The Fastest, Easiest $50 Worth of Crypto You'll Ever Earn...

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Recently I researched the Crypto App for a story on how they're paying interest on Binance's BNB token for people who store it with them.  That's when another offer caught my eye, and today I got around to giving it a shot.

Get $100 worth of Bitcoin or Ethereum ...for $50!

You must be a new user, and it needs to be done though an invite link (this is one).

Their token is called MCO, and when you buy $50 you get $50 - which you can immediately sell for $100 in Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Meaning they're basically selling $100 worth of Bitcoin for $50!

From there - you can transfer it all to any wallet you want.

But I actually do suggest checking out some of the other things they're up to...

I'm actually not here to encourage pulling a 'fast one' on them, this company has some pretty cool stuff going on. 

What I did is got my first $50 back, and left $50 there - this means i'm allowed to request their "crypto back" Visa Card. 

It's free, and when it gets here i'll be able to earn 1% back on any purchase I make with it, and that 1% comes in the form of more of their tokens!

Author: Adam Lee 
Asia News Desk

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