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Inside Twitter Project Code Named "Bluesky" - Building A Blockchain Where Content Will "exist forever"...

Twitter blockchain

For years, the Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter has praised Bitcoin and blockchain technology. On several occasions when speaking about the topics of crypto and blockchain he has shared his thoughts on some of the potential upsides of bringing blockchain technology to Twitter .

Now we have learned it's not just a dream, it's actually in the works right now.

The project is known internally at Twitter as "Bluesky"...

They're keeping it all within the doors of Twitter, using their developers and financing. The team has one goal - developing a new decentralized standard for social networks. The intention is to create a protocol that the social network runs on, and have it be completely decentralized. 

On this decentralized protocol Twitter would simply run as a client, so that users "have a wider conversation, that anyone has access and anyone can contribute."

For the entrepreneur, Twitter is no longer in the business of hosting content (tweets) or images. Dorsey points to a new way of sharing information through blockchains where content "exists forever" and will exist on every node that is connected to the network.

Dorsey is convinced that Twitter would improve in various aspects, including security, if it operates under a decentralized protocol. Dorsey referred to the fact that this type of distributed systems can be useful when it comes to combating threats on the platform , improving the identification of users and that the participants contribute to a public blockchain.

"If we are able to do that it would be something really powerful, something that responds to the power and original intention of what the Internet could be" he said.

After Stepping Up Censorship, Could Twitter REALLY Give That Power Away? 

Content on the blockchain cannot be changed, deleted, censored. But Twitter and other Silicon Valley tech giants have spent the last 3 years censoring more than ever. 

While guidelines felt fairly clear a few years ago, we've now seen Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube delete accounts that simply expressed political views different from the typical Bay Area tech worker.

Could a company like Twitter really handle a disruption so large where the staff would be rendered powerless to remove content deemed 'offensive'.

There's also a large segment of the users who feel the site is 'on their side' and are quick to report even a slightly rude response to a tweet as 'hate speech' and successfully getting accounts deleted or warned.  These people will not respond kindly to being told 'there's nothing we can do'. 

Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk

HBO's Silicon Valley UN-AIRED clip: Gilfoyle's pro-crypto rant on Bloomberg TV...

In this un-aired video clip (below) Gilfoyle goes off on the advantages of cryptocurrency! Must say - he nailed it!

Silicon Valley on HBO - looks like Pied Piper is launching an ICO...

In previews for next week's episode of the hit show "Silicon Valley" on HBO, "Pied Piper" genius/narcissist coder Gilfoyle has a suggestion as an alternative method for the company to get funding, rather than a standard Series B round of investments - he suggests the company create a coin!

The TV series (which is a must watch here inside the real Silicon Valley) has gained its loyal following by being on top of, and including emerging tech in the show.   They've mentioned Bitcoin and blockchain throughout, Ethereum once, and even they even slipped Coinbase's logo into the intro.

The episode airs next Sunday on HBO.
Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk