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China's Role In Crypto Mining 'Blood Coins' A Growing Problem, Says Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary...

Shark Tank Investor and Chairman of O'Shares ETF Kevin O'Leary believes China's role in mining Bitcoin is an issue that will continue to grow.  Citing the country's poor human rights record, he cites estimated if 60% of mined bitcoins coming from China and labels them 'Blood coins' (similar to African 'Blood Diamonds' mined in the middle of violent conflict).

O'Leary says China's dominance in the Bitcoin mining space must be overthrown, and easily could be...

Video courtesy of Yahoo Finance

Two 'Sharks' Together - Kevin O'Leary and Mark Cuban Talk Blockchain, Crypto, and More...

Mark Cuban is the guest on Kevin O'Leary's new YouTube interview series where they discuss the value of blockchain as a technology. 

Cuban says it could greatly reduce corporate fraud in the future and believes Enron's fraudulent bookkeeping would not have been possible if they were using blockchain technology and a distributed ledger.

Additional note: Why did Kevin O'Leary LIE?
Maybe he isn't so 'wonderful' - past interviews show him claiming he first bought Bitcoin in 2013, then years later acting like he has no idea what this crypto stuff is. Check out this video.