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U.S Based E-Commerce Company INC Reveals CEO...

Buyaladdin ABBC Coin News
The nascent global e-commerce company, INC. proudly appoints one of its key people.

Stanley Park who participated in Buyaladdin application development will be entrusted as the Buyaladdin CEO. Together with a fellow American corporate leader on the executive board, Buyaladdin CEO Stanley will manage the global operations of, INC. He has previously led the public live demonstration of Buyaladdin’s application at the Rockefeller Center in New York City last July 16, 2019.

Buyaladdin intends to be the first multi-payment online retailer that would give opportunities to customers across borders with a variety of merchandise and opens up a more secure and accessible means of payment method — cryptocurrency. More than 100 online shopping malls will be integrated within the Buyaladdin application once it is launched. Major e-commerce brands like Amazon, Rakuten, Lazada, and eBay will be a part of the one-stop online shopping marketplace.

Targeting 100 million users, Buyaladdin designed its application to be simple, user-friendly, and efficient. The main features of the Buyaladdin application include price comparison from one shop to another, location-sensitive online retailer recommendations, quick join function to easily sign up for an account on any integrated online retailers, and the fiat-to-crypto mileage points system. Upon checkout, shoppers can choose to pay with their Bitcoin, Ethereum, or ABBC Coin.

Shoppers can conveniently purchase goods from the Buyaladdin app using their crypto and fiat currencies. Buyaladdin users can purchase in-app mileage points and convert these to crypto, specifically ABBC Coin. In this context, 100 mileage points are equivalent to 1 ABBC. ABBC Coin consumers will then get exclusive benefits to make their shopping experience more enhanced and delightful.

Buyaladdin will serve as a safe payment gateway with 50% of ABBC Coin’s total supply — amounting to 500 million — obtainable within the app. The ABBC Coin circulating supply within the application is not subject to trading or withdrawal. It will be strictly allotted as payment for all online purchases that will be conducted within the Buyaladdin app. With this approach, users will be able to use ABBC Coin in their daily life; bringing better value to ABBC Coin.

Excluded to the circulating supply available on digital asset exchanges, ABBC Foundation will conform to the rest of ABBC Coin’s total supply by leveraging the capability of its Generation 2 Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) powered blockchain in performing the staking process.

Registered and licensed in Delaware, USA, Buyaladdin recently established strategic partnerships with Edison Nation and Overstock.

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ABBC Foundation Files Case Against Turkish Crypto Exchange Sistemkoin...

In line with the hacking incident and delisting of ABBC Coin on the Sistemkoin exchange, ABBC Foundation is now taking legal action against the Turkey-based digital asset exchange.

In September 2018, ABBC Coin was listed on Sistemkoin. According to the ABBC team, a few months after, a user has informed them via email that he could not withdraw his ABBC Coins on the said exchange.

Sistemkoin claimed that ABBC Coins within their exchange were hacked. They demanded that ABBC must deposit the equal amount of ABBC Coins that have been stolen to resume ABBC Coin activities on the exchange.

As the ABBC team seeks to fix this issue as soon as possible, they have tried to be in touch with Sistemkoin’s team to resolve any loss of assets on the user’s side. Apparently, Sistemkoin did not take any responsibility for the incident and proceeded to delist ABBC Coin last December 2018 on their platform without any notice to the ABBC team.

Furthermore, one of ABBC’s senior managers has also experienced an anomaly with Sistemkoin. He decided to withdraw his funds worth 550 Ether and transfer it to another wallet address. Sistemkoin approved his withdrawal request but the funds were sent to a different wallet address. The manager reportedly contacted the COO, CEO, and Telegram support of Sistemkoin but there were no proper replies given. On the contrary, he got blocked on their system. 

From the delisting date until the present, numerous complaints have been received by the ABBC support team. On the other hand, the Sistemkoin’s support channel is giving invalid answers that only aim to delay any response to the abovementioned issues.

Due to Sistemkoin’s inability to take any measures to mitigate the losses of users and instead kept on pinning the blame on the ABBC Foundation, a case against Sistemkoin has now been filed.

According to ABBC CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip, the team cannot tolerate the situation any longer and they want Sistemkoin to be accountable for any errors committed under their jurisdiction. “We want to protect our users and alert the rest of the crypto community of the irregularities that have been happening on Sistemkoin’s operations.”

