Bitcoin Cash traders lose millions as exchange locks them out during price dive...

Popular Europe-based exchange "Trading 212" held many of Bitcoin Cash's early believers money as prices and their profits shot up on Sunday November 12th.

Then, it all collapsed over the next few days, and when they logged in to ditch their coins before it could go any lower, they were hit with an unpleasant surprise - they were locked out!

Trading 212 claims it only lasted 10 minutes, but angry members in the WhatsApp group formed afterwards called "People v 212" dispute that.

So far, members are saying their losses total over $13 Million USD.

The exchange claims they are trying to make things right, taking steps to make sure it won't happen again, and have resolved the issue with their most important members.

"Today we have settled with most of the affected clients"

Co-Founder Borislav Nedialkov said in a statement yesterday.

Still unclear on the status of those claiming smaller losses.

Author: Mark Pippen
London News Desk