Discovery Channel To Air 5 Part TV Series On Crypto - Rumored To Feature 'Token Treasure Hunt'...

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Dragonchain documentary tv series - Open source money
Described to us as a "Groundbreaking documentary series about the rise of Disney-incubated blockchain company, Dragonchain, and the global evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology" the 5 part TV series will air on Discovery Channel beginning 4th of July.

Dragonchain's Story Front And Center...

The series will go in to detail on Dragonchain's (DRGN) battle with the SEC, after their ICO they became a target when the SEC labeled them an unlicensed security.

Why Dragonchain? We're not sure. They were one of many to find themselves under fire from the SEC. The token itself was trading for about 9 cents a year ago.  Today, it trades for about 9 cents. 

The cryptocurrency hasn't really done much, but perhaps there's more to the story.  We'll find out soon enough.

But to be honest, elements of this feel like a promotional piece for DRGN - i'm beginning to wonder who they know at Discovery Channel.  For example, this paragraph from the shows description:

"The documentary series follows the untold, heroic story of Joe Roets, the founder of Dragonchain, a US-based blockchain technology company launched in 2017 that fueled public interest in cryptocurrency worldwide".

Maybe slightly overstated... but good for them. 

If this is how the 5 part series will frame Dragonchain, I have to wonder if now is the time to own some (full disclosure: As of the time this was published, I have never owned DRGN). 

The big picture...

The show will also focus on the bigger picture of cryptocurrency in the United States, and how the US is being left behind due to the failure of lawmakers to embrace emerging blockchain technology.

Similar criticisms as the ones I laid out in my report Blockchain In Chains: Why The MULTI-BILLION Dollar Blockchain Industry Left America...

Pure Crypto...

From the subject matter to the funding, the show will truly revolve entirely around crypto and what it's capable of - including funding a TV series.

Media and technology firm Vision Tree put up $1 million in cryptocurrency to produce it.

Patrick Byrne and Brock Pierce also appear in the program, no details on what their exact roles will be.

A rumored 'Crypto treasure hunt'...

This last bit is unconfirmed, but one person connected to those involved told me there will be a giveaway of 1 million DRGN tokens in the show as well, and will require viewers to gather clues each episode that will lead them to the treasure at the end.

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Author: Ross Davis
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