Wall Street says: If you try us out, we'll give you free stocks to start with...

There's no debate, cryptocurrency has stolen the spotlight for young investors.

But the Robinhood.com is betting that the next step they'll take will be stocks, so much so they're giving new users a share of a random stock, possibly a valuable one, once they sign up for a free account.

Robinhood's co-founder Vlad Tenev recently told CNBC:

"I wouldn't say that we're anticipating a massive shift from stocks to cryptocurrencies."

...But he does think they might branch off in that direction, and participate in both markets.

So much so, that they're giving each new user a free share of a random stock, it could be a smaller company, and some users are getting lucky - scoring a share of Facebook (Worth $180) or Apple (Worth $174)
Some are getting lucky and scoring some high-priced stocks.
We're all for diversifying investments, and kicking it off with a free stock definitely can't hurt your portfolio.

Those interested in giving it shot, can try it out here. 

Author: Ross Davis
San Francisco News Desk