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Crypto airdrop

For those unfamiliar, 'Binance Smart Chain' (BSC) functions just like Ethereum - except it's FAST and transactions are CHEAP!

Because fees no longer cost more than the value of the coins being given away - airdrops make sense again! 

Even better, we've kept this list all BSC self-drops!

What is a self-drop? Unlike airdrops where you need to perform a list of tasks to earn a coin, with a selfdrop just visit the site, and look for a button typically labeled something like 'Claim Airdrop' or 'Claim Tokens' then you should see the transfer start in Metamask.

 If you haven't added the Binance Smart Chain to Metamask yet, instructions are here.
(Note: All you need to setup is the 'mainnet' no need to waste time adding testnet which is only for people learning and developers - no airdrops will work if testnet is selected.)

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