People are buying homes, cars, and even paying for school with Bitcoin...

A question often asked is "what can you actually use Bitcoin for?" and the list of answers is growing rapidly.

When it comes to online retailers, both Overstock and Microsoft made headlines not too long ago when both announced they'll be accepting the digital currency - and today both do.

Expedia is even now accepting it, so you can pay for your vacation in Bitcoin!

But there's been some other interesting "Bitcoin accepted here" stories that haven't made much news.

In New York, two private schools will accept parents payments in Bitcoin. The two Manhattan based schools in NYC's Flatiron and SoHo districts Chairman told CNBC "It's actually really easy.  I think more parents more schools will embrace the technology."

In Ibiza, there's a palace for sale, and they're ONLY accepting Bitcoin! The price tag -  1,850 BTC (roughly $14 Million USD).   Their website states:

El Palacio is an 18th-century palace, built overlooking the ancient town on the highest and most exclusive point of the city of Ibiza, this exclusive location was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1999. And now it can be yours purchasing the first property on Ibiza with Bitcoin!

And of course, once your profits have taken you to the moon, you're going to need a Lamborghini.   Lamborghini Newport Beach in Southern California takes Bitcoin payments as well. Posting this announcement to their Instagram...

Have you seen Bitcoin accepted somewhere surprising around your city?

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Author: Justin Derbek
New York News Desk