"Massive Exposure" for cryptocurrency and blockchain companies - new media deal for ICO & Cryptocurrency press release distribution...

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The Global Crypto Press Association recently announced the addition of major media outlets to the news platforms they'll be providing content to in 2019, and with that, additional services available for members of the industry.

While the general public knows them as a news organization, they've been providing companies in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space a variety of services since they launched nearly 3 years go.

Prior to this, the Global Crypto Press Association has built up an impressive history, taking part in helping over 150 startups in the cryptocurrency space, in a variety of ways. Today, those startups have raised over $1 billion combined.

Now when they're distributing a press release for a cryptocurrency or blockchain related project,  they'll be able to get the company's announcement on an increased number of mainstream, popular news platforms.

They're so confident - they're promising at least 50 sites will publish that company's press release.

That's a big deal!  Generally speaking, when someone pays a PR firm for 'Press Release Distribution' that simply means they will send out that press release to reporters, and they won't promise that even 1 will publish it.

Beyond the large reach and performance guarantees, they're doing it at rates that leave a huge gap between them and others.  Other services, without the 50 site guarantee can run upwards of $3000.  By all measurements they're doing even more - for their current rate of $750.

How did they get the price so low?  Those marketing a PR firms pay a lot more for access to the newswires than an actual news organization.

The group of platforms they target they refer to as "Killer combo' as they span Cryptocurrency, Tech, Finance & Investing, and Mainstream general news.

"So far we've been able to get client's press releases published on sites like Bloomberg, Marketwatch, TV networks like NBC, CBS, ABC, and online like Google News, Microsoft Bing and more." says Global Crypto Press founder Ross Davis, who was an on-air host for nearly a decade at a CBS owned station "Before crypto took over my life, I was part of the media, before that, even my college major was mass communications - this is a world I know well."  

So why now? "As cryptocurrency goes more and more mainstream, the more it makes sense for a project to share what they're doing with both the cryptocurrency world, and the rest of it." says Davis.

Timing for this expansion may be perfect, as Wall Street and stock market players seem to inch closer to the cryptocurrency market every week, and firms making their entrance appear to be on the hunt for hot projects to back.

Launching a company in the blockchain/crypto space? Or already have one but have a big announcement coming up? Visit the press release distribution page on the Global Crypto Press here.

Stephen Braile
New York News Desk
ICO Press Release Distribution News

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