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Cypher Token - 17% Hyper-Reflection Token Officially Lists for Presale on PinkSale.Finance...

Cypher token

NEW YORK, NY (CryptoPress Newswire) - Cypher Token (CPHR) has officially been listed on
 PinkSale.Finance. The listed presale will take place on June 17th at 19:00 UTC / 15:00 EST. The initial token launch of 20.1875 trillion tokens is at a rate of 200 billion tokens per BNB. The presale is open to darklisted wallets for the first 5 minutes and the general public thereafter with a minimum buy of 0.1 BNB and a maximum of 0.5 BNB. There is a hardcap of 125BNB.

CPHR is a “BUSD Rewards Token with a Twist!” giving an incredible 17% BUSD reward sent back to all holders for every buy/sell. With an initial buy/sell tax of 19%, 17% is being rewarded back to its holders, 1% for liquidity pool, and 1% for marketing. The twist is that the tax structure is adaptive and could change every week based on what the community wants via a voting system similar to a DAO.

300 trillion (60%) of the token’s initial supply has been burnt, 80 trillion is already allocated to high APY staking which will be live at launch, and a further 40 trillion has been retained for community engagement, releasing at a rate of 800 billion tokens per week for 12 months. 

17% of every transaction will be rewarded in BUSD (Binance-Pegged USD), a stable coin pegged to the USD, and automatically distributed to its holders hourly. The contract has been audited by InterFi and the project team is doxed on a regular basis via AMAs.

CPHR token will drive volume generation through the implementation of multiple utilities, starting with the Cypher Token Casino (Casino) which is already live and generating revenue for the project via raffles, slots, blackjack, and poker even before the project has launched! The raffles are already being utilized to form partnerships with other tokens to drive volume for both projects and grow the CPHR community. The Casino will scale-up incrementally over time to include approximately 100 games where players can deposit BUSD in exchange for gaming tokens to play the games (to withdraw the process is reversed).

In addition to the Casino, Cryptex and CypherHODL will be released at launch! Cryptex enables CPHR holders can wage their CPHR tokens to win more CPHR tokens by solving Cyphers within a fixed time limit (all waged CPHR tokens will be burnt!). CypherHODL is a ticket based utility where holders will be awarded tickets every time they buy and hold CPHR token (tickets will be lost if you sell within a set time period), and winners will be auto-selected via an algorithm at set time periods.

Multiple partnerships have already been established before launch, and many other utilities are already in development to drive volume, but of course we cannot tell you… we are a token based on encryption and mystery after all, so surely you cannot expect us to tell you everything we have planned…

The presale is listed on PinkSale.Finance now and goes live on June 17th at 19:00 UTC / 15:00 EST.

Official Website:

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