There's something seriously wrong with anyone helping North Korea get more involved in crypto...

North Korea has been accused of everything from "state sponsored hacks" of cryprocurrency wallets, to mining bitcoin to get around sanctions that restrict many nations from doing business with the regime.

Now the intelligence firm Recorded Future is reporting they're stepping up efforts within North Korea's college for the elite class of their society.

Pyongyang University, the same school that received blame for training North Korean hackers is allegedly now offing courses all about cryptocurrency.

They're even flying out experts to make guest presentations to the class members.

The founder of an Italian company called "Chainside" which says they provide an "easy-to-use solution to start accepting bitcoins in a snap" Federico Tenga, was recently one of those guests.

Why would anyone part of the legitimate side of the cryptocurrency world want to help a rogue nation, certainly not interested in doing anything positive, to learn more?

Federico Tenga took to twitter just hours ago and posted a tweet full of shocking ignorance, following VICE News mentioning his visit.

Seemingly unaware that nothing in North Korea, especially the University in it's capitol, isn't planned by the central government.

Governments have, and will continue to point at North Korea's invovment in cryptocurrencies as a reason for massive government regulations, or in worse case scenarios, outright bans.

Which makes it even more shocking and disappointing, is that anyone would be offering them help.

*UPDATE* this article sparked a debate between Federico and myself on twitter here.
Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk