Amfeix Crypto Fund - GONE MISSING? ...What Now!?

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Amfeix Review Photographed

We're hearing reports of Amfeix going MIA on people, not responding to e-mails, or users in their telegram support channel.

Like thousands of others, their 3+ year track record with 0 people saying they had problems withdrawing their Bitcoin, made it sound like a safe deal.  Their returns actually weren't insanely large, a good trader can actually make much more and assumed they had some running the fund.

Of course, not knowing the founders/employees names was always a bit of a red flag - at the same time, there's a huge list of advantages to not giving away that information. Not motivated to hide from user, but governments.

At the same time, we've been doing a deep dive in to an alternative where none of this issues are at play.

Unlike Amfeix - their company is completely in the open, we know their identities.

They're called 'Ember Fund' and they even filed with the SEC, and we verified it - see on the official .gov website here.

Calling themselves a 'cryptocurrency hedge fund' they have apps for both iPhone and Adroid you can use to track your account.

Most Importantly...

I think these 3 factors caught my attention most:

  • Their performance has been just as impressive as Amfeix, so even if everything turns out okay over there, i'd suggest switching for peace of mind.
  • They couldn't steal your funds if they wanted to - it's non-custodial.
  • Unlike the typical hedge fund limited to accredited investors (people earning over $1,000,000 per year) you can start with just $100.  (This is just 10% of what Amfeix cost to start) 

Click here and take a look at Ember Fund!

We're working on a more in-depth review, I wrote this up quickly for those starting to lose faith in Amfeix wondering where to go next.

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk | Amfeix Review

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