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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Loans - Why You Need To Learn How To Get Them, and Where To Go When You Want One...

Bitcoin Loan With The Crypto Loan
There's no need to sell your coins when you need money - crypto loan interest rates are so low it shocks people! You get cash, but remain the owner of your coins.

Ask yourself - if the crypto loan's interest rates are LESS than 1% per month and you believe Bitcoin will go up by more than 1% - why would you EVER sell your crypto when lending platforms exist?

It honestly surprises me at this point when I hear someone deeply invested in crypto, and they've sold their coins instead of kept them by using them to get loans when they needed money.

The first Bitcoin loan I took out showed me what a lifesaver this is - it was a 6 month loan when Bitcoin was in the $5000's.  I took out $3000, but by the time my loan matured, the Bitcoin I initially gave the platform to hold as collateral had gone up so much in value I didn't owe anything I kept the cash too.

The Secret Advantages:

Multiplying Bitcoin: Using your Bitcoin to get loaned USD, using that USD to buy more Bitcoin. If the price goes up, you're holding more.  This can be repeated again and again, I covered how $500 was turned into $3000+ worth of Bitcoin in an article here.

It's Tax Free Cash: In Most countries, loan money isn't taxed!

Earn Interest: The same platforms that lend out crypto, will pay you interest if you let them lend out yours!  Banks are giving less than 2% but you can expect 5%+ in the crypto market!

No penalties: For paying a loan off early, or withdrawing if you've deposited your crypto to earn interest. 

We currently recommend:

If you're outside the US: YouHodler.

Inside the US: BlockFi.

Both have solid reputations, not only has our staff used both but they also have enough users that we were able to find countless reviews and mentions of them in various crypto communities. 

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk
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Crypto Into Spending CASH, Without Selling It! Cryptocurrency Loans Are Easier To Get Than You Think...

Instantly access cash you can spend freely - without selling your cryptocurrency!  As you can imagine, the power this gives cryptocurrency traders and investors is atounding.

However, many people seem unaware of just how simple getting a cryprocurrency loan is.

You won't have to speak to anyone. No one runs a credit check.  How much crypto you have determines how much money you can get, and the numbers are the same for everyone.

A few of the staff here have seriously dominated the latest bull run. Using their Bitcoin to get loaned money, to buy more Bitcoin.  Which so far has given them some downright insane returns - but keep in mind the timing was perfect to catch Bitcoin's rise from the $4000's to $7000's.

After researching several of the companies offering this, and looking at feedback of their current users, we decided upon using one called YouHodler.

This is the only thing you'll need to fill out. Then in a push of a button, you have cash.
The process was this simple - you get a wallet address from them, send your BTC there - then access up to 90% of its value in cash! Yes that’s right — with $1000 Bitcoin you can get $900 USD to do whatever you want with.
  •  Visit YouHodler Here.
  •  At signup, use promo code: VHKTB2YIGYSHYLVQ
We've verified this will give you the best rates, and a complementary 5 extra days added to the loan.

There’s smart ways to implement these new tools into a killer trading strategy, if you haven’t adjusted for a world where things like instant-loans are easily available, it’s time you do!


This is the only downside with YouHodler - no users from the US (yet, they've said they hope to allow them soon).

For those in the USA, we recommend BlockFi as an alternative. Visit Blockfi here.

Author: Matt Miller
London News Desk