Canada's New Cheap Hydroelectric Power, And The Crypto Mining Start-Up That's Making It Accessible To The World...

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Mintmine IEO
It's the difference between cryptocurrency mining being a hobby or a business - your power supply.  More importantly, what you pay for it.

In the vast majority of the world, mining crypto will end with a net loss because of the cost of electricity. While some argue they do it in hopes the coins earned will go up in value, it's still usually smarter to have spent the money they put towards power on simply buying the coins instead.

But there are a couple groups of people able to turn the tables and make mining crypto a profitable business - those tapped in to geothermal, or hydroelectric power supplies.

In fact, that's the entire reason behind both of today’s mining hot spots - China because of the availability of hydroelectric, and Iceland because of natural geothermal, which captures heat from underground volcanic activity.

Unfortunately, you likely missed out on your chance to get a piece of the mining operations we're referring to.

But a new door is opening in an unexpected location - Canada!

What if you could plug in to North America's largest, and cheapest hydroelectric power supply? 

Soon you can - and that's why people are excited about MintMine!

This crypto startup is building a mining facility which will be fully owned by them, powered by North America's largest hydroelectric power supply in Quebec Canada - which is actually now the fourth largest hydro-power producer in the entire world.

Since its launch in 2018, Candian citizens lucky enough to have their homes powered by the hydroelectric plant enjoy the lowest power rates in North America, yet somehow this new power source managed to stay under the radar for the last 2 years  - not deliberately though, Canada is actually trying to bring attention to it.
The government has officially decided to use their abundance of hydroelectric resources as an overall economic simulator, introducing a plan where industrial customers will actually pay a rate even lower than residential!

In other words - timing and circumstances couldn't be more perfect to setup shop in Canada and start mining!

Mintmine's game-plan at a glance: 

They haven't just chosen a smart location and called it a day, they've made several strategic moves to maximize potential.

This is slated to be a long term operation so they've made sure not to put themselves in a position where they'll be paying rent, or even worse, have to move everything a couple years down the line - they fully own their facility.

They will purchase a year worth of power upfront, along with a 3 year reserve. This means if Canada succeeds in attracting a lot of business to the area, Mintmine won't need to be concerned - their rate and supply are safe.

They're running Antminer S17 (53-56/THs) 2200W mining rigs, considered the industry's standard top performer.

How you can participate:

Investors can claim their piece of the operation by participating in the Mintmine IEO.  Profits from mining will then be distributed among token holders, allocated based on how many tokens you hold.

A total of 70% of the mined coins will be distributed monthly. Maintenance/upkeep and administration comes out of the 30% Mintmine keeps, your job will be to relax and collect.

Need I say more?

The Mintmine IEO begins on Feb 24th - and the first group of investors will receive a 40% bonus!

Read the whitepaper and sign up for their mailing list for all the latest news at

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