ABBC can be traded with more than 30 trading pairs, available in over 20 leading exchanges including BitMart, DragonEX, Bithumb Global, BitForex, and Coinall.

Visit ABBC At

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Buyaladdin Joins Overstock’s Affiliate Program Connecting Asia-Pacific-Based Consumers with Millions of Products Online...

Buyaladdin and Overstock
Wilmington, Del. USA, November 26, 2019 --, Inc. announced today that it has joined the Affiliate Program of online retail leader Buyaladdin will now have access to Overstock’s large assortment of new home goods products at low prices, including furniture, décor, rugs, bedding, home improvement, and more. Buyaladdin plans to launch this initiative in the first quarter of 2020.

tZERO, the global leader in blockchain innovation for capital markets, provided business and technology consulting services to the ABBC Foundation to assist the company in joining Overstock’s affiliate partner program.

“We are thrilled to join Overstock’s affiliate program to expose the Asian consumer market to products from one of the largest online retailers in the U.S. We believe that online shoppers in Asia who want control of how they purchase goods will be excited to access Overstock’s wide variety of products via Buyaladdin” said Geun-Woo Lee, CSO of “We are excited to take the first steps in collaborating with Overstock and tZERO and hope to partner with them on future strategic opportunities in the digital assets space.” he added. “We are glad to welcome Buyaladdin and its potential customer base to our affiliate program as a new global partner,” said Ryan Sorensen, Director of Affiliate Partnerships at Overstock, he continued “Buyaladdin is a big player in the Asian market,” said Saum Noursalehi, CEO of tZERO. “We look forward to exploring potential capital markets opportunities with Buyaladdin in the region.”

About Buyaladdin, Inc., headquartered in Delaware, USA with R&D and Service Center located in Dubai, UAE, is the first ever multi-payment shopping service system in the world. The payment system features on absolute freedom brought to global buyers in choosing method of payments among fiat currency, credit card and crypto-currency.

To learn more about the Buyaladdin e-commerce platform, please visit

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Buyaladdin Partners with Edison Nation...

Buyaladdin, the crypto e-commerce platform, announces a newly-forged partnership with Edison Nation. The main goal of Edison Nation is to connect innovators with companies to bring new products to the market, as stated on their website. Their goals are in line with what Buyaladdin is trying to achieve.

Buyaladdin is the first-ever multi-payment shopping service system in the world. The payment system enables users to have more options when picking their method of payment when purchasing online products. They have the freedom to use either of the following—fiat currency, credit cards, and crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ABBC Coin.

Edison Nation, on the other hand, is an inventor ecosystem. The company's main aim is  creating new and innovative consumer products. Their business consists of innovation sourcing, design, sales, fulfillment, and shipping services. The business model is to source innovative ideas for internal launch or license these ideas to their brand partners. This is something that Buyaladdin aims to capitalize on. This partnership can generate ideas and new possibilities to enhance Buyaladdin’s ecosystem and status.

According to Buyaladdin CSO, Geun-Woo Lee, “Buyaladdin is an ideal partner to support Edison Nation’s DTC foray into Asia, because we’re the first and only online shopping platform to accept crypto as a payment method.” He also mentions that they are very excited about this partnership. “We’re excited to add Edison Nation’s products to our growing global marketplace. Not only are our shoppers going to love Edison Nation’s clever, fun and sometimes quirky products, they’re going to be ecstatic that for the first time they can purchase them using crypto,” he says.

According to a recently published article on Business Wire, Edison Nation partnered with Buyaladdin to extend its direct-to-consumer reach into Asia. Buyaladdin is an emerging e- commerce player that has integrated with more than 100 major retailers worldwide—including Amazon, eBay, Coupang, Rakuten, Allegro and Lazada—to offer a wide variety of high-quality products. By partnering with Edison Nation, Buyaladdin brings its first community of innovators and their exciting products into its marketplace.

About Edison Nation, Inc.

