Ethereum hits new all time high! Here's the 3 reasons why...

Ethereum hit an all time high today breaking the $480 mark shortly before publication time of this article.

So - what made this happen? It's a combination of 3 reasons...

1.  Mike Novogratz's prediction of Ethereum hitting "close to $500" before years end.  Mike is a Wall Street guy, and one who did quite well there.  Because of this, some big money investors really listen when he speaks.  When he made this prediction Ethereum was around $380, so many listening thought they still had time to get in, and did.

2. Ethereum is getting a major upgrade soon the CASPER upgrade hits the Ethereum network.  There's no way to really summarize all that this means, but it's a big deal. Another writer from our organization spoke about it yesterday here.

3. South Korea - the current Ethereum hype hit South Korea in a big way, trading volume from that nation's exchanges broke $2 Billion in the last 24hrs!

Many are predicting this rally to be the one to break the $500 mark. We'll be watching!

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk