is a bit surreal to even say.  Their 'worst' month shows gains most investors would be happy to have as their result for an entire year.

Photo of Amfeix Getting A Review

They also boast a 5 star Trust Pilot rating, with 58 people voting!

The Most Impressive Part - They Profit, While Everyone Else Loses...

Let's compare their performance VS the market's natural movement (what would have happened if you just HODLed).

Using March 2020 as an example, simply holding your Bitcoin would have ended with you at a loss of -23.92%

But those who kept their Bitcoin with Amfeix ended the month with a nice profit of +12.55% - you just can't downplay how impressive this is!

And forget comparing them to the stock market.  The S&P 500 posted -12.43% losses while they made their March 12.55% gain.

Why We're Sharing This Now...

It's time to stop messing around.

The minimum amount to start is 0.1BTC - this is the reason we're publishing this now, because this is just $750 (when writing this).

When I first discovered them, it was nearly double this! The current low price of BTC is giving the average trader a very short window of time to get in, or possibly be priced out forever.

I can't imagine this still not being clear to anyone - get on Amfeix now!

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk | Amfeix Review