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Binance crypto visa debit card
Swipe is Binance's most recent acquisition, a purchase that instantly made Binance a major player among other crypto-to-card services.

While those of us in the US (like myself) had heard the name, it wasn't available here so I had no idea just how big Swipe is.  But they're already up and running in 31 countries, and is the crypto-to-card of choice in European nations like Germany, France, and Italy.

Coming To America...

Just days after buying the company they announced "We have received the green light to launch in the USA. More details surrounding the US launch campaign and the announcement of our new banking partners coming soon. Wallet & Card availability will open to US users thereafter."

What We've Learned Since Then:

- The card will use Bitcoin or BNB to 'top up' - which means these are the currencies you can instantly convert to a spendable fiat balance on the card.

- There will be a standalone app for managing the card -  this is where you would decide how much crypto from your Binance account should go towards the card, see transactions, and anything else related to the account.

- The card is currently being beta tested -  by a small test group, and is expected to publicly launch soon.

Get Yours...

The card is free, so expect everyone to want one.  However, you can be among the first to actually get one by going here and putting your name on the waitlist.
Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM

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