Hiring: Crypto Hunters - Find Crypto Someone Tried HIDING During Divorce...

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Crypto can be moved with a level of secrecy that traditional wealth just can't match. If someone keeps their crypto on the exchange they bought it from, the process is no different than if it were a normal bank account.

But when one side of a divorcing couple believes the other is hiding crypto, full self-custody in a 'secret' wallet only they know the details of - This is where our new-age professionals, the crypto hunters, step in. 

Because more and more divorces are involving crypto, law firms find themselves with more work than the small number of professional crypto hunters can handle. It's a very specialized type of blockchain consulting

Here's some of the main skills they're looking for when hiring someone to help track down hidden crypto: 

- Experience in Digital Forensics.
It's all about examining those cryptic trails left by crypto transactions. Yes, they're recorded on the blockchain's public ledger, but retracing these to an individual isn't always easy. It requires a keen understanding of this complex tech and the tools of the trade involve digging through files, even deleted ones, on any device that may have used.  Even old cell phones left behind can sometimes lead investigators to someone's digital hiding spot. 

- Ability to work closely with Legal Teams.
These hunters often work hand-in-hand with solicitors and financial advisors, equipping them with the intelligence they need to stand up for their client. This might involve presenting evidence in court, creating comprehensive reports, or advising on the potential ramifications of the assets. 

- Lastly, work while preserving the Confidentiality of those involved.
Given the sensitive nature of their work, maintaining stringent confidentiality is paramount. They ensure that every step of the process adheres to all relevant privacy laws and standards.

So, if you know your way around blockchain technology, digital forensics, finance, and law - your help is wanted in the ever-evolving landscape of divorce proceedings.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk 
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