We're on the verge of Ethereum's biggest update - CASPER may be ahead of schedule!

Speaking with someone close to the project (not a full 'inside source' but someone who does speak to them semi-regularly) word is the CASPER Ethereum network update is coming along very smoothly.

Originally set for early 2018, the friendly ghost may pop up and surprise us before the end of the year.

Code was released by Ethereum's developer Vlad Zamfir on Tuesday of this week, and it appears to already have evolved from what Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin presented at Devcon just weeks earlier.

CASPER is expected to make drastic changes to the Ethereum network, and will reduce the role of miners drastically - well, eventally, pretty much completely.

In cryptocurrency mining communities the top question being asked is now - what coin should I switch the rig over to once CASPER goes live?

But for the Ethereum user, CASPER's upgrade and the switch to a POS (Proof of stake) based algorithm means increased security, reduced threat of centralization, and is greatly more energy efficient.

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk