Google Jumps Into The NFT Game, Forming Partnership With One of It's Biggest Players...

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Google NFT Partnership

The partnership is with Dapper Labs, a Canadian company that became famous for CryptoKitties, and followed that with another hit 'NBA Top Shot' - they're now focusing on what they call the 'Flow blockchain'. All this has earned Dapper Labs a market valuation of over than $7.5 billion dollars.

The partnership is with Google's Cloud division, but the company notes that Flow is and will remain a decentralized network, saying the involvement of the Google Cloud service will not mean they're moving towards centralization.

 According to Jannet Kennedy, vice president of the North American division of Google Cloud, the goal of the business alliance is to help Dapper Labs to have "rapid and sustainable growth."

Apparently, offering more tools for developers is the goal. Those responsible for writing the code of decentralized applications in Flow will be able to use direct integration between the decentralized network and Google Cloud services.

But The Market Seems Unsure What To Make Of The New Partnership...

The token behind the blockchain also is named 'Flow' and is surprisingly down following the news, trading at $21 and unable to even bring it back to it's highest price of the past month, $28.  Volume is down over 50% today as well.  Still, it's a top 100 coin by market cap and there's plenty of future potential.

The agreement was made official in a press release published Forbes, which you can read here.

Author: Oliver Redding
Seattle Newsdesk

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