Forbes Editor Repeats Outdated 'Bitcoin Can Never Beat Gold' Talking Points...

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Editor-in-Chief of Forbes business magazine and former Presidental candidate Steve Forbes focuses on Bitcoin in this episode of his bi-weekly 'What’s Ahead' piece.

Since this is a perfect example of outdated thought - his main talking points (which were true once upon a time) have now expired.

First - why bother talking about national currencies backed by gold being stable, when the US dollar hasn't been since 1973, and never will be again? There are no proposals to return to the gold standard. So this is simply some 'back in my day' nonsense.

Secondly, gold being 'rare' won't last much longer. Billionaires are literally already in the process of figuring out how to mine asteroids.  Sounds far fetched? There's over 17,000 within reach, and Elon Musk is among those who say it can be done.  Think of how fast both rocket and robotic tech is moving, space drones that mine gold and diamonds from asteroids doesn't feel that far into the future. See our article 'When Private Space Industry Begins Mining Asteroids, Gold Prices Will CRASH! But Bitcoin's Limited Supply Remains The Same'.

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