New Winner in 'Cash Back' App War: Earn From EVERY DAY Spending - Amazon, Uber, Groceries, Gas, Even Monthly Bills Like Phone + Netflix...

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Fluz App Review - Cash Back From FluzFluz
I remembered their name from awhile ago, initially I couldn't remember why, but then I realized - these guys actually funded this with an ICO a couple years ago, and they sold out and hit their hard cap in just one week! 

Now, what was just a concept has been built, beta tested, and released to the public!

The App and company is Fluz, they're also the people behind the the token that trades under the FLUZ symbol.

You may have seen the explosion of various 'cash back' reward apps and sites lately, there's literally hundreds of them on the market today.

Now you may be thinking - to name 1 the 'winner' among them all, there better be a good reason - well, there's actually several!

So let's go over the things that really stand out, in this Fluz app review...

Earn From The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Expenses You ALREADY Have...

Lots of these apps are filled with some big name retailers, but when you think about it - how often do you really go to that big electronics store, or buy new shoes, etc? These are expenses the average person deals with maybe 2-5 times per year.

Now ask yourself - how often do you shop on Amazon? Buy Groceries? Fill up your gas tank? Grab a coffee at Starbucks? For me, I do all of these at least once a week.

Then there's monthly bills you already know are coming like Netflix, Spotify, cell phone.

That's the big difference - those daily, weekly, and monthly expenses are all on the list of supported places to earn cash back from Fluz, every time!

That's when things stack up, and speaking of stacking...

Another thing that caught my eye - you can add on discounts you find from other apps and programs.  I'm sure you've seen on every coupon or promo code "Not valid with any other offer" - Fluz beats the system!

The other apps work by earning a commission when you check out, a referral fee. Which is why those programs do not work in conjunction with each other, since only 1 can take the credit for bringing that customer.

Fluz on the other hand, works by right before checking out, converting your USD from any debit/credit card or Crypto, into a gift card, which is then spent seconds later. You won't actually have to deal with any gift cards, this is just the trick Fluz uses - you'll technically have a gift card on your phone for about 30 seconds for the exact amount it costs - the store will charge it, and you're done.

This is why it doesn't conflict with other programs offering discounts at the same retailer - so you can get both the discounts offered by the first program, plus by the cash back offered by Fluz.

Another great trick if you have a cash back credit card - use that inside of Fluz and you'll be getting cash back from 2 places every purchase!

How To Boost Your Cash Back Rate To 35%...

Typically the rates vary by store, but automatically by using this link, or by manually putting in referral code "CRYPTOVIP" at signup will add 3 'vouchers' to your account - think of these as boosts you can use 1 time each that allow you to raise the cash back amount up to a whopping 35%.

That referral code is required to get them, if you forget to use it your account will not come with any. You've been warned - so don't forget!

People are earning a full-time income from this...

The app is free, always, so that's why I had to make sure I heard that correctly when I was told this, but after looking into it I can verify - it can actually be done.

Fluz's "tell a friend" referral program will pay you a percentage of every transaction your friends make!  Then if they tell their friends, you get a cut of that too!

So if you tell 5 people, and they all tell an average of 5 people - you're now getting paid any time those 30 people shop!

If you're someone with an audience and you're able to really push it, they'll add a $2000 bonus per 100 users you bring to the app.

Don't leave money that should be yours behind...

Sign up for Fluz, it's always free, with no membership fees ever - you literally can only make money!

Author: Ross Davis
E-Mail: Twitter:@RossFM

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