Edison Nation, Inc. (EDNT), is an inventor ecosystem driving IP, media and innovative consumer products. Edison Nation offers innovation sourcing, design, sales, fulfillment and
shipping services. Edison Nation's model is to source innovative ideas for internal launch or license to brand partners. Throughout 2019 and beyond, Edison Nation looks to establish prominence in the media space through its television show “Everyday Edisons” and additional properties. For more information, please visit

About Buyaladdin, Inc., headquartered in Delaware, USA, with R&D and Service Centers located in Dubai, UAE, is the first-ever multi-payment shopping service system in the world. The payment system allows global buyers absolute freedom in choosing their method of payment among fiat currency, credit cards and crypto-currency.

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Buyaladdin Acquires US License, Grand Opening Soon...

Long since the live demonstration of Buyaladdin in New York on July 16, 2019, there has been massive media coverage and buildup surrounding the new crypto shopping platform. Finalizing the last stage before its grand opening, Buyaladdin has received its operating license in the United States. This was part of the operation as we continue to conduct our beta tests. The team of developers had completed Buyaladdin’s alpha tests at the end of August and have ongoing beta tests of the application through the whole month of September.

Buyaladdin integrated more than 50 major retailers worldwide to offer customers an extensive variety of high-quality products. Some of these shopping malls include Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Coupang, and Lazada. Buyaladdin will also be able to support a variety of cryptocurrencies on its payment system including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ABBC Coin

Another unique feature of Buyaladdin is the customers’ ability to send user recommendations based on their location. This would assure that users will be updated on the most popular items in their region. Users can also save items for future purchases in their ‘wishlist’ and complete an instant membership in any retailers through the ‘quick join’ in-app feature.

Buyaladdin is set to start off with around 100 million users, and that number is predicted to balloon in no time. The project will grow by accumulating more crypto-asset holders and targeting the billions of people who cannot access or benefit from the existing financial system. Using the Buyaladdin platform doesn’t require you to have a bank account; all you would need is a crypto wallet. More developments within the project are expected to take place in the future as ABBC continues with its plan of revolutionizing the e-commerce sector.

Aside from the crypto payment system, Buyaladdin also has an in-app mileage feature. Users who will purchase items on the app through fiat payment methods can gain mileage points which they can redeem for various in-app perks. This fiat mileage feature makes Buyaladdin suitable for all types of customers: both crypto and non-crypto shoppers globally.

Once all preparations are completed and the beta testing concluded, the Buyaladdin platform will be available to the public in November 2019. Users will then be able to make online purchases among famous shopping malls all around the world through Buyaladdin. Users will have the exclusive privilege of purchasing their products using cryptocurrency. This is the latest edition of ABBC’s plan to reshape and revolutionize the e-commerce industry by trailblazing the idea of cryptocurrency being integrated into its payment system

The ABBC team, together with its global partners and well-experienced developers, have worked tirelessly to develop this platform that will connect the world of cryptocurrency and e-commerce. All supporters and followers are appreciated for continuous support as ABBC aims to deliver ambitious projects.

Keep an eye out for additional shopping features and shopping mall options that will be integrated into the Buyaladdin platform.


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ABBC’s Crypto-Shopping Platform Set to Launch in New York...

ABBC Foundation is all set and ready to launch its very own crypto-based online platform, Buyaladdin. The event launch will be held at the Rockefeller Center in New York on July 16, 2019, and is expected to be attended by industry influencers, personalities, and investment bank representatives, among others.

Buyaladdin is developed to be a premier one-stop global marketplace where customers can conveniently shop online and securely spend their cryptocurrency.

Buyaladdin aims to provide customers a seamless online shopping experience using their crypto assets. The Buyaladdin marketplace has integrated over 50 big names among the e-Commerce industry giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, Rakuten, Taobao, Lazada, and Coupang. This empowers Buyaladdin to offer a wide range of merchandise options to its customers.

According to the schedule, the application’s alpha testing will finish by the end of August. Closely following is the release of the application’s beta version on September 1. ABBC aims to provide its service to more than 100 million users around the world when Buyaladdin marketplace officially jumps in the e-Commerce market on October 1.

According to ABBC Foundation CEO Jason Daniel Paul Philip, the launch of Buyaladdin is the Foundation’s way of delivering its promise of revolutionizing the e-commerce marketplace by setting a “new standard of payment for online shopping.”

Users will be able to start shopping on Buyaladdin by the third quarter of this year. By this time, they will be able to experience a whole new level of online shopping.

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