Marketing Blockchain Projects & Crypto Advertising in 2020 - This Should Be Part Of Any Successful Campaign...

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Crypto Advertising and Marketing in 2020
The New Year is upon us, and  Global Crypto Press Association has just announced an array of new services for companies needing blockchain and crypto advertising for their projects.  From SEO, to crypto traffic, and of course, press release distribution.

The public knows the Crypto Press Association ( as a news organization, with over a dozen reporters around the globe.

With teams in the US, Europe, and Asia, you can expect more big stories to break, and scams to come crashing down on their homepage in 2020 and beyond.

But Over 200+ blockchain and crypto companies also rely on them to get the word out...

The most popular of these services is their crypto press release distribution - where they are the only ones able to promise at least 50 publications will publish their clients announcement.

You can find GCP's Blockchain Press Releases on: Crypto news sites, Apple News, Google News, Bloomberg, Marketwatch, and even TV networks like NBC, CBS, and  ABC.

Now when they're distributing a press release for a cryptocurrency or blockchain related project,  they'll be able to get the company's announcement on an increased number of mainstream, popular news platforms.

They're so confident - they're promising at least 50 sites will publish that company's press release.

That's a big deal!  Generally speaking, when someone pays a PR firm for 'Press Release Distribution' that simply means they will send out that press release to reporters, and they won't promise that even 1 will publish it.

But it's the rate that will convince you -  Other services, (that don't even have the 50 site guarantee) can run upwards of $3000, while the Global Crypto Press costs less than $1000!

How did they get the price so low? 

As an news organization, other news organizations give them a deal they won't give a marketing or PR firm.

One client called this the "Killer combo'  when learning that switching to GCP to handle his companies press releases and other crypto marketing would both save him money, and get him more.

3 New Services in 2020...

Now expanding beyond press releases, clients can get even more from a source they already trust.

First off, their crypto SEO service, which improves someones search engine ranking.  It's had huge success so far getting their clients on the first page of Google results for some highly competitive keywords.

Secondly - YouTube marketing!  It's like SEO but for YouTube, making someones video get more views, rank higher in YouTube's search, and cause YouTube to recommend their video to other viewers automatically.  The end result is a boom in a channels viewership and subscriber count.

Lastly, crypto traffic!  They've arranged a deal to purchase excess web traffic, strictly from platforms which require users to have a basic understanding of cryptocurrency.  These sites reward their users with cryptocurrency, so its an audience made up 100% of people who at least know enough to do that.

Wishing everyone in the industry a successful 2020!

You can find full details and order these services at

Stephen Braile
New York News Desk
GCP Press Release 

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