Is Bitcoin back? What this week's rally might mean in the big picture - and why $14,000 Bitcoin is being discussed...

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You may have rolled your eyes upon seeing Tom Lee back on TV following this week's rally, and for those unfamiliar with him - let's just he had a bad habit of going on shows and making predictions he definitely shouldn't have, throughout all of last year.

He's promised 'no more price predictions' and thank god - he's sticking to it so far.

But there is interesting discussion here on Bitcoin's 'fair value' - the price at which an asset can be sold or a liability settled in an orderly transaction to a third party under current market condition. 

Is Bitcoin's fair value $14,000+?
Different than the 'market value' which is what it's being sold for now, this would mean most people who hold Bitcoin believe it to be worth more than it's current price, and would be comfortable with it trading at $14,000 - without then considering it over-priced.

Video courtesy of CNBC

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