Kicking down the door to investments that previously just 'made the rich richer' - can Smart Valor change the game of Venture Capital?

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Smart Valor believes they have what's needed to take on a mission this bold, their goal: disrupt access to assets and wealth.

The SMART VALOR platform is the world's first for tokenized alternative investments. Its main goal is to give everyday investors from around the globe simple, secure and regulation compliant access to the universe of alternative investment.  It promises to being better liquidity and availability through issuance and transfers on the blockchain. It can possibly be the key to granting the public access to riches in this 7 trillion USD market. The initial assets to be tokenized on SMART VALOR will be venture capital, reserves, real estate, and emerging tech startups.

Operating out of Switzerland and Liechtenstein aka "crypto valley" they will be a fully regulated platform for security tokens. All 3 major regulatory goals have already been met. The company has been named a legal Financial Intermediary, they are a licensed foreign currency exchange, they have finished the process of applying for to be a licences bank.

Exonomists estimate growth of the alternative investments world to grow to 18 trillion dollars worldwide constantly 2020. Be that as it may, this expectation may not occur later on in light of expanding consideration financial specialists put in blockchain innovation.

Like any investment, the ROI (Return of Investment) isn't promised, yet these kind of monetary instruments can conceivably give a higher return than the conventional ventures. Alternative Investments can be extremely worthwhile and a complex sort of venture too, which is the reason speculators who are more pulled in to attempt an elective methodology are viewed as wealthier and systematized like establishments and that's just the beginning.

Olga Feldmeier is the company Founder and CEO, and her background makes her more than qualified. She was Executive Director of the Wealth Management Division of UBS, VP Corporate Strategy at Barclays Capital, and a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group.

"We're building an investment platform that gives people safe and easy access to digital assets. This new asset class primarily includes cryptocurrencies and other tokens. Cryptocurrencies simplify the transfer of money on the one hand. On the other hand, these currencies and tokens can also be used to finance start-up businesses." says Feldmeier.

One of the larger ICOs at it's start, the Smart Valor team is 35 people strong and made up of professionals with combination of skills in blockchain technology. cryptography, banking, software development and the implementation of large-scale IT projects.

The VALOR token will serve as part of a reward system for contributions, give users voting rights, taking, and other 'special privileges' still to be determined.

The ICO comes to a close soon, visit
Author: Akihiro Sato
Asia News Desk

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