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Cryptocurrency a "Significant Part" Of Walmart's Future Vision, says Company Chief Technology Officer...

Walmart and crypto

The Global Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer of Walmart, Suresh Kumar says crypto will play an integral payment role for the company, as they and others enter the metaverse. Kumar discussed the role of crypto in Walmart’s future:

With the emerging technology, Kumar aims to make payment options friction-free for customers who want to transact. Kumar believes that the payments disruptions will begin in terms of different payment methods and different payment options.

"Crypto will continue to play a significant role in that. And obviously, we want to be there where the customer really needs us to be. So whether it is physical or virtual goods, it plays a part in what the customer wants." says Kumar.

The CTO also noted that a large number of customers will be approached through the Metaverse and other live streams on social media apps, and that crypto could be an important payment option in such areas.

Retail in the metaverse...

Last month, Walmart made its debut on Roblox Worlds as a testing ground for the metaverse. Walmart created “Walmart Land” and “Walmart’s Universe of Play” within Roblox.

Earlier this year, Walmart took a leap into blockchain technology to create an automated process for handling invoices and payments of its 70 third-party freight carriers. By using blockchain, Walmart has eliminated its issues of incompatible enterprise systems by replacing them with a shared single source of credible information for Walmart and its carriers.

Author: Oliver Redding
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