Facebook Libra Coin: Test Nodes Are LIVE + More On The Libracoin Launch...

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Facebook's Libra Coin Cryptocurrency
Being based in Silicon Valley, we've been able to benefit from multiple sources close or within Facebook allowing us to bring you Libra Coin updates as they happen. 

But in this case, i'll share the disclaimer my source gave me "Everything I know is pre-coronavirus, I haven't been in the office for months at this point, but i'll tell you where we left off."  This source is in a department at Facebook that is working closely with the developers of Libra, in the end they'll be closely integrated.

Covid19 vs Libracoin's Timeline...

According to our sources, Libra was running 'well ahead of schedule' so while Coronavirus likely took away this status, they are optimistic that now it is simply 'on schedule'.

"Some major moves were made right before coronavirus hit" they shared, this includes test masternodes going live.

The Libra blockchain will function under a "Proof Of Authority" protocol, which means miners are strictly invite only and must be granted permission to join the network.

Currently, only official Libra 'partners' have been given a glimpse into this process, and not even all of them.

5 Test Nodes Are Already Live...

We also learned that a total of 5 of those project 'partners' have test nodes up and running right now, but have only been able to identify one of them.

Anchorage Hold LLC, a licensed digital asset custodian company which is an offshoot of software development company Anchor Labs Inc, currently hosts one of these live nodes from an undisclosed location.

One More Thing...

The last bit of info we were able to gather - Libracoin will apparently trade under the symbol 'LBR'.

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Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Ross@GlobalCryptoPress.com Twitter:@RossFM

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