Official US Government-Issued Cryptocurrency Now Has REAL Potential, As All-star List Of Regulatory Vets Voice Their Support...

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The group pushing to make it happen is called 'The Digital Dollar Group' and includes a list of people with so much insight and experience in the role of 'regulator' that brushing what they have to say is becoming increasingly hard for lawmakers. 

Headed by former CFTC Chair Giancarlo, along with a dream team of powerful allies no on board such as Sharon Bowen, former commissioner of the Commodity and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Sigal Mandelkar, former undersecretary for the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence; Tim Morrison, who served as an adviser for U.S. President Donald Trump; and Sheila Warren, who leads the World Economic Forum’s (WEF).

The above video features some of them explaining why they believe it would be beneficial to the economy. 

Video courtesy of Yahoo News

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