McAfee flees the US, claims government after him. But the staff he left behind isn't so sure - "we're worried about him"...

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With a cryptic quote of "I have nothing to hide but my body from people trying to collect it" McAfee has fled the United States.

Since then he's been posting a string of tweets showing him at sea on what he's calling the 'Freedom Boat'.

"Many people say they've never seen anyone live cast their US evasion before" McAfee says in a video posted to Twitter.

McAfee hopes the crypto community will have his back, adding “Today, crypto community, we are at war, and I am on the front lines”.

Unfortunately for McAfee - backup isn't coming.

Crypto doesn't seem to be the reason for him needing to flee - according to his own words he has “not paid taxes in eight years” and the way he earned much of his income hasn't made the crypto world very happy with him.

McAfee angered the crypto world on two fronts at once with his "coin of the day" tweets that turned into "coin of the week" following backlash. He kept going until literally nobody cared, and an endorsement from McAfee became worthless - he would tweet, but nobody would buy.

Initially the controversy centered around accusations he was using these tweets to pump and dump his own coins, then it got worse as Twitter DM screen shots were leaked of him asking for payments of $105,000 to promote a coin.  McAfee admitted - that's his price.

Oblivious to all the above, he ends a video sharing how he sees things, insisting "I did not choose this, it was chosen for me". Which is true except for the part where he chose to promote any coin willing to pay him, then not to pay the taxes on it.

If you think this is the craziest the story can gets, you don't know John McAfee.

He's running for President, and now says he'll be doing it remotely by video, and covering in-person appearances using volunteers wearing McAfee masks.

Inside the organization things may be falling apart as his staff start to wonder what the hell they got themselves into.  I spoke with a member of 'Team McAfee' who requested to remain unnamed, he says:

"We're worried about him.  Honestly no one I've talked to knows if this is even real. He just does this sh*t. That's all i'm gonna say for now." I asked what specifically they were questioning was 'real' he responded "The whole IRS thing. People above me and closer to him are saying they think he made the whole thing up". 

You can follow the madness on his Twitter.

Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk

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