Leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S10 show a built-in cryptocurrency wallet!

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Leaked images show the ability to create/import wallets (click image to enlarge)
Coming from German site "All about Samsung" the leaked images are described as "prototypes" - so assuming they're legitimate, it's worth noting this is far from the final version.

While there's no shortage of wallet options for mobile devices, there's one fairly huge advantage to the manufacture building it as opposed to using a downloadable app - this cryptocurrency wallet can use Samsung's hardware biometric security.

So far (as you can see in the image above) the only cryptocurrency listed as 'supported' is Ethereum.  Safe to assume this includes all ERC20 tokens, so that's several thousand to begin with.   Also safe to assume that Bitcoin will be supported by launch.

For now the big question is - what other coins will be supported? 

Any number of cryptocurrencies can be added eventually, but being included at launch will come with some clout.

Samsung has sold a total of 295 million smartphones in the most recent 4 quarters (1 year) on record. This is a quick way to having a world with a lot of people with crypto wallets in their pocket.

Release date is less than a month away - Feb 20th!

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk

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